New stats charts

If you’ve looked at your blog stats today, you might have noticed the charts look a little different. We’ve replaced the old proprietary chart object with Open Flash Chart, an open source alternative.  Charts now look like this:

Picture 24

(Though I can’t guarantee you’ll see numbers like that).

All the old charts are still available in more or less the same form.  And we’re hoping to explore some of the new possibilities Open Flash Chart has to offer – so keep an eye on your stats.  Like we had to ask.

And in case you missed it: yes, blog stats now work in your time zone.

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  1. ophalm

    it seems that the stats now operate according to our timezones? is that right? (that is to say, that the start counting at midnight, whereever you are, not just midnight in the US)?

    that’s awesome! no longer does my view count for the day tick over at 1pm!

  2. Natver Mehta

    Cool! you guys are great!! thanks for new look to stats!!

  3. André Ferraro

    ophalm, my stats now operate according my timezone too! gmt -3! Very good!!

  4. Zaeriuraschi 11098

    I don’t really like the new stats charts. Or maybe I’m just not used to it yet…

  5. John

    Cool! I am happy with this because now my views count for the whole day instead of being cut off at about 6 at night. Awesome!

  6. Jeremy G

    Hey – any meta stats? I would love to know the distribution of daily/weekly hits over all WordPress Blogs.

  7. insider53

    Every time I open my dashboard I never know what to expect. I went to my widget page the other day and almost had a heart attack, figuratively. Give a girl some warning before you move her furniture, okay.

  8. arcadata

    Am likin’ the changes :-)

  9. Moses

    Has everyone’s stats been properly restored?

  10. murderousthoughts

    I like the new look of the stats! I also like that they are now in our timezone…makes it much easier! :-) Thanks wordpress!

  11. Mary

    I love the new stat chart! :D

  12. morris

    It is a fabulous new chart – BUT – it obscures the widgets on the left, I am on a small eeepc screen, so I keep the widgets minimised, and now when I mouse over the widgets they extend ‘behind’ the chart instead of in front of the chart.

    I will survive, Thanks wordpress.

  13. Luiz

    It is nice.
    I only miss all the information about region, browser used, time spent on the page and all other stuff I had on Google Analytics…

  14. Yi

    I thought the old stat chart looked a bit sleeker. I’m sure with time I’ll love the new chart too, especially if it starts showing higher numbers.

  15. Carol

    Thank you for the stat changes! I appreciate your hard work.

  16. Omar Modesto

    I love the new chart(s). And we’ve also got a shiny new favicon!

  17. Margaret

    I sure appreciate the new stat charts. It’s simply nice to know what visits were made in my time zone — that’s more meaningful. Thank you. And, all these improvements will surely bring in more bloggers on WP.

  18. jelletlambie

    All that fuss about new and improved stats for this? A chart that isn’t from the stone age is nice, stats that reflect what time it actually is, also nice – but I was expecting more.

  19. David H. Schleicher

    Loves it! Especially thankful for the time zone auto-corrections!

  20. Svast

    Yeah, for me they look better. The other style looked kinda old. No offense ;) And i think that Open Flash Chart should let you do a little experimenting, so our stats system [i hope] may be improved, as you say.

    I have to say i wish my stats were like that :(

    And thanks a lot. Day by day, i realize WordPress is the best election i have ever made. God saves WP!!

  21. salomey5

    I don’t really care about the new chart, quite honestly (still getting used to it), however, I love having my stats in my time zone, that’s a really cool improvement.
    As always, thank you WordPress, you is awesome! :)

  22. Nibu Thomas

    A small improvement that can be thought of could be show hit count attached to the bubbles instead of moving mouse over them, I’ve seen few charts which already does this.

    Also it’s quite useless to show “Views per day” text attached to the bubbles since we already know we are there. Well not really a problem though.

    Its once again a great job from you guys. Thanks.

  23. Vikas Gupta

    It’s there since two days if I am not incorrect. Thanks! And I see changes in the widgets area on the dashboard too!

  24. bringmesunshine

    Hmm, sorry but I don’t like it. It’s jumpy, jerky and skittish and when it stays still long enough, the pop up box obscures the chart. Is there any chance it can be changes so that there’s a static box in the corner or something, not a floating bubble?

  25. Max

    New stats look great! But: On the stats page for single post, I feel irritated because the syndicated views sometimes hide the on-site views and the graphs are really squeezed. Any opportunity to change that?

  26. Rizal

    now it more eye-catching!
    and i love the new logo too!

  27. slurp9562

    Some new features with our stats, maybe? I heard that our stats are made by Google Analytics, so, Geographic Informations could be really interessant!

    • Alex

      The WordPress blog stats feature isn’t powered by Google Analytics – it’s designed, built and run at Automattic Inc.

  28. Eldon

    I observed that the Stats now are in line with our own timezone…. That’s great. Before this new chart, the chart updated after 7am-8am here in the Philippines. Just last night, I noticed that after 12 midnight, the grid updated and was reset to zero (the day after the previous day since after midnight, it is already considered the start of the new day). Anyway, great job you incorporated here with WordPress! Keep up the good work you guys!

  29. travelrat

    Any chance that, one day, we will get an idea of which countries the hits come from, like on YouTube?

  30. ClapSo

    I love the new stats look and feel and the time zone fix too! I hope we will getting feed stats back soon too!

    The scientifically impossible I do right away
    The spiritually miraculous takes a bit longer

  31. peoplesgeography

    Absolutely brilliant, thank you very much. And great that its open source as well. Top stuff.

  32. Fun Squalin™

    Wicked! I noticed them a few days ago but I just love it when you tell everyone.

    I also noticed that you changed the widgets and drag and drop, but it’s really hard for me to drag and drop could you please change it?!

    Thanks wordpress you rock!

    Fun Squalin ™

  33. helar

    The new stats graph seems okay for the blog stats but it causes trouble when you look at the stats for a single post, or page. Some of my blog posts/pages are 3 years old and still visited on a daily basis. You can imagine all those super big dots one over another perched in a limited space… I think I liked the old graph more (at least for post/page stats). Would be great if there were an option to choose between the old-type of graph and the new one…

  34. stinathina

    Hello and thanks for the new stats. It looks like the day chart includes more days (am I right?) It is more crispy which is nice allso and of course the time zone (…) but (to make things go further) the graphic element is too noisy and doesn’t really have the relaxed attitude of the wordpress template. A bit too eye-candy with not much character anyway.. Both the evolution indication and the rectangle that follows in a rather spasmodic manner.. I hope you can modify it, “this is the begining of a new.. stats era” no?
    Anyway, WordPress you are the best! We pity the rest!

  35. Cy Quick

    Adobe appeared on my information bar begging to be re-admitted. I clicked to allow them back, and my Stats work again, but still the dratted dithery oblong. Please, noble WordPress, consider what I say. Not everybody likes dithery things. Would it really hurt you to include a right-click option on the dithery thing to allow us to delete it? What about Magna Carta?

  36. Vasile Tomoiagă

    Please, please add unique visitors along visits count!

    A second line, in another color, in the same chart.

  37. Vijay Dev

    New charts are not that good. Stats for a single post looks terrible.

  38. antonjuniorche

    Great job!!!
    Keep up the good work! ^o^

  39. cenya95

    cool… i like it

  40. e-hime

    I had already enjoyed from the date change, now the other day I realised the flash was different and better!
    Thank you!

  41. Lilja

    The flash looks nice. Thanks for your constant work :D

  42. spocrep

    great I’ve noticed that… and I think it’s real good


    It’ is great, but I hope you can display sum of visitors stat too, not only page views. I lose information how much people have visited to my place, since I built my blog. THX

  44. James

    That’s fantastic. Way better than the old stats charts. Thanks WP.

  45. Strictly Gospel

    Thank you Word Press! I l like the new stats charts!

  46. kushal


  47. ultraistgut

    Thank you very much for the new stats, I love them.

    Thank you for erverything,

    I love WP !

    Far from Germany…………………………. 8)

  48. materix01

    I’ve noticed them quite a few days ago. The new stat charts look very modern and sleek.
    Thx wordpress ^^

  49. aprilius20

    lol at (Though I can’t guarantee you’ll see numbers like that).
    It doesn’t really make much of a difference, but it is pleasing to the eye.
    Oh, it does help to not have to use a ruler to see which date I’m looking at, though, haha.
    OK, your insane stats are making me miserable, so off I go:p

  50. inkcaravan

    Very nice! Love a little slickness.

  51. nusantaraku

    Thank you very much for WP team for tough work.
    I like this new version. May WP always success.

  52. KaushiK™

    stat charts are working in time zones of whole hours. won’t work for GMT+5.5 but will work for GMT+6. why so?

    • Heather

      I’m sorry, but we don’t plan on moving to half hours. To do that, we would need to change the system to keep two records every hour instead of one. Good news is you’re now only 30 minutes off instead of 330!

  53. abdullahhhh

    It looks awesome! Its better then the old one! And the new widget changing page looks awesome! Its just like a new wordpress! Oh and wordpress, i wish my stat numbers were as big as yours. XD :D

  54. Andy Goode Life

    This is cool, but I am hoping for an even further developement: I have an English blog (with American readers) but blog from Germany… Would love to CHOOSE which time zone the stats are taken from!

    But as usual, five stars for WP, you guys are too good to us! Thanks.

    • Heather

      Good news: You can choose your time zone under Settings > General to whatever time zone you like, even if it isn’t where you’re actually blogging from :)

  55. nogizaka

    Yup! I noticed it probably yesterday or today and i say it’s really..really cool :D
    Thanks WP team!! :D

  56. Robert

    awesome. thanks for all of the great work you keep doing!

  57. babajidesalu

    Well done Matt, you guys keep on pushing the boundary.

  58. babajidesalu

    I meant well done Alex, you guys keep on pushing the boundary.

  59. Keith Lyons

    Thank you for the stats changes. Great having time zone option.

  60. Ehtie

    it looks the same, no difference!

  61. stevewiilliams

    I’m loving this new statistcs engine. It takes a little longer to load, but nothing particularly noticeable. A lot better looking, and slightly easier to determine your blog’s at-a-glance statistical information.

    Is there any chance that a Flash editor is on the way? That would be quite amazing.

  62. shwaldman

    I am more and more impressed by the work of You all provide the best customer service and user focused culture I have seen in a while. And I don’t have to pay for this? Awesome!

  63. susandetwiler

    Does stats count views via a reader? or one of those services that send you an email of the blog?

  64. CheyAnne Sexton

    this is great, and the time zone thing is the BOMB
    thanks WP
    now if I could see numbers like that….. weeee haaaaa

  65. cantueso

    Yes, very pretty charts, but I think that little pop-up that says “111 per day” is unnecessary and at first also misleading, because the number is not “per day” which would be an average.

  66. Steve Sacks

    Great job guys! Can we add a feature that allows us to pick the time range to look at daily and weekly hits in chart form? I know you have the calendar feature that shows day-to-day, but a chart of the entire life of my blog would be cool. Thanks, and keep up the good work!

  67. Biche

    Nice. I really like the new stats chart! Thanks for letting us know.

  68. Wacky Flip8

    Yes, I have seen this before, and I like the new updated style. Even better, the timezone thing, really helped me out. Now the day never goes over at 4 PM anymore! Also, the Loading Data message also looks updated.

  69. art predator

    Alex, first gotta say love the hat! Hope you’ll be wearing it at Wordcamp so we’ll recognize you!

    And second, yes I noticed the stats change yesterday! Made me blink for a second there!

    Now for your next trick, I will take a second helping or three of zeros for my stats!

    Rock on, WordPress!

  70. Rocque

    Thanks! There are so many great features with WP blogs. That is why I feature them in my blogging classes. I am waiting for those stats over 1000. Where are mine? :)

  71. Scott

    I noticed these yesterday, and was pleasantly surprised… Very Nice!

    Thanks WordPress peoples!

  72. Lora

    It looks really good!
    Keep the updates coming.

    – Lora

  73. memcie

    212,610 views.. haha.. i’m not sure i can have numbers like that on my chart.. haha
    ..but anyways, its really cool thats its working on our timezone..

  74. Diane

    amazing. thanks a bunch!

  75. nenonenoneno

    awesome! I like this one better than the old one. thanks WP! :D

  76. Alice Gray

    Thanks! The new stats features are fantastic, as always!

  77. SRK

    I like it. Thank you!


    i like the user freindly new stats. thanks…you guys have the best customer service

  79. barrycyrus


  80. Celebes

    I like the new chart(s). Thanks!

  81. Kevin Guimarães

    it seems that the stats now operate according to our timezones? is that right? (that is to say, that the start counting at midnight, whereever you are, not just midnight in the US)?

    that’s awesome! no longer does my view count for the day tick over at 1pm!

  82. GuRpS

    really fantastic… both timezone and new chart… ;-p

  83. bibliofil

    Thanks for this. Love your stats :-)

  84. squarebrackets

    [the new stats look awesome, you've improved on something that was pretty much perfect to begin with, thanks]

  85. benjammin1

    Cool. Looks great.

  86. talktomsv

    Looking forward to an awesome exp. on this site

  87. Isaac Milton

    I like it. Keeping zero at the bottom always gives a more welcomed impression on how many people are viewing my site.

  88. Paulina Wojnar

    great work, guys!

  89. pmf1852

    I like the new chart and wonder if there is any way to improve navigating through the daily detail view (sorry, I don’t know what else to call it). Currently, when I click on a specific day in the stat chart I get a detailed list of what entries got traffic. If I want to go to another day’s view, I have to Return to Stats and select my new day. Couldn’t there be something built into the daily view that will let me select another day directly so that I don’t have to go backward to move forward?

  90. davecrain

    The new graph looks great. I also like that it shows stats over a longer timeframe. Better to see long term trending.

    I’m still having a problem in that the only post/page that ever is listed with any traffic on the Blog Stats page is the post that is at the bottom of my Recent Posts widget. Is anyone else having this problem?

  91. seneca

    I noticed the new chart immediately and much prefer it!

    I did miss the time zone change. That’s cool too!


  92. swatch

    Very funky – thanks

  93. Neil

    Nice work, any chance of visits being added as a metric?

  94. kittenplay

    *nod nod* me likes

  95. Livi News

    Looking good! :)

  96. trollboy

    the swirling guitar picks during loading are a nice touch.

  97. honorarynewfie

    I was about to send in a comment complaining about how long it took for stats to download to my browser and how annoying that was …. and what do you guys do ?…. Turbo Stats !! Yippee !

    Me like ! :-D

    Thank you WordPress, I love you all xxxx

  98. zsonor

    i like it

  99. krunk4ever


    Maybe this is the incorrect forum for this, but I noticed Blog Stats includes a “Most Viewed” widget. Is there anyway I can control the period of time it looks at? Meaning I wants something like “Most Viewed This Week”.


  100. timethief

    I have been here since Andy first introduced the stats program. I’m really enjoying every change that has been rolled out, this Open Flash one included. The time zone change is cool too. You guys rock!


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