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You guys are generating an amazing amount of feedback on your blogs. Matt mentioned in the April Wrap-Up that there were 8.6 million comments! Comments are flying in every second of the day.

And have you ever had one of those blog posts that was good, but the real action was in the comments? The blog post is only half the story, it’s the feedback from everyone else that fills in the rest. To make it easier to find the second half of these stories we’ve added comment search to search.

Select the comments options from the search page and we’ll hunt through the millions of comments that have been added to blogs to find what you are looking for. To reduce the comment inferiority complex you get many of the same features and options as post search: sorting by relevance (the default) or most recent, limit results by blog (like and an easy way to subscribe to new matches via an RSS feed ( the Follow this search via RSS link at the bottom of the sidebar).

Comment search, because it was about time comments got a bit more respect.

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Joseph Scott


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  1. eksith

    I can’t wait to search for “lol” or “I agree”. ;)

  2. PiensoLuegoPiensoLuegoExisto

    Very good one! Congratulations!

  3. Mary

    8.6 million comments… wow!!

  4. Lora

    Another new feature? Awesome!
    Keep updating!

    – Lora

  5. bhavick

    yea man pretty nice feature

  6. Andrew

    Oooo what a good idea!

  7. Mike

    This is AWESOME. So often I go back to look for a thread on someone’s blog that I commented on and have no idea where it is. Searching comments is a fantastic addition.

  8. squarebrackets

    [this sounds promising]

  9. timethief

    Thanks for adding this very useful feature. I appreciate it.

  10. alejna


    You guys sure have been busy with the new features lately!

  11. alejna

    You know what I realized? Because of my freakily infrequent name, I can use this to keep tabs on replies to my comments when people respond to me by name. (Individual results may vary. Not recommended for those named Mike or Jen.)

  12. GuRpS

    good…even if i’ve only a few comments… :-(

  13. musicthis

    You guys are on a roll this month! At this rate, we’ll be expecting new features every hour or so by next year.. :) Way to go, and keep ‘em coming!

  14. Bridget Casas

    That is a good idea even though it is something I do not need at this time! I will get more and more comments in the future and then I will use it a lot. Thank you. You guys are really working hard!

  15. Sunnite

    Is the search widget also searching for comments inside our blogs too now?

  16. Vikas Gupta

    I love commenting and I love comments. :D

    Often the real action takes place on the comments page especially on social issues blogs like Nitawriter that is hugely popular (India issues).

    Thank you.

  17. jhwygirl

    Awesome! Thanks! I asked for this just 2 short months ago on one of the suggestion forums….Thanks Thanks Thanks!

  18. La historia del dia

    I love my wordpress blog … thank you for all!

    Latina :)

  19. Nibu Thomas

    Once again thanks. :)

  20. John Paul Mitchell

    This is such a great innovative idea. Glad to see it’s fully functional.

  21. Mr. Anonymous®

    It’s great to see those thousands of dollars each user is paying being put to good use!! You Guys (and Gurls) just keep getting better and better ! ThanX. Keep it coming…

  22. Brenda Nepomuceno

    Whoa, that’s awesome! I’m kinda overwhelmed with the huge amount of improvement you guys have been doing here over the last couple of weeks! Thank you very much! Once again, I have to say: WordPress has the best team ever! ;)

  23. Asad Ali

    I appreciate the “kaizen” – Continuous Improvement Philosophy at WP!
    Very Well Done….

  24. plosiv

    Oh, this is great! Thaks you guys!

  25. arcadata

    Wow – the improvements come in everyday

  26. Satrya-Aya

    Yes thats our Blog :)) .. we posted only short review, and new review after 300 coments each pages/post. We enjoyed commenting. Thanks WP.. !!!

  27. dhidikp

    Great!!. Comments are very essential to know the detail about some published contents. Thank you

  28. spocrep

    you guys are so active these days…
    great job… you’re really making blogging here much easier! ;)

  29. Andrea

    I have a request: what about a collaboration with backlink/twitter to get backlinks from Twitter and other social media “credited” to what we post in our blogs?

    That would be pushing you guys over the top totally rad.

    But it is great to see that you are doing so much to encourage people to comment, comment well and comment often…

    Blogs are dead, long live the blogs!!!

  30. Timmy

    May’s been very busy for the team! Good work!

  31. Isaac Milton

    Great idea! It seems like every few days you guys are adding new and useful features.

  32. Man of Roma

    Great thing. I agree that often comments and conversation are better than the blog post that started them. To be able to search through these convs is surely innovative.

  33. starlaschat

    Thanks for the hard work wordpress! Wow 8.6 million comments that’s a lot of comments.

  34. Zid

    Another good improvement from WordPress crew. Coolie…!!!

  35. navedz

    I love you guys for all the great stuffs you all keep coming up with. This is something I always missed on wordpress… and here you all have filled in that gap as well. Thank you!

  36. manfo75

    i like it..
    thanks alot :)

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  38. Nita

    Good feature.

  39. obasi42

    Yes! Now I can search through every one of my 10 comments! lol. (go eksith!)

  40. Rehan Ahmed

    It’s Great , Its Really another Awesome feature From WordPress …

  41. Nachtwaechter

    Oh, this is a feature I missed. Fine!

  42. Neha Kapoor

    great idea. I often forget which posts i commented on someone’s blog.

  43. Yasir Imran

    Can may users also search comments in my blog ?
    Thanks for the feature.

  44. hashimzulkifli

    good stuff

  45. lazokatanic

    That is so cool.

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  47. AamirRaz

    WordPress is amazingly improving.
    Congrats! :)

  48. archie

    yes that is niiiiiiice! way to go..

  49. jojo

    wow 8.6 million comments are flying in every second of the day?
    wow thats great!

  50. Bob

    Thanks. It would be even better if you add the “search comments” feature to the search widget unique to a given blog.

  51. araYan

    is there a feature that helps us choose whether the comments show up on searches or not? i mean, what if i want the blog-posts to turn up on searches, but not really the comments (i’m guessing that blogs – political,religious, anti-somethings) that overly get negative feedback might want the feature)…i mean, they like the feedback, but just dont want the blog to be identified by it.
    i’m only speculating (possibly with little vindication), but this is …well, …just a thought.

    • Joseph Scott

      If the post is public then so are the comments. There’s currently no way to request that a comment be hidden on a public post.

  52. mr91535

    very useful, thanks indeed.

  53. 6umasha

    thank you

  54. cenya95

    great feature… ;)

  55. sweet pea

    this is a great thing :-)

  56. foobarph

    bwaha! search this! ^_^

  57. sulochanosho

    Yes, comment space is the other half best story. Many times in the comment lines we do get very spontaneous ideas and thoughts that the persons/readers not necessarily express it in a post or they may not have the patience or time or appetite to create a blog and put it in a post. In that sense, comment lines do provide many times very critical as well as appreceiting inputs on many issues. Enabling search facility for the comments is really a commendable addition on the part of the WordPress. Thanks.

  58. bib123

    8.6 million comments!!!!!!!!!! thats a lot

  59. boddhayan

    Searching comments is a fantastic addition!

  60. zarahnovita

    s there a feature that helps us choose whether the comments show up on searches or not? i mean, what if i want the blog-posts to turn up on searches, but not really the comments (i’m guessing that blogs – political,religious, anti-somethings) that overly get negative feedback might want the feature)…i mean, they like the feedback, but just dont want the blog to be identified by it.
    i’m only speculating (possibly with little vindication), but this is …well, …just a thought.

    • Heather

      Sorry, but, no. We don’t currently have a feature that will make comments private. Thanks for the suggestion :)

  61. wakhinuddin

    Thank U for W

  62. Lilja

    Superb :)

  63. Netty Gritty

    WordPress keeps getting better and better. You just made my day! :D

  64. Amyth

    You guys just continue to thrill us. Period!

  65. thephantombloggerstrikes

    YAY! What a great idea, I can’t wait to try it. You guys/gals rock!


  66. ritaroni

    its so amazing

  67. Naomi

    Thank you, this is brilliant. What incredible action around WordPress!

  68. chopibojan

    thanks! good feature!!

  69. هستی

    another good idea

  70. robert20019

    This is one of the best feature that i have seen

  71. lauraofharvestlane

    I’ve been blogging for awhile at blogger; but, I’ve realized I get more traffic here when I rarely blog than when I blog at blogger regularly!

    Why? I don’t know. I think I’m moving back, though.


  72. Invisible Drummer


  73. Tudor

    Can’t agree more about upgrading comments. The issue of filtering to remove spam, and providing easy access remains. I’m setting my (business) students assignments in which they will be encouraged to leave comments on the blog.

  74. chrysanti

    Thank you! yesterday i was dizzy looking for a comment from my friend. luckily, with this feature i can find it easily! many thanks..

  75. Ashley

    This should be interesting… Visit my blog!!! It’s something to do. LoL

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  77. Barron Culbertson

    I invite all WordPress users to visit my website

    Thanks, hope you visit again.

  78. cherry44789


  79. villapina

    This is another come pli ment to WordPress! Rock on…

  80. Rohan Gupta

    Very Needed. Thanks a ton. Makes going through comments a breeze.


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