The tasty new logo

The tasty new logo

We’ve been busy lately here at — we’ve had an announcement of a new or updated feature for you every day this week. Today, you’re getting a two-fer!

Earlier this week, we announced VideoPress, the great new video feature for Now VideoPress has its own home on the web at We’ve also got a great video introduction created by our company auteur Michael Pick, so be sure to head over and check it out. We’ll be continuing to add features to VideoPress, including support for users, so stay tuned to VideoPress for all the latest.

P.S. If you’re a design geek like me, you might be interested to know that the VideoPress logo (as well as all of is set in the beautiful Museo family of typefaces, designed by your fellow bloggers at the exljbris Font Foundry (

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Matt (Thomas) Miklic


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  1. Frederico

    cool :D

  2. Andrew

    I wonder how much impact this will have on the future of blogging.

  3. Fran

    nice job!

  4. nogizaka

    Cool :]

  5. art predator

    This has been an impressive week of news and posts from WordPress! What will be left to reveal at WordCamp SF?? Guess we’ll have to go directly to the party!

    (PS thanks for the info on the stylish groovy fonts too!)

  6. Armando Netto

    Wow, very good idea!
    Thank you guyz;

  7. Moses

    wow… so many updates this month! very nice! :)

  8. Wacky Flip8

    Very cool Web Home on the new VideoPress website. Great job WordPress team, once again.

  9. donnacha

    Congratulations, very exciting, raises the bar for online video.

    One aspect of video that I believe could be genuinely useful but which has, so far, failed to take off because of lousy implementations, is video commenting. The main players are Viddler and Seesmic, who are no integrated into Automattic-owned Intense Debate, so, I imagine that will be a option at some point. The big problem with both Viddler and Seesmic’s version of video commenting is that they required you to register with them before you could leave a comment. In general, people are reluctant to plow through yet another registration, so, this crippled the whole idea before it had a chance to gain momentum.

    One company that do it right are Riffly, whose excellent plugin is in the WordPress repository, and who do not put the barrier of having to register between your users and making their first video comment. They are, however, a pretty small company, they are not going to be able to get video commenting rolling on their own, it would be good to see it offered as an aspect of VideoPress.

    Video commenting is not for everyone and should not be seen as an attempt to replace written comments, the vast majority of comments are more suited to text, for very specific types of comment, video can be perfect, we should not neglect the potential if the technology is possible. Personally, I do not have a need for VideoPress as currently offered but would happily pay $60 per year if I could offer my users reliable, easy, one-button video commenting. The conventional wisdom is that video commenting has failed but I suspect that a lot of people, like me, would like to see Automattic keep it simple and do it properly as part of VideoPress.

    • Matt Thomas

      Thanks for the well-thought-out suggestions! We think about comments a lot around here, and we’ll certainly consider these as we work on the future. :)

  10. Charles Fernando

    I guess should be cool to create a community video (like YouTube) from videopress…. just a idea for the future. Like.. you can watch all uploads from videopress too.

  11. mardoto

    so good. nice. i like it. viva wordpress!

  12. Bridget Casas

    Does this mean we can download our videos directly (after getting the upgrade) instead of having to do a link to You Tube? That would be great! You guys are really busy! Thank you all very much!

  13. Vikas Gupta

    It’s raining new features on WP! :D

  14. Father George

    Lots of great work.

    Here’s to hoping for shortcode that can be used in videopress at / org

  15. Yasir Imran

    that’s great news
    thanks for that

  16. abdullahhhh

    Wow. This will be pretty interesting. Oh and i must tell it… The Backround of is Excellent! WordPress is going better everyday! :D

  17. SL

    great! then, musicpress can’t be too far away? :)

  18. Zaeriuraschi 11098

    AWESOME!!!!! VideoPress, here I come! ;)

  19. Werner Trotter

    You are going from strength to strength

  20. Coach Scotty

    fantastic! really excited about this. thanks guys!

  21. spocrep

    another great thing… you guys are really the best… and I’ve been notcing other stuff that have been changed around here… like site privew, and the and’s icon….
    good job keep being the best ;)

  22. urimtal

    Great news, Matt! So I can upload my videos to videoPress instead of youtube and post it on blog?

  23. John

    Wow! Can’t wait to try it out!

  24. Saito

    Excellent, I’ll definitely check into that :)

  25. mormonsoprano

    WOW!! WP continues to deliever. This is going to be fabulous.

  26. shuttercraft

    Wow! Cool thank you!

  27. Ehtie

    WOW, one more thing! WordPress is going great!

  28. shuttercraft

    I just went to take a look at it! The upgrade is a must for any blogger who makes podcasts and videos. I just wish it did not cost $60…. does this mean you guys are not going to support other video services on wordpress like vimeo? I have a few videos in HD on vimeo that I would love to have on my blog!

    • Matt Thomas

      Not at all! We think VideoPress is pretty swanky, but we already support many others including Vimeo. Take a look at the VideoPress Support page; you’ll find a bevy of supported video sites in the blue box titled “Related” (here’s a direct link to instructions for Vimeo.)

  29. Jason Shirk

    My only concern is that it is going to cost me more to do something I was already doing with my space upgrade. The extra cost makes it just as cheap for me to go out and get my own hosting and design from scrap for my blogs.

    • Matt Thomas

      As Matt M. mentioned in the VideoPress announcement, we’ve given a free year of VideoPress to anyone who had been using videos with their space upgrade. So now you’ve got a year to see how you like it!

      And don’t forget the cost of bandwidth if your video becomes the next big thing. :)

  30. lazokatanic

    That’s what I call the future of blogging.

  31. Daяthpuckie

    Wordpress is getting great! Will we be able to post are videos on VideoPress?

  32. timethief

    Wow! WordPress has gone video crazy – I &hearts it :)

  33. SimplyLife

    Good to know that you continue to support others. Though it is tempting to switch over now, will do that when I am ready.

  34. bintang

    let’s see :D

  35. Rizal

    yeah, the font is using Museo.
    that is my fav one :)

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  37. 7hotshot7


  38. torontohondaguru

    Fantastic! Thanks for working hard and bringing lots of new features to WordPress. This is my first week with a blog here and already there are so many extra exciting things I can do! Thanks :)

  39. JB

    This is really great, but I’m concerned about something… I had just purchased ($20) a space upgrade in April so I could load videos on my blog. One month later I need to spend another $60 to continue? I’m sure you’ve got some kind of solution worked out right?

    Thanks and keep up the improvements.

  40. swatch

    this is really good stuff, I have just watched your video – we are pressed for bandwidth where I live so I will consider before I use it – but as usual you have made this really easy to use

  41. eideard

    Always interesting. And I’m specifically interested in the ability to link within a Post to video sources like CNN, Guardian, BBC, Discovery, etc..

    If and when that’s possible. Both of the blogs I edit use WP and it would add a big chunk of editorial content.

  42. tatngoc1

    I’m excited about this application since I’m planning to engage some colleagues to use WP with videos. Thanks.

  43. Troy

    Pretty cool feature, guys. Thanks.

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  45. librattus

    I´m happy to hear this!!! I will upload lots of videos!!!

    Greeting from Mexico!!!

    Worpress de best site ever!!!

  46. jazz

    great feature!

  47. encourager

    Great stuff. Unfortunately not many people will be willing to pay. Why not have a free option allowing videos less than 1GB?

  48. 6umasha

    thank you

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  50. Diego Pi y Margall


  51. Jason

    Looking forward to trying this on some video rich projects. Most of the cost is bandwidth which outside the US is extremely expensive so most sites trade down on quality but this new service opens up new possibilities.

    On the stats side / perhaps we could compare with the approach used by tubemogul. If we can match that it’s a winner.

  52. ontherun

    I didn’t seen yet, but i will try in one click .

  53. Thierry Dominique

    This is great. All I’ll need is to buy a HD camera. Don’t worry, I will not neglecting written commentary.

  54. autoterminal

    The logo design is not attractive for me

  55. autoterminal

    I am exited with this videopress because as of now i can not upload my video in my wordpress blog

  56. chicodj

    Galing! Great Job!

  57. olivia

    when you will have Facebook Connect for WordPress?

  58. Lilja

    So many new features lately – Thank you guys :D

  59. missionone

    I’m not sure about this or not, but is it possible to embed videopress videos into your own wordpress blog? Not a blog, but a personal blog using wordpress software from…

  60. Dan Patterson

    Forgive me for asking a potentially redundant question – I did do some looking around and couldn’t find an answer. Does this new feature also support audio podcasting? Can I upload .mp3 files here? I would love this feature and would be gladly pay for it. Thanks.

    – DHP

  61. avi1997


  62. antgiacone

    The future?.. I just got started.

  63. bolsaprofesionalinmobiliaria

    Cool !!

    Greeting from Spain!!!

    Worpress de best Blog

  64. Antonio

    cool :)

  65. kanojokhj

    That´s just cool

  66. Sipanggaron

    Excellent, but as usual you have made this really easy to use

  67. rachel401

    Thats nice, i just got this, and its kinda awesome…

  68. marathimedia


  69. weeweewawa

    good move thanks :)

  70. athul


  71. evydeceur

    Really great!

  72. Rod E. Smith, MSMFT

    Thanks. Thanks a lot. You make it possible for so many to do so much.

  73. ma0127gic

    Could be cool. Will you be using sorengson-spark codec like Youtube, or better?

  74. creativedynamics

    Way, Cool. Thanks for the constant improvements!

  75. jacksplatt


  76. Nolan

    cool (I guess)

  77. jinnosuke

    good job, baby yehhh!

  78. khushamdin

    fantaistic good lovely

  79. benjammin1


  80. timidstone

    Cool — and THANK YOU for posting the source of the font! I am a design geek too. Will be downloading them soon.

  81. Tatil

    sweet and perfect ;)

  82. Scotty Zacher

    Totally, totally excited by this. Have wanted to do some video theater coverage here in Chicago, but really didn’t want to deal with YouTube. So this wil be great

  83. madan5695

    Well it sounds good,,,,,can’t wait to try it out……………

  84. jakesalcedo1

    I knew I could count on your sure-footed creativity. Let’s beat all of them, by making WordPress a class by itself!

  85. pixieworx

    Wow…! This looks awesome! Thanks for all you do!

  86. bubbly

    Kewl!! Thanks a Lot.

  87. bara09

    the tasty new logo, yeaahh, i really like it

  88. teacher

    That’s great!!!

  89. ischoolslasconia

    so you make another community for us. go for it.

  90. miembrosuperior


  91. bergansofnorway


  92. João Lima

    I love when smart people do good things like this (very usefull and improve our life).

  93. malak2000

    oh thats good it always
    good when some body do something good

    haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  94. Ben Rennie

    Hey yeah this is very cool… having a lot of fn with Video lately so will get onto this. Lots of updates this month. nice work.

  95. arrheeva

    just for a year ya? My connection here is a little bit slow.. but I’ll try to use this to make my blog interesting..

  96. Toby

    Sorry, but why would anyone pay for a service that is offered by numerous other providers for free?

  97. abusyafiq

    wow, this can be you tube rival, ok.. good luck

  98. mumtazanas

    I think it almost same with social media like fb or something else

  99. jlevine11206

    Great Stuff.

  100. mrdiablo

    Excellent is what was missing in wordpress



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