Yahoo! App and 360 Importer

We’ve got two Yahoo! related news items today.

The first is that we’ve launched a Yahoo! 360 importer (listed in your admin screens under Tools → Import) to make migration from 360 to super easy. Just upload the Yahoo! 360 export ZIP file, and we’ll do the rest. Yahoo! will be shutting down their 360 service soon, so if you have any friends over there feel free to give them a little help and encouragement to head over to :)

Second is the release of our QuickPress Yahoo! Application. You can post posts and read and moderate your most recent comments straight from My Yahoo!. (Note to any self-hosted folks out there: the app currently only works on We’re working on making it .com/.org universal.)

Thanks to Yahoo! for their help with their Yahoo! Application Platform, and thanks to all of you for the best blogs on the intertubes.

If you need help with either of these new toys (or anything else), please contact our support team.

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Mike Adams (mdawaffe)


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  1. Moses

    Don’t use it… but good to know! :)

  2. art predator

    wow! so I can now post from my yahoo from my iPhone?

  3. Andrew

    Interesting stuff!

  4. Wacky Flip8

    Awesome! WordPress is just better and better every second eh?!

  5. matthewota

    Thank You very much for making it so easy to import Yahoo 360 blogs. I ported mine over today and it worked flawlessly.

  6. sylviahubbard1

    I think that’s great, although I’m still having trouble posting to my blog from my yahoo mail. I know it’s still new and i should be a little patient, but i’m greedy. I want more more more. I’m still hungry for the hopeful intergration between org and MU.

    I’m a wordpress groupie, but just work the kinks out between yahoo and posting and i’ll be almost a little happier.

    hey, i’m a woman, don’t expect complete happiness. i gotta keep you on your toes. LoL.

    Thanks for the heads up on this. i love knowing you guys are making our WP lives a little easier. Keep up the good work!

  7. pochp

    At last!
    I’m loyal to Yahoo 360 because it was my first weblog.
    Sheesh, I’m getting nostalgic now :-)

  8. Mary

    Things just keep getting better! :)

  9. Zaeriuraschi 11098

    I don’t use Yahoo, but this is great for anyone who does! :)

  10. buzu

    Sounds just grate!, Personally, I don’t use yahoo products, but I’m sure a lot of people out there will be very pleased by these two improvements on WP.

  11. Onasis

    I have one Y! 360 blog. But it’s outdated and I didn’t write more than 5 posts. QuickPress is an interesting application for people with Y! accounts. But I use more Google Services.

  12. admin

    It make WordPress more popular, especially for Yahoo user. And more search engine friendly (Yahoo) I hope.

  13. Lee


  14. widi

    Wow, super easy. Cool stuff. Thanks.

  15. Kneel

    I’ll inform my acquaintance about this. :)

  16. Thoth

    Interesting I suppose, but of limited relevance unless you use Yahoo a lot. Most of my posts are far too long and involve too much formatting for shortcuts anyway. Instead of working out import tools, perhaps you could add a way to set the editor to indent the first line of each paragraph or accept tabs instead of treating it as a “next item” key? That would be useful to quite a few people and would seem fairly uncomplicated to implement.

  17. Vikas Gupta

    I have a Yahoo 360 account but never used it!

  18. navedz

    Sounds good! Nice timing for the release. Thanks guys!

  19. Jamie McElwain

    Yay. My homepage is Yahoo!, so if I ever need to post something, but I’m too lazy to get to the post page, it’s there for me. Thanks guys! <3

  20. abdullahhhh

    Wow! This will be superb for my friend!

  21. Soham Das

    Interesting. Very interesting.

  22. Andrea


    This excellent news — and a rare moment when has definite advantage over! Cool!

    Love to blog wordpress!

  23. utomosetyo2008

    Thanks for the releasing of QuickPress Yahoo! Application. So I can post posts and read and moderate my most recent comments straight from My Yahoo .

  24. Rahul Sharma

    WOW! That is another SUPER great idea. Super prompt and super all over! Super. I don’t have any other word!

  25. davidliew

    Ya, such a super good news that finally we may out from there…BUT sadly our data seem jam over there, email never arrive to download our data still stuck with it but always happy to move to wordpress :)

  26. mich0u

    Pretty cool you support importing Yahoo!360 blogs. Unfortunately their export app is pretty crappy and loses quite some data in the process (formatting, the names of the people who commented, etc.). I’m working on a tool to export an Yahoo~360 blog while preserving more data. I hope it’ll be fairly usable in a couple of weeks.

  27. Sharpdesk


  28. hoh

    thanx mdawaffe!
    love the flicker! [know it's yahoo]
    hate the yahoo as they sniched on some chinese clients of theirs to the authorities
    and guess what happened to them….

    you have to change yr avitar! it looks like you have deleted yr face! – we might think you have self mutilation issues :)
    unless my monitor is set to dark and you have a paper bag on yr head!
    that’s koowl

  29. strongerathletes

    Thanks. I’ve got some friends to tell.

  30. Manoj Sterex

    Thats an awesome move! :-) We can have more friends over at now! :-)

    That said, its sad what’s happening to Yahoo! They ruled Web 1.0! IMO, they had this coming from a long time. I believe they could not ride the tide this time. :-(

    Hope they wade through these bad times and emerge stronger! :-)

  31. Simpsonise Adminstator

    The My Yahoo thing is cool, will add it now. Didn’t know 360 was closing – its sh*t anyway.

  32. Exodus

    hope that we will get loads of migrators from Y!360 to keep you guys happily busy. :D

    thanks heaps for the tools. i <3 wp!

  33. Cello

    Good job guys! This is excellent

  34. Chris Luzader

    Awesome! This will help a lot of people! Thanks WordPress! ;)

  35. Carli

    This is great!

  36. आल्हाद alias Alhad

    Must try it some time. I am impressed that how easy the blog migration was!

  37. कौतुक

    Great news. Good job buddies.

    I had few posts to import from Yahoo 360, I was about to let them go.

    Next! Google Adsense please.

  38. Asad Ali


  39. bluesoulcurry

    I can’t find Yahoo 360 importer in Tools menu. How do I find it?

  40. mus

    Great idea..

  41. yottabyte


    This new feature is great ;)

  42. ian in hamburg

    Seems like every other day there’s a new app or functionality.

    That’s great, but when is finally going to get around to fixing around something that’s been broken for months and months?

    I’m talking about incoming links. They NEVER work. Often they show as an incoming link a blog on which I’ve only left a comment.

    C’mon guys. Let’s fix the frame and foundation before decorating the house.

  43. яάη∂α

    Awesome !!! I’m really happy with these news :D Thanks a lot guys.WordPress is the best ;)

  44. spq96

    Woah, that’s great! Good job.

  45. Arif Kabir

    That’s so awesome! I feel sad thought that Yahoo’s 360 and GeoCities is closing down… Oh well, we got Google and WordPress :)

  46. faust275

    I feel sad that Geocities and 360 is going down. Never used 360 at all, but Geocities was my first webpage server :(

  47. asimplecommonman

    Awesome post. I’ll try.

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  49. abrari

    Unfortunately I don’t use Yahoo.
    But, it’s sounds great.

  50. msmonee

    Sounds interesting…

  51. smart001


  52. garyheck

    what can I say? The man is a genius!

  53. J

    I like this Yahoo! relationship thing. I don’t know much about it really, but sure glad it’s not the Icarus-ish “Google” relationship thingy.

    I am becoming the paranoid android that I used to make fun of two years ago. I am blogging my detangling ordeal w/google at memesist.wordpress When I stopped to really think about it, I concluded that they knew waaaaay tooooo much about me and my family. Google is my new WalMart. Something to avoid.

  54. withfeathersinmyhair

    So… how does a person go about transferring the Yahoo stuff to WordPress? I don’t see any links to importer software here.

  55. hanin

    gotta try this one out. great thanks to WP team!


    I am delighted to find myself being wordpress user.
    Like enthusiatic young lady like me will have good
    experience with this excellent search engine,I hope
    it would we always user-friendly and supportive.
    I appreciate for your continous support and the
    guidance for usage of this linkage.
    With Best Regards!



  57. SL


  58. cbmilne33

    I am rather gutted that Yahoo has decided to shut down its Yahoo!360 blogging/social networking site as I am also on it as well as WordPress etc on the internet services that I am on.Off course you can visit my WordPress blogsite and see on my blogroll the sites you can link up with.It is to be hoped that all my fellow Yahoo!360 ers can join forces via WordPress etc and use this as a base for organising ourselves.I would also like WordPress to serve as a device where if Yahoo decides to revive the Yahoo!360 platform then we should have our blogging archives on WordPress to restore our Yahoo!360 sites.

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  61. mashablez

    Great news for all Yahoo! 360 users. As you said i’ll explain about this update to all my friends on Twitter.

  62. kritinajayanti

    thanks a lot I will tell my friends to move

  63. Vlad Moldovan

    I have some friends on 360, this importer is very usefull. I hope they will join wordpress!

  64. sondan

    I only wish Yahoo had assisted you over a year ago when I (and many other Yahoo 360 exiles) asked for this. I am still transferring my photos from my Y360 blog one by one here — since the only importer I could find did not include the pics. Well at least it is now available for the remaining 360 refugees that haven’t already found another blogging home.

  65. Amyth

    Now THAT’s Innovation! .. I’m pinging my friends right-away!

  66. pirumpi

    Cool, nice to know

  67. mirzajaleel

    that is wonderful

  68. caksalman

    Well done guys. I wish this could make my wordpress owesome. I will try this. Thanks guys.

    Salman Alfarisi

  69. Smeagol Jr.

    Great! Awsome!! Delicios!!!
    I am a huge fan and user of Yahoo (including 360), so this is just one hell of a good news. Really!

  70. indiapolitics2009

    Sounds Good! I don’t use Yahoo, but this is great for anyone who does!

  71. marathonjohan

    Great, I’ll be sure to tell all my friends on 360!

  72. adelife

    interesting;) thanks

  73. seeds4you

    WoW awesame Thaks guys…

  74. Absar

    Nice addition. But I’ve no friends using Yahoo360 service. Almost all on blogspot and wordpress.

  75. cynlyn101

    Glad to see this…My first email and oldest has been with yahoo. Still using the same account.!

  76. ghanaba

    Good to know. Will be back with feedback and comment after using it.

  77. chloë

    cool news :)

  78. liberationtheory

    doesnt work as easily from mac for some reason. maybe it’s just me.

  79. spiralofhope

    This is the kind of thing that really attracts people.

  80. atevet

    Awesome! This will help a lot of people! Thanks WordPress!

  81. Biking Buck

    not a big yahoo user, but good to know, I’ll pass along the word. thanks!

  82. bitwik

    That’s great news. Way to go WordPress!

  83. Rustan

    WOW! That is another SUPER great idea………….

  84. tinacortina

    Hi folks

    Just to say the importer worked well for me. I brought across 50 blogs from Yahoo360, which came complete with caption pics and comments. I did need to re-size the pics (individually) and add tags to each of the blogs. And so far, external links to pics, within the html has not transferred well. Shame one can’t import one’s friends, the messages in and outbox and the historic top of page comments, but that would have been the icing on the cake.

    The transfer process was relatively painless and I am hoping that the community over here will be half as good as it was in Yahoo360.


    TinaCortina xx

  85. sharfix

    thanks man….

  86. lobochik

    That’s fabulous! I was kind of bummed about Yahoo! 360’s being taken down, but this makes it a lot easier to handle. Thank you, WordPress! :-)

  87. damhnaic

    Neat-o, cool beans n’ all that jazz :D

  88. Nolan

    nice I can post strait off my yahoo account thanks again wordpress

  89. archaeme

    This is recommended for ALL Yahoo 360 users for when it closes down, they will at least have a good place for their blogs.

  90. bethadema

    Guess maybe I’ll try it then

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  92. antalia

    good news man :)

  93. dungcd

    thanks for ur information,
    i’m making migration now

  94. cappadociaguide

    I have some friends on 360, this importer is very usefull. I hope they will join wordpress!

  95. chopibojan

    bueen trabajoo! :)
    excellent! =)

  96. georgeumbrasileiro

    Good Stuff!

  97. lilabyrd

    I found out a few days ago about 360 closing and had only been blogging since Jan. 10th. I had just started feeling comfortable and misread my e-mail and thought it was closing on June 12th {really will be on July 12th} and almost went into a panic and jumped at the invite to move to WordPress with easy instructions….. all of this is very new for me and the move went very well. Still have things to work out and learn….. been working on it myself for now but may yet need some help. I had never heard of WordPress and if I had not panicked like I did I may not have made the move to WordPress….. but now… I am so glad I panicked… I have found such neat stuff….. lol…. I hear some of you lol at me… but that’s OK…. I’m new at this and I’m lol with ya at me….. heck right now my loose lip green cheek is even lol at me……. Thanks WordPress for the big save! This is so much better than 360 ……… Lila

  98. poovong

    It’s good.

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  100. josephdunphy

    One problem with this, guys …

    Yahoo 360 was one of those services that allowed users to customise the look and feel of their blogs, which a lot of users on 360 are very particular about, having put real time and effort into giving their blogs the look they preferred. does not offer that kind of functionality, limiting customization to the act of choosing off of a limit set of templates.

    You might be about to get a large number of very unhappy campers, who’d probably be much better served over on Blogger. Unless there was some system upgrade I didn’t know about?


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