May Wrap-Up

Sorry for this being the latest wrap-up ever.

May was a fun month for us. We rolled out a ton of new features: the ability to add YouTube videos and polls to comments, stats in your time zone, the VideoPress upgrade (with HD!), post by email, new stats charts, comment search, improved comment reply by email, and

May was also the month for our largest-ever WordCamp San Francisco. Mission Bay Conference Center was a packed house, but (amazingly) everything ran on schedule, and nothing went wrong! A round of applause is due to our sponsors, speakers, and everyone who attended for helping to make WordCamp such a smooth success. Thanks for making it all possible.

For post-event coverage of WordCamp, check out the updated site for WordCamp San Francisco 2009.

And now, the stats for May:

  • 387,416 blogs were created.
  • 411,704 new users joined.
  • 5,504,742 file uploads.
  • 3,333 gigabytes of new files.
  • 826 terabytes of content transferred from our datacenters.
  • 6,914,546 logins.
  • 1,243,177,638 pageviews on, and another 1,207,143,849 on self-hosted blogs (2,450,321,487 total across all WordPress blogs we track).
  • 2,105,723 active blogs where “active” means they got a human visitor.
  • 1,728,890,160 words.


There were 12,123 post-by-email posts since the release of that feature on May 12.

Video uploads are on the rise after the release of the VideoPress upgrade: 5,587.

WordCamps in May: WordCamp Toronto, WordCamp Richmond, WordCamp Mid-Atlantic, WordCamp Columbus, WordCamp Milan, WordCamp Ed CUNY, WordCamp San Francisco.

WordCamp San Francisco had 739 pre-event registrations (a huge jump from 427 last year), and 789 actual attendees from 32 countries — plus 15 speakers, six sponsors, and lots of volunteers.

WordCamps in June: WordCamp Chicago, WordCamp RDU, WordCamp Brazil, WordCamp Dallas. has launched the Ask the Natural Living Experts forum hosted on the new TalkPress VIP service.

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  1. Mary

    Wow, I’m surprised with the amount blogs that were created in May!

  2. Andrew

    Wowie, look at all ‘dem numbers.

  3. art predator

    Matt, I can’t blame you if it took you took weeks to recover from WordCamp SF 2009! Great conference, great party, not to mention awesome platform that brings us all soooooo much fun!! Thank you and congrats on 6 years of awesomeness! (PS LOVE the new digs on the water of the SF BAY! What an inspiring place to think and play! Thanks for inviting us all over!)

  4. art predator

    BTW, that’s me in the green jacket and striped skirt in the front row of the packed house picture!

  5. Wacky Flip8

    Nice, as always.

  6. Jin

    Indeed a great month. ^-^ Enjoyed the new stat chart and stats in my time zone the most of all. :3

  7. Tsundere Works

    May’s been a good month. Been using WordPress for a little over a month now and it’s great! Fun to use and not as hard to learn as others say.

    There’s been plenty of useful updates added throughout the month too.

  8. Fluff Patrol

    Thanks for improving WordPress. I really love this community!

  9. Américo Tavares

    Congratulations WP and Matt.

    This is my last comment on the following topic. Do you think to have available in an uncertain future time a variant of Tarsky that allows full black text?
    I would very much appreciate it, because I love Tarsky, but this detail for the use I do.

    • Jane Wells

      Américo: if you want to change the default font colors of a theme, you’d be best off buying the CSS upgrade, which will give you fill control over the appearance of all theme elements. In your dashboard, click on Upgrades in the navigation menu and you’ll see how to proceed. More information is available here:

  10. edenchanges

    As ever a round of applause to WordPress for all that it has achieved and enabled others to achieve.

    The opening heading – “Sorry for this being the latest wrap-up ever.” has me both puzzled and a little concerned. The wrap ups are a nice way of catching up with what has gone before – why are they stopping and is something replacing them?

    Please enlighten!



    • Jane Wells

      Hi Stephen. Re-read the sentence; Matt says “latest,” not “last.” The wrap-ups will keep coming. He was just apologizing for not getting the May wrap-up out sooner.

  11. Asad Ali

    Growin…..Growin… Growing……Keep it UP..!

  12. Gabr13l

    Nice ..


    And june promisses to be great also with the release of WP 2.8… ;)

  14. Bridget Casas

    I got tired just reading all of that! May was a busy month for everyone. Thank you for all that you do!

  15. Vikas Gupta

    Keep prospering! :D

  16. Andrea

    I have seen and profited from most of these awesome updates, plugs and improvements. I still want to try a poll in the comments…

    Cool :mrgreen:

  17. torontohondaguru

    Wow May looks like it was fantastic – thanks for working hard and bringing in a lot of new features! WordPress is only getting better from here :)

  18. Fran

    great numbers!

  19. Forrester McLeod

    You guys ROCK way beyond even the best Led Zeppelin concert ever!!! I was not gifted with techno-savy. Even crashed a computer a few years ago trying to build a website. Disaster on all levels. A friend guided me to wordpress a few months ago (yes…..even with the ease you gift us with it’s taken me that long to get set up!) and I could not be more grateful!

    Much, Much Bliss and Success to You All!

    THANK YOU!!!

  20. photogamut

    I’m only one of the 411,704 new users joined and own 2 of the 387,416 blogs who were created in may… I must say, wordpress rocks it!

    thnx a mill

  21. abdullahhhh

    Yep it was a cool month!

  22. spocrep

    great!! you did great in this month! :)

  23. Zaeriuraschi 11098

    As always, the stats are amazing! :) I’ve been on WordPress since November, and I think that May was the best month yet. ;)

  24. Clark Bunch

    I’m excited about all the great stuff in May, don’t get me wrong. But it’s a little late to find out about WordCampRDU that happened last Friday :-(

    • Jane Wells

      Hi Clark. WordCamps are not produced by, but are community organized, so they are generally not announced/publicized here on the official blog. However, all WordCamps around the world are listed on the official WordCamp site at so keep an eye on that for more events in your area.

  25. mauryk2

    Very pleased with WordPress

  26. leetgamer

    2.1 million active blogs… wow.

  27. Nolan

    That there is a whole lot of views great job wordpress

  28. trollboy

    Busy month. So much going on, I totally missed the anouncement!

  29. jamessye

    great things…. WordPress is fantastico!

  30. archaeme

    Hope you won’t be late for June’s wrap-up!

  31. niekmilder

    amazing, love to be at the camp next year. Keep up the fantastic work and i think that i can speak for a large portion of all wordpress users..”Thank you so much”

  32. alhakim

    Go WordPress ;) . Btw, Thanks for improving the widget part in wp 2.8, because I always lost my setting everytime de-active text widget in wp2.7.

  33. ted01

    Mine was one of the new blogs.

    Thank you for providing such an excellent service.



  35. turbotime

    That is a lot of blogers! I’ve just started to make my blog and I thought you might want a look at it. I am really surprised about the people who logged in!

  36. widi

    Good work. Viva WordPress!

  37. fireinyoureyes

    wow!! great stats
    8,625,931 comments ??? ohh my

  38. SignaVeritae

    Keep it comin!

  39. octobia

    Thanks for everything you do — I started my blog in April and have been really enjoying the experience. has made it fun for me, and easy to concentrate on content rather than technical issues. I am very grateful for this free and accessible forum!

  40. Ric

    So many numbers, so little time.

  41. jklvilnieciai

    amazing amounts.. Bless wordpress datacenters ;D (and it`s team too )

  42. antalia

    amazing digits :) wordpress is (very) growing day by day :) thanks for this great blogging service…

  43. whisperinggums

    I was one of the new users, new blogs in May. I’m very happy to be here as overall it seems to work better than blogger where, like many I guess, I started my first blog. Thanks for all your hard work.

  44. icommercepage

    Congratulations for this. I has been invited so many friends to join with us. I show the quality of wordpress, usability, and as good to participate of this comunity.

  45. Kashmir Portal

    Before using wordpress I was just dreaming to start like this. WordPress doing a great job and its figures shows how famours and rapidly becoming number 1 choice for not only blogers but it becoming as CMS as well.

    Well done WORDPRESS and keep it up.

    Kashmir Portal

  46. terakki

    very fantastic

  47. meenas17

    May has brought a world of cheer, in the zone of economy, in the prism of seasons, and in the composition of wordpress. The platform, for liberal opinion and expression of thoughts, is growing in a stupendous speed.
    Keep it up.

  48. frenchgirl42

    Awesome job!

  49. loveismyalterego

    Wow! The stats are quite impressive. I thoroughly enjoy my experience blogging with WordPress and have found many of the blogs that I have read to be quite entertaining.

  50. marshallprice

    I don’t understand why there won’t be any more wrap-ups, or why you’re sorry. Is WordPress going out of existence?

  51. Cello

    awesome work guys!

  52. sammiebolas


  53. Min

    Great job! Looking forward to more improvements; specifically themes :)

    Cheers to the staff of WordPress & associated members.

  54. Lance

    nice work!

  55. Liju Philip

    Even though i moved to my own domain, i still use WordPress. Am so impressed by the countless widgets, themes, plugins and stuff that you guys provide.

    WordPress rocks :D

  56. netweblogic

    Great to see all these great new features. I am looking very forward to the MU merge!

  57. nermineghaleb

    Thanks A Great Deal

  58. omnvr

    I echo Cello’s response. Those are amazing numbers. Great work and congratulations!

  59. krodis


  60. katyallgeyer

    That’s a lot of comments for one month!

  61. philsue

    nice good job and wonderful stats

  62. Américo Tavares

    I do think that your work is awesome too.

  63. staypee

    whoa.. that many..

  64. VotingFemale

    Your hard work is very appreciated, and I know I speak for many WP bloggers. The choice to go with wordpress as a blogging platform was clear… and updates as you have listed proves that decision was correct.

    Thank You

  65. orlaunder


  66. Nishant

    I can’t believe it!
    Best wishes!:)

  67. ibexinc

    Thank you for the great support, talent and artistry.
    When it come to do a blog “there can be only one” WordPress :)

  68. agus

    great job guys!
    i love you all

  69. ultimoAdios

    greatness of wrap-up here it is!

  70. enigmaticblogger90

    You guys must have a lot of server space :shock:

    (Did I do that smiley right?)

  71. John


  72. swapnap

    ThankYou and keep up the good work. Pls do something about the spam. These days its on the rise.

    • Jane Wells

      All blogs run Akismet to filter spam, which is very effective. If you think you are getting a lot of spam, please contact support so they can check your blog to make sure everything is working as it should.

  73. Terri

    It sounds like you did some really useful upgrades this month! Woohoo!! Now, if I were a bit more computer literate, I may be able to take advantage of them! This granny has a hard enough time “up (or down?) loading” pictures, muchless trying to figure out video’s! (You tube scares me!) I do have fun writing blogs though, and it sounds “buck” to be able to post a blog from e-mail! I may have to investigate that feature some day! :)

  74. ZonS

    keep up the good work :D

  75. yasutora

    Really cool keep it up!

  76. newalliance123

    Love the Site guys, great job!

  77. A. Woz

    all that work to compile wrap up stats…thanks for keeping up with the details. It is appreciated…now go and have some summer fun.

  78. saboor38

    nice work guys …………………

  79. marcampbellja

    Thanks Matt,
    You guys are great. The service is excellent. I am not an IT wiz but I am able to blog comfortably.

    About a month ago I had at least 100 reasons to start a blog. Today I wonder what my live would be like without it. Some of my readers tell me how much they appreciate my posts…I could not reach them with my thoughts and insights if it was not for WordPress. My readers have also inspired and motivated me to write my first book. Wow!

    I hope I will get a chance to attend one of your WordCamps one day.

  80. shilpi10

    The stats are quite impressive. I thoroughly enjoy my experience blogging with Word Press and have found many of the blogs that I have read to be quite entertaining.

  81. chopibojan

    Great numbers!
    Congratulations!!! YEAH! :)

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  83. taymay

    Hi Matt thats some long comment but it was great

  84. oipiyah

    wow, it’s wonderfull….

  85. sonyagee

    Hey Just joined in and started posting.Look forward to be part of this huge community :)

  86. ravikaushik

    nice numbers! congrats on all the good work…but still no way to post blog posts to facebook :-(

  87. adixi0n

    good… congratulations….

  88. Alicia

    Post by e-mail is the best feature ever! Thank you so much for making life so easy! Now I can write a post anywhere on my phone and post it. Amazing!

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  90. malume

    The thing is, as soon as a person find a provider as good as WordPress, millions other also find it. And then you become a star in the universe! billions and billions of stars out there! Unless I sell sex, or do the game thing or the celeb thing, a site is a site. Like mine, and a million more. We get the casual passerby click, somebody is surfing, and we get a click. And then the clicker see that the site he/she clicked does not do the things I have mentioned, and the clcker moves on. A bit like when I check some of the spammers I get on my site. You click, you see, you do not like, delete, and then you move on.

  91. Bearfang

    Oh Hi!

    My new website was one of the thousands created! I actually got more people on my web! Thank you for making this! Good work! You have really earned and deserved it! Nice stats! (:


  92. nasunsri048

    nice, congratulation!

  93. ainouno

    Thanks for your hard work. I very glad that I joined wordpress.

  94. ookpark

    well this is a relief, to know that this site is in fact a thriving blog provider.. becuae i just started and have no idea. (help this little guy OUT!) plz come to my blog and advise me. anyone

  95. truliegifted

    Congratulations to you and wordpress.

  96. warrenbrown

    Fantastic update, keep up the great work

  97. kensdock

    You guys and girls are on the money!


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