You spend a lot of time creating great content and attracting an audience for your blog. What if you could use that influence to make a positive social impact? Now you can.

We’ve teamed up with SocialVibe, and now by adding the SocialVibe widget to your blog, you are able to earn donations for the charity of your choice by getting sponsored by a brand that appeals to you.

Each time someone visits your blog and engages with your brand (by rating a video, for example), you’re making a difference. That impact is immediately visible on your badge, i..e., ‘My blog has provided 63 cups of clean water for people in need.’

The money donated comes from your brand, so you and your readers never have to pay a dime.
In addition to earning donations, you’ll also get feedback from your charity about the difference they’re making thanks to you. By clicking the charity logo in the badge, you can find information about your cause and view real-time goal progress.

Setup is easy and only takes a few clicks – just go to Appearance->Widgets in your dashboard, add the SocialVibe widget and pick a cause and a charity. For more details you can find documentation in our support area. If you change your mind about your sponsor or cause, you can easily make adjustments by visiting your widget dashboard.

If you are running a self-hosted WordPress blog, be sure to grab the SocialVibe plugin.

With SocialVibe, our community can pool our individual influences to create positive change in the world.

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Raanan Bar-Cohen


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  1. Andrew

    This is such a good idea!

  2. Forrester McLeod

    Wow! Very, Very cool. Thanks!

  3. Paul Chong

    Sharing is caring & making a social impact is great.

  4. ian in hamburg

    Wonderful! I finally have a reason to blog.

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  6. idealskeptic

    I love this idea. But when I logged out to see just how it worked and it took me to a sign-up for Facebook page. This doesn’t have anything to do with Facebook, does it?

  7. scooby75


  8. Mary

    Very neat!

  9. MondoFree

    Very, Very cool. Thanks a lot for this!

  10. Mitch McDad

    Is anyone else experiencing glitches setting it up? I’ve tried on Safari and Firefox on my Mac and having issues with the causes and sponsor disappearing.

  11. Matt Dernoga

    this is great!

  12. torontohondaguru

    This is so ridiculously fantastic, I think I’m going to start a brand-new blog, just for this!

    Its fabulous – thanks for helping us change the world :)

  13. Omar Modesto

    Incredible! I’ve added my badge already.
    What a great addition, a blog for a cause.

  14. thebigotbasher

    Cool – this is a great idea, I am adding it now.

  15. Bridget Casas

    I have been planning on starting a new blog and I could set up something to relate with that new topic. I like this idea – thank you!

  16. yourboro

    I cant add this, it’s giving me a glitch every time, it says its on step 2, then the box goes white. Tried on firefox and safari on a mac.

  17. timethief

    I love this idea. Thank you so much for this new feature.

  18. yourboro

    Also, why does my DOB, age and sex matter?

  19. Zaeriuraschi 11098

    Nice! I’m going to add this widget to all of my blogs right now!! :mrgreen:

  20. InkSplodge!

    As usual, WordPress is so much more refined and …so much cooler than everyone else.

    Kudos to whomever thought this one up.

  21. optimiseit

    Like it like it a lot. Very cool feature.

  22. trollboy

    that’s super fantastic!

  23. kurbykudly8


  24. Milo

    Good idea!

  25. arcadata

    This is pretty cool – I think I’ll go check it out!

  26. thedeciderj


  27. Emilia

    Love this.

  28. art predator

    great idea! I look forward to adding this widget–and figuring out how to add one of the small 501c3s that I work with on climate change and bicycle advocacy!

  29. dagta

    blilliant idea

  30. eviwidi

    Yeah..its a great idea, i have been use the badge in My blog, so cool! thanks aniway.

  31. The Cynic

    Now THAT is one cool idea!!!

  32. Vikas Gupta

    Blogging will be more ‘social’ now. Thank you. :D

  33. Mr. Anonymous®

    “SOCIAL” Media. Hello? Grrrrrrrrrrrrreat use of NEW! Media!!
    Welcome to the future of Advertising! ThanX. Well done!

  34. inkcaravan

    What a fantastic idea! Bravo!

  35. Jim

    this is a very excellent initiative! :D thanks!

  36. linuxandfriends

    I tried the socialvibe badge but it gives an error that the widget has been mis-configured.

    I like this widget. A very nice way of promoting good causes.

  37. myphotoscout

    How wonderful. I have never heard of this before. I will give it a try.

  38. myphotoscout

    Somehow the widget doesn’t accept my password. When I go directly to socialvibe I can login without trouble. I am wondering if there is a trick to it or if that has something to do with my account being new (maybe some cache issue).

    • Raanan Bar-Cohen

      myphotoscout — haven’t seen any other reported issues around logins. I’ve let the SocialVibe support team know and they will take a look.

  39. hazimahmadi

    that’s great!

  40. luminerli

    i love thank you for this wonderful idea

  41. malume

    Lovely thing, the SocialVibe gadget. I have already subscribed, and now I am waiting to see if and when those who visit my site will visit SocialVibe. Perhaps people are not aware that they do not have to spend any of their own wealth. In my experience, many individuals shy away as soon as they come across anything or anybody associated or related to helping somebody or someone in need. Take my site and what I am trying to achieve. As soon as I engage into dialog about what, why and for who, the individual suddenly remember that ever so important meeting happening in a few seconds.

  42. özgür

    nice idea. I ‘ll try.


  43. GuRpS

    really fantastic!!! I’m going to add it ASAP!

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  45. widi

    A social responsibility of wordpress user. Great idea!

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  48. adamtree

    Thanks for this useful tool. This is a wonderful idea, and I hope many bloggers take advantage of it. I would love to see added to the list of causes.

  49. S.N.U.B

    This is such a crap. Just like buying a soda makes the somalis less poor.

  50. djeendoo

    great idea

  51. Alfredo

    Why do I need to choose a big company to sponsor my donation campaign? Sorry, but is ridiculous to think only sponsored campaigns can exist. The most company make donations or create foundations to save taxes and get visibility on media. The idea is great but I think this is a ego filler for blog adicteds who really don’t make REAL things.

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  53. Beaze

    It’s a great idea! If only I could get more than 4 hits per day, I’d be making a difference too :P

  54. David

    Hi there! I have some troubles setting up this new widget, I complete the three steps an click on publish button, but then on my blog appears a message: “Alert this socialVibe badge is misconfigured”
    What I’m doing wrong?

    Thanks in advance.


  55. atenriajeng

    this is important for me.

  56. canadada

    …. hi, fyi, tried to ‘slide/drag/drop’ the widget to activate it … nada, zip, it visibly ‘moves’, but won’t HOLD in situ. Just snaps back to the widget section … I’ll give it a few days ’til you all get the kinks worked out (!), and will then try again … Nice idea, though it would be INTERESTING to get an idea of what percentage actually gets to where it’s going …

  57. brickellhonda

    Awesome post! I already added it to my page.

  58. Marvin K. Tumbo

    A beauty indeed. WordPress is the epitome of progressive thought and action. I am proud to be hosted by you guys.

  59. fireinyoureyes

    sounds great!!

  60. art predator

    I’m having problems with it working also–same misconfigured message after I had it all set up for Surfrider with ad by Body Glove. I will try again today then contact support if no go.

    Surfrider does some amazing work around here so I am looking forward to having my blog (which often discusses various forms of environmental issues and activism) support them!

  61. mand

    Great idea – i only wish there were more charities and sponsors to choose from, but i expect that will happen with time.

    I changed my mind about sponsor halfway through, and ended up with the misconfigured error. Removed the widget; restarted Firefox; now can’t use it. When i drag the widget across to the sidebar, it ‘opens’ but is blank (even though ‘Learn more’ still works). Thoughts?

  62. Jim

    i added the widget but every time i publish it and look to see if it’s there, it says that it is misconfigured. and there’s nothing on the faq that addresses that problem. any suggestions?

    • Raanan Bar-Cohen

      @mand and @jim — sorry for the trouble, please try again and see if it works. We pushed out a small fix that should solve that “misconfigured” error.

  63. letstalktoday

    That´s really a lovely thing, great idea!!

  64. gujaratikavitaanegazal

    thank you
    Wonderful! I finally have a reason to blog.

  65. livvyjane

    Wow =D I like it…. Gonna go check it out now!!

  66. juliedemboski

    Thank You! The fix fixed it!

  67. David

    All it’s ok now! thank you! :)

  68. wanderlustdesign

    I love this idea!

  69. legacycircle

    Lovely concept. I know precisely what I’m going to do with this. Many thanks for helping us help the world.

  70. stevewiilliams

    I’ve been on SocialVibe a long time, but totally forgot all about it! Glad to see it’s spreading it’s roots into one of the biggest Web 2.0 services around :)

  71. Santosh

    Hello. I just love the concept. But, I am still getting the “this badge is misconfigured error”. I have tried clearing the browser cache and tried to remove and add afresh multiple times.I still find the same error popping up on my weblog.

  72. canutti

    It does not refresh when I change my badge!!!

  73. todaysnewsart

    I would love to see this implemented to help mitigate the effects of Obama’s health care ideas. Like, “Your blog has helped to insure one middle-aged woman in Arkansas!” Maybe it really can allow the people to be more proactive. Either way, it’s an awesome way to capitalize on the movement that’s already taken place and do good.

  74. enigmaticblogger90

    Thanks for making this :D

    Now some of my 40+ daily viewers can help give food to children in need! Awesomeness B)

  75. myphotoscout

    Thanks Raanan !
    I hadn’t expected you to be on top of these things. Good to know I can just lean back on this one and let things run their natural course :)

  76. brightgarlick

    Way wicked !

  77. enigmaticblogger90

    Umm… Does it really give that much of an impact that fast? I’ve only got eleven clicks on it and it gave 15 weeks :\ . Glitch?

  78. ZonS

    The idea is so wonderful…!

  79. Lori

    Great idea!

  80. xcobar

    Best widget so far…
    But i´m getting the ” social badge misconfigured” error. ; (
    thanks anyway, it is probably temporary!
    Great idea!

  81. aquellashistorias

    That´s a good idea! Thank You!

  82. Yellow

    Too bad I cannot use it with my WordPress theme (Hemingway), but it\’s a good idea though. Keep it up :)

  83. isnessie

    I\’m misconfigured! Tried going through all the settings again – it keeps coming up as miconfigured when I check out my blog… Help?

  84. wordination

    Raanan — Terrific idea and thanks for setting it up. I’ll love to use this — however, I’m also having an “Alert/Misconfigured” message — I will submit a user report to the url you’ve listed. Thanks :)


    i like this :)

  86. thewordseeker

    This is a great idea.

  87. thewordseeker

    I had forgot to add that when I added the badge It gives me an alert “the badge is misconfigured” I did everything step by step but it still does it. Any advice on how to fix this?

  88. Dollface

    I’m skeptical, primarily because it all comes back to commercials and advertisements.

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  90. Mel Ancholy

    I am a bit confused. People visit my blog and click on the badge and then some how people are fed (or whatever the sponsor is about). Where would the food come from? No donation, no money… no people get fed. Maybe I am missing something.

  91. stoianconstantin

    Ok, I’ll do it!

  92. journalintimesx

    it’s nice

  93. Jfk

    I’ve published but “misconfigured” error still remain on.
    I keep the badge there, I hope it auto-fixes it…
    Any news?

  94. roxybrown

    good motivation…so much self-absorption!

  95. miroslodki

    very cool

    i’ve run into social vibe before
    excellent use of social media
    and fine example of stewardship by wordpress

  96. Vince

    Great development by WordPress and many worthy causes for us to help. I have reported my widget problem to support and look forward to unveiling it to my readers. Once again, kudos!

  97. miroslodki

    ok, loaded up the badge
    and gave it a test run
    a couple of problems

    1. the video is in the middle of the commenting area
    making it difficult for people to see what they are typing

    the second line- for example is not readable. What information are you asking for?

    2. after rating the commercial and doing the entire process
    it gives one the option of following over to facebook – the link isnt valid

    3. what level of activity is required to register an impact on the widet
    in my two test runs – it hasnt moved the needle at all
    demotivating for anyone that has taken part of the engagement

    • Raanan Bar-Cohen

      miroslodki — not sure about the ad w/o knowing which sponsor you picked – feel free to send those details to support. Re: item #3: I see “69 gallons of clean water provided”.

  98. Xue Wen

    I can’t add that widget… :(

  99. kangnurudin

    good Idea and increase motivation, thank for this facilitation

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