June Wrap-Up

Last month we launched the Yahoo! App and 360 importer so you can migrate your content to WordPress.com quickly and easily. And we introduced the SocialVibe widget, which helps you earn donations for the charity of your choice. July will bring more feature updates, and more of the themes and customizations you’ve been asking for. We’re listening.

Here are the stats for June:

  • 388,580 blogs were created.
  • 5,845,417 posts were published.
  • 411,540 new users joined.
  • 5,800,941 file uploads.
  • 3,633 gigabytes of new files.
  • 810 terabytes of content transferred from our datacenters.
  • 6,841,633 logins.
  • 1,245,935,191 pageviews on WordPress.com, and another 1,245,882,985 on self-hosted blogs (2,491,818,176 total across all WordPress blogs we track).
  • 2,153,176 active blogs where “active” means they got a human visitor.
  • 1,447,021,840 words.


You published 37,894 posts using the WordPress for iPhone app.

The new GigaOM Pro launched, powered by BuddyPress.

WordCamps in June: WordCamp Chicago, WordCamp RDU, WordCamp Brasil, and WordCamp Dallas.

WordCamps coming up in July: WordCamp Montreal and WordCamp UK.

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  1. Andrew

    A lot of big numbers!

  2. alejna

    Thanks for feeding us the numbers once more. Mmmm…tasty numbers.

  3. Moses

    so many numbers *_*

  4. art predator

    Yay for WordPress! Let’s now set off the fireworks!! Yay for more themes! Yay for Wordcamp SF!! Yay for open source!

    Thanks for listening!!

  5. kittilia

    I think you were a little late on the Y! 360 importer. I got a message that said it closed…. It’s cool that there’s an iPhone app for this site. All those apps make non-iPhone users a little bit jealous (including me).

  6. Shantaram

    please, we want to make themes yourself!
    (sorry, my english terrible) Hello from Russia!

  7. Zaeriuraschi 11098

    :o Whoa! The stats are amazing, as always! :)

    Rock on, WordPress! ;)

  8. pocto

    Sweet! I love wordpress!

  9. Fran

    greats numbers

  10. Vikas


    BTW, I published 116 posts on a very personal blog in June alone and made two new blogs and documented Delhi zoo and Himalayan adventure! :)

    More themes asap!

  11. Johan

    Wow, keep these stats comin’ ;)

    When I’m here talking: when does next update to the WordPress iPhone app arrive? I heard about a redesign of the UI, amongst other features, is it near a release or something?

  12. Mary

    Wow, could not believe at the amount of blogs created!

  13. xcobar

    SocialVibe is so cool.
    I´d already got almost 9.000 gallons in Charity:Water cause, and choose Sprint as sponsor.
    Now, i can use traffic and content of my blog to help change things effectively.
    Anyway, thanks for comming in Brazil´s WordCamp – and congratulation for your 2 lectures, in CMS Brazil and WordCamp.
    It was an honor to meet you in person.
    And most of all: thanks for WP.; )

  14. medaad

    I was thinking is there any possibility to leave comments as a “voice recorded comment” for just a minute or less?!! it would be such a nice idea..
    just think about it guys..
    thanks for everything..

  15. mormonsoprano

    Congrats on continued success! I love WP

  16. Dion

    You guys rock – thank you for the effort and innovation of WordPress.

    Dion Oosthuizen
    East London
    South Africa

  17. Thoth

    Now, what you need is a better way to cross-index posts; perhaps a quick way to add links to related content, or the next entry in a series. That might also help with the “Possibly related posts” section, which often doesn’t seem to link to anything that actually is related.

  18. Exodus

    you guys say “thank you for creating with WordPress”
    i say “thank you for allowing us creating with WordPress”
    <3 wp

  19. Jenn Besonia

    I’m so excited for the up coming themes.

    Much love!

  20. lm48

    That’s a whole lot of people. I just signed up. Feels good to know that I am part of something so big and so many people are connecting to each other. I am also on facebook and twitter. Have to work on staying current in this world.

  21. Author

    Wordcamp UK? I’ll be looking into it!

    Who says blogging is a dying art? It clearly isn’t!

  22. ericriveracooks

    I’m having tons of fun on wordpress! Thank you so much for all your hard work!


  23. Ansar

    WordPress is growing time for time !!! Cool

  24. princesserbear

    My blog was very successful this past month, but clearly wordpress overall was quite successful this month too! What big numbers!!! @_@

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  26. BriarCat

    New themes coming?
    Christmas in July!

  27. hw4u

    The yahoo import is great plugin. Fantastic

  28. alhakim

    WordPress going bigger :)

  29. widi

    I’m waiting for new themes. Thank you.

  30. yongsheng

    yay for wordpress!!

  31. Otto

    How many of those pageviews were ghouls looking for David Caridines death photo?

    Just Kidding.

    Keep up the good work!

  32. bbstroller

    Thanks for the info. Impressive!

  33. 786doomham

    WordPress very good and offer member to make money,.. Thanks WordPress.

  34. fwtw

    Hi, I am just a newbie here, Glad to hear the news.

    Well done

  35. BLUE

    WordPress ftw!! And yes yes, more themes please :)

  36. Yasir Imran

    WordPress rocks, but development team seems silent from days

  37. Karol Sójko

    Good work ! Can’t wait for those social networks plugins and finally some new themes. Thank You ! :)

  38. Billy Gambela

    Happy 4th… let’s keep rocking !!

  39. xkylenx

    Nice awsome!

  40. wendyandjimpatterson

    We’re with Alejna…so many delicious little terabytes. Yum!

    Happy Indepence Day (US). We’re ALL free in Christ, Jesus..He paid the price for us!

  41. mirrorsystem

    The numbers speak for themselves. It’s the preferred blog of planet earth.

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  43. markyramone

    great job wordpress

  44. ¶©P3ŏ9¶

    Congrats WordPress :D!

  45. danieldarz

    We can include HTML widgets in Blogger through Posts. If they can, why can’t you? Please, I want to have it!

  46. jeff

    Thanks for making WP easy to use and cool to be part of the network.

  47. Sssaam

    Nicely done!

  48. whiteblankspace

    cool! can’t wait for the next updates!

  49. artifiedlady

    Great stats! Glad that I could contribute to those numbers and help make art and archaeology more known! Thanks a million!

  50. ak331

    Great work you guys rock.

  51. insitefulsolutions4u

    WordPress is Number 1 in my book! Thank you!

  52. desertexile

    It would be interesting to know… how many of the newly-created blogs are active in the sense that the authors post on a regular basis.

  53. wondering366

    Those numbers are INCREDIBLE!!


  54. Michael Smale

    I am just a beginner when it comes to blogging but I feel like I have started at the right time. WordPress has provided us all with so great a tool for the dissemination of opinions and in some cases knowledge that we should be grateful. Thank you WordPress!

  55. navedz

    Good counts and nice to see the iphone blog uploads being impressive. Thank you guys for the support.

    Naved Zia

  56. noem3d

    Waaww…Fantastic number!!
    So guys..Keep on your spirit to make more and more innovation for WordPress…Thanks

  57. mommabates

    I am one of those new bloggers. Thanks for providing a space for me to publish my ramblings.

  58. chloe

    you guys do a wicked job! :)

    1,447,021,840 words. =that’s a lot of words

  59. TheNutz

    810 terabytes of content? wow

  60. Alan

    Im a newbie … I dont think I even count in those stats :(
    Any tips for the newbie?

  61. egichomo

    The stats are crazy, i guess this is +1 when it comes to the comments, haha….cheers!!!

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  63. pytale

    Great work! Keep up

  64. Nolan

    uh what is with the new smileys :mrgreen: Mr. Green looks so wierd is there going to be a post about the new smileys?

  65. Nolan

    and oh yeah another great month for wordpress :mrgreen:

  66. rjdiogo

    Wow amazing work! awesome!

  67. Jane

    everything is great here at wordpress – a great place to blog – how ever I am disappointed in socialvibe
    might try again…

  68. RM Sorg

    Those stats are amazing! I’m proud to me a part of this! :)

  69. mtfauzi

    More and More ……..

  70. iceystar

    Wow! So many people use WordPress, and I can’t blame them. I love WordPress and I’ve only used it for a month. More themes please, it would help out. :)

    ~Icey~ =D

  71. Puppyscruffy

    wow :O big numbers. great job!

  72. juntariman

    More blog power… from us here in the Philippines…

  73. lucasraffablog

    we want more themes!!! like articles or news sites!!!

  74. Aniruddha

    Stats can be misleading, but these seem quite impressive. Way to go.

  75. tqbu

    Yes, I love WP so much.. although I am a new-comer.. More themes please..

  76. bazmewafa

    It is wonderful

  77. Dayo

    Am glad to be a part. No more failure for bloggers

  78. TheNutz

    who installed those ugly smiles? very ugly!

  79. wonderahul

    Awesome figures.. gusshow guys.. keep it up..

  80. Legall Bug

    WP is my first blog & I love it!

  81. dog91246

    The numbers keep getting higher then lower. Crazy!

  82. emiljaranilla

    Im very much excited with the new themes! hope that those upcoming themes are easy to modify, the banner, the background all! ..:) WoW!

  83. mafutrct

    Wah, huge numbers o_o

  84. Michael

    My kids call me a stat whore, thanks for feeding the addiction…

  85. igclubma

    The numbers keep getting higher then lower. Crazy!

  86. armie of words

    Ummm…not that I’m not impressed. But I only see numbers. I wish to read words as well. :) Congrats anyway. :)

  87. KangBoed

    Congratulation.. it’s verry fast..

  88. spiderpoman

    WORDPRESS!!!! My favorite site that I update with it every day, keep up the good work!

  89. lilabyrd

    Wow…… I’m one of the newer ones from Yahoo 360….. new home is getting comfy…..great stats too! ….. :} …

  90. parwatisingari

    hi, this is great, I’m finally getting the hang of word press, since the best thing that happened is the NaBloPoMo! Now to get really pro on wordpress.

  91. maridup

    Now I’m chasing the time with WP. It’s wonderful!

  92. truthtracts

    I’m amazed with so many other blogs & posts that anyone visits mine!

  93. irishherault

    well done people! I’ve done my bit and taken the PollDaddy poll on what features I’d like to see in the next WordPress upgrade

  94. Marta Jamróz

    I would like to say hallo! I am new on wordpress weblog and I like it.

  95. Neal Minosa

    now, that’s what i call hip. i’m glad to be a part of this burgeoning community of literatis. more power to our words!

  96. katyallgeyer

    WP never rests on her laurels.

  97. tmac

    WordPress is the best!!!!

  98. simisworld

    Congrats! great job!

  99. jinxygato

    Wow those are some BIG numbers! Congrats on all the new content! It’s just too bad that there are soooo many, but yet no one ever visits mine even though I update it everyday and visit other peoples blogs and leave comments and props!


  100. americanscreenplaywriter

    It’s great to have a outlet for my creative thoughts.
    I am glad to refer this site and other locations to this site.
    Keep on writing.

    American screenplay writer


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