PollDaddy ratings and polls

PollDaddy joined the Automattic team last year, and we have been working on adding some of our great features directly into the WordPress platform ever since.


The PollDaddy rating feature that was enabled on WordPress.com last week has really started to see some use. Over 100k blog posts, pages and comments on WordPress.com are now being rated. If you need some help getting started, check out our support page for ratings.

This excellent demo video from WordPress.tv gives a good overview of how the service works.

We are working on a new sidebar widget to show your top rated posts, pages and comments which should be live by next week. We will have all of this available as WordPress.org plugin soon too.


Our polls feature has been available on WordPress now for about 8 months. About 40% of all polls created on PollDaddy are now created here on WordPress.com. You can read more about how it works over on WordPress support.

If you are a WordPress.org user then you can download our plugin from the .org plugin directory. If you have not used our polls before, this video shows you how to create a poll,  courtesy of WordPress.tv.

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  1. katyallgeyer

    I love adding Polls to my blog. I look forward to seeing the ratings widget.

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  3. Mary

    This video helps out a lot, thanks!

  4. tmac

    I have used polls before, and know I start using the rating, like this we can know what people think about our posts.

  5. Andrew

    It looks really cool.

  6. alejna

    Coolness! I give this a “thumbs up” rating. Or I would…

  7. trollboy

    Nice. I’ll need to have a poll on what to have a poll on.

  8. Taufik

    Great Feature . . . thks guys

  9. Bridget Casas

    I really like this! For some reason I must have missed the announcement last week. I am going to add it right now!

  10. sytycd

    Nice new feature. The other feature you need to add is the ability to easily create a new post with the results of the poll. I can do a screen shot, but why not just build the feature. You know lots of people are posting the results of the poll in a new post.


  11. qbit

    Great feature, thanks. I think I’m going to use it.

  12. Maska

    Just… Awesome !

    I was waiting for a rating feature on posts and comments since, oh, a long time…
    slowly but surely, wordpress.com is approaching the perfection !

    I may have just another point on my WP.com wish list. is that the team give more ease to all the web designers to create/propose/spreed new wp themes for basic users. To me, it’s the only weak point in the wordpress.com community, there is no place for “theme creators / designer” ecosystem in the wp.com universe.

  13. VIKAS

    This is a grrrrrr8 feature! Thank you. :)

    I enabled it on some of my blogs last week; the ratings do not show on the home page/main page but show only with the permalink of the posts and many users in the forum including me had thought that it is a glitch! I guess it is normal and that is how it is!

    Another problem that I had faced was that it was not activated for just the comments/pages. When I had activated it for posts and only then it was activated for comments/pages! I read your June announcement on Poll daddy blog that it may have some bugs!

    Does it impact the page loading time by the way? It is a very welcome addition to the WP stable, just the same.
    P.S.: I did not see the videos; poor internet connection, alas!

    • Lenny


      The ratings do not show on the homepage right now due to a technical issue. We are working hard to get this fixed ASAP.

      The bug where it was only working for comments if the post rating was enabled is now fixed.

      It should not have an impact on the page load time. It does use an external JS file but it loads at the foot of the page.

  14. iaoj

    Thank you so much. Sounds good.

  15. ShadowWing Tronix

    I’m not sure if I’ll use the ratings or not (might play with it), but it sounds like an interesting feature. I should do more with the polls, though, when I have a larger readership.

  16. Moses

    I love polls! =D

  17. devo

    “… new sidebar widget to show your top rated posts, pages and comments … should be live by next week.”

    I have turned off ratings on my blog – http://devovolleyball.com – as people voted readily for the short time when they were accessed on the front page. Now that they are “hidden” in the comments, no one is voting. They get lost “at the top” too quickly. Even on, what are for me, very popular posts with 40+ comments, there are no ratings.

    And so, until the ratings make it back to the front page, widget or no widget, I’ll be turning the ratings off.

  18. Exodus

    ah you guys rock! ★★★★★

  19. Jenn Besonia

    I have been using this feature since July 15. I thought I just missed your post about this, but I was wrong.

    Thanks for this new WordPress feature by the way.

    I’m looking forward to that sidebar widget.

  20. Rehan Ahmed

    WoW, Thats really nice so i can post poll on my home page and also on my every post too ????

  21. widi

    Great feature. Thank you PollDaddy!

  22. Jennifer

    I love this feature and have already enabled it on my Pages.

    The only thing that would make this new feature perfect for me is the ability to configure ratings for each Post or Page, like discussion/backtrack settings. While I definitely want ratings on my PhotoImpact Tutorial Pages, I may not necessarily want it on my About Page.

    Thanks again for another great feature; you guys are tireless!

  23. pochp


  24. boardingschoolcapers

    A great addition. Thanks, team.

  25. Nita

    Well, I do think giving the rating feature could be very useful and a ratings widget even better because at last one can show posts that are rated on quality instead of quantity as in the Top Posts feature. However I do hesitate to put in the ratings feature as most people I feel don’t have the time to rate. And with a lot of trolls hanging around one is never sure what percentage of the serious readers use the ratings feature and what percentage of those who don’t bother to read use the feature.

  26. Celebes

    It’s fantastic! Thanks!

  27. Chittaranjan

    Great News!

    The Rating feature was a long-awaited one and now that it has come up, I’m sure people will use it more often.

    I just hope that readers not only read our posts and rate them but also leave some comments. We would’nt want the rating stuff to allow people not to say anything else!

    BTW, is there an option to turn off the ratings for some posts? I mean, can they be set at a post-by-post basis or is it all global?

    Also, I don’t think the users own votes will count (same as visits). Will they?

  28. spectroswdwblog

    Thank you for posting, I was unable to get polls on my blog and now I know what I was doing wrong, this is a great feature.

  29. Stardoll News.Lt

    That’s a great video, thanks.

  30. יצירת מציאות

    Is great – i using it for some time.

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  32. the rufus

    I waited for Ratings for a long time – thanks. Now readers can raise fingers on my blog :mrgreen:

  33. Milo

    Never used a poll on my blog but perhaps it’s time I did.

  34. Natver Mehta

    Great Utility

  35. Francois

    Thanks ! I I set it up immediatly, I wanted it for quite some time now !

    But just 1.5 BIG suggestion:
    1- Having the rating visible on the main page and not just within the post itself would be a nice option: it is a clue on the quality of the post you may want to click on.
    0.5- Actually having the possibility to have the rating in the title of the post would be nice. (an example on how it could be: http://www.lejapon.fr/blog/index.php)

    Thanks for the continuous efforts by the way, you are making world a better place.

  36. Francois

    oups, for our reader, an example of blog with the rating option set on: http://bigshashin.com/
    As shown in the video, this is fairly easy, straightforward to set up.
    today, you have to click on the post to check the rating or vote.
    Have a nice day.

  37. denotchka

    Thank you!

  38. Florin Daniel Coman

    Is there a way to stop voting after a time? To close the poll? Thanks :)

    • Lenny

      Its not part of the WordPress plugin at the moment and we need to add it. In the mean time you can get access to your polls over on PollDaddy.com and set a close time. Just go to the request password page on PollDaddy and enter the email address you use for your WordPress account to get access.

  39. Sheel

    Nice feature! I’ve tested it a little on my own blog (skarh.wordpress.com), would it be possible to add an option to sort comments that are rated higher up in the comment-list? For example: A comment with 5 thumbs up would be arranged on top over a comment with 2 thumbs up. A comment with 3 thumbs down would be sorted lower than a comment with 2 thumbs down.

    Comment a (5 thumbs up)
    Comment b (2 thumbs up)
    Comment c (not rated)
    Comment d (2 thumbs down)
    Comment e (3 thumbs down)

  40. strotty

    Love the ratings! Always good to see what people think of the site even if they don’t comment. Thanks WP!

  41. admin #2

    polldaddy is a great site for poll’s, i’ve been using it like 2 years when i started blogging in october 2007 whit wordpress :)

    THANKS WORDPRESS AND POLLDADDY (also can’t wait for more cool stuff)

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  43. Heather R

    This is FANTASTIC news! I’ve not been getting much feedback from my visitors, and I think this will really help me know which direction to go with new posts / content.

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  45. meezletoe

    Can you center the polls?
    (also, awesome!! :D)

  46. American Elephant

    Love it! I give it 5 stars!

    One thing I wish WordPress and Polldaddy would get together on, is making it so that all the interfaces or ‘skins’ for the polldaddy poll widget *actually fit in the sidebar*

    What makes Polldaddy better than other polls are their cool skins, but all the coolest skins are too wide for the sidebar, and the ones especially created for the sidebar are nowhere near as attractive, and are actually too skinny for the sidebar. Looks count.

    I bet a lot more people would use polldaddy polls in their sidebar if they could make the attractive skins fit. Seems there ought to be an easy fix to make the poll skins the correct size for each sidebar.

  47. nonetimes


  48. mardoto

    i like it. thanks.

  49. johnonline

    sad. because WordPress doesnt allow a poll from PollDaddy to be posted on our sidebar.

    i hope WordPress will give us more liberty here.


    Genial!! Solo falta que lo pongan en Español :)

  51. Tubbo & Dubba Tubba

    Hmm . . . Well, that’s stupid.

  52. muccamargo

    Ok! Very nice!
    But, why the ratings appears only in the comment mode?


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  54. Bridget Casas

    I added this and of course, as other’s are saying in the forums, it does need to work better on the posts!

  55. bruleeblog

    It would be nice if you could ask more than one question in a poll….

  56. justbreath.wordpress.com

    umm I’m kinda new to wordpress so im not sure what that is. lol

  57. Raquel

    I’m really loving it!

  58. Pradeep

    A fabulous new addition. Many thanks.
    Noticed a snag though, the ratings appear only when the blog post is viewed by clicking the title of each post.
    It does not appear on the blog ‘home page’?.

  59. juiced

    It would be great to show this on posts on the main page, instead of only showing when the post is displayed in full.

  60. يدوعس

    very nice, thanks

  61. Mario Dan

    ( Why this post have not rating? lol )
    Is very nice feature.

  62. Ryan/Aless

    These tools are certainly handy!

  63. kövi sára

    good news! is it customizable for each post?

  64. BloggingAboutOracleApplications.org

    Probably coming to WP.org also?

    Too pitty I have hacked a lot on the excellent WP_ratings plugin so much to adjust it to my specific needs…

  65. Al

    You guys are awesome!

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  67. ohiokimono


  68. Marat

    Love the ratings guys. That’s one of the features I lost that I really liked when I moved from Blogger. Very nice work guys.

    Keep it up.

  69. Monchocho

    its nice but we should be able to costumize it or put more styles

  70. irugnotmis

    it’s so fun!
    but is there a way to enable comment rating without enabling post rating?

  71. iboxd

    awesome! :P

  72. bs angel

    I love the ratings option! One thing I’ve noticed is that in order to have the comment rating system show up, there needs to one enabled for the posts as well (the second I disable the post rating, the comment rating automatically disappears as well). Is that how it is intended or is it simply a bug right now?

  73. Kunal

    Great addition..

    But I found a bug, I did Advanced Settings, it came up on my posts properly. Now when I return to Advanced Settings for further tweakings, the options that I had changed have all been reset to default.

    • Lenny

      Are you sure you are not looking at the advanced settings for one of the other ratings, like comments or pages?

  74. elsolanarquista


  75. simplis

    That widget would be great. Thanks!

  76. Aiman Amani Karim

    I’ve started to use this feature since last week and I really really really appreciate it. Thanks wordpress!

    Oh, and btw, couldn’t we manage things like choosing what to write in the comment form? I mean, like in Blogger, we could instead of having a common ‘leave a reply’ or ‘leave a comment’ we could parhaps change it to ‘Tell me that you LOVE this post’.

    Keep it up WordPress! I love your features!

  77. dogboy76

    I am so gonna try this!

  78. Florin Daniel Coman

    Is there a way to stop voting after a time? To close the poll? Thanks

  79. Nolan

    poll daddy is awesome

  80. bman09


  81. vishagashe

    This is really cool. Rock on

  82. asqfish

    It has been very interesting for readers and bloggers! Thanks!

  83. bocahkuliah

    Good,i love it

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  85. miroslodki

    love the ratings

    simple question – for clarification purposes
    one now has an option of :
    a) nothing
    b) a rating
    c) poll question
    for any/all blog posts, pages and comments

    if there is a rating, one can not also have a poll question and visa versa

    at least that seems to be the case on my blog
    and visa versa

    excellent support

    thxs to all for making this happen

  86. Kaz

    I always wanted the rating!
    It would be good too… the rating on the topic and not just inside the comments…
    But I guess the new templates will offer it…

    Thanks for the rating!

  87. graciegourmetgirl

    I dig it

  88. godavemon

    Looks great! Keep up the good work!

  89. Lance Wiggs

    doesn’t work – I get an error and referral to Polldaddy.

    • Lenny

      Is this still happening? Can you send the error message to PollDaddy Support? We should be able to get you up and running again.

  90. momet2learn


  91. Sarah Haynes

    I just started using these features, had no idea they were new…so great job! No noticeable bugs, very easy and intuitive, without feeling “dumbed down.” Thanks!

  92. BriarCat

    I did take a stab at a poll. Very easy to use.

  93. Martin

    Tried it and like it – thanks guys. Just a suggestion, though: the Ratings thing only appears on the page that displays the full post. Lots of us have the [n] most recent posts on our blog homes pages and they don’t display the Ratings thing (or maybe that’s because of the theme I use?). Any chance you could tweak that?

  94. Jfk

    I have a little problem with ratings with posts but I ask on support forum

  95. littleaboutme

    love it

  96. honey3124

    A great way for me to see if people like my new WordPress.com blog. Nifty little tool!

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  98. houfman

    very good!

  99. Timmy

    Can’t the ratings be featured on the front page? It looks like you have to click onto the post to see the ratings interface. I’d love it if they would be shown on the main, front page!


  100. KangBoed

    Woooow.. it’s verry nice..


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