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Say goodbye to messing around with HTML in a Text widget just to get an “About Me” in your sidebar. With the new Gravatar widget it only takes a few seconds to achieve this and stamp your blog as your own!

If you’re not familiar with a Gravatar it’s a graphical representation used to identify yourself, an avatar, in WordPress blogs and other sites.  It’s already built in to your account and can be found on your profile page.

This Gravatar widget allows you to quickly and simply add a Gravatar onto your blog.  You can select the Gravatar image, size, and even add a description about yourself or your blog. If you have multiple authors you can add several widgets – there’s no limit.

Setup is easy – go to Appearance->Widgets in your dashboard, drag the Gravatar widget from Available Widgets into the desired sidebar, and choose your settings.

gravatar widget config

You can choose the Gravatar of an existing blog author from the dropdown menu, or enter a custom email address if necessary.

You can choose one of four sizes for the Gravatar image itself, all of which fit easily into the sidebars of widget-enabled themes.

You can align the image to the left, right, or center, deciding how the text flows around the Gravatar.

Choose the URL you want the image to link to, if you want it to link to an “About Me” page or some other place, or leave this field blank if you don’t want the image to link anywhere.

Finally, enter the text you want to display below the image.  Include HTML too, if you want. Click Save and you’re finished!

And if you feel like it’s time for a new Gravatar remember that you can always modify your Gravatar from your profile page by uploading a new image or even using your webcam.

So what are you waiting for?

Step-by-step instructions for the Gravatar widget can be found on the Gravatar widget support page.

Note that this widget is available for blogs as a plugin: Gravatar Widget

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  2. Guy Shalev

    Two things:
    1. It would have helped if the Gravatar Widget support page actually showed how the gravatar looks on a page, when you write, when you leave comments, etc.

    2. A similar question I’ve had before (and didn’t ask). Can I have two gravatars, or an option to choose which of my blogs get linked when I leave comments on others’ blogs? I have two very different blogs, and I want people from one group to get linked to one blog, and people from the other, to the second.

    • John Godley

      A good point, done.

      Gravatars use your email address and you can add multiple email addresses to your Gravatar account. When you post a comment on different blogs just use the appropriate email address and you will a different Gravatar image.

  3. Exodus

    i have been using it ever since it was available. and it looks GREAT on my page. thank you! thank you! thank you! i ♥ WP! \m/

  4. Sheel

    Great addition. :)

  5. pochp

    I hope this works because my gravatar isn’t loading for months now :-)

  6. Adz

    Nice. I did this manually with html and the text widget as you said, but thanks for the widget. I finally have a reason to set up a gravatar.

  7. trewz


  8. Alan

    I love it, will be fun for my blog
    I love WP

  9. Kunal

    a much needed addition :)

    off to add the widget..

  10. medaad

    thanks lads..

  11. Jenn Besonia

    I’ve been using this for a week (or two?). I thought it’s an old feature and I just missed the update about this.

    Thank you for this new feature. :)

  12. કુણાલ

    Fantastic… I’ve been using the simple Text widget to mess around with the same purpose… !

  13. Ivar

    Sweet! Getting better all the time.

  14. absolutegrace

    Thanks again for all the perks you come up with while rest of us go about our bloggin business! I really appreciate WordPress and all your support!

  15. m@q

    Nice one!! I liked it!!!

  16. memsaab

    Great!!!! :-) You guys are really cooking with fire these days!

  17. Doug

    Now this is a great feature. Much appreciated and saves all the HTML hacking I used to do in the past. Thanks a lot! :)

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  19. dickiebo

    Real cool. Thanks.

  20. mythoughtsinlife

    I just added it, thanx..

  21. lune

    ooohhhh, much better than blogger x

  22. tmac

    I did mine, Excellent!!!!

    Thanks WordPress

  23. Mary

    I need this! :)

  24. Guy Shalev

    Hm. I think I must have missed something, or I didn’t come clearly across, John.

    I have widgets. A different Gravatar widget for either of my blogs.

    But when I post a comment, I don’t have the option of choosing which “Gravatar” I want to show, I’m logged in as “Guy Shalev” and I have a primary blog default. It doesn’t ask me which email’s Gravatar I want to use when I make a post.

    I would’ve liked if the “Logged in as X” would have been a drop-down menu, enabling me to choose the right “face”.
    Also, where do people get to see my “User Profile” information?

    • John Godley

      If you logout you will be able to enter whatever email address you have a Gravatar registered for.

      You can ask specific questions in the forums or WordPress support.

  25. Moses

    very nice! better than blogspot! ;)

  26. rjphotographie

    I uploaded an image (small .jpg) for my gravatar. It showed up one day and then it is back to the generic psychadelic (?) square image. When I post a comment it is there besides it, but it does not show on my Blog page – sidebar Widget. I deleted and added again, still not there. Any ideas?

  27. clbro

    I got mine before it was the thing – love it!

  28. Raquel

    I’m trying it right NOW! It seems so cool *_______*

  29. reyoulookinatme

    Well,it still seems a little bit difficult to me….,but i’ll think it over…

  30. Zaeriuraschi 11098 (pronounced zay-ree-ooh-ras-chee)

    This is awesome, just like every WordPress update posted here! :)

  31. Omali

    “just use the appropriate email address and you will a different Gravatar image.”

    I accidentally the whole gravatar image.

  32. YhonnyG, EspañaO

    @ John Godley Fine fine post, the link of you Blog John ?¿. I would like to view.


  33. inkcaravan

    Fantastic, it’s about time I got one. Thanks very much for making it easier than ever.

  34. Mar3ek

    Great widget! Thanks for the effort :)

  35. laudyms

    My gravatar shows up some places, not others….. especially when I comment at other’s blogs.

    Is there a way to have more than one gravatar? I participate in several blogs and would like that option.

  36. rossdodwell

    Nice John, thanks…

  37. divastalk

    I love this idea! I think it will be catchier than the “About me” page.

  38. Milo

    I couldn’t get this to work on my blog (journalist theme) when I first noticed it as an available widget the other day. Guess I’ll have to try again and see if it now does, as in principle it’s a good idea…


  39. Craig M. Jamieson

    Sweet! Thank you!

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  41. timethief

    Thanks for the addition of this useful feature. I prefer to use an About page but I believe many other bloggers will prefer to use the widget.

  42. claraq

    I don’t know what I’m doing wrong but I seem not to able to add this Gravatar Widget. I’ve tried several times and when I click on save it automatically changes into a free text widget. Weird….
    Maybe it’s the theme I use, the Tarski one.
    But either way, this new widget is pretty neat.

  43. gallicxy

    Thank you so much. I was just trying to figure out how to do this today!!!

  44. kA aFriE

    Wow wow nice widget

  45. ichsan5001

    thank’s you

  46. katyallgeyer

    This is cool! I love how WP keeps on tweakin’ ’til they get it right! :)

  47. உழவன்

    very nice thanks lads..

  48. js

    Great… but it isn’t right justifying, or center justifying. It just stays on the left. Fine for now, just glad to have something until you work out any last bugs.

  49. priscilla5188

    good one!

  50. goldnsilver

    This seems like a really good idea, I think it will help with layout flow on a lot of blogs.

  51. jasaperizinan

    very nice!..

  52. capelifestyle

    Fantastic! Just the thing I’ve been wanting to do.



  54. xcobar

    Great feature.
    Well done!
    thank you very much

  55. Aiman Amani Karim

    Cool! I love this stuff! No doubt I did the right choice choosing WordPress!

  56. sharma24

    Thanks! Was wondering what Gravatar was all about. Used it and it worked beautifully!! This avatar gives a dimension to the blog!!

  57. ceritakulucu

    Thank’s, I need so much !

  58. cenya95


  59. Bandew444

    Very nice. Thanks!

  60. conglac2009

    I love it, will be fun for my blog
    I love WP

  61. សុវុឌ្ឍី

    Good news

  62. amylouise2

    thanks wordpress! :)

  63. admin

    better than blogspot???? strange!! well i would say i love wordpress but can’t say i hate blogger. blogger is as good both have their goods and bads! while you can have ads on blogger here on wordpress you can’t, while here we limited theme support, there too layouts are numbered. but overall wordpress wins because they are managing it so well with such limited resources, and talents from also chip in, while google have vast resources at its will blogger isn’t that good, nice work gravataar, it is more of an open ID people use open ID far less than they prefer the gravatar. great we have a widget now. cool ideas keep pouring everyday. Nicely done. Keep it cruising. well done.

  64. grim rupert

    This widget has been a great addition for my two blogs. Thanks once again, WordPress!

  65. Jenn Besonia

    @rjphotographie As I’ve experienced, it’s because of the memory on my browser

  66. Jenn Besonia

    @Moses WordPress is waaaaaaaaay better than Blogspot.

    Oops. Sorry if I keep on posting messages here. I just love this community. ;)

  67. Muhammad Saiful Islam

    WordPress is moving forward..

  68. Kira

    Oh, this is great! Thanks WordPress!

  69. widi

    With this widget it mean WordPress more easier, more user friendly and more better.
    Go ahead WordPress!

  70. Janis

    If your image is appearing incorrectly, or if you are trying to change your image and it isn’t working, you need to clear your browser cache. Then, it will work like a charm!

  71. An alien Earthling

    Wow! This was just what I was waiting for! Thanks a lot folks! :-)

  72. KangBoed

    Woooow.. it’s verry good

  73. yuvasweb


  74. GuRpS

    really fantastic….. I’ll add it asap

  75. ciscojaviart

    Very nice,

    It also gives it a more organized, clean and sleek look and feel to it. I love it, I am going to apply to it my new one.

  76. nyonk matakena

    yeeeeaaaaaahhhhh…….it’s good

  77. nicodok


  78. greaternow

    The widget was in place when I started my blog so I think it’s great. It is easier than other blogs to add.
    Thanks w.p.


    i will try this trik & tips

  80. magicfinger999

    i use gravater to in my wordpress blog too.. this plugin very easy and nice to use

  81. timbrownlee

    This is awesome! I was so close to having to go to another blog hosting service because I couldn’t get a paypal link to show on my blog… I’m so glad this is here because as an Intercessory Missionary I couldn’t get much support from my blog because people had to do some serious searching for a link that was so hard to find on one page. Now they can click a huge picture on my sidebar that’s impossible to ignore and so it’s easire for me to get support now! Thank you WordPress!

  82. Lanessa

    exactly what i was looking for. Thanks for making a newbie’s blogging life easier! c”,)

  83. Yasir Imran

    good addition

  84. Devpriya

    Wow! I was actually waiting for something like this :-)

  85. maryamingty

    i’ll try it

  86. spiderploch

    Great feature.
    Well done!
    thank you very much an greetings from germany

  87. Shion

    Thanks loads. WP is certainly the best host.

  88. nii-o

    WordPress continues to provide reasons why I chose to open a blog here. now if I just figure out how to upload Twitter plugins to this thing…

    The Almighty’s Blessings

  89. squarebrackets

    [awesome, love it, although my gravatar hasn't changed like i wanted it to]

  90. amarkareem’s helpfull.thank’s
    Warmregard WP!

  91. Justin

    Cool i i going to get one!!! :)

  92. kannect

    great….great…addition…thanks a lot

  93. neyugn

    it doesn’t work on mine :( help?? it doesn’t show up…

  94. flynnsblogs

    Tried it: And in a couple of minutes, I love it! The gravatar widget is easier than hard coding a Text widget.

  95. shelterdance

    thanks you

  96. trinurti

    it’s good 4 me. thanks

  97. Md. Aminul Islam Sajib

    For users, this is an old thing. But, loving to see this update on wordpress too.

    Thanks anyway. :)

  98. عابر پیاده

    soo good tnx

  99. lanetim

    great….great…addition…thanks a lot

  100. Forrester McLeod

    Yavo! Did it/love it/THANKS!!!!!


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