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You publish a lot of quality content (trust us, we know). And so we understand that making it easily accessible to your faithful readers is very important for you as a blogger. Sure, our Categories, Tag Cloud, and Archives widgets do their parts, but we’ve come up with an extra little something that you may care to use.

Enter our newest shortcode[archives].

This little guy will allow you to quickly and easily add a post index to anywhere on your blog (page, post, or text widget). Use the shortcode as is, and it will output a listing of all posts ever published on your blog. But it’s your show, so you get to decide what and how the shortcode generates your post index using a variety of options. Check out a number of examples of the shortcode being used here.

Ever want to see your weekly archives displayed in a drop-down menu? Now you can. Here’s ours:


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Nick Momrik


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  1. talesteller

    Don’t know if I’ll use this, but thanks anyway!

  2. arcadata

    Oh, my – thank you WP!!!! I’ve been wanting something like this!

  3. buyathread

    Sounds like it might be useful so I’ll definitely look into it. Thanks : )

  4. chloe

    FINALLY! :D thanks wordpress x

  5. Ptitdidi

    It would be great if we could choose a certain categorie too, don’t you think ?

  6. Vikas Gupta

    Will surely use it. Thanks! :D

  7. katyallgeyer

    Yowza! WP is coming up with so many new improvements lately I can’t get them in place fast enough and still have time to blog! Way to go!

  8. Moses

    faster and faster! I love it! :)

  9. Andrew

    Nice feature, thanks!

  10. irisofthewayfarer

    Fantastic, thank you very much !

  11. izaakmak

    Add the ability to list by tag and/or category, along with some more display options (like order), and then you’d have a very useful tool! I’m one of those ‘static’ front page people, and what I need is the ability to auto-generate Contents listings.

  12. Nish

    Not sure, this feature is of use to me. But, thanks anyway :)

  13. admin

    love it i mean shortcodes isn’t there any plugin, for the standard shortcodes to be functional in a wordpress install or for that matter a MU install, it is a great little (?) tool, i want standard shortcodes as a plugin for wordpress install, some one should work on it and sure that someone is not going to be me ;), great feature, just makes much more deightful

  14. Thoth

    Ah, very good. That may make things a lot easier.

  15. Thoth

    On testing, is there any way of breaking up the dropdown option any? There are tag clouds already, so perhaps in alphabetical order?

    • Anthony

      Currently, there are no advanced ordering options available, but these could certainly be added in future iterations of the shortcode.

  16. GuRpS

    I’ve to try it… for sure… ;-p

  17. Mary

    Nice, I’m gonna look into this.

  18. Paul Handover

    Nice improvement – already implemented now – thanks!

  19. Sssaam

    That’s so cool!


  20. Chittaranjan

    Nice Feature. Though I can’t imagine how it will be useful enough! People tend to remember the post titles better than dates…so if I (or a visitor) would be looking for a particular post I’d rather like to look at the post titles than the weeks :|

    But anyways, for the calendar-esque memory ppl. its a great feature.

    Keep it up!

  21. Tony

    I liked the original Archive feature, but I will give it a try. Nothing ventured …etc

  22. qbit

    It seems it might be useful. I’ll try out, thanks.

  23. toonstar

    Nice! Good addition.

  24. Jennifer

    I’m ecstatic about this one, as now all themes can have an archive page. Thanks!

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  26. masksoferis

    Ah, excellent. Had for months entertained, with despair deepening with every post, the thought of doing something like this manually.

    A suggestion: It would be nice to have an option to reverse the order (oldest to newest), and maybe to add post dates and categories before/after the title of each post. And, like suggested above, if one could archive-shortcode-list just the posts in a single category (or, to be crazy mad ambitious, all posts NOT in a given category), well, that would be triple-Burns eehxcellent.

    You WordPress people are made of chocolate and awesome. (The preceding is an impartial and absolutely correct fact by decree.)

  27. serge francois

    sounds good cant wait to try it out

  28. Brian Lutz

    Another vote here for archive by category/archive by tag abilities. About the only way to do this now is to manually create lists, which then requires cleaning up all the unwanted self-pingbacks generated.

  29. delayed2sleep

    I’ll look into it, but I’m pretty happy with my page “Table of Contents” which I do manually. Ooops, it is missing the last post. …which I intend to do manually. :-)

  30. abrahamvegh

    heh – This is a nice feature, but it totally fails in feeds.

  31. trollboy

    this looks very useful. grazie

  32. Simon Marsh

    Great! Many thanks :)

  33. Seether Freak

    I love it! Can’t wait to see what my readers think of it. Thanks.

  34. Seether Freak

    I also second the vote for the option to have the list go oldest to newest. My readers already see my newest post when they first come to my blog. I’d like for new readers to be able to click on the archives page and start reading my posts starting from the beginning. Thanks again.

  35. greaternow

    This looks great. I’ve seen things like this on other blogs and would like to try this.
    Thanks w.p. Keep on going.

  36. flynnsblogs

    Just lovely! I just tried the `` shortcode in two posts.

  37. absolutegrace

    Neat! You just keep the perks rollin’! Thank you! Now, to try it out……

  38. ELMalvaney

    I love archives, so I’ll probably use this as is, but I second (or third) the many who would love to sort the posts by category or tag. Thanks!

  39. Tomáz

    Ohh thanks… if i speak english can say more…
    But thanks some.

  40. معتصم

    Great option
    but if there ability to display posts by categories, it will be very good

    Thanks alot for this shortcode

  41. Arun Shanbhag

    Would it be possible to list archive based on a category? or a Tag?

    thanks for constantly trying to improve an already excellent platform!

  42. Ednaldo

    Great feature! Thanks.

  43. markyramone

    Great Stuff

  44. Exodus

    very useful. exactly what i’m looking for. thank you WP! <3

  45. The Alchemist

    This is nice. I ll use it. Thanks.

  46. Ben Schroeder

    This is wonderful! Thank you.

  47. Darmawan

    how to add date in archive postbypost. its only show title.

  48. ljubomirgatdula

    I’ll try it.

  49. ohmygod81

    I’ll see how it works. Thanks.

  50. Dev

    I was waiting for stuff like this. Thanks…

  51. lune

    yet another way to keep readers reading our blogs…..
    cheers you are stars,

  52. overdoc

    I find this extremely useful, thank you!

  53. scapi

    It could be even more useful if there is an option for Alphabetical order and selection by category.

  54. phoxis

    Already used the contact-form and sourcecode shortcodes, the sourcecode especially made the life easy. others are really great. A customizable short code feature would be great, something like a macro, then a lot copy paste codes could be avoided just by typing the shortcode macro assigned to it.

  55. guy1511

    love it, thank you, helping my awesome blog grow

  56. Milo

    The real value in this would be if it could list/drop-down a particular _TYPE_ of post (i.e. by tag or category), so readers could find all _related_ content to the post it appears in. For example – I do book reviews, I do TV reviews, I do theatre reviews – and I tag and categorize these accordingly.

    If you could specify by category or tag this would be really useful and really powerful. I am far, far less interested in a whole year’s worth (or ‘last 18 days’) of posts showing, that just wouldn’t be useful and the default archive month drop-down is fine for that.

    Unless you can segment the archive then I don’t – personally – see the value.

    • Anthony

      Thanks for the feedback. It’s certainly possible to enhance this shortcode in the future, and we have been receiving some good ideas with this launch (like yours).

  57. Brenda Nepomuceno

    I don’t think I completely understood the concept, or if I’ll ever use it, but once again thanks for the improvements and for making us proud for blogging with WordPress! :D

  58. Vikas Gupta

    I am using it now. Too good!

  59. gavstone

    Wonderful thing – thank you, WordPress.

    Now, how about a shortcode or something that can put all of my 700-odd tags up on a page, rather than my top 40-odd. Or have I missed something?

  60. Father George

    I’m wondering if none of this really works in the Andreas04 theme that I use. The tags and categories of that theme both go to the wordpress tag collection of everyone’s blog posts on with that tag, instead of, for instance, the categories going to a collection of all my own posts on that topic.

    Will the archive shortcode be just as wild for Andreas04?

    Or maybe I’m not getting this… ?

    Thanks, guys!

  61. widi

    WP more complete. Thanks.

  62. Nita

    I think this is great. I know that one day soon I am going to use it! It’s something I have always wanted.

  63. beckisbeck

    Nice job! Hope it could show postbypost with date someday! Thank you.

  64. faithquest75

    I think this is a good new add on
    Thanks guys AKA goodday7

  65. miroslodki

    Excellent thank you,
    got it up and running
    after a few false starts

    you might consider clarifying the instructions a bit
    the equal sign noted in the example from the first link you send people to is not necessary

    is there a way to have a similar drop down list for the “pages” widget
    doing so would help provide a cleaner look to those that seek it


  66. florinf

    Hi Nick,

    Great news. I have already tested it and it’s amazingly useful.
    I have done a detailed sitemap page with short descriptions and for that I had to hand pick every post link.
    It was not easy. Now, it’s even easier and I’m so very pleased.

    Thank you.

    Now, because I think it’s possible :) I would like to ask you to add something like category or tags so that I can generate the list of all those “one particular tag (or category)” on a page. This could be useful at the end of a post if one wants to list the other similar posts for the readers.
    I hope I’m not causing too much trouble.

    Thank you, once again.

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  68. xcobar

    Pretty cool feature!
    thank you very much

  69. satyask

    God bless you! I have wanted this feature very badly for sometime now.
    Thanks a ton.

  70. ps3blogger4life

    Awesome feature! Definitlygoing to use it again.

  71. Michael

    What we still want is the option to have clicks on the blue “filed in” under our blogposts just bring up posts in that category in our blog and not in all of WordPress.

  72. Yasir Imran

    wp rocks day by day

  73. Jenn Besonia

    Hi thanks for this new feature.

    I think it’d be better if there’s an option for “random” posts.

    Thank you

  74. Cris

    I’m getting more and more convinced of its utility.. No, reread: I think I’ll definitely use it in the future! :D
    WP rules!

  75. rhondascooking

    Seems interesting, I will definitely look into this further. I’m all for making my job easy and making my viewer’s experience less difficult! Thanks.

  76. cprocks10


  77. goldendan

    ow.. thank you very much

  78. laurentiu vlad

    Nice feature, thanks!

  79. Graham Martin

    Ditto to all the comments about categories. I regularly send people links to category pages, but these can be a little hard to generate. Would be nice to just have a menu system so people can find all posts from key categories really easily.

  80. art predator

    wow, great! I was just checking my archives and realized when I changed themes recently (to Vigilance which i LOVE) I lost my widget so now I will bring in this new cool device onboard!

  81. planetultramarathon

    I like! Thanks WP!

  82. HelenEdith

    I will definitely use this feature. I’m another one who would like to be able to include post date/time as well as post title in the generated list.

    I also saw someone commenting on only the top tags appearing in the tag cloud, and I would also like to be able to generate a complete tag list.

  83. norasyikin59

    so nice….awesome

  84. banbanen

    useful to me

  85. Raquel

    I used the shortcode for audio and videos of Youtube, but I had no idea that there were so many! The est of all is this one that organizes my archive that accumulate over time and are difficult to find. It’s really very good!

  86. ricardorudnick

    Very Very nice!! Thanks so much =)

  87. jackhgil62

    is there a WordPress for Dummies yet??

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  89. bundadontworry

    what a great stuff,
    thank you WP,
    best regards.

  90. chappz

    Thank you, WordPress!

  91. buyathread

    Big smooch from me, WordPress! I love the new [archives] shortcode … and it was so easy that even I could do it!
    Thank you.

  92. dinda27

    Sounds great.
    Thank you … WordPress.

  93. timethief

    This post in my blog clearly explains the use of this new feature. I have created my own index page to all posts manually and have been adding each post to it after publication. Thank you very much for the feature. It’s great. :)

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  95. Hasan Ali

    Thanks to wordpress

  96. hoh

    hello clever person/s
    does this mean i need to open each past posts, in edit mode, to activate this nifty little [big] AS [archive shortcode]?
    if so i just don’t have the time – too overwhelming a thought!
    cape town

    • Anthony

      You would only need to add the shortcode to each of your past posts if you wanted to display the archive index within each of them. What many users will do is simply create a new page on their blog (Pages -> Add New) and call it “Archives”. They will then add the shortcode to this page to display the blog’s complete (or customized) archive listing. If you’re still a bit confused, please contact support, and we will take a closer look.

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  98. rockypramana

    L O N G
    L I F E
    F O R
    W O R D P R E S S…

  99. denotchka

    Cool, can I use to transfer my web logs from AOL?

  100. mysticalfuture

    Thanks Nick, seems useful.


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