July Wrap-Up

We kicked off July with an open vote on new media features. Thanks to all of you who voted and submitted comments. Your feedback determines the future of WordPress.

Later in the month we introduced PollDaddy ratings and polls, the Gravatar widget, and the archives shortcode (one of many you can check out here).

Here are July’s stats:

  • 394,609 blogs were created.
  • 5,666,839 posts were published.
  • 418,946 new users joined.
  • 6,594,795 file uploads.
  • 3,762 gigabytes of new files.
  • 839 terabytes of content transferred from our datacenters.
  • 6,681,646 logins.
  • 1,253,217,900 pageviews on WordPress.com, and another 1,289,187,116 on self-hosted blogs (2,542,405,016
    total across all WordPress blogs we track).
  • 2,146,576 active blogs where “active” means they got a human visitor.
  • 1,419,364,230 words.


5,035 posts via the new WordPress for BlackBerry Public Beta.

WNET.ORG published a whitepaper about their experience launching multiple sites with WordPress MU.

Telegraph blogs relaunched using WordPress MU; FADER relaunched using WordPress; and Tasty Kitchen launched a community site on the BuddyPress platform.

WordCamps in July: WordCamp Montreal and WordCamp UK.

WordCamps coming up in August: WordCamp New Zealand and WordCamp Huntsville.

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  1. Andrew


  2. Omar Modesto

    Wow, over five and a half million posts. Too bad only four of those were mine.

  3. YhonnyG, EspañaO

    394,609 blogs were created. Blogs, good, every day we are more!……………….

  4. Cello

    awesome stuff, keep up the great work! My movie blog has really taken ff thanks to these great features!

  5. Moses

    wow…. lots…. lots of numbers! :O

  6. the rufus

    Still waiting for the Austrian WordCamps to come … ;)

  7. myenglishcountrygarden

    I love the Gravitar widget and the ratings option.Bravo chaps ;-)

  8. TOC

    Hopefully the ‘August Wrap-up’ will include great news about a new ‘EVENTS CALENDAR’ for wp.com users !!
    (hint, hint)

  9. ﺉײַ♫♂Ĉáĥőĉķĕŷ♠۝۞۩

    50+ Posts were mine! :-D

  10. trollboy

    Based on the above numbers, the average post length for july was 250.5 words. I know, I know. Your welcome.

  11. scikid

    That is a lot of posts!

  12. Mary

    Whoa! WordPress is growing rapidly in numbers :)

  13. Bandew444

    That’s A LOT of files.

  14. draftyweb

    Looks like I got aboard a developing blog site!

  15. Fran


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  17. shankason

    Wooo!!!! I guess I’ll be in next month’s number

  18. Breezy

    Great! GO WordPress.com!

  19. pochp

    I suggest that WP put the ‘active blogs’ stat first on the list.
    We should be proud of that :-)

  20. Vikas Gupta

    We are growing by leaps and bounds! :)

  21. luwileo

    That’s a whole list of superb number! Whale Done!

  22. katyallgeyer

    I can’t keep up with WordPress’s improvements~~~!

  23. Exodus

    3,762 gigabytes of new files wow! that’s loads of files! :D

  24. Asad Ali

    Need less to say..WP is the Best…!

  25. Rizal

    <3 <3 <3 blogging at wordpress ! :D

  26. Octavian

    Approximately 8 million comments. Wow!

  27. art predator

    I’m doing my best to keep those numbers up: I wrote 41 posts last month and I’m guessing at least 40,000 of those words are mine!

  28. erratic09

    *waiting for the new themes* :)

  29. Yasir Imran

    wp rock, love it. but don’t sell it to some internet giant

  30. thoughtsunparalleled


  31. joycemu

    so many posts!

  32. randomgeek1

    Sounds like another good month! And this reminds me, I really need to give those polls a try.

  33. Nish

    I am curious…how many people stopped blogging i.e closed their WP accounts. I am sure there must also be some people who stopped blogging

  34. rageshctech


  35. Brenda Nepomuceno

    An awesome month for the WP team! Thank you for all your hard work, guys! :D

  36. Dilip Prakash

    Wish WordPress to grow more and more

  37. poklopec

    hmmm…i am impressed :)

  38. usluu

    WordPress is the best.

  39. Cris


    *positive comment! :)

  40. succulant

    Wowzers ! Fantastic news !

  41. N@ksh@tr@!

    congrats! :)

  42. Mas Gaptek

    More themes please, u promise us remember? (magazine / grid would be nice)

  43. lenanozizwe

    Please help. I started a blog. Made one post but it does not show up anywhere–even when I search wordpress. I’ve done blogs with you before–but it’s been a few months. I need help.

  44. fumiganlleida

    19 posts are mine!

    keep up the good work

  45. justaminutenow

    If you have something to say, use your words to keep the blog pipeline full! If you are curious, read, read, read.

  46. mormonsoprano

    Wow – you’re talking in BILLIONS now? Very cool

  47. kryst1

    Damn!!!…..I didn’t realize there was that many blogs out there…well just on wordpress.com at least.

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  49. stirnews

    agree with Mas Gaptek, more themes please! I am looking up to flexible width with 3 and 4 columns. WP is so advancing and awesome. So wonderful to be here with you such a great team. Cool!

  50. kanray

    thaTs GREAT!!!!..

  51. squarebrackets

    [haha, I love these, I've done one for my blog cause
    it's been around for a year now, which is surprising
    that I've kept it that long]

  52. aislinnhernandez

    Wow that’s a lot

  53. Jigar Shah

    wow a great number

  54. Nikhil

    Lots of huge numbers…
    keep it up

  55. Juexanneta

    nice…. :D

  56. nightclow

    wow…so many…cool…

  57. widi

    Nothing run like WordPress!

  58. Joyful Blue

    Wow, I jsut about missed out with mine by a few days but that’s some impressive stats right there…

  59. Shawn

    Wow some really huge numbers there :O

  60. corvedacosta

    I’m so happy to be apart of WordPress. The site is so wonderful for a blog. Thank you a lot.

  61. broncha

    Great job :)

  62. rayseghers

    That’s great. I’m glad I joined a winning team.

  63. maldivesresortworkers

    impressive numbers

  64. tutoriasinformatica

    Great… keep on doing a great job

  65. zorndaike

    nice… i love it

  66. molinia

    Bravo !

  67. saluyot

    awesome stats

  68. wwwbugwww

    God, so beautiful numbers!

  69. zainkazmi2009

    Wov, its amazing

  70. adsafterads

    I’m beginning to have the feel of blogging…. gonna add more effort to populate!

  71. vitalline

    Just joined…much impressed!

  72. Stephen

    That’s a lot of people!

  73. blogstutalk

    wow, so great.My best wishes for world press. Happy to be part of world press..its really a good blogs.. i feel to have more education related blog.

  74. bhisaj

    i am happy to know this, made a good decision.

  75. pittsburghflashfictiongazette

    That’s all great news. It feels pretty good to be part of a winning team. Nice going.

  76. חמוטל שיבר

    You guys ROCK. the ever expending options are super. I love blogging here, and especially love learning about my crowd through your wonderful analytical tools.

  77. mdsnetworks

    Keep up the good work and look forward to some of your new adds.

  78. Joe Ross

    WP for Palm Pre. Please?

  79. tor

    WOW. thats so much…!!!

  80. heatherslalaland

    Woo! I started 2 blogs last month, so there’s about 60 posts between them at least. I was never a blogger, but now I love them. More themes would be great! I’d really love to be able to add flash as well, but I’m guessing that won’t happen. Oh well, great site though, I love it!

  81. jewaira

    Love the new look on the welcome page

  82. Graham Martin

    Would be kind of nice to have the running total wordcount for my own blog, actually. Any chance you could stick that in somewhere on the stats page? Would be something nice to boast about!

  83. David Le Page

    I remain very fond of WordPress. But of late, I have encouraged two friends to start blogs on WordPress, and they have both said: “it’s very slow compared to blogger”, and “the themes really need work”.

  84. guilherme1118

    Well, there are contributions of mine there, aswell :D

  85. Netty Gritty

    WordPress never fails to amaze me!

  86. thesushichef

    i was 1/ 394,609 blogs were created. =)

  87. Margaret

    Welcome to all the new users. I’m sure you will enjoy sharing your thoughts at WordPress. Add to the great experience of writing.

  88. Dasan

    You guys are the best

  89. erikbriones

    wow. congratulations wordpress! :)

    millions more will join!

    more users would mean different experiences, different knowledge. more things get done

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  91. achyutbhattarai

    Whoa! WordPress is growing rapidly in numbers

  92. Caroline

    very amazing :)

  93. dailyvis

    WOW!! Thats fantastic. Go WordPress

  94. Moin Ansari

    Alls well and good, but WordPress should deal with WORD and writing issues. WordPress has not addressed the following issues:

    1) Spell Check STILL doesn’t work properly. It stops checking during the correction process, and eliminates spaces between words after the 2nd or thrid try at checking the spelling

    2) There is no spell check for comments.

    3) The search button is really basic and bad. tie in google search to WordPress.

    4) Allow us to fix titles (font sizes) and headers on the blog without using CSI programming upgrade modules.

    I am a power user and love WordPress, but you guys have to resolve the basic issues.

  95. djcriscampos

    Amaziiiiiiiiiiing!!!!!!! – I bet the number have changed for even more (since each second has a new blog being created).

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  97. realitypod

    Great work guy’s and thanks for providing such a great platform.

  98. yanmos

    congrats wordpress!!!

  99. bundadontworry

    wow , what e great numbers !!
    keep of doing a great job.
    best regards.

  100. yupperz1234



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