We are big fans of SoundCloud, a really useful service that is part Flickr for music, part professional music collaboration hub. Artists such as Beck, Moby and Sonic Youth now use the service to distribute tracks through their blogs and connect with their fans.

We’ve received many requests from bloggers that they would like us to work with SoundCloud to enable this service, and today we have some good news for you! You can now easily embed the SoundCloud player on your blog.

To embed SoundCloud groups or member track playlists or a single track in your blog, explore the SoundCloud website or use the search feature to find a sound that you like.

Once you’ve located a song that you want to embed, copy the URL of that song from your browser’s address bar to your clipboard or click on the “Share” icon and locate the “WordPress” button:



Your shortcode should now look similar to this this:

[soundcloud url=""]

You can then paste this code into your post, and it will display the player::

You can also customize the player size, embed sets and groups, and decide if you want comments within the player turned on or off. For details check out the documentation in our support area.

For those of you on a self-hosted WordPress blog, be sure to grab the SoundCloud Shortcode plugin.

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Raanan Bar-Cohen


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  1. mylair

    super! i wait this ))))

  2. Bittencourt

    Great =)

  3. Vikas Gupta

    Great! Very swift response to public demand! A new theme and now some acoustic development, ahem! It’s raining feature on WP! :D :D

  4. dokidok

    Nice! I want to share Amon Tobin right away.

  5. Shehrazad

    Super! I had been posting YouTube links of the music I wanted to share all this while.. Thanks for this one!

  6. Nate

    Nicely done guys! and only a few days ago I attempted to embed soundcloud, only to weepingly surrender shortly thereafter!
    Thanks for the continuing dedication to excellence!

  7. hal786

    ooooooh thats great,especially as i have a music related blog so thats cool!!

  8. smith3000

    It was the one major thing lacking.

    You guys are great. Good job!

  9. Leo

    Am wondering how I can implement something like that! Pretty cool.

  10. mansbestfriends

    thats cool, a way for me to keep visitors on my page!

  11. Fran

    y really like that

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  13. R.

    WOW its just AWEsome!!!!! xD

  14. YhonnyG, EspañaO

    good post, but can create an account on that site and add audio files from my computer and create a playlist?

  15. Work & Worry

    Very exciting! I was hoping that you guys would partner with Soundcloud!

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  19. trollboy

    Does it autoplay songs? i find websites that have music annoying tho, cause I’m usually listening to music already and I need to search for the player on the webpage to hit stop…

  20. 23

    Too buggy in Firefox :(

    Any hop for some support of more general sound streaming sites (like grooveshark, deezer, …)?

  21. Mia Taylor

    I agree with Smith3000, Glad they’ve added this functionality!

  22. steaner

    Hey Raanan. Thanks for the great post. We’re really excited about the announcement.

    From the entire team at SoundCloud: thanks for making this possible!


  23. Daniel


  24. Moses

    sounds good to me… (pun intended)! :)

  25. katyallgeyer

    I can’t keep up! You guys are faster than the speed of sound!

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  27. Octavian

    it’s crazy! thanks so much!



    super sound

  29. Exodus

    sounds GREAT! thank you WP! =D

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  31. inkcaravan

    Brilliant news, many thanks!

  32. VAJRA, South America

    GOOD SHOT!!!

    NICE & COOL!

    Thank you, WP :D

  33. irugnotmis


  34. Nisa

    ^^ awesome

  35. cantueso

    Wonderful. I had been wondering why everywhere on the net there are more videos than sound tracks, as if film+sound were easier to handle than just sound alone.

  36. art predator

    wow–exciting news! I look forward to figuring it out and adding this dimension to my blog soon! thanks, WP!

  37. matasblog

    @trollboy for autoplay you’ll need to add a parameter in your code
    [soundcloud url="your_url" params="auto_play=true"]
    hope, it’ll helps.

  38. M

    that would be a pretty cool widget on my blog…i admire wordpress for its constant effort to make wordpress blogs look fresh :D

  39. cenya95

    superbe !!!

  40. hawckins

    Thanks WordPress :)

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  42. vimokshananda

    Great help! Thanks WP!

  43. ronakorn

    Fantastic! Thanks, SoundCloud+WP!

  44. moregeous

    Oh lord, I only just figured out words, now I need to do music already?!

  45. vbonnaire


    WordPress you are the best!

  46. savulll

    Thank you!

    Cheers, Savu:D!

  47. jltsistemas

    Superbueno. Buen regalo

  48. neoriix

    Great. :D

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  50. Yasir Imran

    love it, great work

  51. ooooye

    ooooye so nice wordpress team.

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  53. gabystelistu95


  54. arcadata

    Hmm – haven’t heard of soundcloud before. But I’m willing to try anything once!

  55. navedz

    Hey… this is welcome stuff… well awaited. Thank you guys. you all rock.

  56. alfaroby


  57. lilmaouz

    Wow! Voilà une nouvelle magnifique! :)) Merci à WP & toute l’équipe :D

  58. the rufus

    Seems I’ll not have to do youtube workarounds any longer … ;)

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  60. irinamix

    Gracias mil. Saludos desde Panamá!!

  61. widi

    Great collaboration of WordPress and SoundCloud.

  62. misspegasus

    Great! ive started using it already!!!!

    continue to try new embeds! waiting for java and others to be accepted! but wordpress has been so credible, i wont think of leaving you guys!

  63. dothemix

    As a music lover, this is a great addition! Just one question, do I have to sign up for Soundcloud? Thanks, WP!

  64. theosophywatch

    Sublime! Youse guys are da best…….love ya.

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  66. Amyth

    Totally rocking!

  67. fidgefractures

    this can only add depth. freaking rad. you guys rawk. xx’s fidge

  68. Cris

    This is sooooooooooo awesome. Exactly what I needed.
    You guys surely knows how to take care of us! ^^

  69. Sujay Ghosh

    This is awesome .

    I have one Suggestion.

    Can WordPress add a widget like Addthis, so users can share the posts .

    I would prefer a widget the users can embed at the end of each post .


  70. PinkPoetry

    Awesome work!!!

  71. yanmos

    this is cool!!

  72. Gabriel Lucas

    Thank you very much! I was waiting a long time for it!

  73. Liss

    This sounds really great…looking forwar to try out SoundCloud :-) Great work!

  74. CoolStuff

    Nice Thanks for this handy add in .

  75. Zeeay354

    Totally awesome! Coolio SoundCloud!

  76. quarkore

    YEAH!!! that’s cool guys, Thanks!

  77. barrycyrus


  78. JuVe

    I like this

  79. opiAted

    Right on. Great site (SoundCloud) to be doing this with.

  80. 650gs

    I will definetly be using this sometime soon.

  81. Seren Wade

    Thank you very much guys! x

  82. Poet Bernard Young

    Good news

  83. ahrengot


  84. nishajl

    It’s a great utility and I’m sure I’ll be using it a lot (in fact I just did) but is there any way you can adjust the height of the player without cropping the image? When I try and make it slmiline rather than 250px, I lose the play button and most of the functions on the right. Thanks in advance.

  85. T. Troy Stewart

    never heard of soundcloud until now…I will be finding out more, now.

  86. Flappdude


  87. N60storm4

    I’m gonna use it!

  88. cafeden


  89. solarcellphonecharger


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  92. Luke Harris

    This is cool that you have done this.

    Can you work on the same integration with Posterous?



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  94. opiaopeaepoaipo


  95. skatersofcp

    nice… :cool:

  96. Pingback: Gut zu wissen « rufus still thinks about his title …
  97. auwoo

    New wordpress feature… yeah I love it :)

  98. Agus Setiyawan

    Great and Marveolus

  99. undeadcf

    Great Thx (:

  100. callcentersindia

    great application.. thanks WordPress team.


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