New Theme: Sandbox 1.6.1

Sandbox 1.6.1 is now available to all blogs.

Alongside Sandbox 1.6.1 you’ll also find the older Sandbox versions. We’ve left them intact. If you’ve been using them, don’t worry, they haven’t changed. However, we do urge you to check out 1.6.1.

Sandbox is a skeleton theme for WordPress. Though you can use it by itself, it’s mainly intended for dressing up with a Custom CSS Stylesheet upgrade. Sandbox provides all the HTML markup, with a rich semantic structure, and all sorts of microformats and standards built in. You provide the stylesheet, which controls the appearance: layout, colors, fonts and so forth.

If you’re using an older version of Sandbox and are unsure whether Sandbox 1.6.1 is a good upgrade, or whether Sandbox 1.6.1 will work with your current custom stylesheet, here’s how you can try it out:

  1. Visit Appearance/Themes then find Sandbox 1.6.1.
  2. Click Preview.
  3. If all looks good, activate the theme.

We hope you enjoy this great update to a very powerful and popular theme!

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  • Aug 20, 2009 @ 6:20 pm
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  1. javcasta

    I like. Its minimalist . Perfect for sites with content (text, text and text).

  2. Vikas Gupta

    Great! Nothing excites me like new themes! :D :D :D

  3. Zaeriuraschi 11098 (pronounced zay-ree-ooh-ras-chee)

    I have a question: is using CSS free?

  4. Saad

    greatttt :)

  5. Cello


  6. delpieris26

    i mean it is NOT very good theme but it is ok :P

  7. sensico

    cool, thanks :)

  8. Cristina

    Awesome. Thanks :)

  9. Samuel Sousa


    Nice works…

  10. Lars

    So actually this theme is pretty useless (unless you absolutely hate it, if people read your blog), if I don’t buy the upgrade? Well …

  11. Moses

    cool… keep more themes coming! =D

  12. Frank

    AWSOME !!!!

  13. razvan

    ‘a custom Custom CSS Stylesheet upgrade.’

    Something doesn’t quite sound right in there…

  14. ronakorn

    Great theme, I want to know a little lit of CSS for use this theme.

  15. corvedacosta


  16. PersonaUser

    Awesome and interesting news! I’m gonna go see how my blog looks with this one.

  17. nitemaireangel

    Cool! Keep up the truly AWESOME job, WP!!

  18. Lazza

    Very useful add on. I will think about getting the css upgrade. :P

  19. eksith

    It would be nice if someone out there created a gallery of CSS templates for this theme.

    While it gives a lot of power to the designer, there’s a bit of a down side since you’re starting from scratch.

  20. nogizaka

    oh, okay ._.
    thanks wp

  21. guicyberdude

    please more themes

  22. Moon Man Two

    I don’t really like it. But it’s cool. I never have liked Sandbox themes.

  23. nusantaraku

    Thanks for new themes.

  24. nickie wang

    wow, another interesting theme from wordpress. thanks!

  25. alhakim

    Thanks for new themes :)

  26. Giggles15987

    Great!!! Although I’m not a big fan of the Sandbox trilogy, Your doing a great job WordPress!! Keep it up!!

  27. dkay2378

    very regal

  28. vietphilopoetry

    what theme perfect for website ?

    • Heather

      You can browse through themes under Appearance > Themes in your dashboard. There is a preview option to see which works best for your needs :)

  29. Denimaniac

    Thanks… but we need more themes!!

  30. Mel Ancholy

    If I was a CSS expert I would be all over this. Maybe one day I will be but I am not even sure where to start.

    Thanks for providing new themes though!

  31. Brigitte

    Thanx for the update.
    Once you know CSS Sandbox is great to work with.

  32. Ascari

    @eksith There is at least one person who makes especially such templates. Look at, there you will find some examples and a guide how to use these templates.

  33. benmccallum

    Thanks, dunno if I’ll use it but it’s nice you guys keep adding content for us all.

  34. Rizal

    yeah , it’s need many customization on its css

  35. MondoFree

    Thanks a lot!

  36. Nita

    One of these days I will try this theme out. Have always been hesitant due to the tech work involved!

  37. Cris

    Theme craze at WP lately? :) Nice!

  38. daRONN

    Same question that Zaeriuraschi already asked:

    Is this free CSS for hostet Blogs not wanting to upgrade indiviual CSS?

    Thnx for answering

  39. BlueMist

    only if u think abt CSS upgrade :(

  40. bharatria

    it’s nice :)

  41. Big Dave

    I have been using Sandbox 1.1 for several months. Are the updated features in 1.6.1 listed anywhere?

    @eksith – there were a number of templates created for the Sandbox competion. You can find them here.. I used one of these (Diurnal) as a starting point for my own.

  42. widi

    Sweet theme. Thanks.

  43. gunnvaldwikner

    I might give it a try, looks good!

  44. Nik

    Wooh! I love new themes! Exept I have no idea how to use CSS. I think Ill stick with iNove

  45. snowcatsfilmreview

    Nice, looking forward to some new themes.

  46. editx

    If I wouldn’t have to by the upgrade for using CSS… then I might consider using the theme.
    Maybe you guys should give it some serious thinking to leave the upgrade for free? .. I mean.. we aint all billionairs on here

  47. blogbybecca

    Yah! I love getting new themes. Thanks!

  48. thepenks

    nice info.. but i will try this later.. thx for share..

  49. dsusetyo

    Just cool. really cool.

  50. Aurawiewer

    And what about New version Freshy Theme 2 ? :wink:

  51. katyallgeyer

    I always loved playing in the sandbox. Thanks WP!

  52. barrycyrus

    great! a lot of themes!

  53. ben

    eksith, there’s a load of CSS templates available here

    Well, maybe not A LOAD, but there’s several to choose from/start with. Also has a few.

  54. lanelee

    wonderful,but i am underway of learning how to use CSS,more themes are necessary.

  55. lerry060183

    i like this theme keep working wordpress……..Salam. :lol:

  56. pemudapersisgarut

    Minimalist..i like it….

  57. myestorymyelife

    nice one !

  58. muhamaze

    nice theme…

  59. Aiman Amani Karim

    Yup, I agree with javcasta but I’m not changing mine yet. This one looks too adultish for a 14 years old girl like me. It’s a nice one for company’s blogs.

    Please keep on adding new themes. I’m thinking of changing my theme and I’d like new ones but none of the latest suits my taste.

  60. Yasir Imran

    thanks , let me give a try

  61. Nisa

    ^^ nice

  62. filterman

    Very nice indeed!

  63. heroyui

    hey,nice, keeo working that hard

  64. Mas Kopdang

    Hakuna Matata!
    Superb.. Clean, simple but powerfull..

  65. pramudianti

    good job..

  66. materix01

    It’s not as pretty though >.<"

  67. jayzden

    Really neat! WP rocks!

  68. torywingo10

    Alright awesome!I will try it out for my blog!

  69. ahamughny

    i want to try it

  70. Robin Reagler

    I love new themes too. Thanks so much!

  71. chaddypoo

    cool ill upadate later see ya!

  72. saiyagin

    It looks nice. Maybe I’ll use it.

  73. cenya95

    it’s look nice. i love it.


    got one word for ya….AWESOME!!!

  75. ravikaushik

    cool theme! but could we please have some more photobloging themes please….

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  77. bigcrow

    New theme presentation is allways a good news :)

  78. mariqeva

    Very useful add on. I will think about getting the css upgrade

  79. ben

    I guess my last comment is gonna stay in moderation forever as I included a link… let me try again.

    eksith, there’s a bunch of Sandbox CSS templates available on Sandbox’s Google Code page (you’ll have to search for it). Also there’s several available on

  80. Tom

    More playing with your blog = sandbox. theme,Thanks.

  81. EuropeanEconomy

    splendid, admirable

  82. tinnoi

    Nice themes , thx very much i’ll choose this themes for my blog.

  83. Fietria

    I want.

  84. Pritesh

    Where can i get a professional in wordpress, os that he can teach me?
    Please someone help me !
    I’m a begginer

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  86. liquidmask67

    nice :)

  87. theserestlesshands

    less is more

  88. euginey

    Great! Thumb up!

  89. undeadcf

    Ty.Keep your excellent work.

  90. keikomushi

    Thanks again to for offering new features and features to the service. Unfortunately, I am not very good with CSS, so this theme will not be as useful to myself as it is for others.Here’s hoping that you guys add some more sci-fi themes soon, such as Dark Planet & Mars Spirit.

    And again I say, “thank-you!” for all of the work the staff of have been doing to expand and improve the service. It is appreciated.

  91. clickmypicks

    Oh that is a nice Theme keep them coming :)

  92. RedCP

    i havent seen it yet. i’ll check in ;)


  93. hamraz998

    Thanx for

  94. Mesanna

    Excellent! I’ve updated my blog already :)

  95. KingShamus

    Thanks for the new stuff WP.

  96. Ashkan

    I need more

  97. denise121

    That is very nice.Thumb up!

  98. Rizwan

    way too simple ..

  99. maqsood786

    Well its quite useful and i will think about it.

  100. unmallya

    Great job in releasing two new themes in within a month,

    I am still waiting for new theme for photoblog. Current theme (monotone) as lots of restriction and it will be


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