New Theme: Sandbox 1.6.1

Sandbox 1.6.1 is now available to all blogs.

Alongside Sandbox 1.6.1 you’ll also find the older Sandbox versions. We’ve left them intact. If you’ve been using them, don’t worry, they haven’t changed. However, we do urge you to check out 1.6.1.

Sandbox is a skeleton theme for WordPress. Though you can use it by itself, it’s mainly intended for dressing up with a Custom CSS Stylesheet upgrade. Sandbox provides all the HTML markup, with a rich semantic structure, and all sorts of microformats and standards built in. You provide the stylesheet, which controls the appearance: layout, colors, fonts and so forth.

If you’re using an older version of Sandbox and are unsure whether Sandbox 1.6.1 is a good upgrade, or whether Sandbox 1.6.1 will work with your current custom stylesheet, here’s how you can try it out:

  1. Visit Appearance/Themes then find Sandbox 1.6.1.
  2. Click Preview.
  3. If all looks good, activate the theme.

We hope you enjoy this great update to a very powerful and popular theme!

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  • Aug 20, 2009 @ 6:20 pm
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  1. vms100

    Great job :)

  2. loebach

    to minimalist…. not for me

  3. ibexinc

    It apears that most WP users are unfamiliar with the advantages and power of CSS maybe a tutorial might be considered. there is a link to documentation at but still a video tutorial would be cool

  4. narlynews

    sweet bro

  5. terlarts

    great job.



  6. tophz

    Its a nice one!!

  7. niger12t

    Good!! :)

  8. miphz

    less is more

  9. paulyfish

    cool, let me try and adapt this beauty!

  10. dr.Abu Hana :: أبو هـنـأ ألفردان ::

    Thanks WP.. so cute.

  11. starturk

    nice work ;)

  12. Justin

    i dont like sandbox :P but its not that bad

  13. Karen Watzlawick

    Going to check it out now.Thank You so much

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  15. ⁞.Ʊ▲ƴ

    hmm… I dont know if I should get CSS

  16. 2009yerelsecimlerim

    Thanks for theme

  17. marckc22

    thanks for this.

  18. jboy2244

    More themes please!!

  19. Veyron

    I love WordPress so much – have left Blogger for good! Keep up all the great work OS rules!

  20. inksensei

    more rooms for the creative heads…

  21. iddaasitesi

    oww good job thanks. :)


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