August Wrap-Up

I’m back in San Francisco after a trip to London for the Happiness Engineer meetup. It’s serious business, but the group has managed to have a little fun along the way.


Our developers have been hard at work, too. In August, we launched the SoundCloud shortcode and, a URL shortener for WordPress blogs. And at your request, we introduced two new themes: iNove and Sandbox 1.6.1.

Here are last month’s stats:

426,047 blogs were created.
4,560,168 posts were published.
455,423 new users joined.
6,658,426 file uploads.
3,990 gigabytes of new files.
787 terabytes of content transferred from our datacenters.
7,498,064 logins.
2,153,498 active blogs and 22,855,350 active posts, where “active” means they had a human visitor.
1,267,201,336 pageviews on, and another 1,296,959,079 on self-hosted blogs (2,564,160,415 total across all WordPress blogs we track).
1,567,468,503 words.

Other cool stuff:

You published 11,425 posts to your blogs using the Beta WordPress for BlackBerry app.

Brazil’s Culture Ministry chose BuddyPress as their platform for public debate. The vehicle security service OnStar is using WordPress MU, bbPress and Gravatars on their new community site.

WordCamps in August: WordCamp New Zealand, WordCamp Huntsville, WordCamp Fraser Valley, and WordCamp Beijing.

Upcoming WordCamps in September: WordCamp Los Angeles, WordCamp Romania, WordCamp Philippines, WordCamp Portland, WordCamp Seattle, and WordCamp Birmingham.

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  1. Zaeriuraschi 11098 (pronounced zay-ree-ooh-ras-chee)

    Wow! Self-hosted blogs are more popular than WordPress itself! :o It’s probably because of the Fail Blog. :roll:

  2. javcasta

    What a great world that represent the statistics for wordpress.
    In only one month 426,047 blogs were created.
    Mamma mia.
    How many blogs there are?

  3. eideard

    Looks like the kind of folks I’ve hung out with my entire life.

    Rock on!

  4. Fran

    graets numbers!!!!

  5. masterfowl

    Great work this month!

  6. Tom

    Awesome stuff, keep up the great work! WordPress to grow more…

  7. Sisyphus Fragment

    I can barely wait for newer and better themes, with custom headers. *wink wink* *nudge nudge*

  8. Vikas Gupta

    Nice pic! London Eye!

    People are so relaxed in this pic as if it is their home and not the middle of the earth and sky! :D

  9. ielyssz

    Please have a WordCamp in Chicago! I would love to participate in it. ^_^

    Thank you for your continuing great service. You are the best blogging software I’ve ever used. Keep up the good work!

  10. hungrygoat

    congrats for all the success, guys!

    0,4 MM new blogs (including my own) in a month is amazing.

  11. Moses

    Mesmerizing! o.O

  12. Tony

    Amazing stats

  13. Bryan Villarin

    That looks like such a cool crew to work with! It’s good to see their smiling faces.

  14. Greedy Rosie

    I love my iNove theme. Thank you.

  15. Mark Penrith

    Hi there,

    I love blogging and I really dig WordPress. You guys rock.

    Any chance of there ever being a WordCamp South Africa. What do you guys do on WordCamps anyway?

    Where’s the suggestion box?




    Feels nice to know that I’m part of those statistics.

  17. Bogdan

    Beautiful numbers! o.O

  18. disco70s

    Coolio! I never been to London!

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  22. Tamara

    You are all wonderful….I hope you had fun…because you do serious work. You allow people like me to be heard! F R E E D O M is a gift not to be wasted….

  23. nickie wang

    Cool, thanks wordpress team!

  24. felipecordero


  25. wpdemandali

    Nice Stats With Nice Pic

  26. Nate

    what’s really amazing is how few of those blogs viewed are added to by the views of my blog! Maybe i should write more about p*rn, idols, stars and their babies or Michael jackson ;)

  27. ronakorn

    WordPress happiness in London.

  28. InkSplodge!

    It’s great to see some of the faces behind the monitor – on my home turf – hope your beers tasted better than they look….rather flat.

    I really appreciate all the great work you guys do to make WordPress such an enjoyable experience. Cheers!

  29. unstranger

    WordPress makes blogging real easy. It’s quite a thing you guys have achieved. Thank you.

  30. Jennifer

    That’s not London – it’s too sunny! ;-) Glad you all had a great time.

    And the numbers continue to amaze. Just out of curiosity, has the “official” stats page (/stats/) been abandoned permanently? Always found that fascinating.

  31. anharris

    More simple themes, please!

  32. dr.Abu Hana :: أبو هـنـأ ألفردان ::

    Amazing WP..

  33. widi

    Serious and relax. Nice face, beautiful scene. Great stats!



  35. juanmarqz

    are you cheering w/ tea-&-lemmon? Anyway: Hoorrai WP!

  36. alamendah

    funtastic number!!!

  37. bestricecooker

    this number is really impressive!

  38. Yasir Imran

    wp rocks

  39. yathidha

    wonderfull idea…

  40. Paul Chong

    As a retiree, I no longer have an occupation. Instead now, I have a preoccupation! Thanks.

  41. Narendra

    please get us cool themes really often…we are bored of these same the developers took a break..we need a change too..please…

  42. terrycrain1

    Great job! Thanks.

  43. Mary

    Awesome stats!

  44. katyallgeyer

    Why do I feel so old looking at that photo!!!???!!!
    Keep up the good work :)

  45. hessedjoy

    Good stuff here. :)

  46. mostafaghanbari1

    What a nice group! Handsome boys, beautiful girls, all smashing.

  47. darbs

    nice to see faces and numbers too. more power to you guys!

  48. rumrick

    WP rocks keep up the good work!

  49. J.J's Dolly Rockers

    Thanks WordPress you really are the best blogging resource!

  50. Tom

    GO WordPress!!!!

  51. V SEKHAR

    Cools faces! Amazing stats!! You people rock and I envy u.
    You provided me an excellent opportunity to collect my interests and summarize them.
    Keep nice work up. 3 column themes are hard to find. More three column, wide width
    and custom header themes to would be more helpful.

  52. Tubbo & Dubba Tubba

    We contributed 4 posts to that huge-a-normous number. Do we make you proud?

  53. Hetal

    Awesome team… works hard and parties harder!!!!

  54. Margaret

    A very nice picture of some very nice people. The gal in white in the middle looks like my beautiful daughter-in-law, who works for a computer software company. Have a great time!

  55. dmartin969

    WordPress is oding well as ever

  56. larryjester12

    Nice view!!)

  57. dorses

    Well done!

  58. Newark Art Supply

    cool building

  59. and.i.try

    any plans of a wordcamp in Indonesia?

  60. corvedacosta

    Please have a followers gadget. That would be cool. Nice stats though!

  61. Exodus

    ha! i’ve been waiting all month long to see these wonderful numbers! ;-) glad that you guys had fun in London!

    btw, where is the bear? :-?

  62. rachels22

    Keep up the good work. I’ll stay tuned in!

  63. videoanotaciones

    Thanks, thanks thanks!!! You guys offer a very good service :)

  64. sonicsmind

    Thats great…. thanks to all wordpress team members

  65. Benjamin Hiller

    Great to hear that – and hope you had a lot of fun during your “sessions”. Keep on rocking the streets, WP Team :-)

  66. mamaray

    wow…! great job! Hebat euy…!

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  68. morningsam

    Great for wordpress

  69. Jon

    I love WordPress, have been using it for years. Keep the good times coming!

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  71. Robert Lew Terrell

    I love wordpress and all you team members for making it so great!

  72. swifttaxi

    All the best for this team. Hooray!

  73. tiyobuky

    wow word press very good

  74. tiyobuky

    wow wordpress very good

  75. Brenda Nepomuceno

    I’m brazilian and I didn’t even know about the Culture Minister’s choice. What a smart man! ;)
    Wordpress rocking… as usual.

  76. Naomi

    What awesome stats – brilliant job, everyone! Is there any WordCamp being planned for Johannesburg, South Africa?

  77. Robomaster

    Keep up the good work WordPress! My one complaint (if it weren’t for this problem, WordPress would be next-to-perfect…):

    Why don’t you allow Javascript on blogs? Blogger does! What ‘security issues’ do they have? Not many, from what I can see. Isn’t there anyway to keep blogs safe without disabling javascript and flash? (Which is just about one of the most important things you can have with a blog…no wonder so many people are hosting their own blogs!)

    Please hear us out, WordPress: We want Javascript back and we want it now! Do something about this, so can remain the ultimate best choice for bloggers!

  78. ilyasg

    Go Word Press

  79. mothermari

    Glady everyone is back safe and sound! I love being a part of the family!

  80. Shawn

    Most Excellent!

  81. art predator

    How about a WordCamp Burning Man next year? You up for it Matt? You should do it for the t-shirts alone!

  82. Mel Ancholy

    9,000,000 blogs total on WordPress and Club Penguin always seems to be taking over the WordPress Blogs of the Day.

  83. Achmad

    Cool and good job, thanks wordpress team!

  84. Lilja

    That sure is great :) And so nice looking people at the picture :D

  85. eastlakecounty

    I love me some WordPress.

  86. snowcatsfilmreview

    This is great to see :D


    Yeah im included in that :)

  88. annymorris

    is this London Eye?
    God!!! How I want to get there!!

  89. sis621

    Cool, glad we’re here! Thanks WordPress.

  90. chienhoang

    You are all wonderful I love some WordPress I alway you team members for making it so great

  91. moddedbybacteria

    Fantastic! WordPress is great, awesome; which is why it is so popular!

  92. inkspeare

    What a happy bunch! You are all precious, Blessings, tons of them! We appreciate your commitment and hard work for WP.

  93. gorgeousbeast

    thats terrific! GO WP!! :D

  94. Moin Ansari

    Thanks for fixing the spell check. That was the best thing you guys did all year.

    Now for the next big fix—put in a great serach engine (the current one is not world class) that others and us can find the articles on our site. This would increase traffic to the site and help worldpress numbers too.


  95. Neel

    increase the blog space for us a nd give dedicated GALLERY options to upload some good stuff in our blog….

  96. momorocks

    Great numbers, big thanks to the WP dev team. I love writing into my wordpress BLOG.

  97. rowsland

    As a real newbie (as of today my first blog) – I am very impressed. Way to go WP

  98. asyafe

    great.. good job.. thank you very much wordpress!

  99. SaMo0204

    I’m one of those who create a new account in august (i had 2 almost dead blog hosted in blogger).
    I’m really happy that i choose WP for my new blog.
    Keep improving and keep up the good work!!

  100. dongan

    Thank you WP. You make our life simple and complete.


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