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Hard at WorkThe Happiness Engineers had a great time in London last week. We worked on some cool projects and came up with a lot of great ideas. We’ll bring more updates to you over the coming weeks and months.

One of the items we worked on is a widget we call RSS Links, which allows you to display text and/or image links to the comment and post feeds of your blog.


No need to mess around with HTML in a text widget. Go to Appearance->Widgets in your Dashboard, add the RSS Links widget, configure, and save. For a full explanation of the options, head over to the RSS Links Widget Support document.

We’ve got another highly requested widget in the works. Stay tuned. :-)

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Nick Momrik


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  1. Guy

    That’s great! I’ve had people ask me what my blog’s feed was, and I never really liked the “Meta” tab, where it was text, and had irrelevant text to me.

    Thanks :)

  2. javcasta

    Thanks for this job.

  3. Vikas Gupta

    Great! It was long overdue! :D

    Waiting for another ‘widget in the pipeline!’

  4. Aditya Kavoor

    Badly needed this one.

  5. mardoto

    thanks for your smart work …

  6. ljubomirgatdula

    Thank you very much! :-)

  7. irisofthewayfarer

    I have no idea what that means (heehee) but thank you so much, I know if I read further I’ll be able to figure it out and use it :)

  8. irisofthewayfarer

    Ok, that was easy. Thank you!!

  9. GuRpS


  10. iomeneandrei

    Great widget and great idea.

    Is it possible to use it in a self hosted wordpress blog??

    Thank you,


  11. Shaquille

    Wow…! that’s great Nick :D

  12. Cris

    Not using it (for now) but the widget looks good on the blogs! I’m certainly impatient for the next widget!!

  13. Ahmad . M . G

    nice thank u

  14. Aaron Aiken

    Sweet! Curious if it is possible to keep track of the subscriber numbers from the Dashboard…this is the one thing that keeps to me using Feedburner for my RSS feeds…if not no biggy, but it would be cool. Keep up the great work!

  15. spocrep

    great, I think it’s very useful.
    I’m so excited about what’s coming next you have no idea!! :D
    thanks a lot, blogging here is so much fun!

  16. Christian Soeder

    Mh, it doesn’t seem to work on Sandbox blogs?

    • Nick

      This is because Sandbox declares it’s own widget of the same name. We’re looking into a way to have both available for the theme while not causing problems for anyone using the Sandbox version of the RSS Links widget.


    thank you :)

  18. Jennifer

    This is really a super cool, easy way to get those Feeds into our blog’s sidebar. Thanks so much! Now I’m keeping my fingers crossed that we’ll be seeing a return of Subscriber Stats to go along with it. :)

  19. هشام

    thanks, nice work …

  20. xcobar

    This is an excellent idea and complements, in my view, the design provided by the Gravatar widget.
    Greetings from Brazil. ; )

  21. markrobinson700

    Good work Nick and thanks for helping

  22. Yhonny G España O

    I liked the visual icons of the feed of the psot and comments, I could get the link of them please?

    • Nick

      Once you add them, view the sidebar, right click on the image, and select copy image location.

  23. arcadata

    Oh this looks so pretty! Can’t use it though since iNove theme already has a built in feed button…

  24. mirevistadigital

    genial idea, gracias

  25. Octavian

    I need it very much guys. Thank you!!

  26. امیر حسین

    this is very good but iI use feedburner and dont need this .

  27. T3CK

    Thank you, = )

  28. Asad Ali

    Thank you..finally:)

  29. sukanya ghosh

    I am currently using it on my blog. and it works!

  30. bigcrow

    Great, but I allready have it :P With the text widget.

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  32. Mohammad Elsheimy

    Great, keep up the good work

  33. alamendah

    thank you

  34. scottmillsart


  35. creeping

    This doesn’t seem to allow multiple types and versions of feeds – is that correct? Atom for example.

  36. mand

    Thank goodness! :0)

  37. hasmat

    Great job!

  38. BaNi MusTajaB

    Thank you very much. The great work

  39. Perakath

    What a teaser! What the heck is the widget coming up?!

  40. keikomushi

    Thanks, staff for this timely release. As usual, great work!

  41. امین هاشمی

    Good Job , thanks a lot

  42. drosse

    great work thank u

  43. draabe

    This is great news. Keep up the good work!

  44. Nita

    Initially I was confused about RSS and took a year to figure it out! Wish this had been there earlier, but I think its a great move! Congrats.

  45. razzik

    Great! Thank you!

  46. Tom

    Excellent job of keeping my reader, Thank you.

  47. Disciple

    I’m wondering if incorporating the ability to assign links to the RSS Links is what you have in mind. I use FeedBurner, as I think some others have mentioned here. If that’s what you’re doing next, I’d love it. I made my own using a Text widget, but I’d use yours if I could customize it more. In any case, thank you and all the WP team for all the wonderful work you do. I love WP! :)

  48. jake Gest

    I really love this feature, but it there any way to incorporate the rss images into themes that do not have a white background? I use a theme with a black background color… so I get nice white outline around each image. Using transparent edges would solve this.. or conversely you could be able to select what your background color is (and have multiple images on the server). Just a suggestion obviously. Great work I do love it and will use it.

  49. emoisevil is Delicious! Thank goodness!

  50. ilyasg

    Many many thanks for this good looking widget

  51. jeleyinte

    Wow!! nice discovery,keep it up!

  52. seotime

    Great I will activate it .

  53. cyberlampung

    Great thanks. It’s easier to perform on my blog.

  54. Julia

    I would love a Tweet This widget, personally. can you make that one next?

  55. sumego

    Thank you very much tim WordPress

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  57. myxpressmusic

    Thanks for this cool widget.

  58. esensi

    I’m cool heels, when represent an automatic music widget? :mrgreen:

  59. corvedacosta

    thanks wrdpress

  60. Desiree Eden

    it would be nice if it can be fed to facebook

  61. bigleapforward

    Was using the text HTML before this, now this is something very useful. Thanks.

  62. alfaya

    Brilliant 8)

  63. imarasilahi

    thx u so much for this job… that great

  64. peggyinez

    This looks most interesting. Being I am an author, I intend to try your …Write A Book…shortly. I will start with a short story….just to see if I can apply all your given instructions, which are most clear. Thank you so much. Peggy Inez

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  66. freakinchris

    Great work guys!
    RSS is one the best methods of showcasing someone else’s data :P in an authorized way.

    I’m sincerely awaiting more great gadgets from your side.

    Thumbs Up!

  67. cenya95


  68. centralimage

    Its great and must try, thanks a lot

  69. Tricia

    I’m using Mistylook theme and it has an RSS feed subscribe button at the top of the page. This new widget sounds more versatile. Is it redundant to use both?

  70. Lilja

    Thanks – great to have this :)

  71. ricardohdz

    Thanks so much for this widget.

  72. zacky4style

    Thanxs 4 great post, I try than work in good.

  73. ☆✮тєн✮ωσтσηz✮☆

    Lol! Awesome! Thanks WordPress team – you guys are really great! You have the best support team I have seen out of any sites like this!

  74. rubygem88

    Its a great jb done !!
    Thanks a lot.

  75. Joe Ross

    Hoping for a mobile-optimized link some time soon. This is a good addition though.

  76. brianvellmure

    Is there a way to view your subscibers (or at the very lease how many you have)?

  77. sakyant

    That was the only thing that made blogger better than wordpress as far as seo goes.. mind you i much prefer self hosted wordpress to on because you cant install widgets like seo and stuff on blogs.. but the script used on your own server is the biz!
    i use wordpress for all my sites now. (and i own quite a few)

  78. Fox

    Wonderfuloso! lol…i mean wonderful! =D

  79. melodymaguiba

    sounds interesting

  80. naniprints

    I must admit that I still do not understand RSS. I understand that it’s a good idea, so I’m sure this is a good addition to the WordPress toolkit, but don’t know how to read what I subscribe to.

  81. sulochanosho

    Solid option facility of RSS links – the much needed one indeed. Hope it accelerates the access and tracking in a seamless manner. Thanks.

  82. alessandro

    Thank a lot! Grazie mille!

  83. sonyahart24

    Wow I luv it! Thanks Guys!

  84. jdsthakur

    Excellent information

  85. Raqueeb Hassan

    Great job, keep up the good work!

  86. Ridwan

    cool… love it…

  87. aydesdabelyu


  88. lindathepoet

    Well, I appreciate any help to my blogsite here at WordPress. I am coming from the Ice-ages so all kinds of help is gratefully received!

  89. joornaal

    This is really cool stuff

  90. arali2008

    Ok! thanks, my frends will use it

  91. zindeq

    great, i will use it

  92. vmrajkishore

    thank you

  93. vmrajkishore

    thanksfor your widget

  94. jeffjanson

    Awesome! Thank you :)

  95. ayucapal

    That‘s fine ~ Thanks a lot

  96. James

    Thank you, I’m definitely using this.

    Is it possible to make the background of the feed icons transparent? Currently the corners are white which is okay for themes which have a white background but mine is a charcoal grey theme so the corners on the icon stick out noticeably.

  97. stingotech

    That’s cool looking forward to other developments soonest … thanks a lot

  98. kingsoncrusher

    Thank you Nick for the announcement. Thank you wordpress for adding one more powerful feature.

  99. dagazconsult

    Thank you very much for this! It’s an amazing widget. From the picture it seems that you had a great meeting!

  100. Achmad

    Great widget & great idea.

    Thanks a lot


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