New Theme: DePo Square

Today we’re bringing you yet another theme designed by Derek Powazek: DePo Square.

DePo Square

This theme looks great! Minimal, simple, yet unique. But, it doesn’t stop with great design. This theme comes with a seriously cool feature: post types.

Map your categories to one of five pre-defined post types — Post (default), Status, Quote, Link, or Photo — and your content will be displayed in a format special to those types.

Just select your category mappings by visiting the “Current Theme Options” under “Appearance.” No CSS or other formatting is necessary. However, if you have the CSS Upgrade you can definitely tweak those styles to your heart’s content.

You can set your widgets at the top of your blog, including special widgets just for your statuses and Flickr stream. The DePo Square Flickr Widget is formatted just right for this design.

Some Links

A "Link" Post Type

Mapping Categories

Mapping Categories

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  1. xcobar

    Great minimalist design!
    Thanks ; )

  2. keikomushi

    This new theme offers some great new features, something that WordPress users (such as myself) will certainly make use of. I am currently working on a webserial in Diary-format that will look pretty sweet with those posting options and the blog layout. Thanks again for making these wonderful themes available to the community.

  3. trollboy

    nice. i’m gonna go check it out! thx

  4. Mary

    This is a really cute one!

  5. Fran

    nice theme!

  6. peacefulone

    It looks good. We’ll give it a whirl! THANKS SO MUCH!!!!!

  7. Hugo Silva

    This theme isn’t available in my Control Panel… :-(

  8. Patrix

    Is it available for users?

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  10. Zaeriuraschi 11098 (pronounced zay-ree-ooh-ras-chee)

    All the new themes are bascially sandboxes for CSS.

  11. rainakhatri

    This is great! It’s like a combination of the good features from Facebook and Twitter, only better. I might switch to this one.

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  13. rojai82

    nice theme, i like it.

  14. Octavian

    Nice feature. This is insane. Thanks WP for bringing this cool stuff.

  15. Solilo

    Looks good. Going to try it now.

  16. 5lick

    great new features THANKS a million

  17. Vikas Gupta

    I am going to test it soon. I love themes; the more the better! :)

    Please give us a real magazine theme such as Arthemia!

  18. Matt

    I love it. I’m giving it a try! Thanks for the cool new addition!

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  20. Jenn Besonia

    The only flaw is we can’t put widgets on its sidebar.

  21. Moses

    splendid… more!

  22. art predator

    This is really cool. Won’t meet my needs right now but I look forward to running into it around town!

  23. debbii

    The layout is very much like tumblr – clean, simple, minimal and slick.

  24. Karanvir Singh Sangha

    When I searched for theme in my theme page, it showed only “DePo Masthead” not “DePo Square”. :(

  25. chantingbudha

    To me this theme seems to be something interesting and out of box. May be because in this theme you can show interesting looks of your blog to the visitors without going for any upgrades. Pretty interesting from the masses point of view.

  26. 俊少

    Strange, I don’t see the new theme in the list….

  27. stirnews

    I love his design, actually I am using his theme currently, i might change for a new blog.

  28. Charles Fernando

    I’m tumblified! (sorry, i have to make that joke louder, lol)

    You guys don’t mess around in work! :D

  29. raincoaster

    Is there talk of enabling bringing in feeds to the content column, like Twitter updates, Delicious (as it appears now) etc, so the posts go up automatically? There’d be a huge demand for that kind of website (although it wouldn’t be a blog, actually).

    • Heather

      We’re definitely paying attention to those ideas, yes. Keep an eye on the news blog for more updates :)

  30. Lore

    Wonderful idea. I just wish it had a custom header…

  31. Gerrit Eicker

    Minimalism rules!

  32. Bamola

    Very cool!

  33. Chittaranjan

    Nice Theme.

    I just wish the widget area was flexible. Currently its fixed width/length and most of my widgets do not fit well in the limited space :(

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  35. Yasir Imran

    seems it is mac inspired theme.

  36. Milo

    I like the sound of this.

  37. Patrick

    Hi there

    Great theme ! Once again, you’re releasing a new theme that fit my needs exactly when I need it.

    Some problems I’ve met :
    The flickr widget for DePo square seems not to work : I can’t display my pictures, only the interesting one…
    The page layout display a categorie / date line, wich is not very appropriate…

    I also want to bring feeds in ! Think about flickr import too !

    Keep on working such a great way !

  38. Larry

    i love this theme.

  39. javcasta

    may be something minimalist at first, but It have many details.

  40. Exodus

    this theme is soooooooooooooooooooooo cool!!! xD
    i LOVE you, WP! xD <3

  41. juntariman

    I’m using Neo-Sapien theme. Is there any update of the design such as allowing us to use the extra spaces adjacent to the header?

  42. 71mm0

    ooow.. another great theme from wordpress.. thank you..

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  44. dida

    thank you

  45. Johan

    Great, clean theme. Good job.

    But I think more space should be devoted to widgets. Maybe the sidebar to the left. As it is now, I only have space for three widgets and I really don’t want to choose between all I like.

  46. lune

    oh, it has the ‘features’ I loved about TUMBLR with all the WordPress extras (as standard) cooooool x x

  47. geoakhil

    I tried it.
    its nice.

  48. Ο Λύκος της Στέππας

    Consider enabling features like “pre-defined post types” in other themes, please.

  49. givenchance

    Hm… maybe i will try it. i like my today’s theme but it is always interesting to try something new.

  50. that girl again

    Blue, white and grey themes with gradients and dinky little icons are so 2005. Or maybe 2004. I don’t know, either way they seem to have been knocking around far too long for me to see anything innovative in them. I suppose the fact that 50% of your themes have a near-identical colour scheme acts as an incentive for people to purchase the CSS upgrade. Cunning.

    Also, I’m surprised After The Deadline didn’t catch Apperance; it hit me straight away, though only because it was bolded.

  51. phoxis

    The look is good and the top widgets are really useful , this clears a lot side space. But this is still not for me. I am using The Journalist v1.9 , and that is because it is very simple, and the main main cause is that the main column is wide. Hope comes with some wide column themes for free! Yay!

  52. stunoble

    Like this a lot and have started using it – but the fact you can’t feed twitter updates to a status post a bit frustrating! Is their a way to do this that I’ve missed?

  53. Jeff Voegtlin

    Could a DePo Square Quotes widget be made like the DePo Square Status widget. Then I could have About, Status, and Quotes right across the top of my blog. It would be great!

  54. Hetal

    Wow… now we can tumblog on WP too :)

  55. Gabriel

    I’ve added my Flickr feed in the feed rss url but nothing changes. It worked for you?

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  58. barok.eszter

    I just wonder why we barely ever get any darker designs, esp. considering that the most popular theme is black.

  59. ronakorn

    Nice and Clean, I like it. Thanks Derek Powazek and DePo Square + WordPress.

  60. Lue-Yee Tsang

    For some reason, the ‘About’ link at the top contains a tick mark in the URL. I can’t even change the About page URL to match that temporarily.

  61. Roberto

    Thanks for the work!
    I would like to see wider themes in, I don’t know why (almost) all of them are so thin…
    By the way, Ipernity exists also! :)

  62. Brigitte

    looks super sweet

  63. microcruzer


  64. Corve DaCosta

    Cute theme

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  66. Pothi

    I’m a great follower/lover of DePo themes. I’m already using DePo Masthead in my blog. Going to try DePo Square in another blog of mine very soon. Kudos to Depo and team!

  67. Octavian

    Yeach this theme is great. Unfortunately, we cannot add widgets on the sidebar. :(
    Just imagine if there’s a template that has features like DePo Square (such as its post-types ability), plus an elegant sidebar. That will be great.

  68. wheresagaru

    I like its .. so unique … ^_^

  69. barrycyrus

    coolness! i figure that it’s got some tumblr aspects.

  70. Maria

    Love it!

  71. Kevin Aditya

    nice one! the post types are so tumblr-like.

  72. dominicr

    looks great

  73. nadjeeb

    Nice Theme

  74. malkitissera

    looking good

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    Look good, but i can´t use it. I love my widgets

  77. princeconnoisseur

    Great theme. Keep them coming! A theme that would allow you to change the background color of individual posts would be great. I’d love to be able to create a post on a black background one day and white the next. It’s a gray kinda thing.

  78. King faj

    It’s new.. Not exceptional though.. Having said that appreciate the fact that WP is always helping out by bringing out stuff like this..

  79. Black Wolf

    I actually am not a big fan of this theme, but I suppose if you put a lot of work into it, it can be good.

  80. ykvr

    wow, that’s so neat! i love neat themes, they really give the blog this professional look :) keep up the GREAT work!

  81. Andrew

    Is it just me, or does the flickr square not work?
    I’m pretty sure my RSS feed is correct as it used to work with the previous flickr badge so what gives hey?

  82. fistonista

    love the theme. but i wonder if i can remove the flickr depo and status depo widget from the top-bar. i dont need them… :(

  83. Takashika

    It looks awesome, I’ll change now. Keep up the truly awesome work, WP team!!

  84. Marianne

    Nice theme, but I hope for more themes with color in the future ;)
    A lot of themes are white =(

  85. Denise

    Yet another white theme…

    May we please have new themes that not only have great technical features, but also look good visually? Look good as in having different rich colors, deep grays with bright contrasting colors, and thoughtful creative designs I mean?

  86. Polaris

    This one looks good. I like DePo’s way of making themes. Large fonts and clean layout.

  87. hbfmd

    Kind of creepily Facebookish, but that doesn’t mean I don’t think it’s pretty.

  88. Stuffy Man 3


  89. ejajufri

    Great great great!! Should I change my theme again :D Oohh..

  90. ayrtondsilva

    This looks like a great new minimalistic theme .. on the lines of Posterous but with more bells and whistles. Great job. Well done.

  91. mayasarahd

    nice theme, cool!

  92. marinz

    looking good

  93. nicereddy1

    cool, still waiting for the feature of changing colors to everything without having CSS.

  94. cspiker

    Would love to use this theme, but the inability to add side widgets is annoying. Would love to see this feature added!

  95. mustwriteit

    love it amazing =)

  96. wadledee




  98. kooms

    I like it

  99. firefx84

    Nice theme.. like it

  100. Baatur Shefa

    Not bad!


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