Publicize: Yahoo! Updates

You can now send your posts to your Yahoo! Profile via the Yahoo! Updates service.

Yahoo! Update

Check out that cute WordPress icon!

The feature can be enabled from your Dashboard → My Blogs admin page. Once you enable it, you’ll be directed through an authorization procedure to confirm that you want to connect your blog and your Yahoo! account.

These connections are per blog and per user, so those of you with several blogs can choose which ones to connect, and those of you with multiple authors on one blog can each hook up your Yahoo! accounts separately.

More details can be found on the Publicize support page.

Yahoo! Updates is the prestigious first of a series of Publicize features we’ll be launching or highlighting over the coming months.

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Mike Adams (mdawaffe)


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  1. nickie wang

    wow, another great feature..thanks wordpress team!

  2. Adel500

    great job guys

  3. creeping

    yahoo profile? hmm last I heard some service called twitter was just a bit more popular…is a twitter feed available yet? when it is don’t force us to use please

  4. raincoaster

    Automated Twitter posts get virtually no response. I hand-craft mine, and Twitter is now my #2 referrer. #1 some days. Remember, you’re writing a tease, a headline, trying to draw people to your blog. And your competition is the entire rest of the world. Make it good.

    Now, I’m not sure I want to synch up my Yahoo ID with my WordPress ID. I’ll have to double-check that. Is it tied via email ID, or some other service?

  5. neoriix

    @ Matt
    It would be great if you add support for sharing posts directly to Twitter, Digg, Stumbleupon and others sharing services for Wordprss
    Greetings from México :)

    Carlos Gastélum

  6. pachuvachuva

    Would love to try this. Thanks, guys! ^_^

  7. Greg Cohn

    Thanks for the support Matt, and congrats on the integration. We hope WordPress publishers will find they’re reaching meaningful audiences on Yahoo! and look forward to seeing where Publicize goes next.

  8. lnxwalt

    This is fantastic. Thanks. You’re the best!

  9. Pothi

    I’m a lover of Yahoo services. Thanks so much for this integration with Yahoo!

  10. ĐAИIEL


  11. Vikas Gupta


    I also like Yahoo and dislike Google’s monopoly.

  12. Exodus

    you guys ROCK!!! since lots of Vietnamese users use Y!Messenger, it’s awesome to be able to show WP updates via Y!Updates service. i personally don’t need this feature, but it will sure get you guys more users from Vietnam. ;) i<3 WP!

  13. Aditya Kavoor

    Can we expect a feed on Yahoo! meme?

  14. bootingskoBlog

    WordPress always updates all time.

  15. Fakhrul Rijal

    udah bisa konek ke Yahoo! nih… makasih ya WordPress…

  16. ljubomirgatdula

    I will check this out. Thanks guys!

  17. doroastig

    thanks for this one. i’ll try this.

  18. Alberto

    lol That is a nice little WordPress logo!

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  20. srsddn

    Fantastic, WordPress. Will try it later. Thanks

  21. ahmadbasra

    Thanx a lot

  22. vyanrh

    It’s very nice to know..thank you..

  23. Heather


  24. Moses


  25. ronakorn

    Rally Fantastic, Yesterday I add picture to my side bar, today Yahoo option, big Thanks.

  26. samarindamark

    thank you my yahoo

  27. Dhimas L N ---- (^-^)v

    very nice gan. kalo bisa ane kasih cendol nih :p

  28. Arnold

    Great! Thanks! I’ll try it now!

  29. mansbestfriends

    thanks so much, will be really nice when WP gets all the systems in place where I can make my post on wordpress and it updates FB,My Space, Google, Twitter, and Blogger all at once. Very Exciting!

  30. leoburger

    I will try this later. Thanks for all great possibilities on WordPress.

  31. riniintama

    Thanks yaaaaa….

  32. Adam Minneapolis

    This is a great feature! Thank you!

  33. Hana

    Thank you this is great. I would like to try it now.

  34. miroslodki


    wondering if there will be anything similar for the new google WAVE socmed being beta tested right now

  35. sreejith

    I’ll will check this out

  36. Lilja

    This looks really interesting – thanks :)

  37. sassyviv

    WP Team — thanks for the creative outlet; it may help avoid a lengthy prison sentence.

    I LOVE this blogging-thingy!

  38. powkiller


  39. Steven Harris

    Am not a Yahoo fan so this doesn’t excite me at all.

  40. rhobi

    thank you for all

  41. Photo' yo

    ohh my i like thank wp team
    all my love :)

  42. apselfstorage

    cool stuff

  43. jal219

    This will be very handy. Thanks

  44. gtwizard99

    This looks like a great feature.

  45. Fujishima Akiko

    Just wanted to say I’m a reformed LiveJournal user.. haha. I love WordPress, it’s simple, to the point without a lot of clutter and garbage, thanks guys. Liking the integration with Yahoo too. ^-^

  46. Justin

    I appreciate all of the great features that the wordpress team is sending my way. Thanks folks.

  47. hoh

    yahoo is infamous for reported some chinese users to authorities last year
    boycott the bastards
    i thought wordpress stood for freedom of expression/speech
    by associating with yahoo and also google now [who have complied with chinese requirements to operate in china]
    no one is safe now in china to say what they want and yahoo and google will report them to the chinese authorities
    and i don’t expect this comment will see the light of day either!
    censurship rules NOT OK!

    • mdawaffe is in the business of promoting expression, not limiting it. We try to give our bloggers a variety of tools to help them express their ideas. This new feature is totally opt in, so your boycott shouldn’t be affected.

      If you have something important to say to the world, keep on blogging!

  48. faithfabian

    i’ll try it, WP… !!! ^_^

  49. Iksa

    done … already in my yahoo ..

  50. Rizwan

    This is neat .. might come in handy !

  51. ukashah

    Tried it. And love it! Thanks guys!

  52. ntrnsyc

    OK! I am gonna be all over this goody mixxxx!

  53. shopfrontsigns

    Nice one.

  54. ignitedsoul

    Thanks a lot WORDPRESS

  55. byezekiel

    i like it that’s nice good job!!! wordpress team

  56. eemoo

    nice to try, tq alot

  57. rjga

    me parece super

  58. sspadda

    I am relatively new to word-press and blogging. Its just great to find new features everyday.
    Word-press Rocks !! You guys are great ..

    I just wish there were more themes .. :)

  59. sulochanosho

    Great and good to sense that WordPress is on a non-stop innovative mode to add more value and tools to enhance the access to WordPress on a global scale. Yaa–Hooo!

  60. chsubrahmanyam

    Sounds good.

  61. emmahaynes

    Sounds great :) Question…do you need to have loads of friends on there for everyone to see it? Only since facebook I don’t really bother with email contacts any more…

  62. Shamn

    what about windows live?

  63. zyakaira

    WOW of the Week! Twitter is a #1 referer and this is yahoo’s chance to catch up! Thanks WP

  64. williamhegel

    im a new beginner, but i feel great using this blog.thanks…

  65. krzysko

    cool stuff

  66. guygourmet

    Excellent add, thanks -

  67. Nn.Begaye


  68. morgeno

    I wish we could post yahoo news into wordpress

  69. ramirezz


  70. taniasecret

    Thanks wordpress.

  71. senturi09

    done … already in my yahoo ..

  72. myphotoscout

    Not bad but how about a decent social bookmarklet integration. I am getting tired of posting these at the end of each article.

  73. umair

    Waiting for Twitter and facebook!

  74. mas wa2n

    very very nice 1.. :) cool


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