September Wrap-Up

September was a big month for us. We acquired proofreading service After the Deadline, and launched it as a feature on We implemented RSS Cloud and custom CSS revisions. The Happiness Engineers rolled out two new widgets: the RSS Links widget and the Image Widget, along with other improvements. We also launched a new theme: DePo Square.

Next month the Automattic crew is heading to Québec City for our biannual meetup. This is our time for working on special projects, like comment reply by e-mail, blavatars, and the original Prologue. More surprises are on the way.

On to the stats for September:

  • 448,025 blogs were created.
  • 6,325,895 posts were published.
  • 481,505 new users joined.
  • 7,113,257 file uploads.
  • 5,384 gigabytes of new files.
  • 816 terabytes of content transferred from our datacenters.
  • 7,827,502 logins.
  • 1,317,218,759 pageviews on, and another 1,350,080,907 on self-hosted blogs (2,667,299,666 total across all WordPress blogs we track).
  • 2,244,794 active blogs and 23,395,291 active posts, where “active” means they got a human visitor.
  • 1,510,819,760 words.

More neat stuff:

300,037 of you made use of After the Deadline.

The Ann Arbor Chronicle and the University of British Columbia are using WordPress.

Student Life relaunched on WordPress MU.

The NASA Glenn Research Center launched a resource guide for WordPress development.

September WordCamps: WordCamp Los Angeles, WordCamp Romania, WordCamp Portland, WordCamp Philippines, WordCamp Seattle, and WordCamp Birmingham.

WordCamps in October: WordCamp Spain, WordCamp Las Vegas, WordCamp Kyoto, and WordCamp Netherlands.

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  1. Mary

    481,505 new joiners? Wow!!!

  2. Fran

    great numbers!

    congratulatios for everyone…

  3. Andrew

    Growing and growing, and growing some more!

  4. Cello

    YAY! Keep up the great job WP!

  5. Vikas Gupta

    Waiting for “more surprises!” :)

  6. javcasta

    great stats.

    “816 terabytes of content transferred from our datacenters.” … nearly one petabyte (the next a Terabyte is peta :-) )

  7. ronakorn

    Thank you! keep it up, 463,871 Hits! for my blog.

  8. Zaeriuraschi 11098 (pronounced zay-ree-ooh-ras-chee)

    “The Ann Arbor Chronicle and the University of British Columbia are using WordPress.” 8O WHOA! One of my best friends lives in Ann Arbor!!

    Also, I’d like to say that the stats are ASTOUNDING. Just like they are every month! ;)

  9. nickie wang

    feels great to be part of that stats!

  10. Steve

    Wow, quite the busy month for you guys. Thanks for all the hard work!

  11. ROJE

    yah im happy i found wordpress.

  12. rainakhatri

    New joiner from September here…It’s understandable why there were so many of us. WordPress blogs are sleek and professional-looking, and the pages feature puts them a step above services like Blogger or LiveJournal. Thanks for providing a great service.

  13. Moses

    yikes, any more numbers and it’ll be the apocalypse!

  14. Exodus

    great numbers as usual! congratulation, guys and gals! ;)
    thank you for making our lives easier with these wonderful features. :)
    i <3 WP!

  15. ericriveracooks

    Congrats! I always tell people about the wonders of WordPress!!

  16. cherielee

    love wordpress to bits!

  17. jdrourke

    WordPress has been terrific so far! This techno-peasant would like to thank you for making this blogging stuff painfully easy…

  18. darwinsumang

    Congratulations to my beloved wordpress. I do believe that wordpress is very good in hosting!
    I am sure one day many people visited my

  19. ljubomirgatdula

    More people should join WordPress. The more the merrier!

  20. shraygupta

    1 among them…

  21. Realrich Sjarief

    wordpress is best. I love it

  22. Mark Penrith

    Hi there,

    You guys ever coming to sunny South Africa? Looking forward to a wordcamp near me :).

    Keep up the great work.

  23. haynhi

    Congrats to the team! Very impressive set of figures! Still I am waiting for a button to share each entry with people on Facebook, Twitter and the like. Have a good weekend everyone!

  24. haynhi

    Also, I am missing the ‘friends’ feature on Yahoo. Would be good if we could add a blogger we like as a friend so that we can stay updated with any new content from their blogs. Is it not what WP wants to have?!

  25. daams

    Great going ! looking forward to more !

  26. Black Wolf

    *sniff sniff* they grow up so quick!

  27. katyallgeyer

    Welcome to all the newbies! :)

  28. smithabrian

    Congratulations from a September joiner here. My blog looks great thanks to WP. Thanks.

  29. Brothersteve

    2nd month in and got 9,000 hits.
    Thanks to wordpress!

  30. Hana

    Excellent work of you guys. Thank you very much for great services

  31. anoop a k

    Mind blowing stats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Keep going

  32. kushol

    It’s great to hear that.

  33. s

    Great Stats!

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  36. Margaret

    Thanks goes to all of WordPress and their Happy Engineers. You make all this possible.

  37. alamendah


  38. shaheen2000

    Im glad to found to WordPress. <3 it

  39. musicreviews247

    Wtg WordPress!

  40. archangel4eternity

    Congrats! WordPress is getting better!

  41. pommepal

    I’m one of the new ones that started in September, and an oldie as well, but love WordPress, so easy to use….

  42. alienbleu6

    Just started today love it!

  43. sidfernando

    congrats on big numbers

  44. Robert Arroyo

    Thanks for supporting the writing community!

  45. crsafa

    Great WordPress…join us?!

  46. licvidriera

    I’ll drink to that… SAlud y saludos

  47. tilamdong


  48. randallbutisingh

    Thanks WordPress for hosting my weblog. This is a great service to humanity.

  49. mekitchen

    as I am new here in wordpress, I will be very happy to learn from you all. thanks very much to all teams (wp)

  50. oceaneclipse

    WordPress is a great opportunity for people to be creative with their writing and have the opportunity to express themselves. Also the ability to have discussions with people you wouldnt have spoken to otherwise. Great stats to be honest.

  51. golf4africa

    Great, now I need to start getting with it. I also want some numbers, but it will take years to get to your current numbers. I’m so envious…Magnus

  52. chelseachanner1

    wow these people really have lots ov viewers

  53. kwonstein

    I’m a new member to this and wow, I have to say I’m really impressed with how things works around here. I love being able to track my stats info and all the neat features of the site, such as being able to have onboard 35 guest users and embedding images and videos and the like. I’m glad I got to find such a great blogging site.

    And wow, those stats sure are impressive. Keep up the good work.

  54. aprpune

    Proud to be a member of wordpress

  55. Alberto

    Wow, that’s a lot of numbers there. I’m finding WordPress a great site and am glad I joined.

  56. frederic sidler

    Matt, when you are saying 2,244,794 active blogs, do you mean wordpress blogs hosted at of does it also include the wordpress downloaded and installed by individuals on their own server.

    If this does not include these wordpress installations on external servers, have you a number of installed wordpress CMS or at least an estimation.

    I know 2 Mio is aleady a big number, but I’m not sure about the overall number.

  57. frederic sidler

    One more thing ;-) Thank you for the After the Deadline tip. This tool would be great for comments too ;-)

  58. guinnessboys

    wordpress is nice. they dont censur things they dont like. keep it that way without dictatorship

  59. Mercedes

    Mmm, impressive stats. Lovely. :)

  60. Mark Bowden

    Just started utilising my account, I love it.

    I can also access it from my BlackBerry, this means I can edit my blog on the go,


    Thanks Guys N Gals

  61. fashionablegentleman

    I just created this blog only days ago.
    Go go go wordpress!

  62. mybreakfastclub

    I won best personal blogging competition at my faculty – The best trivia about it —> i’m the one and only nominees using wordpress! thank you very much wordpress! ever regret chose wordpress as my blogging platform! yay!!! :’)

    welcome to my blog guys, always appreciate and reply each of your guys comments, etc ^__^


  63. drew2sen

    I am technologically-challenged, so I guess i am supposed to be impressed? OK. WOW!

  64. Gaelle

    I am a new account, new blogger, and I published new post. I feel very proud to newly contribute to wordpress life. Thank you for these figures.


  65. meistermaurer


  66. davidmerzel

    great, cool to be part of this huge numbers

  67. Nolan



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