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We know you love themes and we know you like to try new ones. With our new super-charged theme viewer this is now even easier than before.


The new theme viewer lets you quickly step through themes without reloading the page. You can search for specific words (for example, ‘orange’), and you can filter by requirements (for example, ‘two columns’).


Still not sure what to pick? The random feature will select 15 themes at random, which may help jog your inspiration. Want to pick something that few others are using? You can also view themes in order of their popularity. Join in with everyone else or be independent, the choice is a few clicks away.

Still can’t find a theme to your liking? Don’t forget our Sandbox theme. It’s a simple and clean theme that is designed to be used with the CSS upgrade to give you control over how your blog looks (check out this site for Sandbox examples). If you’re not too sure about using CSS then our recently introduced CSS revisions feature will give you the reassurance that if something goes wrong you can quickly jump back to an earlier version.

If you haven’t changed your theme in a while then give the new theme viewer a try – you may discover a whole new look!

Full details about the theme viewer can be found on the theme viewer support page.

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  1. javcasta

    Perfect, without reloading the page, faster and easier.
    I like it.

  2. Stefano Ricciardi

    Cool. Will give this a try right away!

  3. Maria

    I love the “preview” option. I wasn’t sure which one to get so I just browsed around using the random option to try on random themes. Out of a thumbnail, the theme I have right now wouldn’t have been my first choice at all but seeing it live really helped a lot!

  4. Margaret

    I really like my theme — Vigilance by Jestro — so am not inclined to want to change at this time. But, I still like to look at the new themes. Each one has good things about it. It’s nice to be able to check them out more easily. Thank you.

    The one thing I would like to adjust in my theme is how a visitor has to do a lot of clicking if they are trying to check through the archives. It’s like trying to find one’s way through a maze when blindfolded. I wish that clicking on the archive button would just give all the titles for at least a month’s worth of posts, and the visitor can just click on a title they are interested in. Seeing everything at a glance is better than seeing only one item at a time and having to make a few clicks to get to that one post.

  5. Guy

    Much appreciated :)

    BTW, I think most people would prefer if the default were “A-Z” and not “Random”.

  6. Aaron Aiken

    Very awesome! Good call and keep it up!

  7. Roberto

    Thanks for the great work ;)
    I would swear that I tried it yesterday…

  8. Aenifer

    Something that doesn’t reload the page is always nice. Between, there’s a little problem of line up in the italian version: it’s under the the voice Column.

    Thank you for the update of Theme Viewer.

  9. sofiariveros

    great…! thanks.. try it nooowww….

  10. hungrygoat

    awesome, guys, I just changed my design after that.

  11. vtbasser

    sounds good. though i like the theme i have right now.

  12. qbit

    Interesting feature, thanks.

  13. Jason B Gordon

    Awesome! I’m gonna look for a new theme right now

  14. lovighost

    Haven’t started blogging yet – but I’m quite happy with DePo Square. Looking forward to a Dark simple theme…

  15. King faj

    Hey wanna try it out right away, but am comfortable wit wat i already have…

  16. Moses

    I love viewing themes from time to time… this is great!

  17. Chittaranjan

    Cool Feature This.

    I wonder whether we can have this on the blog homepage itself…you know, a widget with 3-4 themes that the readers (Yes, the readers, not the blog owner) can click and select the theme they like best to view the site in.

  18. Mary

    Wow, I’m going to take a look at them now. :)

  19. ileaneb

    This is a good idea. I’m pretty happy with the theme I’m using now, but this is a much easier way for me to try one on for size. Thanks WordPress.

  20. delaorden

    good. More themes would be nicer. Also allowing customize themes would be quite normal (blogger and others allow it) . Can’t see reasons to not allow javascript or upgrade and mess up with themes.

  21. Taufik

    woow . .. thats helping a lot , thks :D

  22. classroomjerkz

    wow im going to take a look at that now…

  23. GuRpS

    I’ve tried it a second ago and I think it will be very useful!!!

  24. peacefulone

    I LIKE IT. Thanks

  25. Elusyn

    Nice. “We” need more themes tho =)

  26. timethief

    I appreciate this useful feature. Thanks for creating it. :)

  27. miroslodki

    interesting thanks

    while i have your ear would love to see some themes around 2 column text layouts

    by that i mean the traditional layout one finds in a magazine or academic journal

    would be a nice addition

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  29. alhakim

    thanks for improvement. It’s easier now to pick new theme ;)

  30. Exodus

    this is simply great! thank you! i <3 WP!

  31. Mas Gaptek

    Cool, and for make it better, please give us more magazine style themes :D

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  33. Ali


  34. Yasir Imran

    great work, need some more great themes

  35. grayfactory

    thank you… ^^

  36. Mel Ancholy

    Super cool WP, keep up the great work!

  37. Wings of Wind

    Yep, nice. But you lack a variable width theme with custom header (IOW a bitmap) and custom colors.

  38. hojati

    thank you

  39. nellymasnila

    Great work…

  40. Kimberley

    Nice! This would really help out!

  41. hackworm

    we wait new cool themes

  42. mariasteffi

    great themes…love it !

  43. Phoenix

    Actually, I would’ve loved it if there were new themes introduced to wordpress hosted blogs.

  44. N.R.

    cool, but there should be more themes. or even ability to install themes if we pay for custom css :(

  45. Steven Harris


  46. Phillip


    Now, just make a mobile version and we may have something going on with WordPress…! :D

  47. aspal07

    Wp is the best….

  48. e Chíp

    Thanks :D

  49. vishesh unni raghunathan

    yup its good…but then how about some new three column themes?

  50. soef47

    thank…4 all….

  51. bassitone

    Now all we need is for there to be a way to search themes similar to the one you currently use :)

  52. hibiscusjaune

    A good news. I have a brand new blog and I am still not satisfied with the current theme. I am still working on Photoshop for it but sure about the CSS…..

  53. Milo

    A sensible progression. Good call!

  54. taylorsoutback

    Thanks for the feature – suggestion though…most of your free themes are very business like and serious. How about offering themes that are whimsical, feminine, floral, nature-related, etc. and all with customized headers so we can have our own personal touch.

  55. Trevor Huxham

    Thanks for this new feature; I did some browsing of themes using the viewer and discovered I am inclined toward a few other themes I hadn’t considered before. I’m satisfied with my current theme, but this new feature made me aware of a couple very nice alternatives.


    thts really cooL thing ;) I’ll try it later ;)

  57. tipsbybigdave

    Big Dave likes.

  58. fatibony

    Thanks I ve been looking for a new theme

  59. brooklynshoukae

    I love it i will try it, and see what is does for my pictures.

  60. somphil

    waw,.. it’s fast :D

  61. missnora88

    it’ nice..

  62. givenchance

    I really like the first one (i mean the first one on that photo – black!). Thanks for making wordpress better for us!

  63. Nita

    These type of options are always helpful.

  64. ffcode

    great…just knew it, while selecting theme

  65. Arijit

    It’s a great new addition, though it’d be better if the default view were A-Z. Think most everybody would like that.

  66. math17dotcom

    Great Update, Best for set service

  67. K Wolf

    I agree with Arijit. I would prefer the default being A-Z. But it’s still a good improvement so far!

  68. Yuri Coutinho Vilarinho

    Very good!

  69. andrewong2024

    Thanks guys! =D

  70. lohasonline

    rock on !!

  71. adiblogger

    thanks for thinking on us and keep adding nice features like this!

  72. chayawn

    it would save a lot of time

  73. disco70s

    Never thought of that idea!
    Thanks! It will help me search a new fresh theme!

  74. Kenn Chaplin

    You treat us right!

  75. abbigliamentoalternativo

    Great mate! Really useful feature!

  76. ryloekito

    it’s great, thanks

  77. sigen92

    Great! This’ll make it much easier when looking for a new theme =)

  78. 6umasha

    Thaaaank you :D

  79. mindjacked

    AWESOME would be a gross understatement!!! Keep it up lads :)

  80. asuquo001

    I like it is just so great i will give it a try.

  81. addavies

    Ahh good, I’m new to wordpress so this makes things slightly easier! :)

  82. suryodesign

    nice feature !!!!

  83. Tomáz

    How many more years we wait for the spanish blog?
    Much people need konw this information and no can read english (i, for example).
    The theme viewer is great.

  84. AsilynnMarie

    Great! It’ll really help when im looking for a new theme:)

  85. zulharnas

    Really useful feature!

  86. R. Keith Richardson

    You guys have the best themes out there – tyvm!! :-)

  87. Shamn


  88. collegiatelivin

    very nice, even faster without loading the page…well done.

  89. justintime89

    Convenient, accessible, and easy… way to go, thank you very much!

  90. Daniel Jeevan

    great feature.. this is the best blogging site ever..!!

  91. Flower Boy

    look forward to trying the new themes

  92. FluffyOps

    Nice. Pretty interesting. I’ll try it out!

  93. pytale

    Nice idea

  94. Brigitte

    I’m giddy as a school girl. C :

  95. promueve


  96. Kusworo

    Very good, thank for this future

  97. miravet

    Nice ideaa, I thing that it could be good.

  98. katyallgeyer

    I hope I don’t lose any formatting from my existing blog when I try out a new theme?

  99. ipeksu

    The theme viewer is great. Thanks a lot

  100. jtmadhavan

    Excellent Idea and usage.


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