Publicize: Twitter

We dig Twitter over here at (check us out at @wordpressdotcom). With the launch of our newest Publicize feature, we dig it even more since you can now tweet your posts automatically.

Publicize - Twitter

You can stick with the default, automatically generated tweet, or customize it to your heart’s content.

The feature can be enabled from your Dashboard → My Blogs admin page. Once you enable it, you’ll be directed through an authorization procedure to confirm that you want to connect your blog and your Twitter account.

Just like the Yahoo! Updates Publicize feature, these connections are per blog and per user, so those of you with several blogs can choose which ones to connect, and those of you with multiple authors on one blog can each hook up your Twitter accounts separately.

More details can be found on the Publicize support page.

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Mike Adams (mdawaffe)


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  1. MondoFree

    Wonderful idea!

  2. Corve DaCosta

    This is hot

  3. Pothi

    Wow! Another exciting feature, that I’d love to use. I love you guys in Automattic!

  4. muccamargo

    Thanks! thanks! thanks!
    Fine, very nice!

  5. xcobar

    Great feature! ; )
    Thank you.

  6. Nikhil

    Finally it is live… Great now I have to do less work
    Thanks :)

  7. kodegeek

    Ahhh, <3 it :)

  8. iaoj

    Wonderful & impresive

  9. Gerrit Eicker

    Cool addition! It would be great if you could add a “Tweet this!” link for blog readers as well. Smile! Gerrit

  10. kodegeek

    Awesome, love this feature

  11. Carlosjuero

    Nice :) – I use a plugin for Windows Live Writer to do the same thing.

  12. Aditya Kavoor

    Awesomeness. Now I can happily disable my twitterfeed account :)

  13. Aaron Aiken

    YAY!!! Have been waiting for this! Great job!

  14. aaronandersen

    I can’t find where to enable it. Are there any screenshots?

  15. aaronandersen

    Neeever mind. I see your link to the Publicize Support page.

  16. Yi

    This is really cool. I’ve been using to post updates via Twitter, which is kind of acting somewhat like a feed nowadays. Thanks for the feature.

    Also, what’s the yahoo update thing? Who gets updated if I link my yahoo to wordpress?

  17. art predator

    yahoo–love this feature! this will save me time!

  18. PEZ

    It’s about time! But I can see why you took your time. The implementation looks just right! Thanks!

  19. ismailimail

    Is the customization of text, permanent? i.e, once I change what I wish the text to precede every tweet, it will remember so I don’t have to do it every time with every post?

  20. hungrygoat

    i’ve always used twtr in my blog:

  21. ismailimail

    Also, how fast is this service comparable to Twitterfeed? I currently use Twitterfeed and it is pretty fast in publishing to Twitter.

    • mdawaffe

      Try it out and see :) It sends your tweet as soon as you publish your post. “Instantaneous” might be a stretch, but it’s close.

  22. Milo

    I used to use to do this for me but this looks like it’s worth trying. Thanks!

  23. David

    Thank you guys. WordPress is getting better and better. Cheers!

  24. alhakim

    Finally ;) I’ll try it

  25. ismailimail

    Not being able to remember the customized text is adding one more step in pushing a blog post. With Twitterfeed, I don’t have to worry about anything, though it is certainly assuring to have a short URL of the same company, something which I can only get if I enable this option at WP. Please consider making customized text stick to the settings.

  26. Renee

    Thanks so much, I was just trying to do this today!!

  27. Vikas Gupta

    Great! I don’t have to use some external client now to post my posts to twitter!

  28. Aaron Aiken

    Here’s a quick screencast showing how to set up this feature:

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  30. Qusay

    I’ll give a try, thanks… Good work!

  31. Michael Lombardi

    I love the “tweet this”/”retweet this” buttons on blog posts I’ve seen. Hope that gets implemented! Thanks for the current improvement., PicApp, and this in the same week!?!

  32. Michael Lombardi

    that was supposed to be same month. :-)

  33. T3CK

    This is great news thanks for the new twitter feature.

  34. creeping

    A couple of points:

    1. Great feature
    2. the WP url shortener is not really short – would be better to allow users to choose from some top url shorteners
    3. the “posted to” text is annoying and wastes 17 of 140 characters; would be more user friendly if it just put the post Title in there + shorter url & allowed editing
    4. if you modify the Twitter post text, save your draft, then publish later – it seems to default back to the “posted to” text rather than whatever it was changed to

    3 & 4 should be easy tweaks

  35. timbaldwin09

    Great! This will be easier to track twitter while doing WP!

  36. Pililoni

    I don’t use twitter but that seems interesting.

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  38. Sebasdf

    I think I am a Twitter adicct, so thank you guys, I really appreciate it

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  40. peacefulone

    This I understand…thanks…cuts down on my work!


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  42. Moses

    cool… don’t use twitter but cool!

  43. myenglishcountrygarden

    Perfect! Really helpful, thanks

  44. sue

    perfect! this is why i love wordpress!

  45. kansir

    Thank you. It’s very useful. So I don’t need to tweet manauly after publish a post.

  46. Yi

    Is there a way to enable twitter publicize for only publishing posts and not updating posts?

    • mdawaffe

      This was a bug; it’s been fixed.

      Twitter Publicize should no longer send out tweets for old posts that you’re just updating. If you want the tweet sent out, you can manually click the Publicize Edit link and click the Twitter checkbox.

      The same goes for Yahoo! Updates.

  47. arcadata

    Cool – so I can now get rid of twitterfeed?

  48. Victoria

    Hmmm… I’ll stick with Twitterfeed until I can set a custom tweet prefix for each blog, I think! Or even a single custom prefix for all of them. “Posted to ” eats a lot of my available characters.

  49. Justin

    thats awesome! im doing that right now.

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  51. Karanvir Singh Sangha

    Will it work with P2 theme?

    • mdawaffe

      Currently the Twitter Publicize and Yahoo! Updates Publicize features do not work for P2 posts unless the posts are published from the admin.

      We’re working on getting it set up for “normal” P2 posting as well.

    • mdawaffe

      … And now it works for P2 posting.

  52. lnxwalt

    This is cool! Thanks.

  53. creeping

    more imperfect behavior users should just be aware – if you go back and update a previously published post (pre-WP-twitter-capability) – it will send a tweet

    it would be nice if the system alerted the user… or allow user to set a default of tweet or not tweet

    ability to set a default prefix (like my blog name rather than ‘posted to’) would be nice enhancements too

    to compete with similar, more robust services that is

  54. pedestrian08

    Keep up good works! Great to continue to see how responsive you guys are to feedback

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  56. Exodus

    ha! this is what the public love! thank you! i<3 WP! ;-)

  57. trollboy

    wow so cool. I’m gonna go set that up right now!

  58. Jacob 69er

    I’ve been using twitterfeed…till now. Thanks for this feature WP! :-)

  59. bruleeblog

    Switching from twitterfeed right now. Thanks WP! :D

  60. bruleeblog

    Forgot to say: Would prefer to save my customization as well though.

  61. yulian yudha putra

    thx..god idea

  62. Chittaranjan

    Great feature!

    Will it work with the ‘Post by Email’ feature as well? I guess not (same as if we use an external blog editor like Windows Live Writer)

    • mdawaffe

      It will work with Post By Email and XML-RPC (the technology behind things like Windows Live Writer).

      It just doesn’t right now :) We’re working on getting all the ducks in line.

    • mdawaffe

      Publicize now works with both Post by Email and XML-RPC clients.

  63. Nemuriko

    you made my day!

  64. phoxis

    this is a very good feature.

  65. picotfitness

    Ingenious Marketing/idea there! Will use indeed

  66. yarnaholic

    Quite painless, really. Thank you for helping us plug in in to the rest of the WWW.(pun intended!)

  67. nokia5800blog

    Спасибо! Мне пришлось в своё время найти другой способ для автоматического постинга на twitter.

  68. olihnurjaman


  69. SL

    Awes. Great job! ^_^

  70. sravan953

    Amazing! All these days I had to do it manually! This is such a a boon!


  71. Salt

    Wow that’s quite awesome! Thanks!

  72. ismailimail

    Just tested this for the first time and it is absolutely real time and quick, works very well. Since the URL is already referring to domain, I request that you remove the preceding text from the box so we don’t have to follow one extra step in pushing the blog post out. Those who wish to add something personal to the tweet (besides their blog post itself) can always add an additional text.

  73. vjp

    This is a good addition. But it’s cumbersome to have to customize the message for each post. Would much prefer to be able to customize the default language.

  74. Karla

    Love the idea! will do

  75. kenzo108


  76. Roberto

    I gave up Twitter many moths ago but with this feature I’ll come back to try it ;)

  77. jess


  78. misscontemplative

    Great idea! Thanks!

  79. collegiatelivin

    makes this much easier now…bye bye twitterfeed!

  80. Marvin

    Really good function.Thanks.

  81. haithemg

    Nice to perform .

  82. KingShamus

    I was wondering how to do this for a while, but never figured it out. Thanks WordPress peeps.

  83. egomaniac

    Hell yeah!! Twitter is more useful than yahoo update! :)

  84. mbj

    great idea, if only it worked well!
    This is the message I get when I try to authorize twitter:

    “This page is no longer valid. It looks like someone already used the token information you provided. Please return to the site that sent you to this page and try again … it was probably an honest mistake.”

    have any suggestions for me?

  85. shwetasaxena9

    Really good !

  86. Indian Homemaker

    First images!! :) Now twitter :) Thank you!

  87. jastinemae12

    luv it….

  88. Yasir Imran

    more automation, great work, love wordpress

  89. absolutegrace

    Thanks again! I already have a Twitter Widget in my sidebar, but looks like you’ve given us something better now!! As always…

  90. philken

    Its all great and calls for celebrations…and we are proud to be part of YOU!!!

  91. Zoe D

    Yay! Thank you!

  92. Stiletto

    I was just thinking ya’ll needed that and lo and behold! One of us is a mind reader………………..

  93. m c

    Great feature! How do you use it if you host wordpress on your own domain, though? Will this be released via an update soon?

  94. Alberto

    Thanks again! You all work so hard for these awesome application!

  95. Muchlis Achmad

    ::) …thank’s…!!!

  96. danuci

    very nice :)

  97. mybreakfastclub


  98. esinister

    Very useful

  99. Taufik

    awesome !!


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