Support Hours and WordPress Logo Fun

As Matt mentioned in the September Wrap-Up, the Automattic crew is heading to Québec City to work on some top-secret projects. It worked well when we closed the email support system for our London Support meetup, so we’ve decided to do it again.

Support will be unavailable from 10 a.m. EST on Friday, October 9 to 4 a.m. EST on Monday, October 19.

Of course, our team will still be monitoring servers and services while we’re out to keep you blogging smoothly and safely. In the meantime, we encourage you to read through the Support docs and make use of the forums (which are full of friendly users like you) if you need a little help.

wp-wheelWhile we’re away, we’ll be running a contest to see who can use the WordPress logo in the most creative way. Take advantage of your camera, graphics applications, crayons, and anything else you have at your disposal. Create a post on your blog, upload your image or images, and leave a comment here with the URL of your post. Please make sure to leave the URL to your post in the comment text or the entry will not be accepted.

wp-milkWe’ll get you started by providing some official WordPress logos, but the rest is up to you. I’m sure you can do better than the photos I’ve included here. We’ll keep an eye on submissions and post some of them to the @wordpressdotcom Twitter account during the week.

The deadline for submissions will be 4 p.m. EST on Monday, October 19.

We’ll create categories based on the best submissions and run polls to let you select the winners. Prizes will include upgrades, swag, and maybe other surprises. Good luck!

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Nick Momrik


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  2. Moses

    haha nice! (sounds like fun)

  3. Dr. CaSo
  4. Alberto

    Wow I look with curiosity! :-D

  5. ghebert

    Where will you guys be staying at? Are planning some kind of meeting or something?

  6. Vikas Gupta

    This will be fun! I wonder how many WP images on human body are going to come up!

    Please also start a writing contest for bloggers with big prizes. It can become hugely popular: perhaps the most popular writing competition in the world if you plan it well. :)

  7. N60storm4

    Awesome I might enter :D

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  9. Ratherbflyin

    I am positive that there will be a flood of creativity coming out soon, but I wanted to submit my meager attempt to create something different using the WordPress logo.

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  11. ثائر

    sound interesting ;)

  12. Travelsign
  13. illuminato

    Hello, this is my contribution to WordPress Logo Fun.
    Wordpress Logo Watermark

  14. Aaron Aiken

    Sweet contest, totally doing it…now, where’d I put that box of crayons?

  15. phoxis

    lets see if i can make some

  16. eideard

    Cripes. A contest I’ll have to enter.,

  17. kesadisan

    wow cool!
    btw, is photoshopped photo ok?

  18. Postcards from Wildwood

    Great idea! Where do we send the email with the post URL?

  19. TRKN
  20. TRKN
  21. ERA In The Smokies

    Don’t leave out the folks, please.

    • Nick

      You’ll have to create a blog and upload the image there if you want to submit an entry. After all, this is :-)

  22. paul

    Have a good time BUT why in the world would you shut down the “help” pages just because support is gone think about it if you’re not here to help maybe we can find the answer there if not we can use the foroum or wait for you to get back

    • Nick

      The Support site will still be live and there for you, but you won’t be able to use the Support Contact page to send us message.

  23. Mary

    This is going to be fun. :)

  24. Mayu

    Ok, just finished my pics and post. Here’s my entry:

  25. Mark Lincoln

    Here’s my entry :) Quite a simple first attempt by me.

  26. kristineleuze
  27. Mark Lincoln

    My other entry: The World’s Largest WordPress Glitterball:

    Photo by Mark Lincoln, Logo by WordPress’ peeps, combination by Mark Lincoln :)

  28. misspegasus

    haha… this is cute… you guys are treating this as a wordpress-family… giving us stuff to do while you are away…

    thanks! lets see what ppl come up with!!! keep up the good work!

  29. delaorden

    hi Nick, is it allowed more than one entry ?

  30. fjpoblam

    So, when you say, ‘must be uploaded’, I deduce, images stored on my host and displayed via href in my blog, do not qualify?

  31. maguay

    Does this have to be a picture of the WordPress logo in a unique location (similar to your example pictures) or can it be a graphical reinterpretation of the WordPress logo (e.g. a sketch that incorporates the logo, but the logo is part of the sketch and not the original logo image)? Looks like a fun contest either way!

  32. TheBrotha

    Right, this weekend is THE weekend for a round of photography. Time to dust off my dslr and get snapping.

  33. vegantess
  34. thewaskitas

    Do I have to make different post for different image which I submit?

  35. Postcards from Wildwood
  36. philhurst

    Av’ a gander at this beauty!

    By ‘eck! It’s Landon Town Guv!

  37. alr100909

    very nice…

  38. vegantess

    thanks, it’ll be fun to see what everyone comes up with

  39. Ion
  40. TRKN
  41. AfriE


  42. ashartanjung

    Fun to see

  43. Wings of Wind
  44. dougrogers
  45. Chaitanya Varma Mudunuri

    Thanks wordpress for all this fun & more!!
    Here it is my way of having wordpress logo fun..Checkout!!!

  46. disco70s

    I don’t think I will enter. There’s lots of competitive players around here and I’m not sure this will work out for me.

  47. lestat546

    very nice, excelente la idea

  48. Prasad Kulkarni

    This is the first of my efforts to enter into the contest. Hope you people like it. I will be including more of such fun images in this post only, as it is allowed to post multiple images in one post.
    Thanks to WordPress team for bringing such an interesting contest.

  49. Damon
  50. Postcards from Wildwood
  51. Pedro Serra

    Hi everybody…

    hope you all enjoy what I did with the WordPress logo…

  52. Tio Alexander™

    Great! :D

  53. Ivan

    Here we go… just for the fun of it!!!!! I dont follow twitter. Please let me know somehow if my image was chosen!

    Greetings from Brazil.


  54. lovighost

    Very exciting!

  55. Margaret

    Wow! When you say the WP support team will still be monitoring servers and services, you really mean it. Last night when I logged in to edit, spell check, and schedule my post, all services disappeared for quite some time. What a time for you to have a server problem! One couldn’t even log out. I finally went to bed and got up at 3 a.m. to schedule the post. Everything was working great then. Hope the problem wasn’t too hard to fix.

    The WordPress team is really dedicated. Thank you very much. That’s what makes WordPress a truly great place to share with the world.

  56. andrewgould

    I hope it’s a great time for you all, but I’m really surprised that WordPress would consider leaving absolutely no one at all on support for 10 days. Sorry to be saying something negative, as I’m a new WordPress blog owner, who’s totally delighted with everything else here.

  57. Faye

    Awesome contest, and upgrades as prizes, you say?? SWEET! I’m definitely going to join~

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  59. Pauline
  60. Tsunayoshi-kun

    Good Job!

  61. maguay

    Ok, here’s my images … WordPress for Windows and WordPress by Livebrush! Check it out at

  62. Nn.Begaye

    It will be interesting :)
    good luck for all ^^

  63. Sergio Edgardo Malfé

    Greetings for the engineers.
    There is an image in: . I made with a will.
    You have good journeys. Sergio Edgardo

    Saludos a los técnicos.
    Hay una imágen en: . La hice yo con entusiasmo.
    Tengan ustedes buenas jornadas. Sergio Edgardo

  64. Rob
  65. BaNi MusTajaB

    i like it.

  66. jake Gest

    Well, I went for it and came up with an entry. It’s a bit silly and probably not what wordpress is expecting… but I had a fun time doing it. Hope to see other people do some cool things.

  67. nayfang101


  68. Lusine Barseghyan

    Ha ha ha!!! It`s very nice!!!!! I like it…

  69. badeamihai


  70. Peter
  71. cromieptc

    Hopefully one of your top-secret projects is adding the events calendar widget to

  72. softwhiteunderbelly
  73. Cats in trees
  74. Jenny

    This sounds awesome and interesting!
    Best of luck to everyone :D

  75. Languish

    Well, here’s my entry

    Hah, I really had fun using WP logos.

  76. Boz

    I don’t quite understand why having a meeting is an excuse not to provide support for several days. It just blows my mind !

    It also confirms to me that the quality of the internet is abysmal and very, very time wasting and nasty.

    • Heather

      We’re taking time out to improve services for you. We’re still keeping an eye on things while we’re away. If you’re having issues with your blog, please post to the forums and you’ll get great advice from fine users like you, or it’ll get flagged for our attention.

  77. fracas

    You might be sorry you allowed us free reign…

  78. softwhiteunderbelly

    Sounds great! I’m in!!

  79. gildedfarmer
  80. Damon

    When and where will the picture be shown?

    I noticed my comment with my submission is being held for moderation.

    • Nick

      After the deadline has passed we’ll look through the entries and publish a new post with categories and voting for the top submissions.

  81. kabayantimes

    how can i change my administrator password since i can’t modify my dashboard and can’t add a user

  82. Ivan

    Why is my comment STILLLLLL awaiting moderation???????

    • Nick

      We aren’t approving any of the submissions. After the entry deadline is passed we’ll pick the top submissions and put them up for voting.

  83. Alberto

    Sounds like a lot of fun! I’ll look forward to seeing the entries (I’ll try to enter if I can think of something creative!)

  84. rgretzinger
  85. isaninside
  86. giaitritructuyen

    Yeah! Very good

  87. newpragmatist

    It’s exciting to see all of those WP Logos. I like it!

  88. Aguilera_87

    I’m the first?? Here is my 2 images
    good luck!

  89. islamversusmuslims

    great, hope to do something

  90. おで

    Thank you for wonderful contest to Nick and .com staffs.
    I placed my work to the contest. Enjoy it.

  91. Wings of Wind
  92. mas wa2n

    nice 1 :)

  93. Narendra
  94. Shelly F. Cohen
  95. vegantess

    ” It’s exciting to see all of those WP Logos. I like it! ”
    :???: Where? I see one up on Twitter and a one posted here (mine) – where can I go and see how the other entries are coming along?

  96. Black Wolf

    lol that’s so cool, good luck to you all!

  97. bluepen1004


  98. Wings of Wind

    Hi, me again.


    …I used (without knowing) the photo of Shutlle STS-107 tragic mission crew. I replaced it with another one.

    Also, I added one more called “WordPress News”.

    Sorry for the misfit. Wasn’t intended.

  99. 1amongwords2pt0

    cool! :-)

  100. Martin (IQ)

    My logo contest image can be found at

    Hope you like it. :)


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