The Hero Is In Your Pocket

As technology advances, mobile devices are playing a bigger role in our lives. Thousands of you have been using the iPhone and Blackberry applications to post and edit content for your blog, and over 60 million page views a month of blogs have been on mobile devices. New smartphones do a great job with most web sites, but older phones have many problems and may not display anything at all.

Today we’re launching a couple of mobile themes that will automatically be displayed when your blog is accessed with a compatible mobile phone.

The first theme is a modification of WPtouch and will be displayed to phones with modern web browsers like those on the iPhone and Android phones. The second theme was developed from an older version of the WordPress Mobile Edition and will be displayed to all other mobile devices.


Mobile visitors greeted by WPtouch will get easy access to posts, pages, and archives. They’ll get fancy AJAX commenting and post loading. If you are using a custom header image, it will be scaled to size and displayed at the top of your blog. When viewing your blog on other phones, the focus will be on loading the blog quickly while displaying the important information about your content.

If you would like to disable mobile themes on your blog, go to Appearance->Extras in the Dashboard and uncheck Display a mobile theme when this blog is viewed with a mobile browser. For more details, be sure to check out the Mobile Themes support page.

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  1. candle..~|

    Great ..!
    using the i phone make you a hero and meet them .. =)

  2. mattedgar

    Thanks, that’s lovely. Been waiting for this feature for ages.

    One question: my header, created to work with the Contempt theme, doesn’t really work on WPTouch. Would it be possible to disable the header image in the mobile theme or even better, supply my own mobile-optimised header?

  3. TRKN

    you guys are reading my mind :)) thnxxx

  4. Alberto

    I have an iPod Touch and this doesn’t seem to work for me :-( Perhaps when I upgrade I can join in the awesomeness of it. Still, good work once again!

  5. deathgleaner

    oh yes!

  6. Yella Ojrak

    Ha! Wonderful! Any chance for my dashboard to have mobile version?

  7. Star (Sarah)

    Great feature!

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  9. hifolks


  10. Rich Gubby


    This is great news – on mobile! And the whole world is talking about it – that’s cool too.

    However, there are options out there (for self hosted blogs especially), that allow you to render your site to all phones and not just an iPhone. The best around is the Wapple Architect Mobile Plugin – it dynamically resizes images on the fly – so your mobile logo will fit perfectly to every handset. You also get to amend all your styles so you can really tailor your blog.

    It’s a shame that didn’t know about Wapple Architect – with it’s capabilities I’m sure it would have been the plugin of choice for hosted blogs!

  11. carpoolqueen

    Loved it!

  12. Jonathan

    the interconnectedness of social networking is getting tighter and tigher… thanks!

  13. triscbn

    I like this

  14. oksana13


  15. St. Fallen

    it doesn’t seem to detect my Nokia 5800 as a touch phone
    I’m using Opera Mini 5 beta to open it, and it opens in WordPress Mobile and not WPTouch
    any way I can change this?

  16. Dhimas L N ---- (^-^)v

    hmm,,, i dont use iPhone or BB. but i think i will use something kinda like that in the future.

  17. americanvegan

    Thanks so much!

  18. Johan de Keulenaer

    Superb! have been waiting for this a long time. Good job.

  19. Johan de Keulenaer

    Btw – will the Blog-stats also start featuring numbers for Mobile Usage?

  20. Archu


  21. Chad

    You guys are always innovating, nice work!

  22. Alan Chudnow

    Just took a look at my site with the new mobile theme using my iPod Touch. Very nice, accessible and readable. My only quibble is that although I have the text turn off on my custom header it still shows up superimposed on the header when viewed with the modified WPTouch theme.

    I assue this will be fixed in future versions. Other than that, very nicely done! Thank you.

  23. scikid

    :( :( :( :( :( :(
    So none of the sidebar shows up?

  24. hmcore

    one of the reasons i choosen wordpress ;-)

  25. unmallya

    I tried this on my Nokia smartphone and it works just fine. Good Job guys.

  26. Black Wolf


  27. Kop

    This is too much quality. Let me live my life! WordPress is just too great to do anything else. Can you cook?

  28. stevesancarlos

    Hey Guys–My logo looks a bit messed up… AND I DON’T CARE. Looks fantastic on the iPhone. Nice work…and thank you!

  29. Tuoyo

    Good to know, WP are doing everything to make users enjoy, Keep the good works!

  30. elnibi

    I was impressed, very good progress, thanks a lot

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  32. angga182

    Another great idea, another experience we had, so keep it coming, upgrade more..more..more.. and more. it’s make our blogs more valuable.. thanks a lot for you guys.. GOD BLESS YOU ALL…

  33. Zubair

    Can the dashboard too be accessd thru this??

  34. Vijay Modi

    Really COOL !

  35. Jennifer

    Another great addition to the feast know as Just a quick question though, any way to hide certain Child Pages from the Mobile version Page Browser?

  36. nababanlens

    wow thanks dude, nice info

  37. toolsofpower

    Great, thanks!

  38. khoirotunhisan01

    Good sons. I will use it soonly

  39. aaronhelton


    Can I say it enough? This is awesome!

  40. sílfidus

    Great! Connecting people.

  41. talkwithzizi

    very cool

  42. rukash

    The basic version needs a bit of work, I think. I would really like to see the links widgets.

    Also I wasn’t able to switch to the full version from my bberry, but that is probably an issue with the bberry.

    Otherwise this is very convenient.

  43. StarSpry

    Cool! I really like it :)

  44. setoelkahfi

    yeah, awesome!!

  45. nikhilscjp

    really enthusiastic effort!!!!

  46. Kevin

    Beautiful! Just tried going to our blog on my HTC Dream and it’s amazing!! Great work!!

  47. trollboy

    That’s a nice feature. And extra points for the excellent title!

  48. shelly777

    I like this post pretty much..!!!!!!!

  49. sumego

    Was looking for this for last few days and I already testing it,simply it’s amazing..Thanks WP

  50. kudzd

    i need to get me a iphone or BB first


    awesome cool:)

  52. facebokguru

    Look wonderful on my iPhone. good work

  53. sunnyatlarge

    This is a welcome development that is bound to enhance the blogging of wordpress users. Good one; keep the the flag flying.

  54. geekspeaking

    I tweeted this a bit ago ..thanks for spelling it out so well here

  55. JeLisa.Galen

    Maybe it’s just my Blackberry, but mine didn’t look cool. :( It was like all broken text and whatnot.

    I’ll have to try it out on someone else’s phone!

  56. Kaste

    Why I cannot insert and post any pictures from my Nokia 5630 when adding new post?

  57. i4ever

    This look good! I like it.

  58. tdillinger


  59. aymenbnr

    oh nice,thanks

  60. ballcaps

    Luv it!

  61. fisherofpeople


  62. Hesham

    Cool,, thanks for the good news!

  63. densus84


  64. madhu bhat

    its really cool.

  65. jamesgpearce

    For users (i.e. self installed), you should check out the WordPress Mobile Pack:

    …which has a (configurable) mobile theme, powerful switcher, mobile administration, lots of other mobile settings etc. It’s younger than the plugin used for this functionality, but (dare I say it) more featured – and well-rated.

    Yeah, this is a shameless plug… but do check it out :-)

  66. restlessadventuress

    I’m so excited to get an iPhone so I can use the WP app!!

  67. irinsade

    cool…keep it coming..;P

  68. cbe111

    technology :) nice

  69. zegi eX laLUna

    that’s cool………..

  70. charlesroring

    Although mobile blogging using iPhone and Blackberry is now getting popular, it does not mean that people have abandoned their PCs. PCs are still playing important role in running complicated applications that need not only high memories but also high graphic quality.

  71. navedz

    This is awesome stuff. Thank you guys.. u doing great work!

  72. shadn92

    Loved it!

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  75. Deb


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  77. Andrew

    Any chance of getting the Nokia N97 added to the phones using the WPtouch theme? It is possible.

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  79. phylor

    Another great reason to finally buy a cellphone!

  80. anavalove

    Now thats cool

  81. flick

    I arrived here thinking it might be a possible app by WordPress for publishing posts on the Android platform… but this is great news too! I can’t wait to visit my sites after this. Just as well it is ‘opt-out’ instead of ‘opt-in’!


    i likey :)

  83. Anthony

    The new mobile theme looks absolutely brilliant on the iPhone! Clean, stylish and readable, and the resizing of the posts and their images works perfectly.

    Well done, what a fantastic feature!

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  85. medipmalta

    This is really cool! Loved it.

  86. Sarah

    That’s a great feature – man, technology rocks!

  87. frankiepierre

    wow i guess

  88. Robert Lew Terrell

    I know this is a late comment for this, but I am going to say something anyway. This is totally awesome! I was hoping for something like this for a while. I post a lot from my iPhone, and use my phone for so much. I didn’t find out about the huge change from this post – I just got on Safari from my phone a few days ago, wanting to see what a friend was up to on her wordpress blog, and WOW! It was just great. At first I thought perhaps it was something that had only changed with her theme. So, I went to my blog, and found that it was a major upgrade of wordpress!

    Thanks for this, really!

  89. bloggernaut1982

    Really super cool- looks even better on my iPhone than on my Mac… Is that NORMAL…??? lol… Thanks WordPress…


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  92. asnirvadi100

    Firstly, u should think about of those fickle people who change techenlogy in evvery era .according to me this article is only current but evergreen.

  93. Satrio Pringgodani

    Really cool! Thank alote.

  94. aflamsex

    very nice :)

  95. inboundmarketingguru

    thanks for the professional look of my blog – I just can’t belive how great it looks on an iphone

  96. stephaniefrancisco

    i was just wondering.. is this also possible for NOKIA E63? hmmmm…. i wanna get it.. argh..

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  99. bishar15

    totally awesome!

  100. johannesgees

    mille grazie – a thousand thanks. that is just what I have been waiting for. J


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