Proofreading support for the HTML Editor

When we announced After the Deadline, the proofreading tool used on, many of you asked us to add proofreading to the HTML Editor.

The HTML Editor lets you edit the HTML in your posts and pages directly. It is also very lightweight.

We’ve been hard at work and now you can check your spelling, style, and grammar from the HTML Editor. Here is a screenshot:

AtD checks spelling, style, and grammar in the HTML Editor too

The proofreader for the HTML Editor has the same features as the one for the Visual Editor.

Click proofread to check your post for errors.

Click edittext to resume editing your post.

You can learn more about the proofreading feature on our support page.

For self-hosted blogs, the After the Deadline plugin has this new feature as well.

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  1. InkSplodge!

    This is definitely a plus – for the blog reader as well as the blog writer. Progress!

  2. javcasta

    OK. Useful.
    I like it.

  3. Fran


    I needed!

  4. the rufus

    Wooow, but when will you support German language?

  5. pashkovski


  6. gbvaz

    great!! excelent job! thanks

  7. herndeggelsche

    Thanks, great support! ;-)

  8. Moses

    much more helpful, thank you! =D

  9. trollboy

    Yes! I can finally get rid of my dictionary!

  10. kiwinana

    Thanks for the HTML Proofreading, all would be good if I could find my API Key, it does not seem to be where it should be in my profile.
    I love blogging, thanks you wordpress, once I can find my way around, everything will be fine, it is getting better, but cannot upgrade.

    • rsmudge

      If you’re blogging on then you don’t need an API key to use the proofreader, it’s built into your blog.

  11. உதய தாரகை

    Great feature! This is gonna make my life easy!! Thanks guys!!

  12. fred6368

    Another Cool upgrade, thanks guys

  13. loneplacebo

    The WordPress team does it again! Can’t wait to see what’s in store next!

  14. akhdian

    Great Job. i love it :)

  15. RandomizeME

    Oh, perfect! WordPress impresses me everyday with the continuous improvements. I used to just use the spell check on Opera, but this is much more convenient.

  16. Roberto

    Wow, It’s difficult to believe that the HTML’s advanced so much in these days…
    Thanks for the hard work, nobody can stop you! :D

  17. timethief

    This will be a boon to those who don’t use Firefox browsers.

  18. fjpoblam

    Superb. The writers thank you for saving us some keystrokes. Thanks.

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  20. goldnsilver

    This is great. I’ll look like less of a dumb arse!

  21. peacefulone

    Cool Beans! Thanks…this I understand.

  22. VIKAS |

    Yet another great feature! Thanks. :)

  23. Danica

    I likes this change!

    But in the screenshot, why is “four” in the first line an error?

  24. Danica

    I understand that gramatically, it should be “for” but usually, spellcheckers don’t pick up on homophones.

  25. jasper1954

    Wow these tools are awe some . They are of age and badly needed in this day when there is no such thing as a misspelled word only my unique way of expressing myself.
    This makes it possible to express yourself and allows me to read your thoughts as well
    Wow What a concept!!!!!

  26. Exodus

    you guys rock it again! thanks heaps, WP team! :D
    i <3 WP!

  27. paulwmitchel

    They are very helpful tips… Thanks

  28. kodegeek

    love this feature

  29. aboylearning

    Looking great.

  30. Aditya


  31. achimmihai

    usefull one.

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  33. Dimas

    Thank you so much guys :-)

  34. &becca

    good job!

  35. dckirba

    I like.

  36. Nita

    Thanks a ton for this. I needed this.

  37. phoxis

    this is the one feature which will help me, because i always use the HTML editor.

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  39. Corve DaCosta


  40. alamendah

    just for english?

  41. thisnthat4u

    Thanks for the useful info.

  42. mycpaweb

    I am planning to use this feature in the future

  43. andreisuba45

    This is a big plus!!

  44. أميرة الورد


  45. jeezem

    one Giant leap

  46. nadiaqh

    I’m glad I saw this today. It will be very helpful. thanks!

  47. sourcingpartners

    Great, thanks a ton :)

  48. liz121

    I am so inspired by everybody’s input. It is excitiing to be part of the bunch, that will benefit from this.
    I hope I can be of some help, too. THANK YOU.

  49. allthatiswrong

    Excellent work there.

  50. elversodeluniverso


  51. zazzygirlz


  52. cgleek

    Can you add this to the P2 theme? ‘love the P2 posting options, dislike the lack of functionality for HTML editing options (other than by memory)

  53. bradfazner

    I’m not sure the grammar check is very good. i just did a little test with “i are going here.” and it said it was correct…

    • rsmudge

      AtD doesn’t catch everything. There are three criteria for deciding whether a rule goes in:

      1) Is it possible to make a rule for this item? Some errors can’t be described in such a way that AtD can catch them.

      2) Does the rule have a lot of false positives? It’s important that a rule catches errors while leaving legitimate writing alone. This is harder than it looks sometimes.

      3) Do people actually make the error the rule was designed to catch? This is an important test. I run the rule against a lot of writing with errors. If the rule finds and corrects the errors it was designed for–great. If not, then it’s kind of useless since it doesn’t do anyone any good. In this case it stays out.

      A little more on the process is at:

  54. cv86

    cool… yeah ;)

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  56. galan05

    Daddy like!

  57. editx

    The good thing about this is that now I can understand my own blogs after I wrote them

  58. planetip


  59. Ruxx

    Super! Will be available for other languages than English?

  60. paddytheflea

    I’ve used it for a couple of days now and it works splendid!
    Very good for a little flea that does not have English as his first language but writes in English because he happens to liven in a football managers hair. The world is a complex place (but there’s not much to compare it with).
    Thank you!

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  62. egomaniac

    will u support proofread for another language?

  63. gpvprasad

    I feel its very nice.
    I would like to know if there is any way to edit HTML in full window view because it is so small to edit and very difficult for typing

  64. Mark Penrith

    You guys an gals rock!

  65. zhahmed

    Definitely needs to be checked out..

  66. Razka

    Great job guys..i like it

  67. 1kyzerzolze

    It works well, Thanks. But I’m still navigating through WordPress, It feels like I’m doing some thing wrong…Nonetheless, I’ll keep treking……

  68. ta8an

    thanks super

  69. wille

    Would be cool if the html editor obey my and commands. Many times I need more line breaks and I don’t get it.

  70. wille

    Would be cool if the html editor obey my and commands. Many times I need more line breaks and I don’t get it.

  71. wille

    Would be cool if the html editor obey my and commands. Many times I need more line breaks and I don’t get it.

  72. Moin Ansari

    For an organization that calls itself “WordPress” this is a great addition. How about syntax checks which would identify missing links, or symbols etc.

    We still anxiously await a “google search” type of search engine (the current one is not up to WordPress world class standards) and support for the automatic creation of a “Table of Contents”

    Moin Ansari

  73. MJae


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  75. Imuyachan

    thank you :D

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  77. Cristiana Bodnariuc

    Good job! I’m glad you did it since I had the opportunity of having that from the beginning of my blog because I created mine a few days ago! Thanks, it works really well and I’m using it pretty much every time I write a Post in a new entry on my blog!

  78. Desert Diaries

    Much obliged (and needed)!

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  80. dykapede


  81. •† Fodåum †•

    yeah,this suport i beatfull

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  83. hungrygoat

    awesome, specially when english isn’t your native language.

    testing it in my texts @

  84. Gabriela Delworth


    This new feature is totally awesome! Thanks so much WordPress!

    ~ Gabriela ~

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  86. Erica Lejonroos

    Hey Cheers ever so much for this new feature , does it come with anti “sär – skrivning” for us swedes ?

  87. طارق أب أحمد

    Thanks, keep on the good work

  88. HO

    thanks this saves a step for me

  89. xenonlit

    I just got this and look forward to trying it out!

  90. lhen1992

    i have to explore for more, this is exciting…

  91. Mark

    Great move

  92. chaser4life


  93. nzwebguide

    It looks like the new version of tinymce is causing a problem with my upgrade.

    each time I try to upgrade to the new version i get this message.

    Could not create directory: /home/webguide/public_html/wp-content/upgrade/wordpress-2.8.5/wordpress/wp-includes/js/tinymce/utils

    Installation Failed

    I’ve tried creating the folder tree and then trying to reinstall, but same problem. I’m getting no help fromthe forum, perhaps someone here can give me a clue.

  94. boblobslaw

    This is a great asset to the microcosm of illiterate blogger’s indcluding myself sometime’s !
    Greatly appreciated always.

  95. abdessmed mohamed amine

    Great :)

    I needed

  96. biglouie

    Just started blogging, and this makes things much easier.


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