October Wrap-Up

October was another busy and productive month. We released Publicize for Yahoo! Updates and Twitter, and upgraded the Theme Viewer for WordPress.com. Coming out of the Automattic team meetup in Québec City, we launched new image templates and mobile themes, and open sourced our After the Deadline proofreader. We also shipped WordPress 2 for iPhone and added support to VideoPress for Ogg, an open video format.

Many of us will be heading out to the Big Apple this month for WordCamp New York, and we hope to see you there!

Here are the stats for October:

  • 467,107 blogs were created.
  • 6,690,017 posts were published.
  • 494,186 new users joined.
  • 7,623,730 file uploads.
  • 4,986 gigabytes of new files.
  • 842 terabytes of content transferred from our datacenters.
  • 7,856,864 logins.
  • 1,405,459,558 pageviews on WordPress.com, and another 1,474,457,685 on self-hosted blogs (2,879,917,243 total across all WordPress blogs we track).
  • 2,509,895 active blogs and 25,386,866 active posts, where “active” means they got a human visitor.
  • 1,600,608,549 words.

More good stuff:

Almost 100 of you heeded the call to get creative with the WordPress logo.

There were 23,458,553 mobile views last month.

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission launched Investor.gov on WordPress.com VIP.

WordPress was cited as one of the leading open source content management systems in the 2009 Open Source CMS Report.

Wired magazine’s digital presence is now run entirely on WordPress.

October WordCamps: WordCamp Spain, WordCamp Las Vegas, WordCamp Kyoto, and WordCamp Netherlands.

WordCamps in November: WordCamp Phoenix, WordCamp Victoria, WordCamp New York, WordCamp Bangkok, WordCamp Mexico, and WordCamp Peru.

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  1. xavier

    Love the “little planet” picture! I’m sure it’s already a poster at the Automattic lounge :)
    (someone’s hiding his face ;) )

  2. nickie wang

    wow, i’m proud to be part of these numbers!

  3. toryaardvark

    Good stuff

    what we really need is flash in widgets so there’s a challenge

  4. Andrew


  5. ileaneb

    Great work Matt and the Automattic team.
    I have a question, what is the number of active WordPress.com blogs vs. WordPress.org?

  6. Margaret

    Right on! This is all good stuff. And this month, I really enjoyed getting creative with the WordPress logo. Now I like to leave my desk lamp on in the evening with its WP logo as a welcoming light into my work room. There’s something cozy about it. Thank you all for working so hard to make WordPress a good place to be.

  7. Omar

    Great :D

  8. Mary

    WordPress is growing and growing and growing!

  9. edwardsthegreat

    Fun Month
    Thanks to all for the visits to my blog!

  10. javcasta

    842 terabytes / 31 days = 27,16 terabytes by day. Uffff
    Too much for my mind. :-)

  11. Sajib

    I just love it because of its free of cost feature. Plus, we get the feature releases in action as soon as offered, even before self-hosted blogs get. However, I wish adsense would be enabled so that bloggers may earn a little bit.

  12. Giorgio

    I’m glad to cooperate to make WP grow… and grow… and grow… ;-p

  13. Sugarcube

    Makes my head spin! Great work to all!

  14. saud0

    WordPress is growing and growing and growing

  15. aproductionsusa


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  17. gbvaz

    I’m glad being part of those stats!

  18. randomgeek1

    The number that surprises me the most is the number of comments. That’s way higher than I’d expect, especially when you consider that a lot of posts don’t get any.

  19. trollboy

    Wired and a government agency in one month. Score!

  20. onepot

    WordPress, I heart you.

  21. jrdskinner

    Fantastic, although publicizing through twitter remains broken for scheduled posts, which is a pretty big deal. WP2 for iPhone looks great though!

  22. Declan

    we are awesome

  23. jessied33

    good for you guys! See you in Nueva York !

  24. Corve DaCosta

    Continue to grow…but my blog isnt lol

  25. VIKAS |vikas-gupta.in

    Great, congratulations! :)

    As for me I bought two upgrades recently.

  26. JW

    Congrats to the WP team. We appreciate you!

  27. hojati

    WordPress = tiptop…

  28. rydash

    Those are very impressive numbers. Although, it makes me wonder how so many pageviews are even accrued to that high a level.

  29. Exodus

    obviously awesome October, eh? ;-)
    i <3 WP!

  30. Girlie

    Wow, this is seriously amazing! I love this site so much!

  31. 25reasons

    I was one of those 467,107 blogs created in October :-)

  32. ζÔ§Η

    1.6 billion words. Wow =]

    Great job.

  33. kodegeek

    Growing with super speed, want more exciting features such as to facebook connect, openid, twiiter on comment!

  34. Tiong Pilo

    … Keep it up:)

  35. GrokSurf

    I can’t believe Anime didn’t get the most votes. She totally outclasses Superman. Too subtle for many, I guess.

  36. drsamuelchandrakumar

    WordPress’s the Best….

  37. indusking

    Great work.

  38. elversodeluniverso


  39. sravan953


  40. postscripter

    WordPress rules

  41. Thomas


  42. gladwellmusau

    I joined wordpress in October and I can’t complain

  43. Noscere

    No, sorry they are not normal Stats Matt, do numbers get that big? I think they are cell phone numbers.

    Very impressive anyway, well done to all the WP staff. You lot rock

  44. Karanvir Singh Sangha

    Great :)

  45. dhenztm

    I so love seeing those stats… I’m not reading it I just look at it =)

    Thank you guys for a nice set of updates!

  46. Steve

    A busy month for WordPress, clearly!

    It’s exciting to see WordPress constantly evolving and improving. Apart from the WordCamps, what else is on the horizon?

  47. phoxis

    I could not make the picture for WordPress Logo in time.

  48. lusmerlin


  49. kellypriebe

    Great job word press! I just joined in Sept 09 as a referral from a web designer, since then it seems every corner I turn I am hearing about successful people that use word press…Congrats!!!

  50. davew1977

    This is so much better than blogspot. How come I only just heard about WordPress?

  51. arjunchakraborty

    I like the style

  52. CalyxCorner

    Outstanding. You guys were recommend to us by a few SEO companies because they say you are the best – you ARE the best. Congrats and by all means keep up the good work – we need it ;-)

  53. abenmyson

    Selamat berjuang kawan semua…

  54. powercase

    I thought WP was THE top-top content management system – who else is big then? Not that it matters because actually I love wordpress – took me ages to learn how to set it all up and use it but now it’s pretty simple :)

  55. chrysantha

    what a great month for you guys!

  56. thecatsman

    I am so immensensly pleased that I found this place from which to express myself.I’ve only been here a short while and my excitment grows daily.It seems I have stumbled blindly into a place I was ment to be in.Impressive stats to say the least and I am greatful to be even a microscopic part of them…This place and the people that make it possible are the BEST…..

  57. markiyan

    # 6,690,017 posts were published.
    # 7,856,864 logins.

    Slightly less than one post per login and slightly more than one comment. So why do people login?

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  59. sinuee

    Vaya que son impresionantes las cifras, hay mucha actividad aquí en wordpress, me da mucho gusto ser parte de esto.

  60. magfemr8


  61. jobaspirations

    Thanks for the stats.

    Job Pursuer.

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  63. misterclu


  64. wwlyna

    I aLso joined WordPress just this October.. ^_^

    And, I’m Loving it!

  65. joelemmanuel

    Awesome! Looking forward for more amazing WordPress features!

  66. bestlivingpossible

    I think the fact that information and ideas can be shared so easily is amazing. Thanks for doing this

  67. joker400

    Thats is Great

  68. garasibagus

    great matt..many feature’s very useful!!!

  69. Raw Hasan

    Wish continuous success of wordpress. :)

    Just wonder, when will you give opportunity to use advertisement on wordpress blogs! I think millions other bloggers also waiting for getting this opportunity to monetize their effort for blogging.

  70. Ed

    Great job, now how do I get my comments back to my e-mail? they stopped being sent there???

  71. arduinostudio

    WordPress I love u.

  72. ignitedsoul

    Its Really Great to be part of WordPress…..

  73. Naufal Noudy

    Wow! Great job WordPress.com! Keep growing!

  74. eideard


  75. JuVe

    great, I feel happy to be among that number up. But what could I have them?

  76. Robin Septavyn Sitanggang

    nice statistic..
    i hope, we can grow up this next time.. :D

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  78. crazykg

    Heehee! I’m feeling very special being a part of all those numbers! I’ve made so many posts, logged in so many times, and written so many words!

  79. trvlr


  80. Inseok

    Wow cool

  81. angeljude

    proud to be a part of it!

  82. marges8

    Just want to say “Thank you” for the opportunity to be part of this wonderful site.

  83. chapter18

    Great! It’s mindblowing.

  84. raulvalenciaruiz

    ¡Felicidades! no olviden a los hispanohablantes, parte impoirtante de esta comunidad. Chido

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  86. Elizabeth Lynn

    hooray for new bloggers!

  87. Moin Ansari

    So how about helping us with a User Viewable alphabetized “Table of Contents” (which would catalog all articles written) sortable by date etc…

    ALso how about a real google styple search engine for the site (so that users can search articles”—the one we have is not world calss and up to wordpress world class standards.

    How about more statistics on users, TCPIP location and sorting

  88. Martin Metzmacher

    I believe that WordPress is playing a major role in how the Internet changes our society. I am reading the book of Jeff Jarvis at the moment “What Would Google Do”. He talks about giving communities “elegant organisations”. I cannot think of a more elegant organisation that some like-minded (or totally unlike-minded- in fact it doesn’t matter) people working together on a blog to get make their voice to be heard.

    You might have done way more for the development of our society and human rights than most politicians. Thanks for giving us a voice.

    I am deeply thankful


  89. Cam Suarez-Bitar

    congratulations! keep up the great work!

  90. komiocy

    Yesss!! Good job!

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  92. swamije

    Hello Sir,
    I am very happy to say that I got installed the spell and grammercheck soft-ware in my computer! Thank you!!!!!

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  94. oldenburgerjunge

    Boah… Good…

  95. dewadota

    wow, nice

  96. therobotdiaries

    Blogging, its all the rage.

  97. timedwellar

    This is all very exciting! I’m still trying to figure this stuff out, but hopefully I’ll catch on eventually…Blogging is a very nice outlet.

  98. Лилай Интуэри

    Очень хорошо!

  99. Лилай Интуэри

    привет из солнечной Воркуты:)

  100. Homeless Multitude

    Hey – this here WordPress.com thing has been a great way to jump start a much needed conversation about the need for local government-created jobs programs for the un-sheltered!


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