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Two months ago we turned on support for rssCloud on Today we’re announcing some improvements.

Initially rssCloud limited update pings to the IP address that made the notification request. To get around this a domain parameter was suggested, that included a challenge mechanism to verify the notification request. now supports the domain parameter ( and challenge ) for rssCloud notification requests. The rssCloud plugin supports it as well.

An issue that was specific to also came up. Under certain conditions it was possible to get a cached version of an RSS feed that didn’t have the most recent post in it, even after receiving a rssCloud ping that the feed had been updated. Now we make sure the feed cache is updated before sending out an update ping.

Enough of the technical bits, how about some stats! More than 135,000 blogs hosted on have at least one rssCloud notification registration. During the first week of October sent an average of 83,000 update pings per day. Today we average more than 105,000 update pings per day.

We’re just at the beginning of the trend towards push notifications, keep an eye out for more announcements in this area.

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Joseph Scott


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  1. Dave Winer

    Thanks Joseph!

    Looking forward to what’s coming next..


  2. just ME

    Gärna Tack! Just ME

  3. VIKAS |

    I am always keeping an eye! :D

  4. Moses

    They’re GRRRRRRREAT! – Tony the Tiger

  5. RandomizeME

    Okay, I think I missed 85% of the technical stuff in this post… except that people are using the feature.

  6. Mary

    Always love the stats! :)

  7. sylviahubbard1

    oh kay. This sounds awesome. now I have to figure out how to use my RSS cloud on my site and I know i’ll be good to go!

    just wait. I’m gonna be a bad mamma jamma when it’s all said and done. LOL.

  8. ratheesanyoganathan

    wow….. its really nice

  9. Roberto


    I hope someday we all use the RSS system to make the life simpler and better ;)

  10. julien51

    That is really awesome! For those who chose to implement the PubSubHubbub subscriber, we built a hub that maps RSSCloud into PubSubHubbub =>

    Let me know what you think!

  11. lune

    didn’t understand a word of that, but anyway, GO GUYS!

  12. danielstorer

    This should be interesting!

  13. bundadontworry

    thank you Joseph.
    it’s really great one.
    best regards.

  14. lovighost

    Cool! Thanks WordPress!

  15. mikelah


  16. CandyProfessor

    I’m not sure I understand the technical stuff. So let’ s see if I’ve got this right: If someone subscribes to my feed via, say, Google reader, does this mean that if I update the post, the updated version shows up in their feed instead of the original version? Since I usually do a lot of post-posting revision (bad me!), that is a good idea!

  17. O. Braga


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  19. jobaspirations

    I definitely find the cloud a useful tool.

    Thanks for the update.

    Job Pursuer.

  20. Exodus

    thanks heaps, WP team! ;-)
    i <3 WP!

  21. alamendah


  22. wpadvanced

    Great News!
    Can’t wait for more announcements and things to make better.


  23. Sajib

    You guys bought my eyes! Always keep in touch with your blog for something awesome. Damn you guys never fail.

  24. Skip McNutt

    Thank you for your efforts.

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  26. jetcer

    It is an advantage for WordPress to get more followers and blogging fanatics! Keep it up for the betterment!

  27. masterclasslady

    Maybe I’m just tired, but I don’t understand the technical explanation for this new feature.

    It sounds wonderful and I really want to be happy about it, So, after I have my first cup of coffee, perhaps the brain cells will “kick in”. :)

  28. ellyakanga

    absolutely love this! thanks

  29. yarnaholic

    OK-admittedly most of the technical stuff went right over my head, but feed update pinging improvement is definitely good news, right? Go Team WordPress!

  30. trinaramirez

    good to know. thanks!

  31. hanifjoly

    any tell me what is word press and what i do in word press. pleas tell any one

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  33. windsurfer02

    its so fine

  34. Shawn

    er. This is good news right?

  35. joker400

    thats great great great great …………..

  36. Marianne

    not understand what you mean

  37. mg555



    thnks….. :)

  39. dearatia

    Hey guys, I don’t know how must of your readers get their feeds but, I found a real cool RSS Reader very easy to use. I added a link to my blog.

  40. eideard

    As ever – thanks for making our communications with the rest of the world easier, more professional.

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  42. Jennifer

    As always, the constant improvements to are much appreciated!

  43. izzywiz


  44. chinod

    thanks heaps, WP team!

  45. Mike


  46. alhakim

    I’ll keep my eye on wordpress new features ;)

  47. Anna Davies-Hedman

    All improvemnet is good. Thank you

  48. hahahahaa


  49. 1ienj1en

    Hl mua p kbr genk.

  50. Yasir Imran

    Great feature, thanks for this

  51. goodtimejohnny


  52. hungrygoat
  53. lovemeifyoudear


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  55. Vadi

    First time I’m hearing about push notifications. Sounds interesting.

  56. pipeinformatico

    Hugs from Chile!

  57. sajidahmed441

    cool it is

  58. soulresponsibility

    um, I guesse this is good news then? !!!!!!!!

  59. eastendbella

    Great! Thanks for the update

  60. mercadoatualizado


  61. christian1parent

    I am so sure that this is a really good thing, based on everyone’s comments… I don’t understand it, but KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK WordPress!!

  62. Andy

    Thanks for the information. I believe this would be of great help…

  63. artist01

    From these little things… big things can grow :)
    Clouds are nice, and it sounds like its raining pings!!
    Nice work team!!

  64. Razka

    thx Joseph Scott.great job.

  65. chlara

    i didn’t understand anything.. but would like to know what this is all about..
    Can someone explain?

  66. kistianlize

    ok, thanks for the “cake”. hope we always be better than before. GBU.

  67. klipingcliping

    Thank’s, enjoy going to word’s with you

  68. kiran4it

    I think RSS makes our life easier on WWW


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