Happy Birthday Firefox

FirefoxNovember 9th 2009 is Firefox’s fifth birthday. Firefox and WordPress have grown up next to each other so we’ve always felt a brethren spirit with their team as we work toward the same goal, making the web a better place, from opposite ends of the spectrum.

Just out of curiosity, I wondered how Firefox was doing in our browser stats compared to the posts I did in 2008 and 2007.

  1. Firefox — 45.7%
  2. Internet Explorer — 38.7%
  3. Safari — 8.75%
  4. Chrome — 5.2%

This is the first time I’ve ever seen Firefox pass IE in market share for a mainstream audience like WordPress.com has.

As you can see, competition in the browser market is still alive and well. Of everything available, Firefox still continues to be my primary browser for every day usage. (And Thunderbird for my email.)

Take a few minutes and wish them a happy birthday.

(The statistics were tabulated from server access logs and include WordPress.com users as well as visitors, as we no longer run Google Analytics across WordPress.com.)

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  2. Frederico

    Happy Birthday Firefox! \o/

  3. Mary

    LoL.. Happy Birthday!

  4. lovighost

    Hey, Happy Birthday Firefox!

  5. javcasta

    Congratulations. Five years old!!!!

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  7. Barry Wallace

    Happy birthday, from a happy Firefox user!

  8. VIKAS |vikas-gupta.in

    Happy B’day Firefox! Firefox rocks! I just can’t live without Firefox! Unfortunately, there are people unlike us [who are with IE]! I don’t use Thunderbird though.

    I also checked browser stats for my last 500 hits [free account with Statcounter] and the data doesn’t make me happy! We Indians will take a lot more time in discarding IE [my blog has mostly Indian visitors, ~ 56 %]! :(

    IE 6: 24.4 %
    IE7: 17.80 %
    IE8: 13.20 %
    IE 1.5: 0.40 %
    Firefox 3.0: 16.40 %
    Firefox 2.0: 2 %
    Firefox 1.5: 0.40 %
    Chrome: 9.20 %
    Opera: 0.40 %

  9. فضل

    firfox alwayw on fire :mrgreen: 8-)

  10. Andrew

    Yay for Firefox!

  11. Shervin

    I LOVE FIREFOX , happy birthday , wish i could buy it a gift lol

  12. cheers30

    happy birthday…….

  13. La historia del dia

    Happy birthday Firefox ! :) :) :)

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  15. Matteos

    Does (almost) nobody uses Opera? Heh, I have extravagant browser…

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  17. Loup Kibiloki

    This is GOOD NEWS! Rejoyce! Thanks to you, and Happy Birthday Firefox!

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  19. Moses

    Happy Birthday! Many Years to Firefox! :P

  20. gbvaz

    Happy Birthday to the best Web Browser!!!

  21. Thomas

    Great news! Happy Birhday, Firefox!

  22. Homeless Multitude

    Yup, Happy Birthday. Also – i want to report far fewer glitches, and better speed/ visuals all around with Firefox than with I-Explorer. HATS OFF to the army of nerdy, tech-focused, Foxfire contributors everywhere!

  23. timethief

    ♥♫ Happy Birthday Firefox!
    We love you
    Happy Birthday Firefox!
    You are true
    Your the king of browsers
    You come shining through
    We’ll never return to IE
    Cuz we have you! ♥♫

    The browser user stats from WC3 are here http://www.w3schools.com/browsers/browsers_stats.asp

  24. Josef Boberg

    Congratulations – Five Years Young :!:from Josef B. :wink:

  25. Kalor John

    Selamat Ulang Tahun “Firefox”

  26. -- ww

    Long live Firefox!

  27. hojati

    Firefox = BEST = wordpress = …?

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  29. Lagoo

    Firefox – you’re one foxy browser. Happy Birthday.

  30. trollboy

    Bonne Fete!

  31. Romy C

    Give me Firefox anytime. Cheers.

  32. hungrygoat

    firefox rulz! happy b’day

  33. konsnos

    Happy birthday Firefox.

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  35. bundadontworry

    happy bitrhday firefox !
    you are king of browser in the world.
    hope you will get more successful for the rest of the day.
    best regards.

  36. ashishpshukla

    Firefox rocks.. Happy Birthday..

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  38. paddytheflea

    When I think of all the Nerds that wishes a Browser happy birthday I just want to…

    Join them :lol:


  39. chubbybots

    Happy Birthday Firefox! Thanks for such a wonderful browser!

  40. HaRaKaT

    Happy Birthday Firefox

  41. tupaitambun

    Sory i’m late…. :D

    happy birthday, firefox…!
    i’m very love U.. :)

  42. Noscere

    Happy Birthday Firefox

  43. jaur


  44. auwoo

    Happy Birthday Firefox, I love you full ;)

  45. Roberto

    Happy birthday!

    And congratulations to Mozilla also, the “old” suite passed many users to Babybox 5 years ago ;)

  46. bibsuv

    Wohoo! Happy Birthday Firefox and may you have many other lovely years to come!

  47. serendipity hopeful

    Happy Birthday, Firefox, thanks for the services, wish u greater success.

  48. sravan953

    Happy Birthday Firefox! Firefox rocks!

    BTW, “…as we no longer run Google Analytics across WordPress.com.”- why is that?

  49. loneplacebo

    I still love you, Safari!

  50. Exodus

    Fox rocks! Happy Birthday!
    i <3 FF! xD

  51. ukashah

    It has been Firefox for me since version 1. I even have a WP entry recording my first experience with Firefox, and there’s no turning back for me ever since.

    Well done Firefox!

  52. Christine McIntyre

    Of course you’re #1… we wouldn’t expect less of you …. Happy Birthday Firefox!

  53. The Orange

    Firefox FTW!

  54. Corve DaCosta

    We all love firefox

  55. dhenztm

    Wow only two days separates my and Firefox’ birthday (I’m on the seventh and FF on the ninth)! Happy birthday Firefox! =D

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  57. abihasan

    Happy birthday, Firefox..

    although I’m using IE for every browsing usage..but I love your logo…..so sweet and nice :-)

    I hope Firefox can make a better appearance browsing as well as IE 8 .

    Thanks for the place for me to drops my comment here ;-)

  58. revenaux

    Happy Birthday for fine and flexible browser. Cheers!

  59. vbonnaire

    Happy Birthday to you FIREFOX!

    (you and WordPress are the best thing about the web?!!!!!!!!!)

    thank you!

  60. tatayk

    Mabuhay (Long Live) Firefox!

  61. chantingbudha

    First of all my heartiest best wishes to my favorite most browser Firefox on her Birthday! :)

    Secondly, I would like we the little fellows here also get the access to browser stats like you people do have, along with many other stats most of stat provider sites presently giving us as we cannot use any Javascript code in our blogs as well. Thanks!

  62. Divya

    Happy Birthday Firefox

  63. wannabefob

    Happy Birthday Firefox!! I use Firefox for my internet and I was quite surprised when looking at the internet browsers people used to go onto my blog. For some reason, I always thought that Firefox wasn’t very popular, but your stats and my stats have proved that it is becoming increasingly popular. Go Firefox!!

  64. dewadota

    yihaaa 5 years old, awesome ^__^

  65. Jennifer

    Happy Birthday! The Fox and its community rocks! Thanks for improving everyone’s web experience, including those that use that other browser.

  66. jinrepublik

    Happy Birthday….

  67. joker400

    Happy Birthday Firefox

  68. Joyful Woman

    I used to love Firefox until a few months ago. The latest version has bugs or errors that drove me crazy. I switched to Opera a month ago and am very happy. (I’d tried it before a few years ago, and it’s really improved!) I’m looking forward to the next version which will hopefully be fixed.

  69. yanguang

    Despite my increasing deviance towards Chrome nowadays, I am proud of Mozilla and Firefox. I wish you many years of good innovation, standards compliance and may you steer away from bloat.

  70. laity

    Happy Birthday Firefox!
    I love you really much.
    I love WordPress more than any other blog.

  71. rukzolanganz

    Happy Birthday Firefox

  72. Maria Niña

    Happy Happy Birthday FireFox…

  73. cantueso

    What a strange thing to find out I was among the early users.
    ¡Feliz cumpleaños!

  74. phoxis

    Its great to know Firefox has gone past IE, and it should

  75. asv3

    Happy Birthday Firefox

  76. دست نوشته

    تولدت مبارک فایرفاکس

  77. forevergreen

    Happy Birthday Firefox!!!
    And to WordPress team, a lot of thanks! :)

  78. kisstyna

    happy birthday to the best browser……..thx::*:*:*:*:*

  79. Batjargal Galsanbat

    Happy happy birthday birthday firefox firefox
    Төрсөн өдрийн мэнд хүргье. FIREFOX

  80. gladwellmusau

    STO LAT!!!! – Polish for a century more HAPPY BIRTHDAYS.

  81. snoopypost

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY Firefox :-)
    im glad to have you

  82. mightymuis

    Happy b-day fox. Go and enjoy another 5 years.

  83. Tom Baker

    Lots of people I know still have never heard of Firefox or don’t use it. I shout its benefits whenever I can. Happy Birthday FF.

  84. unmallya

    Happy Birthday Firefox. My favorite browser.

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  86. stayoutoftrouble

    Keep on developing, fox! :)

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  88. croccity

    Happy birthday Firefox . Thank’s all of you give to us . God Bless you

  89. anny


  90. Omar

    Happy Birthday to you,
    Happy Birthday to you,
    Haaaappy Biiiirthdaaaay tooo youu!

    Happy Birthday Firefox!

  91. ilyasafsoh.com

    :) hP b DAY

  92. vijaysudar

    Congrats & Best wishes!!! My favorite browser is Firefox!!!

  93. pedro nogueira

    it is one more step for Firefox world domination … hurray!

  94. Nicole

    so much better than explorer. im not sure if i should say birthday or anniversary…no matter the case…its been 5 years of happy.

  95. Khalid

    Happy Birthday Firefox

  96. antivir2010

    Happy Birthday To Firefox

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  98. davew1977

    happy bday to the best browser ever. It’s pretty mature for a 5 year old.

  99. estilo007

    Feliz Cumpleaños Firefox :-) ! y sabes eres el navegador que mas me agrada y recomiendo !! :-)
    From Peru

  100. Roger

    Happy open-saucing to you both!


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