WordCamp NYC This Weekend!

WordCampNYC shirt

This weekend, November 14-15, a whole bunch of the friendly faces from Automattic and WordPress.com will be in New York City to attend WordCamp NYC. If you’re a NYC area local (and really, with Acela service being what it is, doesn’t that almost mean anywhere from Boston to D.C.?), we hope you’ll join us at what’s shaping up to be one of the most exciting WordCamps of all time.

(Okay, I’m one of the organizers, so of course *I* think it will be awesome, but in this case, I’m right!)

What’s so great about this WordCamp? Allow me to tell you:

  • 8 tracks of content, to cover every WordPress-lover’s area of interest/expertise*
  • Over 50 confirmed speakers for Saturday‘s sessions
  • Sunday morning unconference
  • Sunday afternoon “Best of WordCamp NYC” Ignite-style recap
  • Q&A with Matt Mullenweg, founder of WordPress.com
  • Theme/Plugin Competition, Project Runway style
  • Fantastic shirts
  • Yummy lunch on Saturday
  • Door prize raffle
  • Genius Bar to help people with their WordPress woes (meet the Happiness Engineers in person!)
  • Hacker Room for hardcore developers who want to contribute to the open source project

We’re being hosted by Baruch College, a great venue in the Gramercy Park area of Manhattan. We will not be streaming WordCamp NYC online due to bandwidth limitations, but we hope to post videos from the event on WordPress.tv after it’s over.

It’s like 2 days of WordPress Paradise for less than going out to dinner (thanks to generous sponsors like Microsoft, Media Temple and other great companies). Over 550 people have already signed up. What are you waiting for? Get your ticket now and come meet us there!

*Tracks are: Newbies, Bloggers, CMS, Beginning Developer, Advanced Developer, BuddyPress/MU, Academic, and Open Source Community.

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Jane Wells


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  1. Ricardo Pizarro Iturrieta

    I hope you friends all pass extremely well, I regret not be with you when I am a lover of WP, I learned just without the help of the forum, thanks to this free huge portal. I hope that at this meeting you achieve big deals to attract large clients and thus keeping supporting the WP stand up.

    If by any chance you have an spare T shirt I loved, could you send me one I will be happy

    good luck

  2. Andrew

    I think that’s pretty awesome as well.

  3. pachuvachuva

    well, that is just super cool..even if a lot of us won’t be able to go, being in this part of the world, we hope you guys would have a lot of fun. kudos to the organizers! ^_^

  4. VIKAS |vikas-gupta.in

    All the best! I will attend the next New Delhi camp. :)

  5. thecatsman

    Wish I could be there,the shirt looks awsome and yes I wish I had one too.If wishes were fishes I could feed multitudes…….

  6. Jenn

    I like the shirt! :D

  7. wafie93


  8. Lagoo

    Have a bagel for me. And a street hot dog. And some falafel. Maybe some pizza. Ooo, and one of those Vietnamese sandwiches. Wait, if you have time, can you make a pit stop at Ciao Bella for some gellato? I know it’s probably cold but…. I’m jealous. Have fun!

  9. Sunny

    Oh, it sounds fun. I want to attend. However, I really need to study. :(

  10. kandkaye

    i want a shirt where to buy them from

  11. Yasir Imran

    NYC, o I can’t go there, but can I have the live streaming link?

  12. randomgeek1

    Nice shirt.

  13. scarletbeam

    ooh… too far.. maybe next time…

  14. Tom Baker

    Really would like to be there but previous commitment. Maybe you could have one in the midwest soon.

  15. Pedro Serra

    Yep… too far. When is the one in Rio de Janeiro????

  16. Moses

    I Love WORDS!!!! =D

  17. buyathread

    I signed up for the Sunday session weeks ago, but haven’t gotten any info at all yet. Should I have?

  18. casey

    Il be there in January, can you hang around a while, Id love a shirt. Good luck to all of you.

  19. ronakorn

    And Bangkok too.

  20. egwechipublishing

    I have such a packed schedule this weekend but I hope to stop by. Sounds like a great idea for us in the east.

  21. kdtsva


  22. 100 Girls, 100 Days

    I’m debating this hmmmm

  23. gbvaz

    when is the one in Brazil? =D

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  25. sparklebarbie

    I just love NYC, but won’t be able to attend. How about a West Coast WordCamp? LA or San Francisco??? That’s what I’m talkin’ about! I’ll be on the lookout for videos, in the meantime!

  26. warlock6

    hm! i think it is a very good idea. it is like the meeting in reality of people who met each other only in chats. am i right?

  27. raincoaster

    I’m going to be speaking at WordCamp Victoria http://wordcampvictoria.ca on Saturday. All you SEOs can come out and throw things at me for telling the world to switch to WordPress.com!

  28. megapassion

    ye ye,,:)

  29. box

    I like the T shirt!

  30. hungrygoat

    nice & cool. i’ve made a list of TOP RESTAURANTS IN NYC if any1 care about food when in there:


  31. Margaret

    Going to the “Big Apple” should really be fun. It sounds like a full agenda for everyone. Hope you all have a great time together.


  32. iTito

    I think that’s pretty awesome as well.

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  34. trinaramirez

    sounds geeky fun, but too far for me. next time. maybe.

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  36. darbs


  37. kerrycharacters

    Boy would I love to be there with you all! A bit of a commute from France though. Enjoy and thanks for the wonderful venue we already inhabit. No doubt we will be able to ready about how it all went after the meeting.

  38. zeinab12

    oh i wish i can go there but it’s too far i’m in lebanon too bad but best of luck and success guysssssssssssss

  39. paeon

    Will there be a WordCamp Chicago? If not how can one organize one?

  40. nursemichael

    come to Texas some day!

  41. olendariwin

    Wow! I hope I could attend!! Awesome t-shirt!!!

  42. Charles-Patrick

    I would love a WordCamp in Austria :)

  43. alwaysjan

    I’m in LA, but as a former New Yorker, I want that shirt!

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  45. AspiringArtists

    Keep us, travelers, posted on how it goes. Wish I could attend. All the best, I am sure it rocked.

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  47. mostafamtalaat

    i like it

  48. rainbowcafenj

    dammm…. i just found out about this at 10pm on sunday night, Nov. 15 :(( I would have gone for sure !!!

  49. admin

    long love wordpress, we all love you! :)

  50. raincoaster

    I’m organizing another WordCamp in the Okanagan wine region of British Columbia in January or February. Great skiing there, too!

    And by the way, I managed to drop the F-bomb in my talk on WP.com vs Wp.org. Not All Talks May Be Suitable for Young WordPressers…

  51. terryjonesca

    I’m a “newbie” to the WordPress community, but sure am envious of those who will be able to attend. I’ll look forward to the next one! I, too, congratulate you for putting on such a powerful event.

  52. andijohdari

    i like that t-shirt, i want one

  53. lesitaliens

    Any stuff like that in program for Italy?

  54. Video Dinle izle

    i like that t-shirt, i want one
    Thanks !

  55. styleconviction

    Oh! Would LOVE to attend, but alas, cannot. Hope it is a successful event!

  56. mytitleguy

    wordcamp Phoenix?

  57. lwilliamsba

    Hope all goes well. The shirt is great!

  58. 昆蟲

    I wish I lived “between DC and Buffalo”. It sounds really cool!

    Hope (and I am sure) you all enjoy it!

  59. aseptriyana

    Oh! Would LOVE to attend, but alas, cannot. Hope it is a successful event!
    I’m a “newbie” to the WordPress community, but sure am envious of those who will be able to attend. I’ll look forward to the next one! I, too, congratulate you for putting on such a powerful event.


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