A New Translation Platform

The full translation of WordPress.com is an ongoing process, of which you are a great part and whom we thank for the patience and assistance. Thanks to you, WordPress.com is now available in 60+ languages (and, yes, before you ask, esperanto, too). As you know, any text that shows up on your dashboard, widgets or (most) themes can be shown in one of the supported languages, by specifying a different language in the Language Settings of your blog’s dashboard.

Up to now the platform used for translation was simple and worked, but not only did it lack features that have been requested over time, but also made the approval and deploy process slow at times. Given the accelerated pace at which new features have been rolling out, we have been working on a new and improved translation platform that will make life easier for all involved.

Enter GlotPress, the new open source GPL project from Automattic, that is now the engine behind WordPress.com translations. Here are the most important changes:

  • Filters for everything,
  • Pagination! (no more filtering through thousands of strings),
  • Faster, optimized process of string validation and deployment,
  • Much easier to add new languages.

In the future we will bring in other cool stuff like keyboard shortcuts, more social functions (user profiles, comments, tags). We are pushing GlotPress live without them, because we were so impatient to deliver something better than the old system, that we focused on the most important features only.

Be sure to read the support pages on internationalization and on GlotPress, then dive into your language’s strings to make sure WordPress.com displays your language the way it should.

A few notes:

  • Translations were generally approved by one of us at Automattic, but we can only validate so much as we don’t speak all the languages (we try, though!), so that we now support “validator” profiles on GlotPress, for those users who want to help out in semantic and consistency validation (and not just technical). If you feel this is something you might want to sink your teeth into, please drop us a line in the forums.
  • Remember that for the 10 or so most spoken languages, we import those language communities’ translations directly, overwriting existing strings, at every new release. We strongly encourage you to get in touch with the .org translators for your particular idiom.
  • If you are a programmer and wish to contribute to the GlotPress code self, there’s a Trac for the project, where you can browse the code and contribute with patches and additions.

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  1. Moses

    That’s awesome! Any plans to add more languages?

  2. gbvaz


  3. Chuck Ring

    “WordPress, It just is …EVERYTHING.”

    Thanks a great bunch!

  4. La historia del dia

    WordPress … siempre de mejor en mejor!

    Los felicito y mil gracias :)


  5. علی د.ب.

    Oh my God!
    I can’t believe it.
    It seems that all the history and all the translations that where waiting for approval are lost!
    Am I true? Is this permanent?

    • The new platform uses the exact same files that were being used on the old one, so no information should have been lost. If you believe there are strings missing, that you know were translated before, please contact Support so that we can take a look at it. Thanks.

  6. randomgeek1

    Wow, that’s really cool.

  7. VIKAS |vikas-gupta.in

    Great feature! It’s raining new features at Automattic! :)

  8. iaoj

    Dear Sir/Madam, please add Sindhi language in wordpress languages, Sindhi fonts and Sindhi language installer is available at the following link;

  9. danielstorer

    This will be great!

  10. -dN5

    Like it…. !!

  11. RandomizeME

    Wow – I’m processing this right now. Stamp.of.approval.

  12. heloise8

    Is this automatic? People r searching my site using google and get a translation of a page. Do we need to activate this.

  13. sravan953

    Wow, 60 languages, nice!

    Keep up the good work guys!

  14. Cátia Kitahara

    Congrats! Which version of WordPress is it using?

    • Thanks Cátia.
      GlotPress self doesn’t run on top of WordPress (aside from using BackPress), and WordPress.com is always more or less in sync with the latest release of WordPress.org.

  15. Tom Baker

    Forgive my stupidity, but does this mean I can translate a post, copy and paste it in the second language for readers who visit and speak that particular language? For instance all my posts are in English. Can I then use the translation tool for Spanish and then post a second version of my same post in Spanish and it would be coherent for the Spanish reader?

  16. goodtimejohnny

    What a grand connection of people!

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  18. timethief

    Another useful feature has been rolled out. Good on you guys and gals. :)

  19. sitearm

    Good timing we are global!

  20. Giorgio

    … a long has passed and WP.com is growing on and on! ^_^ fantastic!

  21. Phablo Xcsholl

    I´m so happy with my wordpress!!

  22. Lord Vader

    Glad to see my language… although still stick to English interface :)

  23. peixesloucos

    hello, i can not sort all of the entries. i would like to do a search to do some translations but as it does not list by “all” it does not help. am i doing something wrong?

  24. Torsten

    Remember that for the 10 or so most spoken languages, we import those language communities’ translations directly, overwriting existing strings, at every new release. We strongly encourage you to get in touch with the .org translators for your particular idiom.

    Which languages will be imported directly? German? Do you need a validator for german in this case? And how to find the .org translators?

    • We will be listing those languages soon, and yes, German *is* one of them. We still need validators for those languages, because WordPress.com has many more strings that don’t exist on WordPress.org (think Upgrades, for instance)

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  26. pececitacosmica

    same question as Tom Baker??? How exactly does it work??
    it automatically translate English to a selected language????
    thanks love you world press…. COSMIC FISH\ PECECITA COSMICA

    • The platform only supports the translation of WordPress.com’s, themes’ and plugins’/widgets’ strings. This is not to say that we’ve implemented automatic translation features or even multilingual capabilities (eventhough they are not forgotten ;)). We currently do not support those. So if you want to blog in, say, Persian, you can change your language settings and your blog and its dashboard will show up in Persian. Content is up to you and we don’t touch that.

  27. Mac Storm


  28. امیر حسین

    but it’s not very good in Persian language.
    please improve for right to left languages.

  29. Exodus

    ha! i can see my Vietnamese in the list. xD
    i’ll try my best to give more contribution on this translation matter.
    i <3 WP!

  30. antonjuniorche

    I hope Indonesian language is available. ^^

  31. musicever

    long live all u guys there. just love u soo much…. cheers :-)

  32. Ranadipam Basu

    Dear friend, what about Bengali ?

  33. lilmaouz

    Personnellement, j’apprécie ce changement (plus facile d’approche maintenant)
    Que souffle sur WP.com une brise de contributeurs, et que brille pour l’équipe le soleil d’un magistral succès. Merci pour tout, la vie est plus belle en WordPress.com :)

  34. gamboi

    Sounds great :).

  35. Jupri

    i request java ethnic language ( bahasa jawa ) from indonesia.

  36. Kartik Mistry

    Looks promising!

  37. swamije

    Hello Sirs ,
    I am very happy about the addition of translation section in WordPress. Do you have included TAMIL LANGUAGE among the present 60 languages? If you have not added please add it at the earliest!

  38. ajikinai

    hm bad…i have used with my old language style, make no sense to change it now…

  39. BabaliciouS

    The Support Pages please? We need to have them translated into those top ten or so most spoken languages, speaking of globalized WordPress. But still this newly added feature worths standing ovation — another job well done, guys!

  40. Yella Ojrak

    Can we translate FAQs and ToS too there, Jose?

  41. Yella Ojrak


  42. Andrew

    Interesting stuff. I don’t like the name GlotPress, though. I’d have gone with Pressperanto (.com, .org still available).

  43. yukikoo100


  44. noushi

    The german translation part could see a moderator from time to time…

  45. wyw1d

    Wooow, great feature! it make so happy with WordPress.Thanks

  46. lesitaliens

    One time more, the internet reveals itself to be the most powerful tool to connect and inform people.

  47. bundadontworry

    how about indonesian languange, is it there already ?
    best regards.

  48. پدرام Pedram

    its good!

  49. basports

    That would be awesome if you can add Klingonese. LOL

  50. Alberto

    That’s a great idea. I’ll use it in the future for when I write poetry again. Thanks!

  51. blueberry1210

    Wow! another mile stone for wordpress.. more power!

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  53. Jim Gilbert


  54. Pike

    It’s awesome!!!

  55. Lic. Jesús de Nazaret


    Goog Work WP!

  56. interglossiaafricana

    Great news indeed!

  57. interglossiaafricana

    I hope this will give all (endangered) African languages a chance not only of being preserved but also of contributing to world culture and civilisation.

  58. @basports and @Jim Gilbert, we’re all for Klingon! Request in the forums, please? Please?

  59. renandi

    Wow . . . Good !!!

  60. xavier

    Very cool to see this project coming to fruition, at last!

    We’re looking forward to testing it with our various FR translation efforts, and will be sure to have feedback sent to the needed persons :)

  61. nicole2020


  62. AfriE

    Cuma bisa bilang indonesia saja.. WordPress is… The best

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  64. jussac


  65. Citizen Pain

    Way to go, WordPress!

  66. ontravelling

    I like it!!!

  67. jascrafts

    Que Suave!

  68. fajro


  69. tugas mata kuliah information retrieval-shiawasenakatei

    nice, interesting..

  70. Lagunatic

    Dude….where’s the British/Canadian/American amalgamation language option? I mean, if you’re going to include bastardizations like Esperanto….. I can write it for you. Deal? I make you some poutine.

  71. marcys

    I wondered why my blogs were suddenly showing up in other languages…

  72. whalingman


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  74. hoh


  75. hoh

    how do i unsucbscribe to this
    your option
    “Notify me of new posts via email.”
    emails don’t have the link to do so


    Thats’ very grateful an’ that means we shall all be kept informed.

  77. maurozani

    Sorry, I don’t understand english very well. But maybe is good action…

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  79. Hana

    Another great features. Thank you


    Nice work done an’ please keep it up

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  82. the faltese malcon

    Now this looks dandy.

  83. Cristiana Bodnariuc

    So Awesome!! I just love it! Everyday when I look into wordpress I learn there are new interesting features…

  84. doviende

    @Lagunatic Sorry, but Esperanto is not a bastardization of English or anything else, it is an independant language with a completely different grammar and vocabulary, although it is significantly easier to learn than English. There are poems, novels, theatre plays, etc, written in Esperanto, and also many families speak it at home when the parents don’t have a common language. Consequently, some children also grow up as native speakers. A famous example is the billionaire George Soros.

    more information at http://lernu.net/ and http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Esperanto

    Thanks very much to WordPress for all the hard work :)

  85. ♥ ♫ ☼ ♪ Londemoon ♥★™


  86. Vegaljós

    Looks great :D

  87. jingleyanqiu

    everyone welcomes changes, especially when it integrates with modern tech and pleasant people.

  88. jingleyanqiu

    thanks a bunch.

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  90. bandana001

    Great feature,
    Thank you,

  91. عادل حامد برهوم

    it looks great
    wordpress is top

  92. ideagirlconsulting

    This is good news, but why cant they do a languages widget where the subscribers can pick the language they want it translated in. I would like to see that as the next step.

  93. indrasuparto

    Situs information

  94. turbeng

    Parece bien!

  95. Abdul Cholik

    It is remarkable effort. I really appreciate it.
    Tahnk you.

  96. asrarudin

    its great…but i dont understand how to apply???

  97. Sheri

    Anyone can help translate. Check out the GlotPress help page for details.

  98. riyanqu

    waoow is verry good u features

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