WordPress.com Video Contest: Giving Thanks

Announcing our first-ever video contest, brought to you by turkey, stuffing, and that gelatinous stuff that grandma calls cranberry sauce. Yes, that’s American Thanksgiving. Appropriate to the occasion, the topic is giving thanks.

While it’s inspired by the holiday, it’s in no way limited to residents of the U.S. Whether you’re in Jacksonville, Jakarta or Johannesburg, you’re invited to take stock of all that you’re thankful for, and share it with the WordPress community through video.

To enter the contest, embed your video in a blog post tagged with ThanksgivingContest09, any time between November 23 and 27. We’ll announce the winners the following week.

We’re looking for creative interpretations on the topic, not confessional-style orated lists. Maybe it’s a montage of tiny moments that fill you with joy, a mini-documentary of your family traditions, or a strange stop-motion adventure about the things you treasure most. Check out our announcement video for even more ideas:

While there’s no limit to the ways you can express yourself, we do have two requests:

  • Keep it rated G (obviously).
  • Keep it under 30 seconds. It sounds short but, trust us, you can fit a lot of amazing things into that timeframe.

Videos that don’t meet those two requirements will be disqualified.

The first place winner will receive a one-year subscription to the VideoPress upgrade (or an additional year, for those who already have it), along with a sleek new Flip Mino HD camera!

For the runners-up, there’s lovely WordPress apparel and mugs, plus a very special WordPress Moleskine notebook, not available in our online shop.

The contest ends at midnight Pacific time (UTC -8) on November 27. To translate that to your timezone, you can calculate it on The World Clock.

If you aren’t sure how to embed video on WordPress.com, check out our handy Support resources. You can even upload videos straight to your Media Library, with the VideoPress upgrade.

All best to our contestants. We look forward to seeing what your brainy brains come up with!

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  1. Pililoni

    Hmm… sounds cool!

    And 1st comment(I think)!

  2. gbvaz

    sounds nice!

  3. jd

    Might try it…!

  4. Tin Pencil

    Neat. Might have to give this a try. I’d be thankful for those prizes :)

  5. Lagunatic

    How fun! I guess I’m going to have to figure out how to embed video afterall. Can I be thankful for that?

  6. Luger

    I will be entering this :)

  7. Mary

    This is going to be interesting. :)

  8. ileaneb

    What a great way to give thanks…and win prizes!!

  9. VIKAS |vikas-gupta.in

    Interesting! You should hold more contests including writing competitions! :)

  10. Johz

    I may enter, I might not be bothered though…
    This is a really good idea!

  11. Zaeriuraschi 11098 (pronounced zay-ree-ooh-ras-chee)

    Cool! I hope I can submit a video.

  12. Ben

    Cool idea, but, could I make it a page on my blog? I don’t really want a video on the immediate page…

  13. Moses

    Happy Thanksgiving! :)

  14. infaplus

    I will be entering this thanks.

  15. MoSop

    Just another reason why I am thankful for WP! Your creativity never ends. ;)

  16. art predator

    Great prizes! Count me in! I hope there’s lots of runner-ups: My WordPress moleskin notebook (which I won for my tattoo at WordCamp 2008!) is about full and a bit bedraggled!

  17. meryl365

    So many ideas already popping into my head!!

  18. xboxoz360

    sounds like a great idea, although I’m not in the US, and for us over here in Australia, Thanks Giving has no relevance for us. But an excellent incentive and idea.

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  20. RandomizeME

    Okay, I will try to dredge up some creativity buried within me for this.

  21. rocket108

    OME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i cant wait i am so going to have to put one up so i can get that video camera.oh and if you want o comment on this go to my page all about meg.oh and did you see new moon i cant wait till i go to see it on sunday my mom went to see it and she says it was packed and people were saving seats and even hole rows and i cant wait my mom said people were sleeping and one girl had must of lost a bet cause she was yelling and was doing cart wheles and was yelling go team Edward.LOL!!!

  22. rocket108

    AND if you hate twighlight what on gods green earth are you thinking.

  23. demoffy

    Although I don’t know..
    But.. Happy Thanksgiving! ;)

  24. troy

    My brainy brain is too tired to even consider these video shenanigans.
    I will stop by your online shop though :)

  25. dreadfulll

    good sound thank

  26. terrylchandler

    Our Mom turned 90 this year, and my brother-in-law created a dvd commemorating her life (thanks Don!) I’m going to let him know about this, as he recently retired (early!) and has time on his hands, I think!

    Great idea!

    Oh, and I may as well promote my opera singing niece here, as she just arrived in NYC and is incredibly talented, looking for a job. Laura Kay! You want to hear her sing!!! She belongs on a stage with Josh Grobin!!!

  27. yanguang

    It is good to know that the contest is open to everyone.

  28. Corve DaCosta

    will think about this

  29. yopupfree

    wow nice

  30. hienergydanny

    Hey now there is a nice project to do!! Might go about it and give it a shot!!!

  31. 7gato

    It seems interesanting

  32. 121dh0


  33. Dê Xù

    sounds interesting, really … ^_^!

  34. arrangedmatches

    will also think about this

  35. ronin17

    really got my undivided attention with this one! :P thank you wordpress! today is even the first day of my account!

  36. Antonio

    fantastic :)

  37. elversodeluniverso


  38. Danica

    This sounds like a fun contest! I’ve got an idea for what I’d like to do, but I know I’ll procrastinate, so I won’t.

  39. Ranadipam Basu

    Happy Thanksgiving…!

  40. sonanky


  41. mothersintelligencesecretservice

    I can’t do a video, but just wanted to say thank you for wordpress:)

  42. s-dee

    ah, under 30sec??? guess I have to delete it, and shorten it by 1min then;)

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  44. audio1motorsports

    I think i will enter this

  45. aishaj

    This is cool! just wish the date was extended since I always travel for Turkey Day…

  46. ajikinai

    I want to ask…
    Is there a specification in the movie we make…such as it must be high quality or must be taken from camera with high resolution?

  47. rollyalvarez3rd

    YEs! Nice!

  48. jimmiemac48cav

    What a great way to convey my thanks to all those who have helped me to get where I am today.

  49. lune

    I second the writing contest comment – let’s have some!

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  52. okposio

    ok let see!

  53. deathgleaner

    How do you embed a video if you don’t have VideoPress?

  54. tugas mata kuliah information retrieval-shiawasenakatei

    video contest?? nice… But I can’t join this contest, because I don’t have video,.

  55. jaredadventure

    Hey there! I am Jared and I would love to enter! But how do you embed a video?

  56. girludontknow

    lol like many others I need to figure out how to embed a video! But ill defintally will have to try this!

  57. razor

    I took a look yesterday – and there was only one posted. Great to see a few others today! I really like “One Man’s Noise” so far! Hoping to get to make something and post – we’ll see – have to finish NaNoWriMo first! Happy Thanksgiving World!

  58. elleica

    yeah.. how come there are so few videos that the tag is generating??

  59. madhusoodan

    pretty cool….!!!!!1111111

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  62. Hana

    Whoops, i think i’m too late. So i can’t wait to see the winner is. Congrats then.

  63. Alberto

    Oh, I read this way too late :-( I’ll keep a lookout for the winners though.

  64. Arron

    Happy Thanksgiving America.

    Your friend, Canada~

    =P Have a good one guys…

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  67. Irene Suwarno

    This is an interesting contest. Happy Thanksgiving!

  68. ♥ ♫ ☼ ♪ Londemoon ♥★™

    sounds very nice!
    Happy Thanksgiving! :)

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  72. x5base

    I think it’s cool though am new here I will be trying next time, keep it up wp.

  73. ellison80

    happy thanks giving

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  75. alsyahna

    so nice

  76. mishakus

    sounds good

  77. mav92604


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  82. singajo


    i also submitted a little video – but my blog is normally in dutch – does that makes any difference? I’m asking because i don’t see my post appearing with the other submissions when i click on the tag “ThanksgivingContest09″

    • Sheri

      Submitting in Dutch won’t make a difference. We’ll see your entry in the nl language tag pages. :)

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  84. razor

    My post is also not appearing on the tag page for “ThanksgivingContest09″. Why?

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  87. gaffed

    Wish I could post embeded code from Blip.tv, I’d enter something.

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