Black Friday 20 hour 20% off sale now on!

In the US there are some strange traditions, and one of them is the day after Thanksgiving when people line up from 3 or 4 in the morning to be the first people in a store when it opens to get some item for a really good price. This is ostensibly to get a head start on Christmas shopping.

We’ve decided to replicate this experience but without the cold, the early morning, or the scramble to get to the door first.

Right now you can get 20% off on all upgrades purchased on the Upgrades page on your blog. This is our Black Friday sale and must end in 20 hours time!

For example, you can get VideoPress for only $47.98, register a domain and map it for $11.98. Custom CSS costs $11.98 right now.

20% off everything, only for the next 20 hours. Check out the list of available upgrades to see what’s on offer then visit your Dashboard and click “Upgrades”.

This is the first sale we’ve ever had, and might be the only one.

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  1. egomaniac

    Wow.. WordPress always surprise me!

  2. ileaneb

    Thanks. Since everyone is at the malls, I might be the first one to see this. lol

  3. Moses

    Awesome! Who woulda thought? =D

  4. skyx

    am i the thrid one to see this?

  5. RandomizeME

    ha ha – that’s cute. I like the idea of not having to line up to get a discount… But hey, WordPress, why stop at 20%? That’s not a discount! *grumble* a self-respecting Black Friday discount should be 40% off at the very least…

    • Matt

      Yeah, but in normal retail the prices are so marked up they can do that. This is the least expensive any of these upgrades have ever been since the founding of

  6. Mary

    WP first sale.. yaaaaaay!

  7. ajikinai

    haha you promoted WordPress upgrades… sounds interesting…

  8. giiid

    Great idea! You are so creative at WordPress!! :-)

  9. sensico

    wait! so I can’t purchase the CSS upgrade again for another year cause I already have the upgrade??

  10. VIKAS |

    I got some discount on hosting and will soon shift to self-hosting!

    P.S.: You’ve a cute baby in the profile pic. :)

  11. datchickneeks

    WordPress is so sick!
    Best Blogging site ever

  12. La historia del dia

    Me siguen sorprendiendo! ;)



  13. ♥ ♫ ☼ ♪ Londemoon ♥★™

    Wooo hooo!
    Thanx! :)

  14. Jennifer

    (Dear Santa-I’ve been a good girl this year; how about that shiny No-Ads upgrade?)

  15. delaorden

    well, I got mine…. a CSS upgrade for a year U$11,98 or so…..

  16. g s collector


  17. Bandew444


  18. Corve DaCosta

    Still cant afford it

  19. sylviahubbard1

    oh wow! i’m loving this! durnit! now i gotta transfer some funds.

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  21. gonuhome

    Muy buena oferta.
    Buen trabajo!

  22. Jessica

    This is an awesome idea, of giving Black Friday discounts…..are you also going to be doing Cyber Monday discounts?

  23. utellit

    WTG!! WordPress promote, promote, promote! ;)

  24. admin #2

    can you guys extend it for 1 more day plz?
    then i will be sure have a VIDEOPRESS UPGRADE and DOMAIN upgrade.
    plzz.. 1 more day

    Then you will R.O.C.K more! :)

  25. Exodus

    hahaha you guys are so sweet to do this. and creative, too. ;-)
    i <3 WP!

  26. vjp

    What about renewals? No discount for those (my CSS upgrade is about to expire)?

  27. vjp

    Nevermind – I just found it! Thanks!

  28. phoxis

    OmG!! OmG!! OmG!!, this is the best time for me to buy the domain map, but I am out of luck, dont have any way to buy from internet.
    And am also interested about transferring registrar to from my current one. It would be great if WordPress starts supporting it.

  29. assasinated

    I Like It………. :)

  30. Fadhilatul Muharram

    well, in Indonesia we heard it. I saw pic of a couple bought a plasma TV and they still wore their pajamas. it’s crazy. :mrgreen:

  31. ctortolano

    I love the internet.

  32. azizmoummou

    Bud can’t say but wow…

  33. getterdunner

    I missed Black Friday.

  34. 71mm0

    20%? how about 100%? :lol:

  35. mahanigallery

    that’s my wordpress!!!

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  37. Ina Infinity

    i just found out about it :-(

  38. auwoo

    I wish there is black friday in my country ;)

  39. urbanvolcano

    I just don’t know what to say except is it Easter yet?

  40. JoeDuck

    Missed the sale, but WP greatness deserves …. full price anyway Woo Hoo !

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  42. art predator

    Guess I missed out on this one…how about one a day after Christmas sale?

  43. phoxis

    @Sheri : Yes i knew it from in freenode earlier, and i am waiting for WordPress to start it. Because i have to change the registrar from the current one to some other as they are taking 35$ per year. If both are in WordPress then I might be able to make it in some lesser amount. I would ask the developers to keep the registrar transfer feature in mind for the future. It would be a good one.

    • Sheri

      @phoxis, we don’t have any plans to offer incoming domain transfers, but you should be able to use a registrar that charges a little less and that should help a bit.

  44. s8529226


  45. thechicboutique

    oh this is great! thanks so much guys!

  46. gltecdomainvn

    OH my WP…

  47. bayareafoodie

    shoot…missed it. How about you extend the date….

  48. jazmynpatterson

    Black friday is awsome great sales!! The only thing is people are very rude and mean. Anyone who has gone to the mall on Black Friday knows that it can be a complete madhouse. Parking is impossible, workers are overwhelmed, and shoppers are cutthroat.

  49. katyallgeyer

    Dang it! I was traveling over the holiday and didn’t have internet access to see this in time :(

  50. Global Wonk

    This just showed up as a link on my dashboard. Never saw it when originally posted. Tried to purchase videopress upgrade, but it showed the normal price versus the reduced rate.

    Are you extending this sale or not?


  51. adiblogger

    I missed it I missed it :(((
    next year I ll come back! :o))
    Is there a timescheduling feature for bookmarks? ;o) [patent pending]

  52. Rizky

    Haaaaa…..I missed it.

    Say, can commenter’s able to get the special price ‘now’ ?

  53. Sheri

    Sorry but we’re not extending the sale.

  54. Global Wonk

    Might want to look at preventing the link from continuing to pop-up in people’s dashboards if you do not plan on extending.

  55. jronaldlee

    Why is this still showing up on the dashboard?

  56. towatheanbu

    huba buba i loved the idea.

  57. thietkewebvietdragon

    in vietnam is not same

  58. ourcashregister

    Just got this link in the dashboard, tried to upgrade and voila… no sale. Talk about a rush and a let down.

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  60. soumen

    Good Idea, but yet a long distance for me to afford.

  61. idiotnesia

    But I think it was few days ago.. Thanks WordPress

  62. miz

    Talk about not publicizing it, and then announcing it just for the fact.

  63. coffee0509

    It sounds good for seller and buyer!

  64. satchito

    Amazing!! now I would have to think what would I want an upgrade for…? mmmhhh

  65. vanihegde

    HI increase your discount and period

  66. scidrew

    Black Friday is pissing me off. My parents are bringing me everywhere. Which bugs me, so curse black Friday!

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  69. jats50

    BlackFriday imis thatone after xmas will be fine

  70. winartobm90

    nice…good idea!

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  72. tsega

    You are doing great job. Hope in future more upgrades will be available at free or pay.


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