Video Contest Extended!

Earlier this week, we launched a Video Contest all about giving thanks. No matter where on Earth you are, we invited you to submit a 30-second video all about the things that bring you joy. And it’s still on!

The new deadline for submissions is midnight Pacific time (UTC-8) on December 4, giving you an extra week to show us your awesome vids.

Remember, the winner of the contest wins a Flip Mino HD video camera, plus a one-year subscription to VideoPress!

To submit your entry, just post your video to your blog with the tag ThanksgivingContest09.

UPDATE: Winners will be notified by email!

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Heather R.


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  1. admin #2

    YAY thank you so mutch!!
    i forgot about it. but now i have time to make 1 video :D

  2. admin #2

    if you example already have 1 year subscription to videopress, will then the prize added when that year of suscription to videopress is over??

  3. Mary

    I really want to see the winner! :)

  4. Roberto

    There are people really creative in WP, We’ll see superb videos for sure!
    Bye! ;)

  5. Andrew

    Very merciful of you guys!

  6. Administrator

    videopress enable us to upload video on our own blog? wow!!! i love it.

  7. udienroy

    Info aktual thank you

  8. collegekidchroniclesblog

    I wish this was announced earlier! I crammed mine in 1am-6am post-Thanksgiving to get this in on time without interfering with family festivities :'( lol

  9. elleica

    this is great news.. there would be time to submit more videos

  10. VIKAS |

    The Delhi police broke my camera recently! It was a student-police clash in my university campus. :(

  11. gonuhome

    Wow nice…

  12. rizky90syaiful


  13. ajikinai

    waw i’m so happy…this is the time i tell all my friends to join….
    Thank you so much…

  14. MoSop

    Heather, I am very disappointed in you, and WP. This is unfair to all those who took the time to meet the original requirements and deadline. You should have stayed the course, and shown integrity. It certainly does not inspire me to participate in any future WP “contests”.

    • Sheri

      We extended the deadline to make sure that everyone who wants to enter the contest is able to. Next year we will allow a bigger window for submissions from the start.

  15. RandomizeME

    Oh, I totally forgot about this! I want that Flip!

  16. Lagunatic

    Phew! Now I can go out and buy a video camera!!

  17. alexahart

    glad we have more time cuz it’s been a filled few days with fam. can’t wait to submit.

  18. adamicman

    That’s great news

  19. jaredadventure

    How do you embed a video?

  20. thepenks

    this is for real.. hmm.. great.. camera, wait for me..

  21. Munz

    I did know about this but I will give it a shot.

  22. kaku24

    wow! thank you for extending the deadline… ^ ^

  23. peng33

    I’d do this more for having done so than for the Flip Mino. The year video blog subscription is nice, though.

    Is more than one submission allowed per user?

  24. trigoesema

    Video is the best

  25. Pingback: Technogati
  26. softballgirl78

    What a good idea. I hope you post the winning video!

  27. elmer

    alright, more time to create one more entry…im being thankful already!

  28. majidkayuara

    good, I wanna see who will be the winner.

  29. razor

    Woot Woot! Awesome – I was really bummed on Saturday when I realized I missed the first deadline… :)

  30. veutzu

    Now that’s a great idea! One extra week is all we needed. Soon it will be WordPress TV… ;)

  31. piwwie

    I want to see too who will be the winner!!!

  32. nadiaqh

    I just made mine and it was very hard to do it in 30 seconds… I left so much out. but I got it done… I want to see the winner and the runner ups.

  33. tazm

    Great idea! I entered on the 27th, but it’s odd that it doesn’t show up in the search. Surely there are more than 10 entries – it would be fun to check out the competition! Did I do something wrong?

  34. primevo

    thank you

  35. anekalopedia

    Thanks for the extension Heather

  36. smansakakap

    Hehehe, we have a great video but we can’t upload it. Because… we don’t have enough money to upgrade our WordPress :P

  37. Laurie

    My Video is ALREADY Embedded, but I need to add a title for you:
    “THANKFUL for LAUGHTER IN THE WOODS…and creative friends”
    Happy Thanksgiving 2009

  38. MoSop

    My video is no longer showing on my post. Was it removed by WP due to my complaint? :) Or, has something techie just gone awry? Please assist. Thanks!

  39. MoSop

    Never mind – it’s back!

  40. raratzki

    Thanks for the extension and I’m looking forward for the videos…heheheheheh

  41. inviralmentblog

    I want to see the winners!

  42. kennytheclown

    Thanks for the extension. I will be looking for the videos.

  43. Video Dinle izle

    Thanks, this blog is very good!!

  44. jimmyjumpnjive

    Extending the deadline is cool so that more people can participate. It’s nice to see lots of other people’s work on the theme.

  45. jimmyjumpnjive

    Oh, and are you planning additional holiday-themed contests/opportunties?

  46. nadiaqh

    How about “MY NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTIONS” Video blog for 30 seconds?
    I think this could get quite creative and inspiring!

  47. rabiarain

    the video should be mine?? on thanksgivigcontest09

  48. TheBrotha

    Darn it. I totally missed this competition. I will endeavor to commit more time to these posts.

    You live and learn, I suppose.

  49. jats50

    I hope I could submit my video in time for the big prize.

  50. amyzhao

    nice Snowflower

  51. razor

    When and where will the winners be announced?


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