A Little Snow for the Holidays

I’ve seen my fair share of snow growing up in northern Michigan. The sun was shining today, but there is a good chance we’ll have snow on the ground by the end of the week. My favorite things about snow have always been making snowmen, building snow forts, and having snowball fights.

Many of you don’t get a chance to experience the fluffy white stuff, so we’re bringing snow to WordPress.com like we’ve done the last two years. What do you like about snow?

To make it snow on your blog:

  1. Go to your dashboard.
  2. Navigate to Appearance -> Extras.
  3. Check the box next to “Show falling snow on this blog.”

If you used snow last year it is automatically turned back on. If you want to turn it off, follow the steps above but uncheck the box.

Older computers may run slow or stop responding due to snow. Use the following links if you run into a problem (the options below only affect your user account):

Prevent Snow
Allow Snow

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Nick Momrik


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  1. T3CK

    Thank you for enabling this simple but wonderful feature. :)

  2. fokkomuller

    Very nice! And on my Black Letterhead background you can see the snow even better!

  3. absolutegrace

    Thank you for bringing back the snow!! Love it and love the effect on photos :-)

  4. Lagunatic

    Ok, this is the BEST THING EVER!!!! Something I can do and makes me feel more at home.
    God, I miss watching my parents plug our car into an electrical outlet in the garage so the engine wouldn’t freeze overnight during those long hard Canadian winters of my youth.


    I may need to go make some hot chocolate w/ mini-marshmallows now.

  5. legoless

    Yay, the snow’s back! :D Thanks WordPress.

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  7. stylembe

    The snow idea is great although it would be nice to just have it in the blog header.

  8. Free

    Thanks for the snow.

  9. peixesloucos

    seems to be nice with the ChaosTheory theme.

  10. Pretty Anon Staff

    So happy for the snow! Hooray! Nice touch with our new banner.

  11. RandomizeME

    Is it possible to preview it before turning it on?

  12. trollboy

    love the snow! 1000x better than real snow – you don’t have to dig your car out of it!

  13. gonuhome

    Thank you very much for adding again this effect it snows. I am charmed with it, already install it.

  14. Bandew444

    It’s finally that time of year!

  15. Moses

    it won’t slow the load time down?

    • Nick

      It may. It can also eat up a lot of CPU on slower computers. It should run fine on newer computers though.

  16. Nish

    hahha…what will you think up next ?? Good idea for the season :) please bring out some more sesonal stuff like this, please

  17. edebock

    I love it! Thank you!

  18. Roberto

    Now I’ll be cold inside home also, hahaha!
    Let’s tray the anticipate Christmas.

  19. npthompson

    How delightful!

  20. BabaliciouS

    Thanks guys. At least I’ve virtually touched the snow from a hot tropical country!
    Happy holidays to ya’ll :)

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  22. ianyce

    this ones so bad! i love it thanks for the snow i really love it. it’s so adorable

  23. Mary

    Has not snowed in my city yet, but at least I can make my blog snow now, lols. Thanks!

  24. Carolyn Thomas

    Love love love this! My favourite kind of snow: pretend!

  25. datchickneeks

    I thought I was crazy when I first logged in lol.
    Cool feature.

  26. memsaab

    I totally LOVE the snow :) And so do my readers!

  27. VIKAS |vikas-gupta.in

    Hurrah, great! :) :)

    Make it a permanent feature please!

  28. johnonline

    i love it… it never snowed here in the philippines before…

  29. VIKAS |vikas-gupta.in

    I wish there was some way to enable the snow in one click for all my 12 blogs! If possible leave the option in dashboard permanently sot that those who want it can have it always during Dec-Jan automatically when it is activated by WP. Thanks.

  30. Miss Moppet

    I was looking for a way to decorate the blog for Christmas – thank you!

  31. art predator

    yay thank you love this! my third season snowy holiday blog at WordPress!

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  34. cherielee

    love the snow!! :)

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  37. Ambergris

    Thanks for bringing the snow back again :)

  38. randomgeek1

    Ha. That’s sweet. Thanks WordPress.

  39. scikid

    Can we make custom objects fly around the screen? Such as a plan or a car…

  40. Les Lapins

    The snow is back! Thanks a lot WordPress!

  41. VAJRA, South America


    Siempre he gustado de la Nieve…y de la Navidad!

    Esta nieve es estupenda para mi vision,
    con un efecto de caida muy bueno

    Suerte y Gracias…!


    Bravo! I like, always. of the Snow… and the Christmas!

    This fresh Snow is beautiful for the vision, with a very good fall effect

    Chao and Thank you!!

  42. dweechullie

    thank you ! love the effects :)

  43. hslnzoo1

    very nice…..

  44. Travelsign

    Nice idea! Thank you!

  45. viralclix

    Thanks! Merry Christmas too!

  46. Asad Ali

    Thank you…I missed it…whole year…Why don’t you offer it for whole year & for free :)???

  47. squizzums

    It’s so cute! I’d add it, but it wouldn’t make very much sense, as it is Summer here in Australia… Oh well, I can admire it on other pages!

  48. insider53

    This is just lovely. Thank you for adding this. Great fun!

  49. Krisu

    The snow is back thank you! Why don’t you leave the snow button permanently to extras? Because I’m going to ask for it and use it every year from here to eternity. Why is the snow so controlled?

    • Sheri

      Snow is just something we like to turn on during winter holiday. :) We’re glad you like it!

  50. ukrainiac

    So glad to have the snow back! I was hoping that it would be here…though I was doubtful when I didn’t see it on the first of the month. Thanks!!

  51. ultraistgut

    Wonderful Thank you very much, I missed it, too. 8)

  52. uphilldowndale

    Yay, my third snowy WordPress Christmas! Thank you.

  53. Jennifer

    Excellent! WP.com remembered my “opt-out” choice from last year. Even with a 2.80GHz processor, things got v e r y, v e r y s l o o o w, sort of like my old beater after an overnight snowfall in MInnesota!

  54. SilverTiger

    A find it twee and rather annoying.

  55. Shii

    This is great! I’d love to have the option to have it all through winter :)

  56. Neil

    Remeber this from last year. One of my reasons to shift immediately to wordpress. Thank you! :)

  57. ajloi

    Nice idea! Thank you! Merry Christmas!!!

  58. wilsophie

    I have snow, but how to make an avatar and translate in Dutch

  59. goldnsilver

    Lovely, I’ve turned it on. We need a hot summer theme though – I’m from Australia. No snow here. Maybe holly?

  60. Ray Villa

    As an ex pat living in the Far East — I’ll take it! Love snow! Happy Holidays!

  61. Sun Sunich

    Just recently I came across wp blog entry that described the same option dating back to 2007. Nice to have it back. :)

  62. luna

    The snow is back again. :) Nice effect, thanks!

  63. edytono

    Nice and beuty thank u

  64. everspike

    Thanks a lot! Merry Christmas to the WordPress team!

  65. Hazırlıksız

    It’s snowing in my web site now! But I miss real snow as well…

  66. shadybrooks

    Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!!!! That is too cool!!! No pun intended :)

  67. buyathread

    My first snow year and I LOVE it! Thanks, WordPress, and happy holidays!

  68. forevergreen

    Thank you very much!
    It snows on my blog since yesterday… :)

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  70. Corve DaCosta

    this is great..im in a tropical island and i will b making it snow on my blog

  71. Anoo

    thank you! i have never seen snow really, living in western coast of India! but its fun to have some snow on word press! Thank you…n have a happy christmas… :)

  72. Danica

    I could see the snow on the home page when I logged in! This is awesome. I’m turning it on for my blog :D

  73. josie

    Ui, super! Vielen Dank!
    Gefällt mir total gut!

    Thank you verny much!

  74. box

    Thank you

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  76. speakingofprecision

    So I logged in and my Dashboard came up and I thought I could see these little floaties…
    Almost subliminal.
    I got my assistant to confirm I wasn’t hallucinating or needing a run to the eyedoctor.

    Funny now that I think of it,
    Thanks for ‘personalizing’ your deliverable.

  77. sabrinall

    Cool! Thanks!

  78. noradlf

    So thoughtful of you! I like snow. Thanks.

  79. cantueso

    Thanks! And ¡ Feliz Navidad a vosotros también!

  80. Silje Melby

    Snow :D

  81. Ilona

    Thank you! I was just thinking of the snow effect and how to turn it back on :)

  82. fracorshe

    Thanks for the snow!!! Love it…

  83. Kymlee

    Thanks WordPress. It looks great on my black backrground. I love it because it literally falls the length of my blog instead of cutting off like some animations do.
    That’s skill :)

    Happy Holidays!

  84. RP

    Thanks, Happy holidays!!!

  85. jesterjay

    Love it. Adds a little extra something to the blog. It’s great!

  86. joanbaratta

    Thanks for the free snow, it makes it feel like Christmastime. :-)

  87. ~*~Patty

    The snow is a wonderful feature, I could hardly wait :)
    Many thanks again this year!
    Happy December!!!

  88. grethehb

    What a wonderful idea! Just the thing my winterbanner needed. Thank You and Seasons Greetings to the whole WordPress-team!

  89. chuonchuon88

    Thank you very much for this application!

  90. tumamulet

    Nice idea! Thank you very much

  91. eudemokraten

    How can I export the snowscript and snowflakes to other webpages?

  92. Suz

    ooooooo! who knew the first snow of the season would be from WordPress? LOVE IT!
    can’t wait to snatch some blog update time and turn on my own snow machine. you guys are awesome!

    3 cheers to you for building happy!

  93. InkSplodge!

    I look forward to using this all year round – I’m a sucker for snow. Thanks WordPress.

  94. Ron

    stylembe – December 2nd, 2009 at 11:59 pm

    The snow idea is great although it would be nice to just have it in the blog header.

    That’s not a bad point. Last year I got a few complaints that it made text hard to read. Let’s see what this year brings!

  95. Teresa Silverthorn

    Love it, what a nice surprise this morning…

  96. Heather Leigh

    How nice! Thank you so much. Living in sunny Southern California, snow isn’t part of a typical winter for me. It’s nice to have it on my blog though, adds a little something to my downtown LA header. :)

  97. ugoboy

    yay its gona snow

  98. Oli

    Love this idea, it’s the kind of thing that shouldn’t make a idfference, but is some how better than more material bonuses.

    Some more of these would be great. How’s about the option to have ticket tape or confetty on your blog all year round.

  99. adockett

    I grew up in northern Michigan too! Gaylord! Was up there for the Thanksgiving holiday and enjoyed the snow. Thanks for the great feature on the blog!

  100. blueprintforliving

    Especially since it probably wont snow here in Athens Greece–Just want to say I Loved the snowflakes–put me right in the mood for December–thanks!


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