November Wrap-Up

Before we get to the stats, I should mention that at the top of my thankful-for list this Thanksgiving was our growing group of Automatticians. These are the folks who bring you the awesome features and improvements that you see here every month.

Last month we launched geolocation for profiles and posts, introduced a new P2, opened up our new translation platform, GlotPress, and launched email subscriptions. We also announced proofreading support in the HTML editor, rolled out some improvements to rssCloud, launched a video contest, and had a Black Friday sale on our upgrades.

Now to the stats:

  • 509,048 blogs were created.
  • 6,380,052 posts were published.
  • 483,127 new users joined.
  • 7,245,509 file uploads.
  • 4,728 gigabytes of new files.
  • 865 terabytes of content transferred from our datacenters.
  • 7,516,584 logins.
  • 1,390,120,928 pageviews on, and another 1,491,289,510 on self-hosted blogs (2,881,410,438 total across all WordPress blogs we track).
  • 2,385,255 active blogs and 25,596,165 active posts, where “active” means they got a human visitor.
  • 1,526,632,774 words.

More stuff:

There were more than 222 million unique visitors to in November, according to Quantcast.

The current top three languages on, excluding English, are Spanish (7.6%), Portuguese (4.6%), and Indonesian (4.5%).

We made speed improvements, UI enhancements, and added video library support to WordPress for BlackBerry.

WordCamp New York had a whopping 700+ attendees. Other WordCamps in November: WordCamp Phoenix, WordCamp Victoria, and WordCamp Bangkok.

Upcoming WordCamps: WordCamp Peru and WordCamp Orlando.

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  1. ileaneb

    Nice to see so much activity. A billion and a half words and we still have a lot more to say! Cheers!

  2. HaRaKaT

    Very Goooooooooooooooood WordPress The Top

  3. Sajib

    WordPress is simply awesome. I think this is the only company that has successfully beaten up the giant company, Google, out there. I think Google should shut down blogger and start using wordpress on its blogs.

  4. VIKAS |

    Impressive data as always. I am soon shifting two of my blogs to self hosting by the way. :)

  5. ajikinai

    My country got the third rank of the top three languages at wordpress. Heh, it seemed there were so many users came from my country…

  6. phoxis

    this was a great month for , featuring lots of new features. I really liked the email subscription, and the geo tagging feature. Proofreading support in html view was great, as i only use the html viewer, so i can now use the proofreading feature.

  7. Lagunatic

    Holy carp! That’s a lot of fish!!!

  8. gladwellmusau

    Wow…the world is talking and I like that!

  9. Corve DaCosta

    u guys keep growing…happy to be apart of a big family

    i never get a lot of comments though lol

  10. kariuxapakabar

    Congratulation Matt.

    As Indonesian citizen I’m proud Bahasa Indonesia or in short Bahasa be one of top three languages…

    Thanks a lot for this great (post)modernization work.

  11. Jennifer

    The dramatically improved contextual Help section in the Dashboard is really something to kvell* about. It rocks! Keep up the good work!


  12. sylviahubbard1

    Awesome November and blessings for more 2come!

  13. jats50

    I am really happy with the amount of people visiting WordPress.

  14. Richard Buller

    Thank you so much. I have found my writer’s voice through WordPress. It is a life changing experience and utterly absorbing. The technicalities are easy. Richard Buller

  15. A. Woz

    These features are the reason I joined WordPress and remain here. For a non-techie, or a techie, this is THE place to be. Thanks for listening to all the user suggestions and making most of the changes accessible to those of us not skilled in CSS or design.

  16. moseyblog

    Possible to add that Flash, falling snow to our blogs?

  17. thefrugalbuzz

    Those are some mind blog-o-ling numbers – Glad I can count my new blog among them!

  18. anaquiroga

    I love WordPress. It so useful for my work.
    Thank for these news!

    Ana – Buenos Aires (Argentina)

  19. Thomas

    hey, be careful! As it seems there’s some snow :-)

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  21. 100 Girls, 100 Days

    6 million posts…wow

  22. Mary


  23. gbvaz

    wow!! great stats!

  24. randomgeek1

    Impressive month. Do you guys take it easy in December or are more improvements on the way?

  25. Arts + Culture + Politics + IceCream

    Great to hear! Im also a newbie!

  26. Moses


  27. Leif Andersen

    Nice, I especially love the stat saying that there were more blog posts than comments. So true, hardly anyone ever comments on my posts anyway.

  28. jats50

    The number is great this time of the year i love it

  29. teachemgood

    As a brand new blogger, I like what I see. So far so good – so easy!

  30. Tom Baker

    WordPress is definitely the best blogging platform by far.

  31. freduard88

    Very cool to see these numbers!

  32. Minty Dervish

    Nice to see WordPress is growing in strength. The more the merrier!

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  34. buck1188

    Very impressive!

  35. Roberto

    Seeing all these figures, comes to my mind the famous song of Kansas music group called “Dust in the wind”.

    Sooo many people in the world…


  36. nadiaqh

    This has been a great experience for me, I have been blogging for 3 months now and the networking, growth and inspiration from committing to this has been phenominal. thank you. nadia

  37. Margaret

    The stats look like numbers — each number is a real person with ideas and words to share… Thank you for all the improvements to meet so many needs.

  38. mih2021

    That’s good! WordPress is the best!

  39. art predator

    amazing! happy holidays! and thanks again for the snow!

  40. mangalary

    Nice one…look at that soaring stats, good job…

  41. sravan953

    Wow! The stats are impressive!

  42. dhila13

    hmm… Indonesia always include to the BIG three or five in da world.

  43. mrclare

    Keep up the top work WordPress… you’re making my online experience even better! =]

  44. allthingsmoxie

    I love WordPress! Thank you!

  45. swaggtalk100

    very very nice wordpress….keep up the good work guys!

  46. kathleen hartman

    Congratulations! I just want to say since I joined I could not be happier. Yes, the world is sharing and thanks to the article in the Artist’s Magazine (January/February 2010) I found you! Keep up the great work. I know I am thankful for all that you do!

  47. blieputra


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  49. alhakim

    Cool stats! I’m proud to be wp-er ;)

  50. memartine

    You guys rock! Thanks for the great service.

  51. Staff

    WordPress… you just keep me smiling!!

  52. sumego

    WordPress is awesome, you’re making a great experience for me…

  53. Brenda Nepomuceno

    A big yay for Portuguese being on the top #3 languages on WordPress! I contribute for that! ;)

  54. Charles

    ^0^ You guys are so cool!!!! WordPress,Great fun !!! I become a fan of this the first time i see it on the web:)

  55. ashbeast

    WOW!!!!!Wordpress is a POPULAR site making website!I hope everyone makes a great site!;)


    Yay, Im inlcuded in this!

  57. Raheel

    That’s nice!!! Congratulations!!!

  58. savorysimple

    Great job!

  59. bo3dzak5pe3nth3r

    I don’t understand using WordPress yet

  60. Sally

    I had no idea what I was getting myself into. Am I ever glad I did. What great stats WordPress has!!! Keep up the good work.

  61. xcobar


  62. J.P. Douglas

    Started 3 days ago and had 4 hits the 1st day and had 20 today. Added the subscribe button. And an app to help support the troops. I’m making progress…

  63. mary2001

    Hi to all
    I am just now getting to appreciate WP..
    Got some “catching up” to work on.
    Looks and feels good.

  64. Velma

    Congrats to all of us that make it happen, especially the staff for the new stuff, which I am using. I was glad to see the edit feature. You just keep making it easier. keep up the good work.

  65. tulip1810

    Thanks for all your hard work!

    Have a Merry Christmas and get some rest!


  66. kodokmati


  67. Taufik

    woow..its great to hear My mother language (indonesian/bahasa) to become The current top three languages on

  68. hope002

    I don’t know about those numbers… can we get a recount?

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  70. Teams Chikidot

    Sounds GooD……..



  72. zlatoys

    Thank you for the wonderful resource.
    I am sure that the seeming ease that prevails here – the result of hard work inspired people. I wish you continued success, development and prosperity to the joy of WordPress bloggers.

  73. administrador

    good job!

  74. mytchieyhoz

    I wish Philippine would also have snow every Christmas…

  75. author

    I keep beating my chest out here that WordPress is simply the best…WordPressing is the way of life!

  76. FipsN

    WP self installs are not counted !!

  77. dekmomo

    good job…

  78. Rossi

    I’m already addicted to WordPress – and have only recently joined the world of blogging. You guys make it so easy, you’re all stars…have a safe and happy festive season.

  79. juliavirginia

    great work guys…easy to set up and fun themes to choose from.
    Thank you for your work…keep up the creative genius that makes
    your guys special

  80. Putri Chairina

    Keep doing great jobs, WP team!
    I’ve tried other blog engine before. Once i tried WP, i fall in love! ;)

    – Indonesia -

  81. sarkar4u

    just 2 words for WP –> “simply awesome” !! :)

  82. Superbian

    And now I’m a part of it!

  83. jats50

    thanks many thanks

  84. heikoworld

    I am happy to be part of WP, people get to see my work along with the places we go.
    It`s also good to see what others do.
    (Sorry Blogger, I just could not get on with you)


  85. Erik

    Cool, this is my first blog, WP is really user friendly, Erik, Sweden

  86. nitingupta77

    Was thinking off .. for a while. Even have started once before. let me see how i will be consistent this time.

  87. Evan

    Just a suggestion, you should make the Twitter widget so that you can add your twitter lists to your site.

  88. asyndrome


  89. soniahgo

    I love the snow!!!!

  90. creativemeditations

    i am new to this …and loving it!!! thank you and to my girlfriend who has brought this to my attention

  91. yahyahajar

    imressive blog Dude :P …. but how to Add The” Subscribe Me ” Button To My Blog ???

  92. Naomi

    You guys are absolutely PHENOMENAL…THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!

  93. happymissy

    Good Job! WordPress! Keep it going!

  94. pity

    And that’s why i chose Good job. WordPress is the best!

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  96. adrianduane

    That is awesome. Great job wordpress!

  97. captainkohler

    I am so impressed with your accomplishments, now show me how to make my blog that successful.


  98. andrewhayett

    509,048 blogs and 865 terabytes? That’s awesome. I’m new to this blogging thing but very glad I chose WordPress.

  99. endermolla

    because i am using wordpress nhahhaa :)

  100. tknowley

    I’m one of the newbie statistics. In the short time I have been here I see why WordPress is so popular. Love the features and the fact we can make our blog truly unique and as individual as we all are. Great job on the creation and kudo’s on the stats.


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