WordPress Holiday Desktop Wallpapers

This year, we teamed up with San Francisco artist Coley Wopperer to spread some WordPress-themed holiday cheer. We thought it turned out so well, we wanted to share it with everyone as a collection of desktop wallpapers.

Sure to bring a smile to your face, even if you’re staring at spreadsheets all day. Happy holidays from all of us at Automattic!

320×480 (for mobile devices)

Need help changing your wallpaper? Here’s instructions for Ubuntu, Mac OS X, and Windows.

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Matt (Thomas) Miklic


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  1. VIKAS |vikas-gupta.in

    Wow! Looks great! I am going to use it! :)

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone!

    I guess I will be the first one to comment here, hurrah! :)

  2. rajasimon

    happy holidays… many more belated happy birthday wishes to all

  3. pochp

    Beautiful artwork! Thanks Coley and WP!

  4. sylviahubbard1

    this looks cool. I just uploaded it to my phone. Wish I could get the snow with it. LOL.

    Yeah, I know i ask for too much.

    More! More! More!

  5. RandomizeME

    Wow, thanks! It looks cool – although a bit too busy I guess?

  6. Corve DaCosta

    this is cool

  7. ileaneb

    Awesome. Happy holidays! Thank you.

  8. Eneya

    Kind of kitsch for my taste, but I like the idea. :)

  9. aryanraj

    NJOY .

  10. art predator

    It’s wonderful!! Love all the colors and shapes! I just wish this was a theme–even just temporarily! I’d change up my background–or use it for the holiday blog I’m getting ready to work on…maybe next year?

  11. Matches Malone

    Just made this my desktop wallpaper. Thanks!!! Of course, I change mine almost everyday…. :)

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  13. Neil

    Merry Christmas everyone! May your year be prosperous and joyful! God Bless You!

  14. lilmaouz

    Thanks a lot for sharing, Coley & MNT, this wallpaper is realy beautiful (& so cute on a blog too! ;) Have a fantastic Christmas everyone at Automattic! & WordPress!

  15. crumbsonmyfloor

    Any chance that there are new themes in the works for the new year?

  16. brendavu

    Thanks :] I used it <3

  17. mcmosquito

    happy holidays
    this looks a bit childish for me :D

  18. philalethe00

    Oh, you meant Christmas wallpaper! Did not understand from the design. :-)

  19. Benedetto

    A very good vertical project, developped in an international way. My compliments and season geetings to all the world.

  20. Reeves

    I just wanted to wish everybody here in WordPress a Merry Solstice Oops…I mean a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Keep up the good work!:)

  21. smudgetikka

    A bit too theme park looking for my liking I am afraid.

  22. texasdiamond

    How wonderful and thanks for sharing. Happy New Year!

  23. Mary

    Lol very cute.

  24. gipsydan

    Je ne l’aime pas désolé
    I don’t like it… sorry

  25. timethief

    Great idea! Let’s all share in the spirit of peace and hope this holiday season, and carry our mutual desires for health and happiness for all into the new year.

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  27. sibusiso4

    WOW, this is gorgeous, i like it and may i take this opportunity to wish everyone a merry christmas and a happy year.I know we all coming from a very stressing year in terms of the down turn economy and we should all pray that 2010 shoud be the improved year eonomically globally.

    Warm & Humble Regards

  28. Nn

    Thank you

  29. پیشی پرشین

    very cute

  30. allprocars

    Very colorful and love the snow falling through the air and buildings. Y’all have a Merry Christmas and a Most Prosperous New Year.

  31. nomadismocelular

    Fantastic. Congrats! AWESOME! Beautiful

  32. medialny

    Nice :)

  33. ajikinai

    wew that’s so great, anyway..could you explain me why you did draw buildings for wordpress theme in holiday cheer?

  34. La historia del dia

    Happy holidays!

    Thank you ;) :) :)


  35. M Shodiq Mustika

    That’s beautiful, but my mini laptop’s resolution is 1024×600. Are there WP’s wallpapers for netbook?

    • MNT

      The 1024×768 version should scale down just fine (in your desktop background preferences, choose to center the image instead of stretching or “fitting” it).

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  37. dreamsburnred

    Ah very nice :).

    It’s my wallpaper on my laptop now.

  38. paddytheflea

    A little bit too busy if you have a lot of files on your desktop as I use to have.
    Merry Christmas. And for all fleas a Happy New Year!

  39. mariamuir

    I don’t care for it much, doesn’t have a Christmas look or feel to it.

  40. raincoaster

    I was just writing about Christmas on Acid, and here’s the wallpaper for it!

  41. kajé

    It’s beautiful! I will enjoy this through the holiday!
    Thank you for creating it.

    Merry Christmas!

  42. ddipchan00

    The wallpaper is very beautiful just as decorative and creative as the Christmas Tree.
    Happy Holidays time for sharing with family and friends.

  43. sutuboang

    merry christmas everybody

  44. poleteletravail

    Merci pour le partage joyeux NOËL à tous………

  45. Exodus

    thank you and merry christmas to everyone works at WP!
    wish you guys all the best!
    i <3 WP!

  46. delicate flower

    wonderful design. Thanks, it’s on my laptop as we speak!

  47. Stephen

    awesome design but too bad there’s no 1280×1024

  48. InkSplodge!

    So cool that you’ve used an artist and that you choose to share it with us at this time of giving. Great image. It properly illustrates the fact that bloggers are a colourful international community using WordPress – the star…as it should be.

    Jingle bells and fa-la-la-laaaa ♫ ♪ ♩to everyone – and especially those who make WordPress work for us.♡♡

  49. Sharmila

    I love it! What a wonderful departure from the usual red, green, white, blue images you see around this time!

  50. istoneman

    Reminds me of Disney’s classic “It’s A Small World” at Disneyland. I this desktop wallpaper until that song started repeating itself in my head. AAAAURGH!
    Seriously, it’s a pretty sweet desktop! Nice work!

  51. Dan

    Very cool, thanks and happy holidays!

  52. phylor

    Interesting wall paper! Wishing everyone in the cybersphere all the best of this festive season — whatever and however you celebrate!

  53. Rookie Photographer

    Design looks similar to Disney’s Small world.

  54. 3dbloke

    Like this a lot… looks great on my HTC Hero’s lock screen.

  55. Lisa Hill

    Great art work, nice idea, but hey! wot about the southern hemisphere, eh? There’s no snow here downunder…

  56. longshorttales

    Very cool. I might actually use this.

  57. xboxoz360

    @ Lisa Hill

    Quite true there Lisa, perhaps Santa with a Holden and ‘Roos . .?

    Or a sunset over Ayers Rock, or sunrise over the Great Barrier Reef . . .

    Or the Harbour on Boxing Day when the fleet sets sail on the Sydney to Hobart . . ?

    There are ppl on this side of the globe, remember!?

    Cheers to all . . Grant (Oz)

  58. pjcafe

    Happy Holiday everyone,I like this design
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone!

  59. ~K

    This is fabulous!

  60. ipoenk blumbungan barat

    aku suka banget…..very-very good……

  61. Club Penguin Ovay

    Sorry, it’s not my kind of style.

  62. akbangia

    Very cool, thanks and happy holidays!

  63. navedz

    Like this somewhat. Thanks guys.

  64. Lazza

    Who needs help to change a wallpaper? LOL
    By the way, nice pic. :)

  65. Chaitanya Varma Mudunuri

    Merry Christmas & Advanced happy new year to everyone!.

  66. backpackgalz

    not bad..

  67. imoo2009


  68. Adwait Patil

    The wall-paper is great !
    Wish everyone a merry Christmas and a happy new year !

  69. serjirao

    Welldone! It really looks like the self generated avatar. We can see many differents culture on this nice town as well many colors ! Nice symbole. Congrats to the artist !

  70. topmakersy

    I wish you all happy christmas with prosperious new year in advance

  71. Paul B.

    Love it, but it’s making the icons hard to read! :)

    A joyous Christmas to you.

  72. Alonso

    Great and thanks for sharing.

  73. Adrian Morales

    Thanks! I´m using it on my PC.

  74. pmkuncen

    Thankyou MNT…

  75. nicole curry

    Oh, I like it!

  76. calandrella

    Merry christmas!

  77. claraagnes

    Love it !

  78. Amaya

    Thanks, loved it~!

  79. Arvind

    It Isn’t the best. Expected more from a WP wallpaper :(

  80. webmistress27

    cute and colorful, makes you want to smile xmas time is great

    Happy Holidays everybody from SWAGGTALK1000

  81. Rudy Wahyudi

    Oh, I love it. Thanks Dear

  82. enchantedmakeupworld

    it’s ok i wouldn’t have picked it though

  83. Joan Arque

    I wish I had seen this sooner. I like it.

  84. Sami Malallah

    I liked the colors, they are cool!

  85. jae

    love it

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  87. alhakim

    Nice wallpaper guys. I hope you create for New Year Wallpaper too :)

  88. lyllopop

    very cute :D

  89. swaggtalk100

    thats pretty cool…..its different, but i like it!

    do you guys have anything for new years?

  90. ☆☆♫_τ∂τΦ•šΜυš↑ç_♫☆☆

    ☆ That’s so awesome! It doesn’t have to be a holiday wallpaper, I like it any time! I’m totaly getting this for my iPod Touch! ☆

  91. irisofthewayfarer

    :) reminds of “It’s a small world” in Walt Disney World

  92. vexxedone

    great design! :)

  93. edwardhudsdale

    Looks great! =)

  94. godseven

    thanksss ı am going to use it and merryy christmas:):) everyone…

  95. Joseph Garza

    It makes me think of a futuristic Van Gogh :p

  96. nickynackynoo

    Great! Very seasonal

  97. ivanovitx

    qué grande!

  98. Fahrisal Akbar

    Amazingggg…. :D

  99. renee92958

    Besides being beautiful aesthetically speaking, artwise, etc… (and they mos def ARE!!!) I love the fact they they look perfect on my Mac. My Mac is old and outdated, yet these display perfectly on my desktop. I got two others and all three rotate every 5 mins. Thank you. Well done!

  100. Yasminlama

    WICKED that is sooo my decktop back ground already! love it!

    ~Yasminlama x


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