WordPress Holiday Desktop Wallpapers

This year, we teamed up with San Francisco artist Coley Wopperer to spread some WordPress-themed holiday cheer. We thought it turned out so well, we wanted to share it with everyone as a collection of desktop wallpapers.

Sure to bring a smile to your face, even if you’re staring at spreadsheets all day. Happy holidays from all of us at Automattic!

320×480 (for mobile devices)

Need help changing your wallpaper? Here’s instructions for Ubuntu, Mac OS X, and Windows.

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Matt (Thomas) Miklic


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  1. magicmichael66

    Wow! Awesome! Going to use it!

  2. salma subh

    very nice

  3. scrunchyy

    This is beautiful! Thank you!

  4. tonysmallz


  5. Zons

    looks like everybody loves it
    sorry, but i don’t like it :)

  6. Afif Izzatullah

    happy new year 2010

  7. Zalmoxys


  8. resolutions10

    The wallpaper is nice! I just started blogging on WP today! Check my blog out!

  9. rebel1804

    Woo Hoo!

  10. jbl2010

    Nice wallpapers.. good work

  11. hshlok

    Love the art work!

  12. gillymagooch


  13. literarymae

    Whizbang job! I am imagining a whirling windmill, falling snow and blinking lights (ho ho ho lights as my 3 year old calls them). Merci and Happy Holidays!

  14. Juliet

    Felices Fiestas (happy holidays)

    Gracias (Thanks.)

  15. truthisright

    Sorry… Just not the reason for the season.
    Christmas theme would be more comprable.

  16. dizzy2154

    You put it on like this………………….
    1.right click on the image.
    2.save image.
    3.If you have google chrome the file will show up at the bottom of your screen.
    4.click it.
    5.when it pops up right click on that image.
    6.click “set as desktop background”

  17. grandchief

    Its good…. :)

  18. theponderingdhimmi

    A little too multicultural for my tastes. Thanks though. :)

  19. Aaron Aiken

    Very Cool!!! Thanks!

  20. quixoticzephyr

    Very nice..
    May the new year bring readers to my attention-starved blog :p.

  21. G

    Cool!! It looks great on my Laptop, yaiiy! Thanks so much!

  22. jayagila

    pluralism, i like that

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  24. mirimran

    ..its so beautiful..

  25. cortlinux

    I don’t like it. Sorry. :-/

  26. annsilva



  27. postscripter

    I love it, but not for a wallpaper. a desktop wallpaper specaily for Windows, should not include lots of colors! My desktop, like most Windows users desktop, is already filled with all sort of colorful icons…this will cause poor visibility.

    ;) I will try to clean up my desktop soon, because I really like this.

  28. maydelory

    Fabulous! Too bad I was overwhelmed and overworked during the Holidays. Would have liked to have seen the W star a few more places.

  29. assingle

    well done.
    looks great

  30. seobuddy

    nice wallpaper…

  31. oluwatoyin

    That’s some fresh stuff you’ve got.

  32. Alberto

    There’s too much going on for my liking but I do approve of the concept.


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