New Theme: Duotone

Happy Holidays! To spice up the coming weekend I’m here to present you with Duotone. Duotone is the successor to our highly popular photo blogging theme, Monotone. Duotone is very similar, but comes with lots of under the hood enhancements.

Duotone, a Photo-blogging Theme

Background color options

Along with an enhanced color algorithm that automatically picks the best colors to accent your image, Duotone carries some nice options for choosing a static color background.

Duotone also sports a nice widget area down at the bottom of the page. Perfect for three widgets of your choice.

And to appeal to the avid photographers, EXIF data is now shown for photographs if it exists.

We hope you enjoy Duotone!

Check out the demo over at

Check out the widget areas and EXIF data!

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  1. Raquel

    This is so cool that I’m thinking about doing another blog just to post my photos!

  2. Tom Baker

    Beautiful design work. I think I could post all my wallpaper using this theme. My wallpaper posts seem to be popular.

  3. timethief

    Thanks for this theme addition which I’m sure photobloggers will appreciate. Have a wonderful holiday season and thanks to you and all the Staff for focusing on improving our blogging experience all year round. :)

  4. Portable Soul

    & please make a text blogging stylish new theme.

    Merry X.MAS

  5. Eszter

    Why not a savvy black theme finally? We only have two of them, and they are the most frequently used themes.

    Happy Xmas anyway! :)

  6. Ömer Enis

    Cool! :)

  7. sylviahubbard1

    I like the color of this new blog.

    Hey Noel! Good to see you again!

    More More!

  8. Matt

    Congrats on the launch, the colors look sweet. I might upload some photos to the demo blog. :)

    • Noel

      You definitely should! I’m uploading a few more of my favorite shots from over the years. Definitely makes an interesting curation process by focusing on colors.

  9. galini27

    It’s wonderful .Happy Xmas .

  10. Rookie Photographer

    Wow, I am excited with about this new theme. I was looking for good photoblog theme. I will check out….nice christmas gift from wordpress. Thanks wordpress

  11. ileaneb

    It’s very nice to have another beautiful theme to pick from. I’m sure this will be a popular one. Happy holidays and thanks for the nice theme gift.

  12. ishabelle

    Like Raquel, I’m also thinking about creating another blog just for my pictures. This is a really nice theme….

  13. greggsandler

    What is the default font? Also, is there a way to turn off the automatic color algorithm?

    • Sheri

      You can find out the font settings by going to the Appearance > Edit CSS page and clicking on the “view original stylesheet” link. For example, in the Duotone theme, the font stack for the body tag is “Lucida Sans”,”Lucida Grande”,”Trebuchet MS”,Georgia,Helvetica,sans-serif.

      There isn’t a way to turn off the color algorithm completely, but you can set a background color manually from the Appearance > Current Theme Options page.

  14. Jean-Luc Crucifix

    Great ! I’ve just changed my theme from Monotone to Duotone for my photoblog http// Let me now add some widgets!

  15. M Shodiq Mustika

    Duotone also sports a nice widget area down at the bottom of the page. Perfect for three widgets of your choice.

    That’s just all I need. Thank you, Noel.

  16. Mary

    I’ll keep this in mind if I create another blog, thanks! :)

  17. VIKAS |

    A photo blogging theme was the need of the hour! :)

    Thank you and bring some magazine themes for normal text blogs. Thanks.

  18. Roberto

    Thanks, dear Santa Claus! :D

  19. Nil

    I am almost exclusively a photo blogger and love the fact that the photos can be shown bigger, doing justice to details. I’m not so crazy about the colors, though. Mostly I post black and white photos and that is ok. The background could be made slightly darker, I assume? But looking at my color photos, the background colors kill the photography – at least to my (maybe too serious?) eyes…

    For the time being I will stick to my Chaos Theory, I think – but sure do appreciate the step to accomodate the photographers among us :-) Thanks for that. I’ll just wait and see where it goes from here…

  20. Novroz

    I like it :) I have deviantart for my photos … but I’ve been thinking of having a blog too

  21. raincoaster


  22. phoxis

    Very good theme. But not for me! It would be great if there be a new version of the Journalist , with the same clean cool and simple look.

  23. helar

    The Widgets option is just great! Exactly what I needed… Switching from Monotone to Duotone!

  24. J.J's Dolly Rockers

    Great new theme!

  25. Admin

    Beautiful and brightly theme…..good work noel…. :)

  26. nativegrl77

    just start a new blog lifestyle2000 … def switching so i can get more photo…goodies
    Wow just in time …. love it

  27. Jean-Luc Crucifix

    As I told earlier I immediately shifted my blog from Monotone to Duotone and added some widgets. Great! Thanks Noel and the Auttomatic team!

    But just wondered if it would not be possible to center the pictures by default when they are less than 900 pixels large. In Monotone I used 800 pixels pictures to let a coloured frame around them. In Duotone, those pictures are not centered any more. It is just a detail, but if you can resolve it, it would be fine.

  28. megzone

    wow looks and sounds… reaalllyyy interesting… thannks a lot..
    might just about check it out :)

  29. brittanymadden

    Looks good, I dig it.


  30. dreamsburnred

    Ohhh so clean and elegant.

    Merry Christmas WP Team :)

  31. Dony Alfan

    Ohh, I’m gonna use it for my photo blog. Thanks, mate!

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  33. wafawj

    Thats a great theme, I like this type of fish, contrast colors, it looks amazing thank you.

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  39. karenstuebing

    Great addition! I did create a whole new blog just to be able to use it as my other blog has more than one photo. I’m working on trying to change some of the CSS now and I emphasize “trying” because it would really help if I knew what I was doing. :)

  40. g s collector

    Looks terrific…especially for large photo content. Thanks!

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  43. ywcanz

    Three is the maximum number of widgets you can have?

  44. pmkuncen

    this is great… we ( PMKuncen ) maybe use this new theme as our photo blog!

  45. MNT

    Great work, Noel — Duotone is gorgeous!

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  48. rafeequl

    beatiful theme for photobloggers … thanks for your hardwork :)

  49. dayat pribadi

    thanks a lot… NOEL,
    good to see u again..!

  50. {JeLisa}

    How cool is that?

    Wish I had photos equally as cool to do it justice!

  51. Jennifer

    Excellent addition to the theme pool and with EXIF info display to boot. Thanks!

  52. Danilo Casati

    I don’t like it.

  53. palash4u

    hhmmmm….I’m thinking to start another blog to share photographs –good work Noel !! thanks !!

  54. hmwhat

    Is the header image a set size?

  55. Ima Kabiri

    I got it! It was the setting of my Firefox :) cool :)

  56. pianofingers618

    Sounds fun!

  57. Taufik

    owesome . . great theme after all
    * I like it :)

  58. lavenderungu04

    Sorry, I am still new tih wordpress. But is this like a photo album?


  59. ravikaushik

    Its awesome! thanks for the theme!

  60. webmistress27

    cool new look very colorful Noel, keep doing you thing

    Happy Holidays from SWAGGTALK100

  61. epoyisme

    i no nothing is too late…always time for the 1st time
    i ll start to join the world..

  62. Nisa

    Nice! ;)

  63. poettraveler

    Great work – well done!

  64. Crăciun

    Nice one!

  65. karenstuebing

    I commented before but it has been waiting for moderation so I did something wrong.

    I love this new theme and have used it for some of my photos. I won’t post the link because that is probably what stalled the comment.

    I made some small modifications with CSS. I’m not great at CSS. I changed the clickable links so they are easily visible without having to just use a mouse over and the size of the navigation arrows. Just a personal thing.

    At any rate, I just love this theme and it works beautifully. I wish I could use it on my main blog but the posts have more than one photo and it won’t work there. That’s why I created a whole new blog just so I could implement it. I couldn’t live without it. :)

  66. Annie

    Good Job dude. This looks good.

  67. SiNthEtiC 671

    Very nice, i love the simplicity of this. Very good also for Graphic Designers to use as a portfolio.

  68. Cam

    Looks awesome. Now I have to decide if I want to do a new blog for photos, or keep using flickr.

  69. marsnv

    looks like a very nice theme. I may have to give it a try.

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  71. fallingnotflying

    Looks good!

  72. paddytheflea

    Thank you, WordPress for this team! I have used Monotone before and this is better.

    But I have to agree with Mr Crucifix that you ought to fix so that it can take the same width of the photos as Monotone. I have the same problem, as I have scaled my photos to 800×600 to get the maximum width for a frame to show up on Monotone and now there will be no frame on the left side of Duotone with the same photos.

  73. mymoen

    simply and great colour….

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  75. nazmuldu

    wow, I just applied in my blog. Thank you buddy :x

  76. enkido

    Well done!

  77. alhakim

    Hmm… maybe I will create creat new pic blog next year ;)
    Nice theme Noel.

  78. patetphotography

    Yeah, this one is great. I used it now for my new photoblog. Thanks WordPress for coming- up this theme. Loved it!!!

  79. helar

    Sorry for nagging – I tried to switch to Duotone but found one feature that is really annoying me: the Archives do not show the thumbnail of the whole picture, just its upper left corner… so I switched back to Monotone again but would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to use Duotone if only the Archives showed the thumbnail of the complete picture…

    • Noel

      The archives have changed a little bit – they now show as much of the image as possible, but are still square.

  80. lawlitt

    ohhh it looks great….
    i didn’t see the features last time

  81. MASUM

    Excellent fantastic done! NiceTone

  82. princeconnoisseur

    Great! I love all the features and add-ons you keep giving. Love it!

  83. the faltese malcon

    Now that looks dandy. I love simplicity (when effective – which is the case) so I’m already thinking about using it for some works, actually, by opening a new blog. So thanks, keep up the great work.

    Cheers and happy holidays!

  84. Rizwan

    not bad ..

  85. worstpeople

    that is great. i have been wondering if i should start photoblogging but i dont have a lot of good pictures on my blog.

  86. AstrayP03 (Zhe)


  87. jojolili

    good picture

  88. typewriter heather

    Love it! I have a photoblog, but most of my pictures were vertical, and the archive page looked funny. But now the archive page is fixed so it works so much better, and still maintains the changing colors that I love.

  89. Globalsavior

    I hope to one day be a WordPress mod. Suggesting ideas for new themes and other things for site seems fun. :)

  90. narutofact

    nice thanks so much

  91. michellebuchanan

    Tried it out. Looks great!

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  93. pixilated2

    Love the automatic picture info, but wish the page background would be in black. I think this would really show the photo and text box colors to best advantage. :-)

    • Anthony

      If you have the Custom CSS Upgrade, you can actually update the theme’s stylesheet so that the page background is always black (or any other color, for that matter). The following code would work:

      body {

  94. Arjen Lutgendorff

    I’m happy with my theme ;-)

  95. Elisa

    Haha, same as Raquel! + 1 Photoblog to come….

  96. Rangga

    but I love theme that I use now….

  97. almostinfamous

    would this work as well if i’m using flickr to blog?

  98. ninalazina

    looks great!!

  99. carolinegorka

    Looks lovely ..especially as I have a Photography Blog :))))

  100. imacrosoft

    colors r very vibrant, i don’t think its ‘eye friendly’


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