Two New Stats Things

Did you ever look at your stats chart and wonder which posts were published on a particular day? Now it’s easy to find out. Just move your mouse around the chart. (This only works for blogs right now.)


Did you ever wonder how many hits your home page gets? Now it’s listed along with your posts. There is also a comprehensive report page reachable by clicking the little icon on the right. (This works for blogs and self-hosted blogs using the Stats plug-in. No upgrade is required.)


I hope these little upgrades will help you prosper in the new year. :)

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Andy Skelton


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  1. VIKAS |

    Yes, I did notice them! They have appeared in the order that you have mentioned them! :)

  2. Carolyn Thomas

    Love, love, love these new stats features. THANK YOU!!!

  3. ricraf

    getting better!
    i have to take a little time to find out about all the functions available. I feel i can do better but still dont know the tools

  4. Chuck Ring

    Your information does help. I started seeing the “Home Page” stat and could not figure it out. Now you’ve figured it out for me.


  5. Neil

    Saw them! Love these little surprises! Have a good year Andy!

  6. ian in hamburg

    Nice little refinement on a good set-up – thanks!

  7. buyathread

    I love the first new feature but doesn’t the home page stats lump all the posts on the home page together (5 or 6 on my blog)? So those posts won’t register views unless a reader gets to them via some way other than landing on the home page? Or am I missing something?

    • Andy

      That’s right. We can’t determine which posts your home page visitors are reading if they don’t click through. One way to get visitors to click on your posts is to split the content so that it doesn’t appear in full on the home page. See the support pages on splitting content.

  8. 3dbloke

    I’ve only been using WordPress a few months and discovered these features recently, thinking they’d always been there. Very useful, thank you.

  9. Gerrit Eicker

    Nice improvement, but what I’m really missing are stats for tags and categories. Stats for tags seem pretty important for P2-blogs in particular.

  10. shoutabyss

    I can feel the “prosperity” already. And I think I noticed the mouseover thing days ago. Thanks!

  11. Mon Cherie

    Love Stats ~ These Rock ~ Thanks WordPress!

  12. Richard Buller

    Andy, this is most excellent! I love my stats. What readers like most and any correlation regarding time of day, day of week, as well as date all helps me shape what to write and and when to publish. I shall forward my blog to a publisher in due course and need to show relevant readership stats in support of my case for book publication. Regards, Richard.

  13. 63mg

    Oh, I thought something went wrong in my stats. But then, all the hits at my Blog really happens ;D

  14. Tia

    Thanks for these two great changes… and also the tip on splitting pages to get people to click through for stats.

  15. javcasta

    I like it homepage stats. Its usefull. Thnaks

  16. notmanynoble

    Thank you for the upgrade, awesome.

  17. peacefulone

    Thank you so much! What a difference! I always wondered how many hit the Home Page. Thanks

  18. peacefulone

    Has the comprehensive report always been there?

  19. keithmansfield

    Personally I love the feature (thank you!). Did notice there’s a small band of malcontents over on one of the forums:

    They’ll get used to it!

    • Andy

      Thanks for the heads-up. I fixed the issue with long titles and posted a reply to that thread.

  20. Joseph Darnell

    I’m a big fan of homepage stats already. Thanks WP!

  21. RandomizeME

    Very nice! Now I can be even MORE obsessed with my stats!

  22. adiblogger

    great add on!
    now i am only waiting for two more things:
    1: how many visitors created the views
    2: which country did they come from

    the year just started ;o)

    keep going on working on with the best bog site!

  23. RandomizeME

    Question though – does the home page stat include all the pages? Like Url/page 1, Url/page 2 etc?

    • Andy

      Yes, visitors viewing any subsequent page of the home page will be counted as viewing the home page.

  24. hope101

    Thank you. This rocks!

  25. La Tribu d'Anaximandre

    Un plus effectivement pour la page d’accueil ! et les rapports complets, qui nous permettent de cibler les sujets qu’affectionnent plus particulièrement nos visiteurs :razz:

  26. dreamsburnred

    Nice. Always wanted the home page stats to be listed.

    Guess now you can see if your latest post has resulted in that huge traffic spike :).

  27. ismailimail

    The stats upgrade has weird reaction with the Top Post widget. Please see this:
    As far as my blog is concerned, the number one posted item in my Top Post widget is out of synch with others.

  28. dandelion

    The stat service is great and these features makes it even better – thanks!

  29. Miss Moppet

    I had the long title problem too but it’s fixed now. I really like these changes – thanks!

  30. Saeed

    Love the new features!

  31. Mary

    I noticed these upgrades, and I love them. :)

  32. உதய தாரகை

    Nice! Love. Love. Love! Great gift for the new year from my WordPress!! Thank you so much!!

  33. thelocalguide

    thx a lot wordpress, the homepage one makes a lot of difference for stats addicts.

  34. Avraham

    Love the stat upgrades! The work put in is very much appreciated.

  35. axewielderx

    Yep! noticed most of these already but was really wondering about the homepage thing. Thx for clearing it up.:)

  36. atenu

    Great thanks

  37. Rookie Photographer

    Finally Mystery solved for inaccurate stats!

    I love the latest feature stats related to homepage. Thanks wordpress!!!

  38. bettyscandretti

    These features are awesome! Thanks so much.

  39. Rashid Faridi

    Good Useful features.

  40. Lagunatic

    Yes! They’re great additions. I always knew I was bad at math, but the way the stats used to be done made me consider remedial addition courses with a bunch of third graders. At least now I know I’m not as dumb as I thought I was…..or am I?
    Thank you!

  41. Tom Baker

    I was wondering about the Home Page when it just showed up on the stats yesterday! Thanks.

  42. Zoya

    hey I noticed this and thought that these 2 features were cool. Helps in tracking blog posts and their reception better :) great going. hope to see more features in the future.

  43. Doug

    The “Home Page” thing really confused me at first, but I am glad it’s there. I had noticed previously that the numbers of views weren’t adding up right with the pages listed, and now I know why: home page views weren’t getting counted.

    Thanks much for the change.

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  45. art predator

    Hey, thanks for both of these! I noticed also and figured it out…like others the home page was confusing at first. Now I can’t imagine not knowing this info!

  46. GrokSurf

    Yes I noticed the changes and yes I appreciate the added information. One additional item on my wishlist is to be able to distinguish unique readers as opposed to just number of reads. I guess some kind of script to filter IP addresses would be needed for that.

  47. Pocket Full of Seeds


  48. MoSop

    I noticed these about a week ago. I think they’re fantastic. Thanks!

  49. pied type

    Thanks for more stats!! Can’t get enough. Happy New Year, guys and gals.

  50. custombladeworks

    Nice feature,thanks

  51. Corve DaCosta

    thanks wordpress..

  52. el wehbi

    Keep the stats coming! They’re so informative and addictive. The more stat features you guys can add, the better!

    Keep up the great work!

  53. Danny Sauter

    Great, thanks!

    Is there any way (or any plans) to be able to see a Map Overlay/Geographic stats on where people are visiting from? Google Analytics functionality in this is superb, I’d love to see something to that effect.


  54. Lord Vader

    Guys, you are the best!

  55. jeezem

    good stats rule

  56. Ron

    “Personally I love the feature (thank you!). Did notice there’s a small band of malcontents over on one of the forums:

    They’ll get used to it!”

    Actually, that’s a small group of people, of whom I’m one, expressing perfectly valid opinions. It’s called free speech – you may have heard of it.

  57. Giorgio

    I think that both of them are fantastic!!! In particular the one of the “homepage”… :-p

  58. izikavazo

    Awesome stuff. I always wanted the Homepage stats.

  59. yashwata

    There is a long-standing problem with the stats graph: hits drop way off on the last day, because the last day’s not over yet. Why not omit that last, misleading data point?

  60. qbit

    I did notice them, and are very useful, thanks.

  61. Guy

    The “Home Page” display count is nice :D

  62. La historia del dia

    I did notice them … Thank you very much! ;)


  63. virtualquilter

    Noticed them …………..and love them. Thank you.
    You are making stats far too interesting!

  64. Denise

    Very nice and handy, thank you for these. :)

  65. ileaneb

    Thanks for the upgrades to the stats, when I saw Home Page show up yesterday I started to inquire on the forums, but I figured an announcement was coming soon. FYI – The 1st screen shot doesn’t show up for me. I’m using Chrome.

  66. James

    Thanks it’s a great improvement. Keep up the good work.

  67. ileaneb

    Ok, I refreshed the page and I can see it now. Thanks.

  68. Neil

    Yes, I have noted and appreciated this change. Thanks.

  69. thebooreport

    Loving wordpress :D I wanna have little wordpress babieees !!

  70. jmediamaven

    Great stats. I’m a metric junky, so thanks.

  71. badgeaddicted

    Thanks Guys! That’s very usefull. :D

  72. mrssnell

    Changes noted. Thank you. :)

  73. shuje

    Thanks WP Team. Much appreciated.
    The Home Page hit count especially.

  74. Tink

    Kudos to WP. Love the Stat upgrades! :)

  75. Jan Shim

    Very nice indeed !

    What would be even better (and it’s something I’ve waited for a long time) is an ability to add stats info to individual blog posts via shortcodes.

  76. Philemon OWONA

    My point is completely off-base but necessary: Why is the Mac Afee security software showing my site/blog verification button in gray (color) instead of green? Isn’t my blog/site secure or safe enough for them to apply the green button. Can you, please, explain?

  77. Chad

    I noticed what I think is a bug with the posts on the chart. If the post is published automatically (scheduled posts) they don’t show up in the chart tooltip. Otherwise, I’m loving the enhancements. Thank you!!

  78. Sarah

    That’s great information – especially knowing how many users visit my home page. Thanks!

  79. Wandering Owl

    Noticed that yesterday. Way cool. Thank you!

  80. goldnsilver

    That’s really good about the homepage stat, because I always wondered about it. Thank you.

  81. luysii

    Fine, but what’s a home page? I have a very simple blog — which is just a series of posts, starting with the most recent. When I open the blog I go to the top one. I know you’re not supposed to ask questions here, but the forum on the Home Page had stuff which assumed you know what a Home Page actually is. Isn’t there something like a glossary for the various parts of WordPress. Sabin-Wilson’s book (which is pretty good) didn’t even have it in the index. So here goes (with appologies for asking in this space).

    Today’s stats look like this

    Home page 8
    Linear Algebra survival guide for Quantu 6
    Linear Algebra survival guide for Quantu 6
    Idiocy has consequences — the risks of 1
    Time for the glass eye test to be insert 1
    What Hath Mathematica Wrought ? 1
    How many proteins can be made using the 1
    How many distinct RNA polymers can be ma 1
    Why premeds should be required to take ( 1
    Why Organic Chemistry should always be t

    How do people get to the various posts without going to the site first?
    Where IS my home page?

    Apologies (again) for asking

  82. Fritz

    i love getting homepage results now. but… if only we could get to see the number of “visitors” (along with page impressions)….

  83. Alonso

    These stats are very helpful.

  84. spocrep

    I did notice the post thing, but I didn’t notic the pages hits!
    I liked it all. thanks a lot very helpful

  85. Domo

    I love the Homepage thing!

  86. sweetman

    ahh, yes, to check my popularity….hmmm, still in the single digits. Still I love these features. Thanks!
    Cheers and here’s to more great little things on WordPress! Sweetman

  87. Souza Nurafrianto

    Very nice upgrade indeed. Thanks for working so hard for us.

  88. cherielee

    yes! i love it :) it is very useful

  89. fundyreformed

    Does anyone else notice a difference between the use of this plugin on a blog and on a self-hosted blog? When I had my blog for years, I noticed the wordpress stats were always 40% or more higher than the statcounter image counter stats I also had on my blog. Now that I’ve migrated my blog utilizing software to my own host, I notice almost the opposite. The wordpress stats plugin is 30% lower than my statcounter stats. Has anyone else encountered this? Is there a reason why that could be?

  90. Rob Rockitt

    I love the stats upgrade! WordPress Rocks!!

  91. Cris

    a simple thank you.
    i always wanted to know the hits on the home page.
    -it’s where all the magic starts on a blog….
    and it’s now come true…


  92. Renee

    Thanks so much for these!

  93. te2ataria

    Is this new and useful feature in any way responsible for “Top Posts” to list incorrectly?

  94. Stuart

    Home page hits – brilliant! Also for the continuous improvements to stats overall – every improvement is worth gold

  95. saltydogcycling

    Great feature works like a charm! Keep up the good work folks!

  96. CheapAppetite

    I love the new stat features. Please keep them coming! The more the merrier;)

  97. Margaret

    I’m so glad you keep on improving everything. I really like what you’ve done with the stats as it brings more meaning to what is being searched for. The home page stats are really nice. Thank you.

  98. Judy O'Connell

    I spotted this…I thought it was fantastic!

  99. ghost301

    Very good. I was wondering why there is home page stat until I saw this. The post title in the stats works very well to me as well. Keep up the great work!

  100. Ahmad Haes

    I love it!!! But what feature to tell me which post is getting most viewers in my blog?


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