WordPress.com: Now on HootSuite

Last month we introduced new ways to post and keep up to date with WordPress.com blogs through the Twitter API. One of the coolest parts about this is you can make use of a growing number of microblogging apps to publish to your WordPress.com blog.

Today our friends at HootSuite announced their support of WordPress.com. HootSuite is an easy to use microblogging tool that lets you post updates to many different social networks. WordPress.com is the first blogging platform they’re officially supporting.

You can schedule and cross-post content to multiple WordPress.com blogs (posting to self-hosted WordPress blogs isn’t available yet). You can also set up a Home Feed for blogs you’re following, and reblog posts that you like. Check out the tutorial video HootSuite’s put together to see how easy it is to get going.

For even more apps, including iPhone, BlackBerry, and Firefox flavors, we created an apps for WordPress.com directory that we’ll keep updated with new ways to get your blog on. Enjoy!

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Paul Kim


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  1. ileaneb

    HootSuite is my Twitter app of choice so this is huge for me! This is a real nice surprise. Thanks!

  2. pochp

    Bravo! More power to WordPress!

  3. Stephen

    wow you/we are getting stronger each day!

  4. iTito

    Awesome! i didn’t see that coming.

  5. VIKAS |vikas-gupta.in

    Yet another welcome addition to WP! :)

  6. sweetman

    great one, thanks!


    Great………..I always wait for your innovation!

  8. Lagunatic

    Wow, all this new fangled stuff is really making me feel old and pathetic, but that’s cool – as is this!

  9. Nisa

    ^_^ Nice!!

  10. webmistress27

    Learn something new on WP every day thanks for keeping us informed.

  11. Lakia

    Oh, wow!! That’s great! I will check it out.

  12. Powerflare

    That’s awesome! I can’t to wait to use HootSuite for WordPress too (besides its other wonderful features like working with Twitter, Facebook ect.)!!!

  13. meenas17

    A wonderful application.

  14. Arun Shanbhag

    Lots of potential here.
    Signed up to hootsuite and linked to my WordPress.com account; Since I manage several WP a/c how do I tell hoot-suite which blog I want to post to? Hoot-suite says do something with the twitter api! What? Where is it? and How?


    • Paul Kim

      You can set the blog you post to on your WordPress.com profile page. There’s a Twitter API section and a menu to pick the blog for your updates.

  15. axewielderx

    If this keeps up I might just have to get a Ipod touch.:)

  16. navedz

    cool!! this makes wordpress more lovable!

  17. naumanrk

    very good, delighted

  18. Jennifer

    Way cool! Just one more reason to <3 WordPress.com. :)

  19. art predator

    holy tomato, birdman! I’ve been meaning to check out hoot suite, now I have a bigger incentive! thanks, WP!

  20. saveursdeformose

    Excellent ! thank you for your hard work and congrats

  21. Emma

    Am very impressed with this application so far – and I only joined ten minutes ago – am going to have a lot of fun with this.

  22. allblognews

    Very, Very excited about this!

  23. sendible

    We’ve also just integrated WordPress here at Sendible.com! The Twitter api made it really easy. Good work guys!

  24. alejna

    Huh. This may help push me into microblogging. Now I just need to work on getting less verbose. (Curse you, character limits!)

    • Paul Kim

      No character limit when posting from HootSuite to WordPress.com so you can write to your heart’s content. :)

  25. Brian

    I love HootSuite… now I love it even more!

  26. Silver Sol Guy

    This is great news!

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  28. poleteletravail

    Bravo pour votre travail !

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  30. Mark Jaquith

    It really should say “WordPress.com” instead of “WordPress” (four instances). Self-hosted (WordPress.org) users are going to get confused and enter their local user/password.

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  33. timethief

    Super cool! This is going to be a popular feature, for sure. Thanks!

  34. Matt Schilling

    Good Looking Out Paul – I was thinking about switching to Hootsuite – this made my choice much easier.

  35. pixel*8*design

    YAAAAAY *screams and runs around the room* YAAAAAAaaaAAAAaaaaaaAAAy!! YeeeeAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!! *shrieks*

  36. jamesb101

    the more hits…the better…..

  37. JaredAdventure93

    That’s really awesome! I have one question though. How do you get to that main screen to the point where you click on settings…… there’s a different home page than that. I don’t understand that part.

  38. Paul Kim

    The Settings button is near the bottom of the home screen in HootSuite. Click on “Settings” then the “Social Networks” tab to add your WordPress.com blog.

  39. codeandtag

    Good to increase power of WordPress!


  40. cvs268

    Oooh-la-la.. WORDPRESS ROCKS !!

    No wonder its on #1 SPOT for 2 consecutive years!!

  41. Yasir Imran

    Is this application support nokia phones?

    • Paul Kim

      HootSuite.com is a web application, accessible by any browser. They’ve also released an iPhone app but I don’t believe there’s a Nokia-phone specific app.

  42. Tarbiyatul banin

    i shall try this

  43. livinginmyfantasy

    Oh my. It is way too cool!


  44. مریم

    word press is my wife. and twitter is my sun.

  45. friendjessie

    Keep increasing the Power of WordPress!

  46. peacefulone

    We’ll see….(thinking) :)

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  48. jagoane

    i love it.. great!! :D

  49. utellit

    I love it and I am using it. I am sure they will tweak some more of it to allow us to place tags and the categories that we want our blog posts to be filed under. For the most part I really like it. I just have to sign in to put the tags and categories in on the blog posts. HootSuite is doing so many new things they have rolled out this past week you have to go over there are really check it out. Go HootWord!!!

  50. Treante

    i love HootSuite, i love WordPress 2 :mrgreen:

  51. barnorth

    I’m confused, but it sure is a nice thing to try and figure out when you have to work on the weekend!

  52. Rizwan

    Thats awesome ..

  53. itrixblog

    thats amazing fantastic work guys…..you know what bums me out no one checked out my blog today not even 1 person :(

  54. youneverfail

    Excellent ! thank you for your hard work and congrats

  55. 01mabule

    I love wordpress 2

  56. Superbian

    I gotta work this stuff out!

  57. draabe

    Good news – and another reason to check out HootSuite, too!

  58. Moco Scribe

    Wow…this is seriously impressive

  59. murid Jesus Christ

    Ok, I will try this, thanks !

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  61. charlesroring

    I haven’t tried it yet. I may try it one day if I have time for it.

  62. Car

    thanx a bunch

  63. Learn cPanel Videos Training

    Nice all this new stuff is making me feel adventurous and silly, silly I don’t know why. Anyway I am setting this right now as we speak. Thanks!

  64. libre fan

    I’m rather sad that WP is free software (free as freedom) and WP.com doesn’t do enough for open platforms, open protocols and open formats.

    Identi.ca, ODF formats should be your priority, these are more fun than Twitter and M$.

  65. Gaurav Agarwal

    I love wordpress…Impressive

  66. susiemauney

    I have never used it, but it sounds awesome.

  67. g s collector

    Upwards and onwards and thanks…cool!

  68. pkspeaker2010

    thanks! pk speaker

  69. katyallgeyer

    Gee Whiz! Now THAT’S good feng shui! Thanks, WP!

  70. arifudin

    wow… is very cool… ;)

  71. dr.Abu Hana :: أبو هـنـأ ألفردان ::

    Always cool.. Thanks wordpress.

  72. besi2009

    Wow, that is cool. Thank you

  73. prioritylighting

    Makes “blogging” even easier for us!

  74. antopatterson

    That’s great news! Keep on expanding :)

  75. sarjoni


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  77. Gramma Willi's Rough Times Cooking

    This Gramma’s going to try this new-fangled app, it looks pretty good to me. You young people are so amazing, I just love it!
    Peace, Gramma Willi

  78. joshwikler

    What’s the best way to automatically have new posts from a blog posted to a Facebook account?

  79. datchickneeks

    I think I’m going to try this out.

  80. sylviahubbard1

    When are you going to be on Tweetdeck?

  81. sumego

    Its Cool…

  82. zainkazmi2009

    excellent, good job

  83. raymondtan85

    HootSuite is my choice for Twitter, Facebook and now it gets even better with support to WordPress!!! Thanks!!!

  84. Satiretalised

    yay cool

  85. dreamboxinc

    This makes me interested about starting Twitter.

  86. Flyingwind

    hootsuite was the first twitter app i ever used….it’s growing big!

  87. Wuethrich Juan

    WordPress + HootSuite = POWER!!!

  88. ♥ ♫ ☼ ♪ Londemoon ♥★™


  89. elmer

    i’ve signed up for hootsuite 2 days ago and i still havent got my activation/verification code


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