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Making the simple complicated is commonplace; making the complicated simple, that’s creativity.
– Charles Mingus

From the time we started in 2005, we’ve focused on making it easy and rewarding to use so that anyone could get started with blogging. Along the way all of you who’ve been using and giving us your feedback have helped us figure out which features to roll out next. Thanks!

I took a look back at all the feature announcements we’ve made here, and it came to 370 posts, 82 in 2009 alone. That’s a lot of features. So in case you missed anything along the way here are some of my picks for cool things you can do with

We’ve set up lots of ways for you to write, post photos and videos, and generally add stuff to your blog, including mobile apps.

You can also tweak how your blog looks, set the domain to be your own and pick your language.

Share and Read
We’ve built in some cool sharing and reading features so you can easily let people know about your new posts and also see what other people are blogging.

We’re working on much more for you in 2010. In the meantime check out Support for an updated list of features, and tips on making the most of your blog. Thanks for making amazing.

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  1. Raquel

    So, here we have all we need in one post! I remember how shortcodes tips were useful to me! ;)
    thanks for everything!

  2. Jessica

    Good job! Thanks!

  3. Sally

    Hi, thanks for all your info. I am fairly new to wordpress and find your info easy to follow. I am not computer whiz and if I can do it…anyone can. Thanks

  4. dreamsburnred

    I have moved from blogspot to, and .org :).

    I also love the iPhone app, it lacks features though like review spam comments, and reply to comments but besides that its fantastic.

  5. Mary

    I missed some of these ‘long the way. Thanks for this!

  6. VIKAS |

    It surely rained new features in 2009 on WP!

  7. timethief

    Now that’s what I call a “meaty” blog post … lol ;)

  8. RandomizeME

    Nice round-up of all the WP features. Seriously, you guys make it so easy. I’ll be one year with my WP blog in Feb and I started knowing nothing. But the interface was so user-friendly, I got the hang of it in no time!

  9. Omar Modesto

    I’ve just connected my blog to Yahoo! Updates and added the subscriptions widget. Thanks!

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  11. katyallgeyer

    You guys are great! Thanks for all you do.

  12. Bob Berwyn

    Yeah, it’s all cool! I’m just getting started with WordPress, but it’s been huge in starting up a new nonprofit community web site, can’t wait to learn more ins and out — but I miss the snowflakes.

  13. tulip1810

    Matt, is that you, almost didn’t recognize you with that hat on! lol. Thank you for taking the time to send out this newsletter! Because along the way we sometimes or in the beginning we don’t know which feature to use. So by having this it gives us some guidelines with more detail of how a feature works. Thanks again for your time! Mona

  14. chloe

    i think more freedom to customise wordpress layouts or add your own without having to pay for the css upgrade would be nice.. :)

  15. iaoj

    Thank you Matt & WordPress.

  16. Asad Ali

    Thanks for everything..:)

  17. Andrew

    Something to keep in mind!

  18. art predator

    you are all so awesome! thanks for making WordPress the BEST!

  19. gonuhome

    :O nice TIPS!

  20. Martin (IQ)

    You’ve all done a great job. :)

    Let’s see if 2010 brings us some cool stuff under our Posts. Still very empty there. ;)


  21. Richard Buller

    Many thanks Matt. I think I understand Post by Email now. You’ve helped me confront my initial “OMG this is hard – avoid, avoid…” psyche default setting! Shall use it later today. Regards, Richard

  22. VAJRA, South America

    Thanks so Much Matt and the Fantastic Team WordPress!

    Fuerza y Exitoso 2010 para TODOS !!!

    Best regards…

  23. Kermit Hale

    I wished everything worked as slick as they say it does, but it doesn’t. The edit page doesn’t show the exact way the words appear on the site. When I edit it, and then publish and then view it, things are much different. I am trying to put guitar notes above the words to songs, but the spacing between the notes get distorted between edit and publish. It is very frustrating.

  24. dr.Abu Hana :: أبو هـنـأ ألفردان ::

    Thanks a lot matt..
    Cool and great..

  25. navedz

    WOW!! You guys are awesome… simply awesome!

  26. Kunal

    That is a comprehensive list!

    Awesome work WP :)

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    Thank you for the hints!

  29. leylander

    thanks wordpress! the features are all awesome!

  30. Tom Baker

    It’s good that you guys are tooting your own horn. This is a great platform and quite frankly I just don’t get why anyone would use any other provider. It’s easy, its fun and I have the entire month of January dates already written. I can sit back and let them get posted automatically because of your scheduling feature. If something comes up and I want to add an extra post on my off days (I post every other day), I just quickly write it and bam, another post!

    Thanks. I didn’t really want to blog in the beginning. It was kind of a dare but now I enjoy it and don’t foresee myself stopping. WordPress is the best.

  31. Steve

    Thank you for all the work put in – WordPress has to be the best free blogging platform around. It’s great to feel part of such a large community, and to utilise a tool that is constantly evolving and improving. I look forward to seeing what you have in store for us next!

  32. ζÔ§Η

    i’m looking forward to lots more of great features in 2010! thanks for making 2009 a great year, wordpress team!

  33. thecraftwitch

    You have certainly been very busy for us, thank you all.
    Can’t wait to see what you’ve all been up to for 2010.

  34. Sajib

    Thanks for putting all those support links into one post, Matt.

  35. Schwarzmann Skinski

    I can firmly say that WordPress is the best platform to host a blog. You guys are great!

  36. axewielderx

    Some of us have been rather busy.:) Thx guys!

  37. gbvaz

    WordPress truly is the best blog platform. Thanks a lot for all those updates!

  38. alejna

    Sweetness! Thanks for the handy summary!

  39. La historia del dia

    WordPress team … you are the best!
    :) Thank you ;)


  40. omlivet

    I absolutely agree you have done it easy for everyone who want to start and use a blog.
    I really love WP.
    I’ve tried to start a blog many times before but haven’t succeeded until I meet you, WP.
    So thank you very much for a very easy but great blog!!

  41. Narendra

    yo wp is the best platform!! i have always maintained it!!! cheers

  42. Farijs van Java

    thanks, guys!

  43. Milo

    Love wordpress and really rate it as a blogging platform.

    If I could add things to my wishlist, it would be that you gave it some of the funkiness of tumblr. I love how in tumblr your post is ‘templated’ based on whether you’re posting music, a quote, text, a photo. It seems so intuitively sensible. Also, the bookmarklet seems to work a LOT better in tumblr vs WP.

    The other issue that I’ve never been keen on with WP is the age-old issue of java. To this day I don’t know why blogger allows java widgets but wordpress doesn’t. I know it’s to do with ‘safety’ but even so, I don’t get it. Does that imply blogger is ‘unsafe’? If you allowed java-enabled widgets this would be a true step-change that would make WP the undisputed blog platform of choice, imo.

    Having said all that, I do love wordpress so keep up the good work.

  44. PiensoLuegoPiensoLuegoExisto (PLPLE)

    Awesome post! I actually missed the option that allow to show my posts on Twitter automatically! Excellent!

    Thanks and good work

  45. Margaret

    Without a doubt, everyone at WordPress is doing a marvelous job and always thinking ahead. Thank you for continually considering the needs of the bloggers and for keeping up with the constantly changing technologies. There is so much to push forward with and you guys and gals are doing wonderfully well at it. Thank you very much for caring.



    ¡¡¡¡¡¡¡ GRACIAS WORDPRESS !!!!!!

  47. June Malone

    It’s you guys who make amazing – I’m really happy to be part of it – thank you.

  48. Lagunatic

    I have a tip – if you want to get a ton of views tell everyone you’re going to strip…and then don’t do it.
    Fun for everyone really – except for maybe your husband…he might yell at you.

  49. jeezem

    keeps getting better and better

  50. TOC

    wp IS fantastic. I’m on my blogs/sites every day.

    I don’t know what I would do without it, but like most users I have one or two tweaks/features I would like to see added. The biggest would be an “Upcoming Events Calendar” … something that readers could click on to get details about upcoming shows/events/readings etc. I have tried the various “link your google calendar to your wordpress blog” solutions ….but none of these looks good or works elegantly…

    I have submitted this question almost since day one and have always gotten the same response, basically: “we’re not currently working on that, but we’ll look into it.” This is especially odd since wordpress.ORG users have several ‘events calendar’-type plugins or widgets to choose from…. but we wp.COM users have none? …is there really that much of a technological difference between the two?

    That is really my only gripe. Keep up the great work.

    Stay Strong Everyone. Thanks for the great platform.

  51. cecepswp

    Great features and tips, keep it up Matt {^o^}

  52. cepikunaefi

    Thanks to WordPress for making my job nice and easy.

  53. bonggakastar

    i hope we can also publicize our blogs on facebook sometime soon

  54. karenstuebing

    Thanks for all the upgrades. However, I can’t get the publicize feature to update either Twitter or Yahoo. Don’t know why. Yahoo just wants me to upgrade my profile and Twitter says “whoops, go back to the original site” or something like that.

    However, you can always burn an RSS feed to either site. Works for Facebook too, btw.

  55. the rufus

    Great as always – thanks.

  56. ⌈βrεtt⌋

    cool! awesome post Matt ;)

  57. beingkeri

    Thanks for the post – always good to learn how to make things easier and better!

  58. longshorttales

    Great post. Sometime in the future I might use that mapping a domain feature for my blog. It just makes it look a bit more professional. :p

  59. MoSop

    WOW! There are so many great tips here. thanks for putting everything in one post for us. It seems the more I learn the more I find I need to learn…

  60. therunninggarlic

    Excellent – will be saving this and going through each item so I don’t miss anything!

    WordPress is the Best!!! Thanks!

  61. வித்யாசாகர்

    Easy to get all information at a single platform. WordPress is fantastic…. THANKS!

  62. elmer

    Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. Simple or complicated WordPress, let meeeah entertain yeeeah.

  63. alhakim

    I like these tips: Schedule posts and pages ;) . Thanks for great CMS. It’s been 4 years until now and I still love to blog at

  64. rjtalksaboutthings

    This is great! Thanks for posting it! I’m so glad I joined WordPress, it’s been great posting and being able to fit everything to the customizations that I want.

  65. soundanation

    Great keep on 2010 and beyond

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  67. resistancetrainer

    Hey Matt. Thanks for all the hard work you and your group do.

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  69. gheorghelucaciprian

    Thank you, guys! Keep up the good work! You’re a blessing.

  70. Hana

    Excellent tips. You are the best guys

  71. Edu

    Since 2005 we are waiting to include the google adsense feature on blogs :(

  72. webmistress27

    Thanks again to these tips and for the wonderful people i`ve met so far on WP, blogging just got cooler

  73. unexpectedtraveller

    Ah – WP for BlackBerry – excellent!

    Now if only I could check my stats through that ….

    The Unexpected Traveller

  74. francesca101

    These are some great tips. You really have made things so much simpler with WordPress..Sounds like we all appreciate that. Hope to see more new things this new year.

  75. Alonso

    Thanks and keep up the good work…I consider this site to be the best for bloggers.

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  77. absolutegrace

    Thanks for the perks, helps, forums, and Everything!. I need to bookmark THIS page so I can make constant improvements, just as WP has!

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  79. 57dreamer

    Thanks for the great advice, looking forward to having fun with WordPress

  80. tobi84

    great summary of the things made available to us~! i just joined wordpress to start my online blogging career and its been so easy to use. I must say a BIG thanks for this user friendly blog site :)

  81. sarjoni

    thanks very much… Mr. matt

  82. chitomachine

    this thing is really helpful, i just started blogging today and i really need to get familiar with wordpress display and functions, it made things better to express with.

  83. sulochanosho

    Yes, ‘simplicity’ is the salt and soul of any innovation and we are getting it plenty on the WordPress platform, as always our thanks and cheers to the entire team there.

  84. jerseyslover

    Hi, thanks for all your info. Thanks

  85. livinginmyfantasy

    PERFECT ADVICE! thanks so much. :)

  86. Stuart Claggett

    Thanks for the summary and your efforts with this software package. Have a great year.

  87. Amyth

    WP Rocks! :)

  88. supportiveguy

    ME and my class of communication v v much impress wordpress thank wordpress team,

  89. shaotong

    Thanks for all you do!

  90. Jennifer

    I’m really looking forward to posting by email, especially trying out the “[nogallery]” Gallery feature for inline display of multiple images. (Would love to see that or something similar incorporated into regular posting too!)

  91. foogie93

    thanks for the awesome advice!!!!

  92. Dan Walsh

    Thanks for the summary. Very helpful.

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  94. tompccs

    Great Mingus quote.

  95. ubus97

    Thank you for the service in wordpress. I just want to give advice to filter blogs can create divisions among the community. if there are blogs that are considered dangerous to be removed please

  96. snadeemshaikh

    Thank you, guys! Keep up the good work! You’re a blessing.

  97. evasweaving

    I took a leap of faith about a year ago when I started my blog on WP because it was hard to believe that I could do something like this. But you guys made it easy and were so helpful whenever I needed help. Thank you so much!!!

  98. Lonnie Dawkins

    Thanks for these tips. Already applying them and hoping to see more results. WordPress is great!

  99. ilovewriting14

    Thanks! WordPress is very fun and easy to use!

  100. southernfrontporch

    Thank you! We are learning our way around!


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