New Theme: monochrome

Sleek, and bursting with elegance, I’m happy to bring you monochrome, another addition to the wonderful collection of themes available on monochrome is a beautiful theme with wonderful details.

monochrome, the theme, in action.

The name comes from the theme’s monochromatic color palette. Beautiful and sleek, it’s the attention to detail that really makes this theme shine.

metadata, sub-menus, and the search Box

The headers and dates are uniquely styled. The menu shows sub pages, with a nice smooth animation as well. And don’t forget the custom search box widget styled up with rounded corners.

Want to check out monochrome? Just login to your blog and click on Appearance -> Themes in the sidebar. Preview the theme and if you like it, activate it.

If you are a user, please check out monochrome on the .org Theme Repository

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  1. dhimasln

    wow,, wonderful. i will try it.

  2. David Kostenberger

    awesome!!! love it!!! ill try it out!!!

  3. tulip1810

    Wow that looks beautiful! I will have to give it a try! Thanks so much for your hard work! Mona

  4. kodegeek

    Stunning, love it

  5. navedz

    wow… looks good!

  6. Louy

    Great template, but the translations are not great (Arabic Language)…
    I’d like to translate it by my self if possible, GlotPress takes months to approve my translations!!!

  7. Guy

    Looks pretty neat, but here’s a question for those of us who don’t want to re-organize their whole blog, can you choose that the drop-down menu at the top, and the “tabs”, will be for Pages rather than Categories? Having some 20 categories, it just won’t work on my blog, and I’m sure many others’.

    • Sara

      @Guy, It is possible to use Pages – You can set the top navigation to use pages from the Appearance > Theme Options page for Monochrome.

  8. Lagunatic

    Pretty. If I ever change my look I’m going to use this one. (and by “my look” I mean my blog’s, not my own)

  9. Portable Soul

    God! love it love it love it!
    Tanx team

  10. karenstuebing

    Wow! I love this! Now, I need another blog to use it. How many can one person have? :) Great work, Noel.

  11. Karanvir Singh Sangha

    I love it… may give it a try on my new blog. :D


    Is it compatible with iNove theme?

  13. Lee

    Finally a theme I will actually like. Not just because its black and white. :)

  14. TheBrotha

    Nice look. Thanks again, bro!

  15. Hetal

    Looks nice… will try it out

  16. wyw1d

    WOW… wonderful theme.Thanks Noel, I will try it.

  17. Stacy Baugher

    Very nice and nodern looking. May have to give it a spin and see how it does.

  18. Arminiastern *

    W-o-w!!!!! Cool!

  19. Chittaranjan

    Groooovy! Its so much better than the other Monochromatic one – Unsleepable.


  20. ileaneb

    I find it hard to read knocked-out white fonts on dark backgrounds. I think I’ll pass unless I can switch the background color. I’ll preview my blog for a better look. Thanks.

  21. Tom Baker

    Very nice. Stuff like this makes me wish I had more to say and could start a new blog! WP just keeps getting better.

  22. David

    Very nice looking. I will try this out.

  23. jasperthedog

    wowezo! I might use this.

  24. Wing Ly

    Very nice, but I prefer the theme “Omagazine”. Hope wp would offer it soon.

  25. timethief

    It looks lovely and the features are nice too. Thanks.

    P.S. The link you posted above in this sentence is a 404: “If you are a user, please check out monochrome on the .org Theme Repository”

  26. Asif Ahmed

    Yes, Looking Nic, I am using a similar theme on my personal blog, will try this for sure.

  27. panszpik


  28. Staff


  29. Chittaranjan

    BTW, there’re a few changes I’d like to see implemented with this theme:

    (1) Make the Blog Title as well as the Post Title font a li’l bigger. They get kinda lost among all the black and white :P
    (2) Size of the “Quote” box reduced a bit. Even a one-liner uote is resulting in a big box that kinda takes up unnecessary space
    (3) Remove the grayish border around images. People use different borders (I use rounded, for e.g.) and those tweaks get lost with the forced-on image border
    (4) Tooltips have rounded edges, which show up ugly-like on a black background :(

    Also, did you notice that checking the “Use categories for header menu” option under “Theme Options” breaks the homepage? I’ll put in a Support ticket as well.

  30. killamanjiro

    Yes I love it, has a cool style to it.

  31. Louisa

    that is veery bootiful! I looked at the photo and thought it said “Van Antwerp Blog” – intentional???? ;)

    you guys just get better and better.

  32. Mark

    The link in “If you are a user, please check out monochrome on the .org Theme Repository” should be pointing to,

  33. sweetman

    ultrasuede coool.

  34. AutoAnything

    Looks like a beautiful theme, a very nice addition.

  35. cokluiser

    niceeee, thanks!

  36. loneplacebo

    The WordPress team strikes gold once again! Thanks for the new theme!

  37. troy


  38. g s collector

    Sleek and classy, all right! Congratulations.


  39. Mary

    Look nice, and the animation feature is also fun. :)

  40. brickbandit

    I am going try this.

  41. Giorgio


  42. irisofthewayfarer

    Really good looking. Too bad it’s not for me.

  43. Celebes

    Very nice. I will try it.

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  45. galini27

    Wonderful, wonderful.

  46. pjayy

    I love it but I love mine now I may have to test this theme out

  47. Emir

    The RSS subsrciption link in the sidebar doesn’t show if I don’t turn on the “Information” at the top of the sidebar, otherwise it works and looks great.

  48. abukhodijah


  49. dhavalrajgeera

    Eve catching and Tempting!

  50. sweetness16

    That’s pretty awesome!!!! I’m sooooooooo trying it.

  51. Michelle

    Great theme. Was wondering if there’s a way to make the pictures align center? They all seem to align left, even when I chose for it to align center. Thanks. =)

  52. ejajufri

    Absolutely wonderful!!

  53. wereviking

    Anybody able to say if this theme — or Hell, any others — includes a next/previous post function automatically?

  54. Ariel

    It is a great theme, but I found a bug in the botton “return top”, does not work as in the demo :(

    My blog:
    The demo:

    Pd: sorry for my bad English

  55. Ioana

    GREEEEEEEEEEEEEAT job! Love it! :)

  56. Ardent Church

    man, if it had a custom header, we would be all over it.

  57. VIKAS |

    Wow, Please give more themes from the .org directory! :)

  58. streetcar79

    nicely done

  59. teluete

    This is an absolutely exquisite theme. I’ve been waiting for something like this. Great job! :D

  60. Rz Coorporate

    wow………… it’s cool…..!!!!

  61. sallory


  62. austcolonialdude

    It look’s really cool m8 i’ll have a go

  63. phoxis

    Excellent theme, now i have to see if my only requirement matches: the width.

  64. phoxis

    Existing pictures are overflowing the body column. My existing theme is Journalist v1.9 .

  65. Daxie

    Gorgeous!!!! Congrats!

  66. NobodyKnowsMe。

    No header? :(

  67. Mỹ

    9s,tks so much :)

  68. akanshathetraveller

    Cool …. I will use it…

  69. Tom T.

    Very nice, but I can’t use it as there is no way to make a contact site.
    So I returned to misty look again.

  70. Danica

    I like it! It’s very simple, but modern and elegant. I might try it out with my blog.

  71. techpiyush

    good looking & easy to use

  72. Yasir Imran

    Great theme, love the feature of appearing page no. in the bottom. I have a small question too. I need to put selected categories in the top navigation, in the theme options I found the box where I have to put the category id which I don’t want to display. But how can I find a category id in blog.
    Please guide.

  73. petrousaha

    Don’t stop to impress people

  74. gievolko


  75. Paul

    I had a preview. Pity no custom-header! Otherwise pretty striking.

  76. sweetangelanna

    simply lovely!!! thank you thank you thank you

  77. MJae

    One word: wow!

  78. 7kinzero

    I will use it

  79. dr.Abu Hana :: أبو هـنـأ ألفردان ::

    Cool.. Awesome.
    What’s next?

  80. babylonthegreat

    Looks sweet, wonder how it tastes…

  81. bodats

    loves it!!! trying….

  82. MaryG90

    It looks amazing!

  83. Yêu Titi

    I like this theme, but there isnt the link to next post and pre post in one post as other theme. This take me a little uncomfortable! Could you modify this?

    Many thanks!

  84. silvanadallera

    Very powerfull!

  85. Brenda J. Elliott

    Tried it out for 5 minutes before reverting to Mistylook. All my blockquotes using the more eye-friendly caused first two sentences in block on top of each other. Changing to

    works but I have more than 4,000 posts and (1) do not want or have the time to convert all of these; (2) not converting leaves first two sentences on top of each other; and (3) the blockquote boxes are totally incompatible with the rest of the look of the theme. Sorry. Great try but needs refinement.

  86. Brenda J. Elliott

    Nice blockquote … which converted my ul codes and blockquote codes. To restate, I use ul for blocking instead of blockquote due to appearance (negates ugly over sized quote marks).

  87. Gia

    I would really really like a black theme (without the bright orange), nice and classic, just like the one blogspot has. There are lots of white-background themes, but no black, nice and simple themes at all.

    What do you think?

  88. Moco Scribe

    I like this, it has clean, classic lines. Has a good ‘magazine’ type feel. Is it customisable?

  89. Jason

    Could be me just being a bit slow but is there any way to change the date format for the blog posts? I can’t seem to edit at and its showing up as an US standard m/d/y instead of the UK d/m/y.

  90. Arkaniayara

    Whoa. It’s very nice. ^_^

  91. BlueMist

    Love it already

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  93. Roberto

    Thanks, always is good to have themes as amazing as this one ;)

  94. eideard

    Let me run over and check it out, right now. Looks very professional.

  95. mbrandel

    Nice Theme :) Unfortunately, my Photos with 640X480 resolution is reduced in a lower resolution, so that I cannot use this Theme for my blog.

  96. superjonesy

    kind of sick

  97. Andrea Nunes

    It’s funny how I cannot access my dashboard. Please ask someone from WordPress to contact me. Thank you.


    Looks really wonderful – thanks :D

  99. Anna Hansson Interior Design

    I like it. The theme that I really like though is the Duotone. However I cant use it though it does not show all the photos that I have attached to each post and as my my blog is about interior design the photos are most important. It is such a great idea to have colour schemes that change and adapt to each post, please allow for all photos to be attached so that I can use it.

    Thank you.

  100. Admin

    thank you so much … this new theme excellent, I’ve used in my blog and the results are very good


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