WordPress Personas for Firefox

Last week Mozilla released Firefox 3.6, the latest and greatest version of their open source Web browser. To mark the occasion, we worked with designer Chad Pugh to create a couple of brand new WordPress Personas for Firefox. Personas are like skins for your browser, and these designs are a great way to show off your WordPress colors.

The “Vintage Press” Persona is inspired by the style of the great old-time printing presses. Get it here.

And the “Inkwell” Persona uses splashes of color to decorate a well-used piece of paper. Add it to your Firefox here.

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Paul Kim


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  1. shamballa9944

    I really like the bottom one! Nice colors, and the musical notes add another element which rounds out the senses.

  2. ileaneb

    These are pretty cool. Very nicely done. I hope you have some like this for Google Chrome soon too! Thanks for sharing.

  3. plrang

    Cool feature, although, doesn’t it take more ram? Would have to check it out, best regards!

  4. pjhornberger

    great designs….

  5. peacefulone

    Hi! They look beautiful. But, I’m not clear…how do I use them, where will I access them and how do they affect my Blogs? Thanks Love E

  6. Louy

    Loved the “vintage press” so much :)… Downloading :D

  7. musicofourheart

    I chose Inkwell. I like the use of grey, blue and green. The WordPress logo in this Persona reminds me of sealing a letter in wax ;) The music score throughout is a very nice touch. With my love for music Inkwell adds another dimension to my thoughts and writing.

    Chad Pugh is a very talented artist. Thank you for sharing this Persona today.

  8. dreamsburnred

    Vintage press nice!

    *goes and changes theme*

  9. timethief

    Both are very attractive but I prefer the second one to the first. I’m not convinced as yet that my Firefox needs skinning but that’s no surprise. You see my first response to almost anything new tends to be … MEH … but a few weeks later I may even become a fan. My browser is “bloated” with add-ons and extensions, so I’m going to bookmark this entry for which I thank you, and after I do a browser purge I’ll be back. :)

  10. Jake Spurlock

    I made one too!

    WordPress Firefox Persona

  11. Lee


  12. অভ্রনীল

    LOVED it!! Thanx a lot!!

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  14. plrang

    @Paul Kim i meant my Windows Machine RAM and speed indeed :-/

  15. Sami Malallah

    Simple but stylish, Love it!

  16. Aiman Amani

    These are truly beautiful. I may not be using Firefox 3.6 so I may not use it but it’s been a real pleasure to just ponder over it. Thanks a lot, you guys are great! :)

  17. La historia del dia

    Me gustan los dos temas, pero solo eligiré uno ;)

    Muchas gracias


  18. Elliott O.

    Great stuff. But like a few people here, I’ve since jumped the FF ship to Chrome. Would be great if you could get something on that format, too.

  19. elmer

    Inkwell, subliminally creative

  20. Corve DaCosta


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  22. ruru

    cool! Love it!

  23. Jill

    Very cool. :)

  24. ishabelle

    Nice! i have both Firefox and Chrome on my PC. I’ll definitely try the second one out. I hope you also have personas for Chrome in the future. :)

  25. Tom Baker

    Very interesting. For some reason Personas slowed my browsing down. Maybe with the newer version I will try again. I like the second one.

  26. VIKAS |vikas-gupta.in

    Wow, I am going to use them now! :)

  27. phoxis

    they are good, WordPress artworks are always very professional, cool, unique and excellent

  28. artvisualizer

    wow.. really cool.. thanks

  29. webmistress27

    This is very interesting, the advances of the WP and the tools you all offer simply amazing

  30. neocnus

    love those personas, but won’t leave my Safari for a Firefox hunt.


  31. sravan953

    I like it!

  32. lemasney

    “Vintage Press” leaves all of my toolbar items very legible — the most often overlooked design feature of Personas. Killer work here.

  33. RandomizeME

    Yeah, the bottom one is VERY cool! But why stop at two?

  34. rafiq_jauhary


  35. A_wandering_mind

    Nice for those who tend their browser skins regularly

  36. Kaushal

    I loved both the skins .. thanks. now i am confused which one 2 keep .:D

  37. longshorttales

    They are nice, but I think I’ll stay with my Pulp Fiction persona.

  38. navedz

    Like the vintage one.. will have to start using firefox as well!! :)

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  40. Goldcross Cargo

    It’s very Nice to update yourself

  41. Firenzi

    So nice! So beautiful :) Even though I didn’t use Personas before, these themes are awesome!

  42. dr.Abu Hana :: أبو هـنـأ ألفردان ::

    Nice work.. Awesome!

  43. eric801

    So nice ^_^

  44. Ron

    Be aware that the current version of Personas is attracting quite a bit of flack from users

    My view of skins is that they’re pretty pointless, anyway (functionality first, prettiness a long way second).

    Very nice work, guys, but thanks, I’ll pass.

  45. vongaynip

    I’d like to see these skins for Chrome!

  46. denotchka

    That looks cool! I love a look like this!

  47. chantingbudha

    Great thought and idea to spread the WordPress love. Keep it going like this! :)

  48. Lagunatic

    Very cool. I love Firefox and WordPress. That’s a whole lot of love right there :D

  49. andartos

    I like them both, but personally prefer ‘Inkwell'; it is more in line with who I am and what I am doing here.

  50. রিয়া

    ohh! great! my firefox has a completely new wp addict look now :)
    thank you!

  51. irisofthewayfarer

    I love those skins.
    Sadly, none of my computers like Firefox any more. I can’t take the crashing.

    Working with Opera now and loving it. How about something for Opera?

  52. sylviahubbard1

    I AM IN LOVE!!!

    can’t decide!!! grrrrr

  53. hackworm

    amazing good idea

  54. Ken Reidy

    I never used a Firefox theme before I read this article. :)

  55. Moco Scribe

    I like number one…classic

  56. J-Slyde

    I like! :)

  57. tedburton

    Good Job WordPress, like someone said in the earlier posts, you really are getting stronger.

  58. Lola

    I like both but I’ll probably end up trying the second one if FF would just stop crashing

  59. Moses


  60. pcabellor

    Hey Paul! Firefox + WordPress = awesome^2

    Great to see you around another great product! Cheers!

  61. alhakim

    I’ll give it try. It’s great ‘collaboration’ between firefox and wordpress. I’m big fan both of them ;)

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  63. Yanguang

    Like previously mentioned by some of the comments above, would love to see a Chrome theme. I like the one I’m using a lot. https://tools.google.com/chrome/intl/en/themes/theme_at_hedgehoginthefog.html

  64. ringtails

    I use Chrome, but those are pretty rad.

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  66. larolfnus

    Excellent! I love WP :)) Keep up the good work guys~

  67. Por:R-graph

    wordpress is better with google chrome

  68. Ant

    Wow. Both are nice.

  69. Muanthang Tungnung

    Cool. I’ll surely try it…

  70. avatar

    nice one!!!!!!!!!!

  71. greatteachersato

    Oh wow those are awesome!

  72. hermionejh

    This is very cool!
    I love Firefox & WordPress too!

  73. edwilsonishere

    Oh, these are nice! But I do use google chrome when I use wordpress.

  74. Lucian Bureriu

    Nice? Oh, yessssssssssssssssssssss!

  75. seaclearly

    Nice colors ~^~

  76. Celebes

    Very cool! I love Firefox and WordPress.

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  79. whizgremlin

    very creative – thumbs up here! Also very much a FF fan!

  80. agusahmad

    Tank’s all

  81. mbreventures

    I am really excited about WordPress and want to be alerted to any new and exciting app.

  82. Justin Koop


  83. Car

    yes chrome please

  84. whaysworld

    That’s a good idea,,,
    I think it will make people excited about WordPress…

  85. kellywatson04

    How can we use it?

    • Paul Kim

      Click on either of the images above in the post of the Personas. If you use Firefox 3.6 as your browser you’ll be able to use the Personas immediately. If you don’t use Firefox you’ll have the option to install it and get the Personas afterwards.

  86. mitlivsomblondine

    Very nicely made.

  87. Palestinian Talents

    but i think the blog on wordpress needs many things such as clock, vote, weather…a box that shows friend’s blogs … mmm visitor counter shows visitors but who are they? in which country and short information about her/his country…that allows us to know many countries…
    and Audio??? i can’t add it because it needs to be paid??mmm

    sorry for my long comment
    in anyway thnx alot dear

  88. jauprolazu

    oooo so this is wonderful news as the story … nice greetings .. Ema

  89. jauprolazu

    Of course, you’re right, I am a Croatian in Zagreb. Almost by accident I came to this site and I am very pleased though I am still a beginner .. Thank you for letting me comment, and write even though this is too long .. and behold me .. I am always exaggerating, and I love to write .. greetings, and of course sorry for bad English … :) Ema

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  91. runitjojo


  92. xDarkx

    Wow, Amazing . .

  93. bezuf

    Really good

  94. bionicnews

    i like it, aaa i am from Romania xD

  95. nattaly46

    a lot of news, thanks and regards :lol:

  96. d3m0l1sh3r

    Love them, guys, great job!

  97. Moin Ansari

    I have used Safari and WordPress to blog. I ran into trouble on a couple of counts. Updates to widgets did not show up and I had to redo them in IE. Some graphics did not show properly.

    PS: When are you going to add a proper google enabled search engine.

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  100. pu94

    the second one is really nice! ;)


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