Improved Polls and Ratings

We have made a couple of updates to the polls and ratings feature on that you may have already noticed.

Ratings on front page

There is now an option in the ratings settings to allow you to display your posts ratings on the front page.

Usage is very simple – pick whether you want the rating above or below the post, and save.

Your ratings will now appear on your blogs front page… nice!

Poll Options Menu

You may have noticed a new menu option under the polls menu – Options.

Here you can import another PollDaddy account if you wish to access another account from your WordPress dashboard.

Using the default poll settings, you can set your typical poll settings, like a custom style. Then with each new poll created, these default settings are loaded automatically, saving you time and hassle.

Expiration limit on block repeat voting

There is an additional setting in the poll editor that allows you to set a limit on how long to block repeat voters.

Just choose one of the block options, select how long you wish to block repeat voting and save your poll.

We have also made a few minor updates like adding support for right-to-left (RTL) languages, and tightening permissions. The plugin has also been updated with these changes and with a few additional ones detailed on the PollDaddy blog.

You can find out more details on the support page.

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  1. benwigmore

    The poll changes you are offering have not worked on the ‘Momday’ blog. Nothing happens when I click on the button.

    • Eoin

      I’m not sure which button you are referring to, but if you contact support we will be able to help you with any issue you are experiencing.

  2. protostomia

    I like the new features! Keep going with improving!!! :)


  3. axewielderx

    I had over 2 years worth of posts before the ratings system was implemented and did not see much purpose in adding it with so many posts already be banned to the archives,they would never be rated anyway.

    As for the polls, I rarely get much feedback from them, however, as always thx for adding more new features. It is always nice to know that is a dynamic environment in which to blog.:)

  4. chappy81

    Awesome! Haven’t used the ratings yet, but maybe we should start!

  5. Sami Malallah

    I was updating the setting in my blog when I noticed the change. So now I am displaying the rating on the front page. This improvement shows how much you care about us. Thank you.

  6. avatar

    good work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Mary

    I like these new features coming about all the time, thanks so much!

  8. ismailimail

    Does making a change takes time to propagate? I changed color of stars and the size, the front page is not reacting properly.

    • Eoin

      This was due to a caching issue. I have fixed it for you and I will take a look into speeding up the time it takes for changes to the ratings style to propagate through.

  9. Lagunatic

    This rocks.
    I love polls.

    I poll people randomly and then I poll them on how annoying it is to be polled.
    They love it.

  10. padfoot

    like this! :)

  11. Portable Soul

    We are all loving WordPress. We love ‘em more & more when watching & using your questions.

    Keep going;
    Best regards.

  12. autonomousblogger

    I love improvements and options. Thanks wordpress! :)

  13. Car


  14. T3CK

    This is gr8 news that we can now have the ratings on the front page thank you very much. :)

  15. Corve DaCosta


  16. Moses


  17. Zaeriuraschi (pronounced zay-ree-ooh-ras-chee)

    Awesome! I love WordPress updates like this! :)

  18. Wing Ly

    Cool, just what I’ve been waiting for :)

  19. Louy

    Nice, especially the RTL support!

  20. trollboy

    wow i didn’t even know we could have ratings for our posts!

  21. রিয়া

    day by day we’re getting richer features. thanks to the wp team for doing so much for us. we luv u wp :)

  22. kluv

    thx, that’s great.

  23. Aiman Amani

    This is really gonna be useful to me. Thanks a whole lot :)

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  25. ak4ris

    Very nice look, thanks

  26. edwilsonishere

    I haven’t used the poll or rating options yet, but it’s always great to customize. Thank ya kindly wordpress!

  27. ismailimail

    I think I broke my settings again. Changed the colors of stars back to yellow but now some of the posts are stuck at the older color. Please check.


    Nice, but If I make this feature from my dashboard (without inserting on my my post).
    Where is really the url saved?

  29. shamballa9944

    Wow! So many exciting features. I’ll have to think about what I could do a poll on!! In any case, it’s great to know its possible and that I have lots of options! Thanks so much!!

  30. timethief

    Thanks for the updates and the work done to improve polls and ratings. It’s appreciated. :)

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  32. Moin Ansari

    Confused about the feature…will try to figure it out

    When will you guys give us a good search engine powered by Google? and a Table of Contents…plus new Newspaper themes

  33. johnonline

    cheers to these new improvements!!! WP is getting awesome every month!

  34. RandomizeME

    Very cool – has these little improvements all the time which makes the blogging life so much better.

  35. VIKAS |

    Ohkk, so the ratings bug has been fixed! I recall I was among the many others who had pointed out that it is not showing on the home page and WP had said it will soon be fixed! It has been, better late than never. Thanks.

  36. αвsσlutjσíz™ ღ

    love the ratings! more more!

  37. Tom Baker

    Great additions. I use polls often. Got a Super Bowl one up now. As I’ve said before, you guys keep it real!

  38. Ady Mat

    Great Work! Can we have more analytic stats?

  39. itrixblog

    this sweet if only i had more visitors visiting my blog then it would encourage me to write more often and probrably have contests in the future but right now i don’t see that happening for me :(

  40. Kartik Mistry

    Great feature. I discovered Ratings feature very lately..

  41. batbrat

    This is totally awesome!!!

  42. Yasir Imran

    good work, keep it up

  43. -dN5

    yes… i like this feature..!

  44. Moco Scribe

    That’s really useful…..tahk you!!!!

  45. Wing Ly

    Hello Eoin

    PollDaddy doesn´t seem to work on my blog. I have created a custom style, but it won´t display on my front page.

  46. Eternal Flame

    Yeah really happy abt the ratings thing…thanks a lot!:-)

  47. aharoni

    Thanks, but i still don’t see that it’s translated into Hebrew.

  48. navedz

    like this. will use sometime soon.

  49. ĠūℓāหЯ

    mmmm , I feel that is gonna be GOOD idea ,
    Thanks ..

  50. Milo

    This is a good idea, especially as I tend to review a lot of TV and other media. Means I can ask readers to vote too. Thanks.

  51. katyallgeyer

    ha! i just put up a poll today regarding a ridiculous fashion trend before i saw this. Thanks WP and I’ll use it next time…

  52. Radi Safi

    Shame no one reads my blog otherwise I might be a wee bit excited about these here updates…

  53. d0t321

    Nice guys. I will definitely use it.

  54. michilymicharan

    cool. I like it.

  55. TelepathicPebble

    Thank you so much!

  56. gbvaz

    looks really nice!

  57. pinoywriteup

    nice one. cool.

  58. dickiebo

    Just tried to add the Ratings and – nowt!!!

  59. dickiebo

    Sorry, folks. It’s fine now. Sorry.

  60. Takeru

    This looks useful

  61. Aaron Aiken

    Awesome, keep it up!

  62. admin

    My blog is an example of how the poll and rating update should be used effectively. Thanks for this update guys, it will definitely make WordPress more interactive.

  63. marzub

    I’ve just made my simple blog but I don’t know what people will think about it.

  64. agejus

    I love the ratings. I am very happy with the new option to feature the ratings in the home page. It’s just a little improvement that could be made considering the ratings – It should have the block the voter option. I’ve noticed some voting abusing on my blog and I wish to do something about it…

  65. corsario22

    very good so I can gauge public opinion of the people

  66. Tobi-Dawne

    I had ratings on my blog… obviously not on the front page though.
    However, today the ratings that had been previously entered were gone. Don’t know when they disappeared or were reset, but it was recently. As one five star rating was left only a couple days previously.

  67. karenleamooney

    I have just started my blog, and now reading all this I don’t even think I know what it all means. Then again my blog is pretty much the same. I suppose this means though to get a rating people need to be reading your blog. God help me. I’ll be stuffed.

  68. sco26

    very good.. yesss

  69. chj48

    Hey is it possible to download an app or something so that I can see where my blog viewers are viewing from? Like New York, San Fran, Dallas etc?

  70. angelsroads

    Im just starting out here….will continue….will add various things to make it interesting…God knows what I will add………………should be a trip.

  71. hereandbackagain

    Thanks for the changes to the poll options menu. I am really interested in publishing a number of new polls in the next few days on my blog. I appreciate the new options! :)

    WordPress rocks!!!!! :D

  72. savadhan

    thanks for the new changes that i am using now ! I like it very much . keep up improving !

  73. resimlitarifleri

    thanks. süper.

  74. Serena Devi

    I haven’t tried the new changes, but I am sure they are helpful to all of us, who have a permanent residence at Thank you

  75. Alonso

    Great features…loving it.

  76. Lizzie

    Please could we have more detail about how to make a custom rating symbol? I have had a go and the results are a bit . . . unexpected.

    My image of a little elephant is 16px wide by 8px high and this has produced a double row of images with 5 elephants stacked on top of another five.

    I thought that I would need to produce a coloured image but having done so there is no gradation when I hover over the rating scale. Should the images be greyscale? Transparent?

    Many thanks.

  77. Xzion

    Awesome features! I just started using WordPress (a few months ago) , and I must say that you guys keep improving and adding nice features. This has to be the best blog site ever :D

  78. Kouros

    Fantastic features !

  79. maureen17

    Great features, however I do agree with another writer that I’m not sure how well used polls are. If anyone knows different, let me know !

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  81. vladkostea

    a great improvement, I was actually considering to take screenshots of the ratings in order to share them with my readers. Now they’re one click away and they’re permanently updated. Thanks wordpress, you rock

  82. tarek378

    well thanks , but I don’t think that I am gonna use it for now

  83. Lizzie

    Thanks Eoin – I had a look on Polldaddy before I posted but I didn’t find that page :-) Will have another go :-)

  84. The Royal Hermitage

    I like it a lot. Would be great if it comes with more different type of fonts and colours to match the theme. As at the moment, such a pity the font type doesn’t match with my page design.


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