New Theme: Motion

I’m happy to present to you, “Motion,” a dashing new theme inspired by movement and film. Bursting with style and options, Motion is a clean, colorful, and charismatic new theme.

Motion, a colorful and clean theme.

Motion combines color and clean lines to give your content character without hindering consumption. Aside from great design, the theme has some pretty interesting features. The menu shows both categories and pages, in separate locations, allowing your visitors to choose how they’d like to navigate your site.

Pages and Categories

There is also a really nice widget area that acts a little bit different than most other widget areas. It’s the “header” widget area – you can use it for intro text, a link to your RSS feed, or anything you want your users to see right away.

Intro Text / Header Widget Area

Last, but definitely not least, is the footer.  It’s big, clean, and widgetized. By default you have Links, Pages, and Archives – but it’s all up to you, customize the footer however you’d like.

The Footer

Check out Motion on your own blog! Just login and visit Appearance -> Themes

Motion was designed by 85ideas and is available for .org users too.

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  1. g s collector

    Great colors and widget area. Another classy addition to WordPress. Good one!

  2. রিয়া

    thanks! i created a new blog just now, and i was looking for a theme. great to have a new theme, i luv the colors of this one. as usual, wordpress comes up when i need most :)

  3. shamballa9944

    Looks very nice…love the different widget placement!

  4. Jean-Luc Crucifix

    Really great design! I love it! I could use it for my blog . But previously I want to verify if it is possible to bypass the categories menu at the top, or choose the categories I want to appear there. I have too many categories and it takes too much space.

    Also the dotted line below the pictures which have a link do not produce the best effect, but it is a detail.

    Anyway I repeat: one of the most astonishing themes in!

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  6. dreamsburnred

    I love the teal colors, and the transparency!

  7. chappy81

    Love the way it looks!

  8. Lagunatic

    Where’s the ocean?

    /yet another awful joke.

    It is really beautiful – it has my favourite colours :)

  9. Corve DaCosta

    gonna check it out now

  10. edwilsonishere

    This one’s certainly versatile. Spiffy!

  11. J-Slyde

    Looks lush!

  12. noreligion

    Yes, I too would want to know if the categories could be disabled.

  13. timethief

    I like the looks of this one Noel. I’ll try it out. Thanks :)

  14. axewielderx


  15. Lewis Moten (inSL: Dedric Mauriac)

    Looks pretty sweet. I’ll have to try it out on one of my own blogs. It certainly is pretty colorful. I hope to see extra widgetized areas in future themes as well.

  16. gbvaz

    Looks really nice!! Good one, thanks!

  17. johnonline

    i love it!!! with new themes coming every month, who would leave WordPress now?

    thank you so much!

  18. Chris

    pretty! its a toss up between my current on and this one now.

  19. maguay

    Wow … this is definitely the fanciest theme on right now. ’10 has been a great year for themes so far; I can’t wait to see what else you come up with!

  20. Dan North

    It’s beautiful, but I’ve only recently changed by theme, and just settled into it. Maybe when I’m ready for a change in the future I’ll pick this one, though I’m very attached to having a custom header. If ‘Motion’ had one it would be a dream theme for me…

  21. Corve DaCosta

    i am using it…i hope my readers won’t have a problem with the font

  22. memsaab

    It’s great to see new themes, but could we have some more with custom headers please? It’s the easiest way by far to make a theme “yours”…but great work to all of you. Love WordPress!

  23. dynaboa


  24. VIKAS |

    Sounds great and exciting! Will surely check it out! :)

  25. VIKAS |

    Categories in nav bar, great!

  26. Franz Patrick

    That’s hella sexy…

  27. ishabelle

    wow! this looks so great!

  28. gucci2

    Love it!

  29. Rookie Photographer

    Cool, I would like to try this.

  30. itrixblog

    it looks great but my content doesn’t fit this theme but still this a great theme for anyone + i like the features it has but for right now my current theme i’ll use for now and keep up the good work word press, you guys impress me with whatever you release :)

  31. Elliott O.

    +1 to memsaab. I too would like more customisable themes. This new one is beautiful but I’ll have to pass on it due to it not fitting the tone of my content. Great addition to the library, though.

  32. xboxoz360

    Does it have a custom header option, as a good graphics designer could match the theme quite easily.

    • Noel

      It does not have a custom header. You could with CSS edit the background image though, producing the same effect.

  33. xboxoz360

    Brilliant looking and exceptionally functional as well, probably one of THE best looking themes on .com I have a friend who does photography that would definitely be interested in this.

    But as mentioned, I hope that there’s a custom header option so you can blend in a logo or some image art to suit.

  34. kDamo

    I like it. Might well change from Freshy after nearly a year as I’ve been looking for a way to improve, though I’ve been intending to migrate to m .com using

    Only problems/questions: In the preview, it doesn’t seem to handle the Twitter widget very well, it’s very bulky and skips alot of lines because of links etc. Can’t the Twitter widget be tightened up slightly to present the tweets clearly? Secondly, yes, the Custom Header is a serious addition to an theme so it’s dissapointing that this one means you’re stuck with this odd concentric circle logo. Can you use HTML to include images in the “header widget”?

  35. Denise

    Thank you! Thank you for COLORS! And what beautiful colors they are. I’ve been hoping and waiting for a long time for some great colored (and glassy) themes like this. Hugs. :)

  36. phoxis

    a very good theme, clean cool looks. But i would need something a bit wider. But lets wait, if does not come up with some wide theme like which i am using, i would make some formatting adjustments in my blog and add the new themes is launching, because they are too good to leave, only for the sake of formatting in some posts.

  37. mrakhlak

    very nice :) i loved it :)

  38. VAJRA, South America

    Hola! …Nice & Cool Theme!


  39. admin

    This is really cool…
    You guys are really doing a good job.
    That’s why I love wordpress

  40. romezzoe

    it’s great design different widget.I like it. Good One!

  41. fajarnurizki

    wow… that’s the greatest motion I’ve ever seen. How do I get motion in my blog?

  42. Max Soutter

    wowza! now thats nice. wish i could use for my business blog-but anyway. very nice.

  43. Crok

    but the number of comments doesn’t appear on the first page. you have to click the article to see

  44. Flora

    Thanks for coming up with 2 new themes within a month!!
    I would love to see another 3 column theme with a customizable header. Is there one in the works?
    Thanks WordPress!! Flora

  45. 71mm0

    wow.. another great theme! thanks!

  46. Kris

    i like the new theme. i am going to definitely use this one. cheers.

  47. The Unsilent

    wow! great theme.. and i do agree with what memsaab said. we need more with more custom headers! :)

  48. Alberto

    This is a really good one. I’m gonna have to try it out. Thanks :-)

  49. Car

    Wow this is beautiful thanks Noel love the colors so vibrant

  50. brianitus

    Oi, mate!

    Love the new theme. Trying it out.


  51. sarahbaram

    This is a great theme! Good job!

  52. dr.Abu Hana :: أبو هـنـأ ألفردان ::


  53. {JeLisa} @ Blogging Ever After

    I’ll go ahead and say it again – keep the new themes comin’!

    Love em! :)

  54. chefdarin

    Themes with custom headers and space for “taglines” under the header would be great!
    While you’re at it…how about a widget that allows readers to click and send a message to the blog owner without it having to be specifically linked to a comment?

  55. olihnurjaman

    good theme, so, i am happy.

  56. Firenzi

    OMG that’s what I’ve dreamt about.
    Thanx a lot!

  57. Sven

    This is wonderful. Love it and activated it immediately. You guys are on fire! Thanks a lot.

    Second the idea of the possibility to turn off the categories on the top. But can definitely live with that of course.

    Thanks again.

  58. kodegeek

    Looks awesome, let me try

  59. Mas Gaptek

    The entire sidebar is missing when I open another page except homepage and it only leaving a bottom widget. But thanks anyway, I’m switching from Vigilance to this theme now.

  60. Stefano De Rosa

    Great theme!!
    I just applied it to my web site.

  61. maureen17

    I like that….motion by name and motion by nature, looks like the ocean!

  62. pied type

    Delicious! My favorite color!

  63. Nn


  64. Moses

    wow 2 themes in one month! =D

  65. Sami Malallah

    Great colors and easy to use set up for the readers. I like the way photos are set and displayed and how useful is the footer.

  66. zzavettoni

    Nice theme, but… why do so few themes support the drop-down pages menu? I’d like to change my theme from iNove to Motion, but I have too many nested pages. What a pity. :(

  67. neil

    THIS IS SO GREAT! It has a total of 5 areas where I can place my blog content. thanks!!!

  68. BaNi MusTajaB

    amazing theme…good work.
    i will try this theme…thank you for WordPress

  69. Nisa

    Cool ^_^

  70. Abhishek Mahipal

    the theme is absolutely tantalizing especially category bar..would appreciate if “COMMENTS” option is also made available along side “Read More” tab.

  71. Dev

    Very interesting and attractive.

  72. technogran

    I like this one and I am using it for now! Just keep em coming that’s all I say! You need to in order to compete with Blogger etc.

  73. wahyu am

    great theme btw

  74. Dianne

    I love this one. But i have something to say :D hope you don’t mind :D
    If it had custom header it would have been great! Love this colour!
    Keep up the good work!

  75. m@q

    Cool!! Thanks a lot!!

  76. MJae

    Tempting… Very tempting…

  77. taytom

    Wow.. this theme is awesome, I LOVE the colors.. I don’t like the categories on top, though.. but hey, can’t get everything you want.. and custom headers, yes, that’d be great too.. but for the next few weeks, this is definitely my favorite theme. thanks so much!

  78. sravan953

    Wow! It’s brilliant!

  79. goosetea

    why oh why it is not flexible :( I would use it immediately. great theme anyway

  80. Akira Yozora

    It’s the best I’ve ever seen here.

    Really, really good!

  81. alice pngen gituan

    :) :) :)


    Nice ! I like it…

  83. hereandbackagain

    Wonderful. I love this new theme. Activated it just now. :D

    The only problem i see is that under this theme, the tweets displayed on my twitter widget are longer than they actually are. hashtags are displayed one below the other. For example, if I tweet “Hey, I just Love WordPress! #blogging #Wordpress #favourite ” then this tweet is shown on the widget as follows:

    “Hey, I just Love WordPress!
    #favourite ”

    Thats the only problem and I hope it can be solved. Otherwise, everything else about this theme is fantastic! :)

  84. drusillah

    Really nice looking! I’m definitely considering it!

  85. goldnsilver

    I think the side bar is great, because it is wide and has a lot of room. It makes the widgets well spaced and easy to read. The extra widget option at the top is also clever.

  86. The Royal Hermitage

    Great design. Always love your creation…by the way, can one change the theme colour accordingly?

    • Noel

      With some CSS you could, but it isn’t a built in option – it would be hard to enable that, considering there are color specific graphics in place.

  87. Yasir Imran

    little dark, but overall great.

  88. Nishu

    one brand word for it – ‘Smashing’

  89. Ahmad Ladhani

    hmm nice…. i like its colour match…

  90. purples1210

    I love this new theme! Great color, great features…

  91. lilmaouz

    WordPress is an everyday-christmas platform and I love it! :p

  92. misterdai

    Really nice, although I wish I could swap the pages / categories with each other and it isn’t playing nice with the twitter widget and links. Otherwise, very good looking :)

  93. PEZ

    Nice. The visuals are great and I like the feature richness. Though it wouldn’t have hurt with some theme options. Like maybe I don’t want category navigation (I don’t)?

  94. Moco Scribe

    Looks coool…like I could float away!

  95. Jacob 69er

    Is there a way to control/bypass the categories menu at the top ‘cos i have many categories and it takes up a lot of the space at the top.

    Apart from that, i love this theme! Thanks!! :-D

  96. Sadat ar Rayyan


  97. tedisobandi

    such a nice theme…

  98. deepbellylaugh

    This is beautiful! It’s clean and really reflects the film concept well. Lovely to see a more colourful theme too. Thanks for this!

  99. Karanvir Singh Sangha

    It’s beautiful

  100. John Ryan Recabar

    hmmm. i’m happy that the team has been releasing a lot of new themes lately. i love wordpress so much.


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