Sitemap pings for instant search updates now sends sitemap pings to Google, Bing, Yahoo! and Ask immediately after you publish or delete a page or post.

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Publishing your blog on lets you focus on your content while we sweat the technical stuff, including helping your content reach a larger audience.

Last week turned on sitemap pings for our millions of hosted blogs. Now, immediately after you publish or delete a page or post*, your blog sends a ping to Google, Bing, Yahoo! and Ask. These immediate notifications help the major search engines receive your new content as quickly as possible (often within seconds) so your blog can show up in search results faster.

Help search engines discover your content

Sitemap pings are just one of the ways helps your content reach a large audience moments after you hit “Publish.” Every blog includes support for webmaster validation through Google, Bing and Yahoo! webmaster portals. Post updates are sent through Ping-o-Matic!, a ping relay tool owned by the WordPress Foundation, to major feed reader and blog search engines. Our Publicize feature updates your Yahoo! and Twitter accounts with a short summary and a link back to your blog content. These are just some of the ways helps you find your audience.

More information

* Note: We only expose content to search engines for public blogs on

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  1. Corve DaCosta

    thanks wordpress

  2. MoSop

    WOW! Once again, WP pulls off more awesomeness. Good for the heads-up that it is in effect. I assume this means we need to make sure the title, content and keywords are exactly as we wish before hitting the “publish” button because that is what will show on the search engines, correct?. Does it re-ping if we make any changes to the post itself, or only if we delete? Thanks again!!

  3. ishabelle

    great feature! WP seems to be having a lot of changes and improvements these past couple of days… :D

  4. June Malone

    Grateful I am to all you whizzy-technical-types who are prepared to sweat buckets on my behalf…just so that I my humble posts may ping.

  5. phoxis

    I have no complaints about the indexing of my blog at least. I can find my new post in google after just 5 to 10 mins of the post.

  6. nemoofsweden

    I was amazed that after publishing yesterday my blogpost was up on Google (using two words searching) after just a minute or so. Fantastic. Thanks a lot for a GREAT service! Loves WordPress! /

  7. Car

    Really immediately after you publish how kool is that very nice update Niall!!

  8. Sami Malallah

    This is good news for all of us. is working hard to make our life easy. Thank You WordPress :)

  9. Aiman Amani

    Cool! This is a very good news to me :) Thanks, WordPress!

  10. misterclu

    This is really fantastic!

  11. Dr Janardhana V Hebbar MD(Ayu)

    Superb and awesome. Getting more and more convinced for having chosen against
    Thanks a lot.

  12. Portable Soul

    Tanx all

  13. RiYa

    oh this is great. hm, but if we need to edit a post for quite a few times (like live updates to some breaking news), it will send repetitive pings – resulting to ping spam?

    • Niall Kennedy

      We send sitemap update notifications to major search engines every time your site content changes. Each post edit or approved comment results in a new notification. This update frequency is the preferred behavior of search engines interested in discovering fresh content without needing to revisit your blog unnecessarily.

  14. Sid

    Thank U….

    Indeed this is great….
    Just now I have observed that posts are updated for google….

    One more reason to stay on this blogging platform ….

  15. Daphné

    Can Publicize also update facebook?

  16. yani

    great! i like it. thank you :)

  17. Pamir Times

    amazing :-) keep it up

  18. littleacornsgifts

    I’m glad you let us know, as I was going to my webmaster accounts and manually re-submitting the sitemaps…


    • Niall Kennedy

      Registering for webmaster accounts on major search engines always helps. You should see your ping status and indexing completeness reported in your webmaster console.

  19. goldnsilver

    Publishing your blog on lets you focus on your content while we sweat the technical stuff, including helping your content reach a larger audience.

    I like this. I like it a lot.

  20. RandomizeME

    This is very cool – makes wordpress service so much better.

  21. mybakewareshop

    Thank you.

  22. lamodeve

    good work dear…

  23. Steve Perrin

    This is a step in the right direction. Thanks for listening. I did Google search for blogs on eelgrass, and the one I’d posted 45 minutes before came up # 1. I say that’s peak performance.

  24. lilmaouz

    That’s really cool! A great Big-Up for You! :)

  25. muccamargo

    Yes! Very good for us. Thanks!

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  27. DianRibut

    thankss. .

  28. tylerandalyssa

    Wonderful! Thanks WP!

  29. Gabriel Lucas

    Well, many thanks!

  30. Aaron Aiken

    Very cool!

  31. Ady Mat

    It sounds interesting! Keep Up!

  32. Steffen

    My blog client is pinging itself. Is it bad in the eyes of Google if there are several pings (my software and sitemap pings) for one posting? I could disable “my” ping.

  33. Clement Dlamini

    Nice one! This is excellent news WordPress Team

  34. Tom Baker

    Less to worry about more to love about WordPress. Thanks guys and gals.

  35. edwilsonishere

    Yippee! My ramblings can now annoy a larger audience!!!

  36. FREE itu BEBAS


  37. Nishu

    ah! nice. Now I do not have to tell google when i remove a tag before google blames me for 404 pages

  38. theosophywatch

    This is a great service. About a year ago we started using Feed Burner, and have a link to their reader feed on the sidebar. Are you still associated with Feed Burner, or just Ping-0-matic?

  39. Ansgar Gerstner

    Great as ever!

  40. The Royal Hermitage

    Yes, I am curious to know how fast the newly created page could get a lot of visitors…especially when the page and content are full established.

  41. dhenztm

    Very, very nice! Great Job guys! Thank you very much! :D

  42. navedz

    wow! thats innovative guys. love u all!

  43. أميرة الورد

    Thank U

  44. Moco Scribe

    Amazing, this is seriously impressive. I was pleased with the number of visits to my blog but now I may get even more! Thank you WordPress : )

  45. spocrep

    that’s a really good news, we needed that so bad… I’m so glad thanks a lot

  46. rocketscript


  47. maureen17

    Wow, I like the sound of that, another great development!

  48. Elena

    Thank you. Just one more reason why we are on WP ;-)

  49. foxmig

    Great! Thanks ! Does this apply to as well?

  50. Lagunatic

    That rocks.
    Next stop, GOOGLE STARDOM!
    …..or not.

  51. therunninggarlic

    Great! Thank you for all the hard work and efforts in helping us get our blogs noticed – much appreciated!

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  53. davidxicota

    Thanks for the effort!

  54. Neema Shaw

    Fantastic …..thank you

  55. z4nx

    i love wordpress

  56. qmackie

    This sounds good, thanks.

  57. lolivopalmsprings

    I feel indebted to all of you guys at W.P. for every minute and sweat you have given us. Could not ask for more. Thank you so much guys!.

  58. timethief

    Love it! IMO this feature is the running for award for best feature of the year. ;)
    Thanks so much.

  59. Habibillah Faqih Arif

    Great info

  60. kodegeek

    Glad to know about faster pings

  61. indie69

    Awesome as always. Thanks.

  62. kevinkovanich

    This is really awesome.

  63. gbvaz

    That’s fantastic!! Thanks!

  64. gdnf

    Very nice, thanks a lot

  65. J

    Thanks guys this is another reason why WordPress is second to none

  66. VIKAS |

    Great! I have shifted my main blog to .org but I am glad I have about 12 active sites here! In fact I am planning to write a post on how is better than the .org given the so many features and new roll outs!

  67. Jw

    this is very usefull!! tx, Jw.

  68. plrang

    Search engine response was good and now would be better? Just incredible! ;)

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  70. lnxwalt

    How about updating and Jaiku? I’d love to see those two included.

  71. najminasrullah


  72. miraculousoption

    Thank you wordpress… wonderful job

  73. jkruszyn

    my buddy was just bragging the other week that he figured out how to do this…ha! wordpress figured it out for me! thanks guys.

  74. draabe

    Props to everyone behind the scenes at WordPress who make this kind of thing possible…

  75. Spike

    Thanks so much WP!!! I wouldn’t use anything else!!

  76. nabeki

    Dear Word Press Valentine,

    You are awesome!! Always finding a way to make our blogs better.

  77. youregypttours

    really … i saw my post in Google Blogsearch within 15 minutes
    Thank you :-)

  78. shamballa9944

    Wow! How cool is that?!

  79. ikindasortaloveyou

    Thanks guys – I was getting tired of doing it myself after every post! Maybe now some people will actually see my blog :)

  80. malaikutti

    Thank you wordpress… wonderful job

  81. tarheeltalker

    Thanks again word press. You are the best of the best of the best!

  82. Bridget Willard

    That is really helpful! Thank you so much.

  83. belladaze

    WordPress ~ you are tremendous and your hard work does not go unnoticed. I love telling everyone I know that wordpress is the place to be . . .

  84. Shawn Grubb

    NIIIICCCEE.. was just trying out how to do that very thing! Thanks!

  85. mederium


  86. valuediversity

    Excellent service!
    I just searched Fox Gully on Google and came up number TWO!
    Not bad when I put my first Fox Gully post up just four weeks ago.

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  88. youalreadyknowwhoitis

    Word! Very helpful!

  89. armcomedy

    How do I create my sitemap?

  90. ceputelecenter

    This is really great … luv it very much

  91. Mark Chard

    wordpress is the s**t!

  92. drkurnia

    Thank you wordpress…

  93. Lucian Bureriu

    thanks wordpress

  94. artmodel

    Awesome new feature. Thanks WP!

  95. Rizwan

    Nice feature .. indeed !

  96. magicwandcompany

    Automatic is always good. Thank you.

  97. Rebecca Ryals Russell

    Thank you so much for everything you do for us poor nontechies. Luv ya!

  98. duischen

    I have no words to express my gratitude.
    Thanks very much WP! you are providing the most satisfactory service on the web.

  99. candidsweet

    Happy to know we are getting help with public exposure. Thanks WordPress

  100. الركابي

    Thank you so much


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