Sitemap pings for instant search updates now sends sitemap pings to Google, Bing, Yahoo! and Ask immediately after you publish or delete a page or post.

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Publishing your blog on lets you focus on your content while we sweat the technical stuff, including helping your content reach a larger audience.

Last week turned on sitemap pings for our millions of hosted blogs. Now, immediately after you publish or delete a page or post*, your blog sends a ping to Google, Bing, Yahoo! and Ask. These immediate notifications help the major search engines receive your new content as quickly as possible (often within seconds) so your blog can show up in search results faster.

Help search engines discover your content

Sitemap pings are just one of the ways helps your content reach a large audience moments after you hit “Publish.” Every blog includes support for webmaster validation through Google, Bing and Yahoo! webmaster portals. Post updates are sent through Ping-o-Matic!, a ping relay tool owned by the WordPress Foundation, to major feed reader and blog search engines. Our Publicize feature updates your Yahoo! and Twitter accounts with a short summary and a link back to your blog content. These are just some of the ways helps you find your audience.

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* Note: We only expose content to search engines for public blogs on

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    This gonna be great.

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    Thank you WordPress, and Niall. I really appreciate your efforts and hard work.

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    Do i need to do anything to get a site map or its all going to work automatically

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    I love WordPress so much. Thank you.

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    I think that …this site is for beginners …i am beginner :) but i can’t understand how to control it i want to build comment board and page for pictures and more like a piczo …i will be happy if I know how to do this …but i am sure that the site is very cool :)

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    good job man thanks

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    I feel indebted to all of you guys at W.P. for every minute and sweat you have given us. Could not ask for more. Thank you so much guys!.

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    Thats great news, one less thing to remember to do. Thanks.

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    Great feature! Thanks!

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    If we edit the post and then publish it, does that also send ping to search engine ?

  22. Rakesh Ganjoo

    What else can we ask. Thanks!!

  23. Lois Kackley

    This is great news. Thank you, WordPress. I started seeing increased traffic as soon as the yahoo promotion was implemented. Now this. Very impressive.

  24. cuicshot

    Great info! I’m new to WordPress – reading this stuff makes it seem less overwelming.

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