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You can now send your posts to Facebook.

post published to Facebook

Joining our Yahoo and Twitter features is the latest in’s Publicize family: Facebook.

The feature can be enabled from your Dashboard → My Blogs admin page. Once you enable it, you’ll be directed through an authorization procedure to confirm that you want to connect your blog and your Facebook account.

These connections are per blog and per user, so those of you with several blogs can choose which ones to connect, and those of you with multiple authors on one blog can each hook up your Facebook accounts separately.

More details can be found on the Publicize support page.


Some of you may have been getting error messages asking you to authorize your connection with Facebook even though you already did that.

We think we’ve found this bug, so the error message will go away, but you’ll have to re-authorize that connection once more. Go back to My Blogs, uncheck Facebook, recheck Facebook and click the authorization button again. If that doesn’t work go through the steps outlined here. Failing that, we’ll be happy to help you out if you contact support.

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Mike Adams (mdawaffe)


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  1. Viki


  2. Edwin Ruser


  3. VIKAS |

    Cool indeed as Viki says! I wish WordPress development blog also had comments enabled like here. I have shifted my primary blog to .org but like it here more!

  4. shamballa9944

    Great to know!

  5. Lydia

    OMG! just the thing I have been waiting for a long time! Other alternatives just aren’t the same.Thanks WordPress!

  6. Tim Cohn


  7. jesseluna

    Very nice!

  8. navedz

    This brings in another WOW factor at wordpress!

  9. axewielderx

    k, not sure how much different that would put things for me since I already have them linked ina couple of different ways. Thx for adding something new though.:)

  10. sid

    very good :)

    i have to create a facebook account asap …

  11. Karanvir Singh Sangha

    i’ve been waiting for this.. thanks WORDPRESS!

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  13. Presidents Race Fan

    This is nice but how do I post my blog posts to a Facebook Page Wall? i.e., my blog has its own Facebook page. It’s tied to my personal Facebook account. I want the posts to appear on the page’s wall — not on my personal wall.

  14. julianusginting

    very cool…love it… :-)

  15. Lucky

    Finally!! Thanks so much!

  16. Karanvir Singh Sangha

    does this support normal posting of P2 theme?

    • mdawaffe

      When you post to a P2 blog from that blog’s home page, the default Publicize settings are used. So if you have Publicize: Facebook (or Twitter, or Yahoo!) set up on that blog, the post will get sent to Facebook (or Twitter or Yahoo!).

      There’s no way to opt-out on a per-post basis from the front page of a P2 blog, though. For that, you’ll have to post from the blog’s admin.

  17. Andrea

    Andrea likes this *thumbs up*

  18. Mary


  19. tablettalkblog

    Great option, thanks! Question: If you run a facebook page (separate from your personal one) is it possible to direct the post to the page?

  20. jlk

    I feel like most people comment on these announcements in hopes that other viewers will be redirected to their blogs. I hope it works.


    Although this application comes late, I still appreciate your innovation. THX

  22. apphackers

    Would be great to be able to post to a Facebook Page instead of a user account. Is that planned or supported? Thanks. :)

  23. Eneya

    Although it’s a popular platform, Facebook is turning into just a big spam place. I wouldn’t use your new feature. Already there is a repetition of information, no need to include another. (Twitter, Youtube, Flickr, Feeds, all of that connected to facebook, you read the same information again and again. Recently I’ve read many people being tired of this merging or everything together while the idea is the separation of the small talk of Twitter and Facebook and the more private, intimate connection with blogs.)

  24. Dr. D.

    This is the update I’ve been waiting for!

  25. eof737

    Pardon me Matt,
    How does this differ from my blog posts that have been posting automatically to Facebook all along? When I created my Facebook account over a year ago, this feature was available (I added my blog to my FB account) and hasn’t changed. I love WordPress and the awesome work you do – I just want to make sure I am not missing something in this announcement…. Thank you!

    • mdawaffe

      For the speed freaks, Publicize: Facebook should get your blog posts onto your Facebook profile faster than the method you mention. It also gives you a bit more control (opting out for specific posts, customizing the title).

  26. arif

    Will this go to Facebook Fan Pages or just the individual Profiles?

  27. prahladbhai


  28. anwarzeb

    Very Nice…. It’s very Good

  29. barrycyrus

    About time!

  30. randomgeek1

    Wow. I bet a lot of people are going to like this.

  31. dhimasln

    Wowwww,,, this is what i’ve been waiting for. mantab gan!
    8) 8) 8)

  32. Cyndy Otty

    This makes me so unbelievably happy since I never was able to get the other Facebook posting feature to work properly. Thanks, as always, for yet more great and useful features!

  33. lorelei

    But I don`t use Facebook!

  34. eof737

    Thanks for your quick reply!

  35. kodegeek

    Awesome, love this

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  37. cvs268

    Good one WP!!

    Hey BTW Wouldn’t it be better to allow some level of customisation before the publicize automatically posts the new link onto facebook.

    Something on the lines of this-

    for ex:-

    allows me to share the link a new post of mine

    How about that!! ;-)

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  39. Brenda Nepomuceno

    Yay! You guys rockkkk!

    I must stop sucking up to the WP team everytime a new feature is released, though. It’s corny… ;)

  40. marmaladeangel

    Fantastic , now we can really be read world wide…Good job WordPress…!

  41. Yasir Imran

    I already do this with another utility, network blogs

  42. art predator

    woo hoo! love this! especially that it’s customizable!

  43. Karanvir Singh Sangha

    But the post from “normal posting” of P2 hasn’t appeared yet…

  44. phoxis

    Aah, this is even better

  45. Karanvir Singh Sangha

    sorry my mistake i didn’t authorize it. :(

  46. mangnanas


  47. dr.Abu Hana :: أبو هـنـأ ألفردان ::

    We like it! Cool.

  48. elmer

    another magic feature from wp, it’s getting better all the time

  49. Igino

    Thanks for this!

    Just one question: other Facebook apps allow to include a thumbnail of a picture (included in my WP post) directly into the Facebook announcement (also choosing which picture).
    Are you planning to do that with Facebook Publicize? Might be a great teaser for a link to WP.

    Also, like many other users I’m looking forward to this app to go with Facebook Pages as well!!

  50. Saffa'

    cool and kereeeeeeenn

  51. Lore

    Just in time. :) I was going to dismiss the FB importing feature through “My Notes” cause it’s worthless and not flexible.

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  53. Louy

    Nice…… Really Really Nice :) :) :)

  54. Piotr Kaźmierczak

    fantastic! so if I put some photos in my wordpress post, they’ll be visible on my facebook wall if I choose to “publicize” the post, right?

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  56. createabusiness

    Awesome…I love this!

  57. lenathehyena


  58. Vivek Puri

    @Vikas you can use Network Publisher for your .org blog –

  59. Ferireza


  60. RuBen


  61. teri

    Thanks for doing this! I have two facebook pages – one personal and one fan page. Will the posts go to both sites? Or is there a way to direct the posts to both?

  62. Corve DaCosta

    great …i will have this when i join facebook

  63. govardhan

    wow, i m lovin it. really useful. kudos to wordpress!

  64. juicystar

    echt cool :D :D :D

  65. hackworm

    great thanks

  66. رضـــاء RIDHA


  67. stranger

    It is great, thank u!
    Now waiting for a option to post to a facebook page, not personal acc ;)

  68. Elena

    This is too awesome!!! Thank you WordPress. Love you :)

  69. Deli Lanoux, Ed.D.


    Veddy, veddy nice to know!


  70. Moses

    way awesome!!!! =D

  71. Zukhruf Latif


  72. musclex

    Great I think

  73. Zaeriuraschi (pronounced zay-ree-ooh-ras-chee)

    Awesome! :mrgreen: Finally, an update that affects me! :)
    But does this import all your WordPress posts?

  74. axewielderx

    If I already have my blog linked with facebook like I did when I 1st set up my facebook account,wouldn’t this cause double posts to facebook if this feature was enabled now? Seems like it would the equivalent to double linking.

    • mdawaffe

      There are several services (not just Publicize by for linking your various accounts together (Facebook, Twitter,, …). If you set up multiple such services for whatever reason, you should probably experiment to make sure things don’t get double posted.

  75. Tillystreet

    Yeah boyeee

  76. Eternal Flame

    This was one feature i was waiting for since so long!

  77. atlfatdropper

    Love it – well done!

  78. Meg Kundert, AIA

    I agree with some of the other comments. It really needs the option of posting to my fan page. When you do, PLEASE make sure to handle photos as well as text.

  79. Angelique

    This is awesome and fun :D

  80. Farhad Billimoria

    thats awesome!

  81. Jim McNees

    Love the ease of use and user friendly downloads, rules, etc. Liking WP more every day. Awesome!!

  82. Bakingfamily

    So glad you’re looking into linking to pages — any sense of timeframe on that?

  83. kabu

    finally it’s here

  84. Joe NDZULO

    This is a great functionality making it easier to share blog’s release from the dashboard.

    Thank you guys.

  85. Mike Licht

    Are WP blogs opened up within Facebook, or do these register as Facebook blogs? The latter would undercut WP readership and WP pageview numbers, not a very beneficial outcome.

  86. Jacobian

    very useful feature.although I had use import blog feature in facebook notes. :-)

  87. alexysc

    This is wonderful! I’m using it and it’s easy and handy. Saves work and time too.

  88. C. L. Carver

    This is great, now we (or at least myself) don’t have to use multiple apps/sites just to publish to Facebook.



    where can i find plugins menu?

  90. Giorgio

    I think that it’s a really useful feature… before this I have to use other “tool” to post my post on FB… Thanks

  91. whsteinlauf

    I just installed this capability to post to Facebook. I must say that it WAS a tedious process, but it finally executed. This will be a real time-saver resulting in greater exposure and “reach;” Reach, that is, provided it works seemlessly. Time will tell.

  92. christiannaloupa

    I have been waiting for it.
    Thank you.

  93. Rookie Photographer

    cool, much needed

  94. gangwish

    Very nice – much appreciated!

  95. Angela Brett

    I already did that using the Blog/RSS import on Facebook (I can never remember how to get to it, so I’ll mention, you go to your profile page, click options, then settings [because somehow settings are different from options?] then Blog/RSS and paste in the RSS url of you blog.) I’ll try doing it this new way though, since Facebook quite often imports things multiple times via the method I’m using now, and also, it copies the content from the RSS feed, which can sometimes have stuff from unpublished drafts in it that I don’t want people to see (as I mentioned on )

  96. ashishaffiliate

    hi please help me connect with facebook…..

  97. Car

    good job guys

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  99. alhakim

    Finally WP supports update to facebook status…. NICE :)

  100. absolutegrace

    Thanks for this new feature! I’ve been using FB’s method of posting my blog there, but haven’t really liked it–and I never know when it’s going to post. You put us in control! Thanks!


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