Rub-a-Dub-Dub in the PubSubHubbub

From the tongue twisting name department we welcome PubSubHubbub, or as some people have shortened it to: PuSH. Like rssCloud, PuSH is a way for services that subscribe to updates from your blog (think Google Reader, Bloglines or Netvibes) to get updates even faster. In a nutshell, instead of having to periodically ask your blog if there are any updates they can now register to automatically receive updates each time you publish new content. In most cases these updates are sent out within a second or two of when you hit the publish button.

Today we’ve turned on PuSH support for the more than 10.5 million blogs on There’s nothing to configure, it’s working right now behind the scenes to help others keep up to date with your posts.

For those using the software we are releasing a new PuSH plugin: PuSHPress. This plugin differs from the current PuSH related plugins by including a built-in hub.

For more PuSH related reading check out the PubSubHubbub project site and Google Group. And if you really want to geek out there’s always the PubSubHubbub Spec :-)

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Joseph Scott


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  2. VIKAS |

    Wow, the new ping-o-matic!

  3. Ted Mann

    Will this be incorporated into the core of WP 3.0?

  4. plrang

    Just can’t wait to see some feedback, phenomenal counter hit, crushing my blog chart 8-OOO ;)

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  6. Phil Groom

    So if I hit ‘Publish’ by mistake instead of ‘Save Draft’ it’s too late already… never mind: awesome! Cheers guys!

  7. wolfshadesblog

    Excellent! I’m looking forward to seeing this in action.

    Oh and you had me with “there is nothing to configure”. :D

  8. superfeedr

    Congrats, that is an awesome news!

  9. ddtech

    So Google Reader et all will automatically be able to grab these pushes “out of the box” if you will? Sweet.

  10. davidderrick

    If you revise a post, does this mean the revisions/changes are picked up each time?

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  12. Sajib

    I can’t imagine what will become in 2020. It’s like developers and people behind the site has given up sleeping and working 24×7 to get new features pushed on

    I wonder why google still competes with WordPress with its horrible blogging engine a.k.a Blogger. I think it would be a great step for Google if it joins in with WordPress (I don’t mean acquiring WordPress, of course.).

    The fact that makes me sad is, I’ll be ten years older on 2020 to see what turns into. :( I wish I was born 10 years later from the day I actually was born. :lol:

  13. art predator

    Wowee kazowee! Thanks, WordPress!

  14. Sami Malallah

    WordPress getting better by the minute. Wow!

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  16. Adz

    I use Windows Live Mail at the moment for my RSS feeds, so I was just wondering, do normal (non PuSH feeds) usually update the content that the feed reader sees? Because in WLM, once the post has been downloaded, it won’t change even if the post is revised. Is that normal across all current feed readers?

  17. troy

    I guess that means I gotta stop going back and tweaking my original post.

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  19. shoutabyss

    I see Google Reader listed quite often in my stats these days. It will be interesting to see the effect of this. Thanks for working on it! :)

    PuSH it real good!

  20. shamballa9944

    I love that WordPress is always on the lookout for more innovations! Thanks so much WP!!

  21. Alpine McGregor

    I’m already seeing improved results. Thanks for tackling something that was starting to bug me. Great job.


    Great news :D

  23. Sadie

    Wow, that’s really neat and timesaving. I can see myself using this. I like the tongue twisting name- as of right now I’m trying to say it 5 times in a row

  24. myphotoscout

    Cool. I didn’t even know about it and now I have it ;)

  25. cancerfree2b

    I am glad to know of this because I often publish late at night and then tweak, revise, edit my post several times – before my usual visitors would visit. So – I guess I better stop doing that :) I don’t want to annoy any subscribers (not that I have that many yet). Still, I think this is a great feature – thank you WordPress, your service is awesome and I really enjoy using it.

  26. lesdaprez

    I love it… Keep it coming, WordPress!!!

  27. Aiman Amani

    Oh, wow! This is great! I’ve been using Google Reader before but I’ll try this one.

  28. Lagunatic

    Um, I can’t even manage a pingback properly – what makes you think I’ll be able to PuSH anything….other than this pencil….through my eyeball.


    It means that my blog can be more popular? :D

  30. draabe

    Good news; thanks for keeping up!

  31. Ο Λύκος της Στέππας

    This is gonna sound silly—but anyway: do subscribers to blogs feeds need to re-subscribe to have this feature, or is it done automattically®? :P

  32. Anne Lessing

    I’ve noticed my stats go up in recent days, after a few days of flatlining. Thanks so much, WP!! Keep it up!

  33. wikornrat

    Thank you very much.

  34. Dr. D.

    I’m sure glad I switched from to I love having these automatic updates! I tried other blogs, but WordPress is the absolute best!!!

  35. trollboy

    sweet. and the name is great!

  36. lnxwalt

    This is great! Now users of and other StatusNet sites and also Google Buzz users can subscribe to our updates. Thanks!

  37. parwatisingari

    not really sure if this works, I could not find the menu :(

  38. Nils Ribi

    That’s great! On the other side, is there anything I need to do to my Bloglines account to pick this feed up?

  39. springboardseo

    Fantastic – downloading the plugin now!

  40. souldipper

    Neophyte here…I hit the download button. Anything else to do?

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  43. Jennifer

    Can’t keep up with all the new features is rolling out!

    But seriously, how will this affect subscribers if PuSH also delivers updates on old content, even nearly instantaneous updates like adding social bookmarking links to new posts, which require publish/update?

  44. Svetlina

    Now that we mention the reader… how come it doesn`t count a new WP page as an update?

  45. peacedevelopmentnetwork

    I am a habitual tweaker. Does that mean the initial post is the only one that is sent or do the later tweaks also get sent each time we publish? Or is it synchronised?

  46. Anna Marie Causer

    Do not quite get the actual gist of new PuSH support but it does sound a really good idea anyway! Could do with it explained to me in relatively simple and easier terms. Cheers anyway!

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  49. seonetworks

    What about the danger that the scrappers would get your content before search engine index it ?

  50. Katy

    Fan-freaking-tastic! Thanks :)

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  53. Steven Coyne

    I’m sure glad I’ve chosen WordPress as my blog to support my Recruiting business. I’ve already had 12,000 views of a variety of articles that help the job seeker, and have received some excellent comments too. Joseph, I can’t tell you how much I enjoy seeing new innovations that make it GREAT for all WordPress users. Keep up the good work!

  54. arif

    What about the comments, are they using this or is it just posts?

  55. todraw

    This sounds awesome. :)

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  63. Hana

    The name is strange and funny to me. However, the real function is sound great !

  64. fool's gold

    now, that thing has one amazing name :)

  65. cyber5

    So am I to understand that updates to Pages are not going to be Pushed? Just posts?

  66. Jeanmarie

    Hmmm, I commented on a blog that asked for my URL and this page linked to my blog instead for some reason. Not cool!

  67. hatems

    I’m already seeing improved results. Thanks for tackling something that was starting to bug me. Great job.
    thankssss to much

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  70. Patricia Helowicz

    Sounds great, time for my new post then ;-)

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  72. Pinoy Philosopher

    thank you WordPress!

  73. koecingoptek

    i like that

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  75. The Nooner Assistant

    Thanks WordPress! Much appreciated.

  76. gtagent

    Must start posting

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  78. webmistress

    who can say that three times fast??

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  81. richstarr

    Many Thnx for constantly and relentlessly helping us all become more successful bloggers…

  82. Jason Goroncy

    Thanks WP team. This is superfast, and much appreciated. Keep up the awesome work.

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  84. Kuya Marc

    Sounds good, whatever it is… :-D I guess it’s more a benefit to blog readers than to blog writers…

  85. katyallgeyer

    Does this hub thing mean that there will be built in Stumble, delicious, Digg etc buttons so readers can push our posts out there?

  86. Gil

    Great update :) Thanks, WordPress!

  87. thibaultswiss

    I don’t think that this is a tongue twister

  88. Alistair McAlpine

    And still the refinements come – good job and thanks all at WordPress!

  89. eof737

    Awesome! Now what exactly will it do for me? ;-)

  90. cutev3

    i don’t understand :(


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