New Theme: Titan

Titan is a fantastic theme, now available on It’s a highly readable, clean theme, with lots of options: four widget areas, a customizable header, and more.

Behold Titan!

An enticing color scheme and loads of customization make Titan a wonderful theme for your blog. To start things off the header has some nice social networking and RSS links, making it easy for users to keep up with your blog.

Right below the title is a highly customizable header. There are options to turn on and off categories and pages, allowing you to choose how users navigate your blog.

Titan's Header Options

Aiding in even more customization are four widget areas, including a nice footer widget area.

Titan's Footer Widget Area

Titan was designed by Drew Strojny and is available in the Themes Directory. You can check out Titan for yourself at

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  1. austinmiles

    very nice. :)

  2. ileaneb

    This looks interesting. I’m lovin the customization options and the social links. That helps keep things organized. Thanks.

  3. PMAdesigns

    Thanks, Noel… this one looks great! ;-)

  4. 3dbloke

    This theme looks good. I like the RSS and Twitter links in the header and the hide home page option (wish more themes had this). I just changed my theme recently, but will certainly give Titan a try very soon.

  5. Jacobian

    really nice theme.can’t wait to try it out then. :-)

  6. technogran

    It’s nice but I just wish the writing (blogging area) was wider. Lot of wasted space.

  7. The Admiral

    This is a sweet theme!

  8. sravan953


  9. johnonline

    yay! new theme! i’ll try this one right away!

  10. axewielderx


  11. nizam6281

    can we change the background colour

  12. Suckingbird

    wow. thanks! im going to try this

  13. alex wyler


  14. Drahpish

    whoa awesome (: im gonna try it out

  15. Th0r4z1n3

    Awesome! Loving all the new themes to far :D

  16. Tito Salgado

    Looks awesome!

  17. dhimasln

    cool… i will give it a try :)

  18. Rehan Ahmed

    looks very neat and beautiful, i’m just going to check this on one of my blog

  19. randomgeek1

    Looks cool. The twitter button at the top and the widget on the side and bottom are very nice.

  20. jingchak


    A request:

    Can you please have another filter/tab called “recently released” themes? I am tryingto find Titan, but I just cant!

  21. Mary

    Looks nice! Love the color scheme and the customization. :)

  22. Sven

    Wonderful theme. Love it and activated it immediately. Can’t find the customizable header option though at the moment, but maybe I’m just blind.

  23. Andrew

    This one looks really nice.

  24. sid

    wow ….

    this looks promising…

    it is worth to try :)

  25. daRONN

    Sadly not with a white background. If I could get this one with a white BG, it was my choice.

  26. Charles Fernando

    Nops, I’m still in love with monochrome ;)

  27. Jim Bowman

    Is a “header” missing? I tried to activate it but was told no header. ???

  28. sunlikestar

    will try it right now :)

  29. A. Woz

    Oh good it happens to everyone…There’s a typo under the photo “a wonderful theme for you (sic) blog”…that’s the kind of stuff I send out all the time and then have to fix it but the unfixed version lives on and on and on! This is why I don’t like instant publishing to ALL the places that I want to publish my blog… I know- Use the spell check system! Use the awesome grammar checker! sigh. sometimes I just don’t see it. No worries, I’ll still check out Titan…thanks for another good thing.

  30. Moses

    Keep the themes coming, love it (especially the ones with custom headers)! ;)

  31. PEZ

    Changed to this theme immediately. Very stylish!

  32. Rookie Photographer

    Excellent…. I should try this with my photoblog and see how it will looks.

  33. Portable Soul

    Simple, love it.
    tanx all

  34. Sami Malallah

    I like the simple design and outlook with header customization.

  35. 便当小兔儿

    this is exactly what i’ve been looking for!! thanks!!!

  36. Tobi-Dawne

    Love the built in twitter link. Wish more themes offered built in social networking! :D

  37. Piotr Kaźmierczak

    fantastic theme, it has everything I need, it’s clean and has nice colors. thank you Automattic!

  38. Jennifer

    What a lovely aesthetic! Customizable themes is a trend I can’t get enough of. Hope to see more of them. ((

  39. g s collector

    Clean and crisp…I’ll give it a try. Congrats again!

  40. maureen17

    Looks great, when are you going to enhance the other .com themes?

  41. aprilnichole

    just changed my theme to this one. so far I really like it. I like that there is a twitter button at the top.

  42. alice pngen .....


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  44. ♓♥Cooky Moηzтa♥♓

    Looks to plain… Sorry Me likes COLORFUL STUFF :D

  45. Hana

    New theme again. I’d love to try it. Look great for my new travel blog. Many thanks

  46. chemicalmarriage

    Might have to give it testing sometime. Looks good with lots of options…thats what we like.

  47. Dan North

    I like it a lot. It would be a wrench to have to change my current theme when I’ve only just settled into the colours and the new header, but I could be persuaded to stray…..

  48. piefolk

    Damn! That goldfish is levitating! Great blog!

  49. greglewicki

    Very nice theme! So far my Inove works good, but I would think of switching to Titan if only it had an option to prepare a custom header or at least a header banner. I would be extremely grateful if you would think of releasing more themes with dropdown menus (so far: inove, monochrome and titan) and custom headers/banners available together. Gaudeamus WordPress habemus.

  50. Taufik

    simply nice . . .great work on titan theme

  51. Rogue|Hero

    Hi Noel!

    What a beautifully minimalistic addition to the roster of WordPress themes! It has most of what I look for in a theme and above that, the text is highly legible! Just a question: Would it be possible eliminate the footer widget area entirely by not putting any widgets on it, or would it still show up while viewing?

    Thanks very much!


  52. whatsnormality

    i like this theme, its nice and simple and not blinding like some ive seen. like css users who decide highlighter colours are nice. and i just have to comment on that really cute fish. Xd

  53. shamballa9944

    I like the idea of a footer area for widgets. Makes it more “web page” like.

  54. sk8rmatt

    its pretty cool and needs little effort unlike my theme

  55. El Salón de mi casa

    For a “highly customizable header” I was hoping to be able to use custom headers and changing colors. Other than that, this theme is perfect, even better than Motion for my own tastes. Only the lack of custom header prevents me from using it.

  56. lesdaprez

    Nice… I may give it a shot… Thank you..

  57. tigerstarfish

    Now that’s what I call a real nice, clear layout; and I’m very fond of the choice of color palette – way to go! :)

  58. bunmibamiro

    I like this theme, the flexibility, the header and footer widgets

  59. VIKAS |

    Nice! The more the themes the better.

  60. julianusginting

    wow…that’s wonderful theme.

  61. anatsalits

    good theme… :)

  62. caethotic

    can u get one that has the drop-downs like this one does, a custom header, a header widget area, a footer widget area, and two widget columns at the right side. this would be perfect for my blog but it doesn’t exist.

    i like titan btw. keep them coming!

  63. Lagunatic

    That fish is named Titan too, isn’t it.

    Speaking of which, maybe I’ll go for sushi tomorrow.

  64. magpiejack

    This will be very helpful.

  65. Skoobie

    Calming and beautiful. I love it.

  66. Yi

    Very nice indeed. Will try to find a time to test it out.

  67. barbarayoung

    I like it. Yep.

  68. fracas

    Using the footer area for widgets is the ‘new’ thing, so it’s great to see WP keeping up on making sure our theme choices are current.

    Thanks for staying on top of things! It’s great to have choices!

  69. marinepain

    that’s cool

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  71. hoh

    love the photo of your freind wanda!
    congratulations! you must be feeling very proud of yourself – hat to think how long it took you to put together!
    will try it out!
    any chance of changing the banner colour? :)

  72. mond1026

    i agreen with them, i like it


    Cool! I like the color scheme and the customization.
    Now I am using INove theme, If I use this theme, what risk to my all of my content? Any change totally? THX

  74. Vanessa

    Neat!! Will mos def check this out when I am ready to change my theme.

  75. art predator

    wow, loving it! very tempting but vigilance is working GREAT for me right now!

  76. shekharonline

    a good addition to all WP themes ………….WP rocks \m/ ……………..Sapphire was my favorite, till I tried iNnove.. now this 1 :)

  77. B

    Really nice template! May have to switch it up!

  78. Aiman Amani

    Oh my! This is just great! I especially like the header options…

  79. indie69

    Love your work, Noel! This one looks great. Clean and functional.

  80. phoxis

    This is a very good theme, and looks very good with my blog. Lets see first if all the existing posts can be adjusted with the width of the theme.

  81. aoinnoji

    a must try theme!!! ^^

  82. BaNi MusTajaB

    awesome..great job..thanks.

  83. ismailimail

    Nice theme. Hope there was an option to change the brown color. A suggestion is due here. It would ultimately be important to revise and improve already-installed themes at some point in time. There are possibly many reasons why a blogger may not want to change a theme but wouldn’t mind improving it to match with the updated development and features.

  84. آقا و خانم روانشناس

    very cool mr, theme!!

  85. Ash.k

    nicenice. And more themes!! pls! ;0

  86. Crissa

    This theme is lovely! Having lots of fun with it.

  87. CG

    Lovely theme. But how I wish it had a customizable header…

  88. Arya Utama

    I like the simple design and outlook with header customization……..Thnx

  89. lolivopalmsprings

    Look neat! will definitely use for a future project. Thanks again W.P.

  90. apphackers

    I’ll skip it. Looks like something from 2003. That blue and brown just don’t look right there.

  91. {JeLisa} @ Blogging Ever After

    Wow! Sounds all sorts of amazing!

  92. Ade Truna

    hi five here in Bandung !

  93. Andrik Supriadi

    lookin good..

  94. tarunateladandelanggu

    good theme

  95. Tracy

    that is a must try theme! thanks!

  96. samwilding1

    Looks great, I’m still deciding which theme to use.

  97. Allie

    I love this theme and switched immediately. However, I agree with one of the above commenters: Is it possible to eliminate the footer, or just to take the links and the pages out as I (and my readers) are used to having everything in the sidebar. Thank you!

  98. tedisobandi

    i like this, it’s so good.

  99. Viral Gandhi

    very nice

  100. Mae

    Love this!! I’m already using Drew’s other Vigilance design.


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