New Theme: Dark Wood

Go against the grain with “Dark Wood,” an eye-catching and playful theme. Bright colors and whimsical icons fuse with dark tones to provide a pleasing and harmonious design. Dark Wood is a three column theme with a rich wood textured background.

Dark Wood

When you’re looking for a theme with some serious character, Dark Wood could definitely be the one. Bright links and header icons give the design some real spice, complemented with a whimsical background.

Dark Wood doesn’t leave out the extras either. There are two sidebars that can be packed with widgets and the search box comes styled nicely to match the design.

Dark Wood's Sidebars

Dark Wood will provide a pleasing and harmonious backdrop for your blog. Give it a spin and see how you like it.

Dark Wood is available for all sites and is available for users over at the Theme Directory.

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  • Mar 18, 2010 @ 11:25 pm
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  1. aprilnichole

    Too bad it doesn’t have the Twitter button at the top but I do like it.

  2. Moses

    a little too much brown??? nah!!! cool!

  3. Galois

    Beautiful theme! Thanks.

  4. Andrew

    Nice colours.

  5. g s collector

    Rich and sumptuous. I’ll give this one a go most certainly. Good work!

  6. Chris

    Amazing theme! Really really well done.

  7. hero2game

    i am going to try it

  8. 便当小兔儿


  9. 便当小兔儿

    can’t find it in the theme list?

  10. Anna Hape

    Superb! I like it.

  11. Lee

    I might just like this one. It looks great.

  12. KaushiK™

    good. now people are liking the wooden themes more and more.

  13. Mary

    I love the richness of the blog and the brightness of the links. Thanks!

  14. timethief

    This looks like a very handsome dark theme. Thanks. :)

  15. Debbie

    I really like the new theme, but I wish so much that the fonts were larger. Are there any plans to offer the ability to increase font size? There are many themes that I like, but many of the fonts are just unreadable for me. :(

  16. Andrew

    Awesome! New theme surprises me.

  17. pu94

    looks great, I’ll try later, thx

  18. katlynpaz

    its nice!

  19. dhitz

    Wow, I am number 5 ^^. I just want to say thanks to all of you guys and gals at New themes are always exciting. But I wonder, why there are no new one-column theme? I hope, someday WP will upload it. Thanks again!

  20. dercumsangel

    Love It!!!!!

  21. th3sha`

    wOw .. sO cool !! I love it !

  22. kimlephuongngan

    I really love it. thx

  23. Flesh-eating Dragon

    I like a lot of it, including the layout, background, colour scheme, and text sizes. However, there are two things I really don’t like and which spoil it for me:

    – The flower icon (next to the post’s title).
    – The head-and-shoulder icon (next to the post’s author’s name).

    So close!

  24. mabaffiliate

    I like your cherry tree. Looks great!

  25. phoxis

    Good work, but absolutely not for me.

  26. Daisy

    Great job on it! Keep the themes coming! I’ve yet to find one that suits me just right. It’s always a matter of give and take with each theme, but I know that you’re bound to come out with the one that suits me perfectly soon enough! Your new ones have been very impressive. Many thanks. =)

  27. Syaif

    Great theme! Thanks

  28. yoriyuliandra

    looks great. I wanted to try this, but I didn’t want my widgets to be resized to suit this theme…

    Nice, keep working :)

  29. benjammin1

    This is really cool, but the only problem I see is the font. It looks horrible (thin). Is there an option to change the font?

  30. Anne Lessing

    Wow, I love this. I just may try it out! Thanks!

  31. Hi466

    awesome! It looks sweet.

  32. cinfulcinnamon

    Very nice indeed

  33. princeconnoisseur

    Interesting. I know lots of people will like this but it’s not my cup of tea.

  34. savannaleephotography

    ooh! love this new theme! great job =)

  35. Birdwhisperer

    Wow, that is so pretty! I’ll definitely be trying that theme whenever I switch from Spring Loaded. GREAT job WordPress!

  36. ejajufri

    Love it! Love it! Love it!

  37. Domo

    All of the nice new blog themes always have a flower or something pinj going on. I wish there was something this sleek with a custom header and no pink flowers! This is nice though!

    • Noel

      We’ve got lots of themes available in the Theme Browser. I’m sure there is something similar without the pink flowers!

  38. gingsul34n

    nice Theme….

  39. lisalesa

    Very appealing

  40. Sara

    I’m not going to lie, this looks great! I love the “old” kind of look this theme has! The color scheme is great and I love the layout. Beautiful!
    Keep up the great work, WordPress!
    Sara :mrgreen:

  41. wahyu am

    wow, great work. thanksss

  42. sid

    When i have read dark theme i was expecting black or something …..
    but this looks good.

  43. scaleos

    3.5 stars out of 5

  44. justfitri

    Classic for this one…nice!

  45. the revelation painting

    It is a good format to display art or photos within a blog. It has a homely feel to it and a dark tone to help colors and images POP out! Blogs about nature would also go very well here. Nice.

  46. dongan

    I like it… thanks WordPress :-)

  47. Hana

    Wheww!! I love dark WordPress theme so much!!! Absolutely great one to use.

  48. VIKAS |

    It’s beautiful! :)

  49. aoinnoji

    nice theme…well organized.^^

  50. J-Slyde

    Love it! Almost makes me want to create a new blog :)

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  52. Akmal Wasim

    superb work…and looks great. Very neat:)

  53. dhimasln

    one of a cool theme again from Noel.
    i really like your themes such as iNove, monochrome, and this one.
    but i want a theme that has features like:
    – page hover (it’s a must)
    – theme that doesnt have ‘border’ if i insert image & tables (must)
    – customize header pict (opt)
    – 3 column widget (opt)

    i mean, that theme will be like union from monochrome & dark wood, but doesnt have image & table border

    i really glad if you can make that one in
    thank you very much :)

  54. ShadowWing Tronix

    I may actually give this one a go, although I’ll have to finally redo my custom header. Does this one have the RSS feeds? I will miss Vigilance’s “alert” feature, but this may be an improvement on everything else.

  55. alice pngen .....

    nice….Like it

  56. Kikipotamus the Hobo

    It reminds me of Napoleon Dynamite’s paneled bedroom. Just need a few posters. Very cool.

  57. art predator

    very nice! does it have a custom header? I might give it a whirl for one of my blogs!

    • Noel

      No custom header. Since the background is so important, it takes precedence over a custom header image. Thought in the future we hope to make themes have custom headers wherever possible.

  58. 21dayconversation

    I love this theme! Very good job my friend!

  59. tinay09

    looks great!! definitely one of your amazing designs :)

  60. razimahradzi

    great! awesome

  61. pjmiller

    I love it! But the draw back is when previewing it a lot of my posts can’t be read because of the various color type i used. I’d sure like to use it–its a wonderful change, but would have to go back through 100’s of posts to edit them.

  62. dreamlivedream

    Nice work! What a lovely theme, brilliant.

  63. Amit Singh

    Woah! Another theme so soon. You guys are on fire. The colors are great. My brother would love this theme for his rock band blog. Keep em coming.

  64. justzhaa

    i love this theme,,,,yeah,,i love the colors……:)

  65. ishabelle

    very nice… :)

  66. Takashika

    I’m glad how there’s a new theme. I’ve recently changed my theme to Titan and I’m heading over to the Dashboard to change my theme to this :)

  67. Kürşat Burak Çağıl

    Its great but if it has a dropdown menu i will be perfect for me.. can it be? such as in my web site.

  68. numzwizzle

    Thanks a lot… I like it!!!

  69. Rivertrekker

    The problem I have is with the header, it’s not very big.

  70. tommysunaryo

    the wooden color are cool, I like it, nice creation.

  71. Aiman Amani

    This is just one of the best I’ve ever seen! I’m going to ask my dad if he allows me to change my theme again. I’ve just ‘fallen in love’ with this one!

    You guys are great!

  72. harismoyo

    very nice. I like it

  73. Jeevan Krishnakumar

    Awesome work!

  74. The Cynic

    Sorry to be negative, but that is horrible.

  75. PEZ

    Looks nice! I’ll stick with Titan though.

  76. technogran

    This is okay for those who like lot’s of Widgets and a dark theme, but its not for me. I would love you to port over something like Antiline or a wider ‘light’ theme but which is lighter and ‘neat’ looking. I like a large font in my header as well. Keep these themes coming, we users need far more to choose from on here, and more Widgets as well.

  77. patet

    i love it! The wood background was something I was looking before. And now it comes out. Great job WordPress!!!

  78. Courtney Vail

    I really love the look of it, but the design is so wide, I had to scroll at the bottom to read everything. And the 1″ border shown in the example above is not there. I extended it as far as it would go, and there’s only about an 1/8″ on either side of the transparent overlay.

  79. Arya Utama

    Theme are very nice and natural, I like it

  80. niceandnew

    I think I’ll try this one! Thanks, Noel!

  81. onmywaytomentalhealth

    Dante Alighieri’s Commedia begins:

    Midway in our life’s journey, I went astray
    from the straight road and woke to find myself
    alone in a dark wood. (John Ciardi’s translation)

    In this early 14th Century masterpiece, the “dark wood” is both literal and figurative – standing for sin, the death of inspiration and love and political corruption.

    Here, “dark wood” offers “Bright colors and whimsical icons fuse with dark tones to provide a pleasing and harmonious design.”

    Sometimes, dark wood is just simply … dark wood.

  82. sweetman

    Reminds me of the 1970’s basement we all hung out in. Very nostalgic, good job.

  83. tedisobandi

    dark wood is good theme..i love it

  84. AnaAyana

    Still waiting for a white one, without borders and with some fresh details. Somethging abstract.
    I love those where you can put your own header.

  85. efratkashat

    Thanks a lot! It’s always great to see there is a new theme for us!! :)

  86. wahome

    Great work best for online website carpenters and I am one of them. Stunning!

  87. Anna Miller

    It´s look like great. Perfect colours.


  88. Nish

    I agree with one of the commentators. The theme looks fine but the text size is too narrow. Makes it difficult to read and detract from its appearance.

    I love the pink flower though :)

  89. lesdaprez

    It is brilliant….I may change the look…

  90. lazarusphili

    looks interesting. will check it out

  91. deepbellylaugh

    This has such a warmth to it. I’m definitely a fan of extra widget space. Thank you for being so attentive to blog themes lately!

  92. goosetea

    I still believe that someday someone will make a two column theme with flexible width and with dark wood background


    What’s different between “Dark Theme” and “Light Theme”?
    Some people said me that “dark theme” is heavier to be accessed. Is it true?

  94. vamanan81

    Looks cheerful and powerful at the same time. Congrats…

  95. Psychotrix

    looks like a myspace layout

  96. gamato88

    Great theme and super original!

  97. Rachel

    This is going to be a popular one!

  98. blynsay

    It is easy on the eye. I like it!

  99. lifelongdreamer

    I like the background a lot, haha, keep it up :)
    Gooooooo WordPress!

  100. lionsclubsorg

    Love WordPress and how you guys keep innovating and coming out with new themes and features!


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